The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

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85th academy awards The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

Soon-to-be 85th Academy Awards ceremony host (and Family Guy creator) Seth MacFarlane and actress Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man) revealed the nominations for this year’s Oscars at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills this morning.

The Academy Awards for outstanding achievements in film during 2012 will air on ABC on Sunday, February 24th 2013 and be televised around the globe. Scroll on down for both our breakdown of the nominations and the full list.

Director Michael Haneke’s foreign-language drama Amour and Benh Zeitlin’s indie darling Beasts of the Southern Wild are surprise Best Picture contenders; while the pair have been showered with critical praise, there’s been little to no major Oscar buzz for either in recent months (compared to fellow nominees Argo, Lincoln, etc.). Similarly, Haneke and Zeitlin’s directing recognition means favored contenders like Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper and Quentin Tarantino (all of which have films up for the top prize) aren’t in the running.

Then again, Hooper’s controversial approach to filming Les Misérables (read our review) probably accounts for his exclusion. Similarly, Django Unchained has been very well-received by moviegoers, but there’s been some debate about whether or not it truly represents Tarantino’s finest hour; or, rather, his finest 2 hours and 45 minutes (see: the SR Underground Podcast discussion of that topic).

Lincoln 2012 Review starring Daniel Day Lewis Tomy Lee Jones and Sally Field The Oscars: 85th Academy Award Nominations

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ landed multiple nominations

Some other things worth noting:

  • Wes Anderson’s acclaimed Moonrise Kingdom (read our review) landed a Best Original Screenplay nod, but was otherwise ignored by the Academy.
  • Young Quvenzhané Wallis was recognized for her Beasts performance as Hushpuppy, one of our Most Memorable Movie Characters of 2012.
  • Helen Hunt was nominated for her strong performance in The Sessions (read our review), but costar John Hawkes didn’t make the cut in the competitive Best Actor category.
  • No Best Director nod for Paul Thomas Anderson on The Master, but cast members Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams are all in contention for awards.
  • No Best Picture nods for blockbusters Skyfall and The Dark Knight Rises. In fact, Christopher Nolan’s much-debated Batman trilogy finale was even shut out in the technical categories, despite Warner Bros.’ campaign.

Overall, though, the nominations are in line with expectations, as titles like Lincoln, Life of Pi and Silver Linings Playbook are all poised to walk away with an award or two (or maybe a lot more than that). Kind of boring and predictable, truth be told, but that’s the Academy for you.

Which choices do you agree/disagree with? What films do you felt were unfairly snubbed (or over-recognized)? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. IMO the best director category has some big snubs.
    I think everyone on the planet thought Kathryn Bigelow was an absolute lock…
    I’m also surprised Affleck and Tarantino were left out.
    As for acting I think Dicaprio deserved a nod because he was amazing in Django.
    But the biggest letdown for me was no screenplay nod for Looper. That was my favorite of 2012.

    • Yea very underrated film by the awards, one of my fav films of the year as well.

  2. Andy Serkis never gets the credit he deserves. Seriously. He should have gotten at least nominated for best supporting Actor. The man may be in a mocap suit, but he still puts all sorts of character into it. Those facial expressions that Gollum made were ALL his!

    • He should have been nominated 10 years ago for The Two Towers. He was great.

  3. Also, anyone else surprised at Looper and The Untouchables being completely and utterly snubbed?! Especially Untouchables, that film was magnificent. I was counting on it winning the Oscar for best foreign film.
    Looper has already been mentioned here by other people, so I won’t say anything other than it was a spectacular film.

    • *Intouchables, sorry.

  4. Surprised that Affleck and Bigelow didn’t get Best Director nods, that Dicaprio didn’t get a best supporting actor nod, and that there were absolutely no technical nods for TDKR (cinematography, sound editing, sound mixing, etc.) Also very surprised that Cloud Atlas didn’t get any technical awards (film editing, makeup, visual effects, cinematography).

    Also, where is Hitchcock? I didn’t see it myself, but there was a lot of buzz for Helen Mirren’s performance, and Anthony Hopkins to a lesser extent. And I would’ve liked to see Looper get a nod for best original screenplay.

    All in all, very predictable, very pretentious, very academy-esque. I’m more excited about the youreviewers movie awards.

    • Very, very surprised that Cloud Atlas didn’t score nods for editing, makeup and music at least. Heck I’d have given it a Best Pic nod too.

      • Of course, Cloud Atlas for score should have gotten a nomination IMO.

      • Yeah I am absolutely bamboozled as to how Prometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman got nods for special effects and Cloud Atlas did not! That is one of the biggest snubs I have ever seen. And this is coming from a guy who didnt even like the movie. Shame on you academy

        • Yeah, what the heck! Just saw Cloud Atlas this week. Even if you say it’s a stupid movie that doesn’t make any sense and has sloppy editing (all of which I disagree with, btw), it’s pretty difficult to deny that the visuals were jaw-dropping, the makeup was outstanding (Halle Berry as an old asian male doctor, etc.), and the score was great as well.

          • Exactly! I too love the film but I might understand how the narrative and story isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But the makeup was excellent – I did NOT pick up on half the actors till the end credits. Perhaps the only criticism there is for the makeup is the whole ‘yellowface’ thing, but I think that’s a minor issue and I doubt the Academy even bothers with that.

            And the score – that one’s a real snub too. I’m still wondering how the hell the Skyfall score gets a nod when all I can remember about it’s music was 1) the Adele song and 2) the times they used the old Bond riff. Nothing about it stood out as well.

            And film editing – I still think it deserves a nod. They had to basically re-arrange the whole damn book and put six stories in parallel, and had to find connections between the stories that weren’t highlighted in the book to make all six flow while intercutting. And it still turned out easy to follow the individual stories. If that’s not an editing or screenplay achievement, then I dunno what is.

            • Yes, you are absolutely right. It is unbelievable. It is not that the narrative is not my cup of tea, I love original narratives. I just couldnt stand the pretentious, psuedo intellectual dialogue. The movie promised to inspire, but left me cold. There is nothing worse than an excellently crafted film with a preachy, arrogant narrative. Just my opinion though. I appreciated the balls that it took to make this movie, I just think they failed to inspire on more than an intellectual level.

    • They are gonna get crap ratings this year

      No Marion Cotillard for best supporting actress

      No Leonardo Dicaprio for best supporting actor

      Rust and Bones shut out

      TDKR shut out

      • Yeah, totally forgot about Marion. Didn’t see Rust & Bone, but that also got a lot of buzz. Yet, no oscar nods. Maybe they didn’t nominate her because she had the worst on-screen death of 2012.

        • Lol.

          She lost her legs in one film, and got killed in the other, but nop, Oscar selectors were pissed by the fact that she lied to the MTV reporter, therefore, her punishment must be more severe.

          • Hahaha.

            Jennifer Lawrence: “I have more nominations this year than you”
            Marion: “And this gives you power over me?”

            • Haha! Yes!

    • I am even expecting that Doona Bae will get an Oscar nod. Nah dah.

      • Nah. She was good, but not great.

  5. The absurdity of the Academy Awards roots in the fractured nomination process where cracks in its process have nominations (and logic) falling through the gaps. Case in point:

    “TITANIC” nominated for 14 Oscars won Best Picture, Best Director, etc. However, the original screenplay by James Cameron was not nominated so, naturally, no win here.

    Question: How can a film be win Best Picture without an Oscar-worthy script? The answer may be in the leading paragraph above…or in the abysmal method by which the Academy decide upon a well-considered film.

    This particularly bizarre oversight may not be exclusively with “TITANIC” but rather an example of how logic is not behind the wheel in driving the nominations; doubtful it’s even in the shotgun seat.

  6. I’m also surprised that Affleck didn’t get a Best Director nod. It seemed like he was a sure thing.

    I still need to see some of these movies. I’m going to see Silver Linings Playbook when it goes wide next week. Probably will check out Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty as well.

  7. 3 movies nominated nobody heard of and then to ignore Bigelow, Affleck, Nolan and Hooper PLUS Bradley Cooper? Perfect examples why the Oscars has become ridiculous and needs to be revamped/scrapped.

    • You know I agree they got snubbed, but I really appreciate that lesser known directors who also made great films like Amour and Beasts of the Southern Wild are having their day in the sun. Yeah, the oscars are predictable, but honestly I definitely didnt predict that these two directors would get the nod over bigger names.

  8. As usual these awards are a joke… The true best movie rarely wins… Usually an undeserving movie gets multiple votes and wins because the academy wants to make it seem like they are more sophisticated than the general public.

  9. The funny thing about people bitching about these awards, saying that the best never win or the best didn’t get nominated, is that they usually don’t follow up with what THEY think should have been nominated. So let’s hear it people, what should have been nominated?

    • ah, all the names that comes under snubs, which, has been mentioned like a hundred times in this thread along? Dicaprio, Skyfall Joker, Hurt Locker director, sound and editing for TDKR, Marion Cotillard?

      • Good that you followed up, but I haven’t seen those things mentioned a hundred times. The thing I’ve seen mentioned a hundred times, maybe a thousand times is whether TDKR should of got the Best Picture nod or not. My fault though, because I was referring to the best picture nod only, not the other ones. I was also referring to reactions everywhere, not just this site.

  10. Here’s to ‘Django Unchained’ getting 5 nominations! *raises glass.
    -no ‘Cloud Atlas’ nominations? That’s non-sense, that movie was beautiful.

  11. Happy with the best Best Movie selction however Dicaprio should have gotten a supporting actor nod. I like his preformance in Django more than Christopher Waltz, imo

  12. I’m happy to see Jackman and Hathaway on the list. After showing up in the Oscars as hots, they are finally there as guests XD

    Oh, and that means the number of oscar-nominee superheroes has increased as well. Hawkeye (Renner), Hulk (Ruffalo & Norton), Storm (Berry), Nick Fury (Jackson), Batman (Keaton, Clooney, Bale), Mandarin (Kingsley), Rogue (Paquin), and many more… (those are the only one I could remember). Now we have Wolverine and Catwoman as well! AWESOME!

    • Oh, and how could I forget about this: Joker (Nicholson & Ledger), especially because the latter won the award playing this character! XD

    • I am happy to see Jackman up there, but there is no way that his performance was as good as Hawks’s in the sessions. That is a total snub

  13. With all the respect that I have for the Academy and the people that have been nominated, can’t are the comic book films and YA franchises not considered part of the industry. Why is it that The Avengers ( hands-down the most entertaining film of the year) can’t even get a nomination for Best Film or Best Director. Are they telling the moviesgoers that Joss Whedon’s success in bringing a huge league of superheroes in a single film together is unworthy of even being recognized. The exact same thing happened with the last Harry Potter and Tranformers movies as well.

    • No offense, but The Avengers or Transformers or Harry Potter or Twilight are not nominated for these types of awards because they cannot compete with the truly great film making of Zero Dark Thirty, Amour, Les Mis, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook, etc. If all films were glossy, action packed light hearted affair, then The Avengers would win hands down over Breaking Dawn. Thankfully, that is not all that comes from the film world each year.

    • Transformers? Are you serious? Even if I were handing out awards for more mainstream blockbuster flicks, I wouldn’t give anything other than a couple of technical nods to Transformers.

      It’s not that these films aren’t considered part of the industry, it’s just that they’re not, objectively speaking, good enough. I’m not saying that The Avengers sucked (although I do think it’s slightly overrated) but I think a Best Film award looks for overall strength across multiple categories. The Avengers wasn’t trying to be that; it was trying to be an insanely fun, entertaining superhero ensemble movie, and it exceeded at that very well.

  14. I was really surprised Misty Mountains from the Hobbit wasn’t nominated for song. Would that be because the words were written by Tolkien? But other than that, BORING.

  15. I’m disappointed there weren’t any surprises for Best Picture. Those 9 movies were predicted as nominations for months.

  16. With all the respect that I have for the Academy and the people that have been nominated, why are the comic book films and YA franchises not considered part of the industry? Why is it that The Avengers ( hands-down the most entertaining film of the year) can’t even get a nomination for Best Film or Best Director? Are they telling the moviesgoers that Joss Whedon’s success in bringing a huge league of superheroes in a single film together is unworthy of even being recognized. The exact same thing happened with the last Harry Potter and Tranformers movies as well.


    • I agree that it was a good performance, but I feel like he was channeling his performance from The Aviator a bit too much. I felt like I had seen it before.

  18. I didn’t think I would ever say this… but i think the Golden Globes actually got it a little more right this year. I thought Affleck would be a lock for directing, I’m shocked he wasnt even nominated. same goes for tarentino and biggelo for that matter.

  19. I am shocked and frankly disgusted at this Oscar list. While I’m sure Amour is a fine movie, the same cannot be said for the superficial Silver Linings Playbook. How is it that Sally Field received a Best Supporting Actress nod when she played a major role in Lincoln? What about Affleck getting Best Picture for Argo and then being snubbed for Best Director? And to miss Silvestri’s brilliant Avengers soundtrack for Thomas Newman’s Skyfall is simply a crime. In their effort to highlight what they think is a great film in Amour, the Oscar Nominating Committee has ignored more popular efforts like The Grey and Moonrise Kingdom. IMO they have lost all credibility with a list that’s as self-serving and out of touch with moviegoers as at any other time in their history. It deserves to have its farce of an awards show boycotted, something which I am seriously considering. It’s the least we can do thank them for a completely ridiculous list.

    • There is no way you just suggested The Grey is a better film than Amour? I am boycotting this post. “Completely ridiculous list.” I have seen all the films on this list, and other than the snub of TDKR in some technical categories and Cloud Atlas in most categories, they pretty much got it right. I am a movie goer and I would not consider it “out of touch.” There is not a film on this list that I did not hear about from other movie goers who loved or liked them. Having said that, you are right about Moonrise Kingdom. That was fantastic. Wes Anderson always gets the snub.

    • Silvestri for Avengers? I really really like Silvestri but I thought his work on Avengers was unmemorable at best. I don’t remember what it sounds like, nothing really caught my attention about it – it seemed pretty basic for a superhero action movie score to me.

      It’s not wrong for the Academy not to nominate popular movies that make a lot of money. The problem only arises when there are big successful mainstream movies that are deserving of the nod, but are denied it because of that perceived bias. The Avengers may have been a good achievement in terms of entertainment, but that doesn’t mean it has Best Pic qualities. It’s just not trying to do the same thing.

      And honestly, to anyone who says that it deserves a nod just because Whedon managed to write so many superheroes together…so what? It’s not easy, but it’s not like it’s such a rare thing in the industry. Plenty of movies have ensemble casts like that and they do it pretty well too. Outside of the comic book fanbase for whom the film is itself a big deal, it’s not some sort of groundbreaking achievement.

  20. ZS, there’s a difference between honoring Amour for Best Foreign Film AND nominating it for Best Picture. Something is wrong when such an unknown film can be nominated across two seemingly related categories, while other more deserving films get ignored. ZS, Silver Linings is NOT The Avengers – Avengers beats it hands down SLP was a date movie that barely touched on the dangers of mental illness. The Avengers was an action-packed, well-deserving film that’s the third most successful movie of all time.

    By succumbing to political pressure from the studios, the Academy has made one of the worst decisions in modern memory, ignoring better works while demonstrating their complete lack of respect for moviegoers who deserve to have their voices heard. And don’t tell me the Golden Globes represent that voice!

    The only way to send the message to the Academy that such shoddy and irresponsible decisions cannot be tolerated is to boycott the event in its entirety.

    • First of all, Amour is not an “unknown” film. I have known about it since its release. Secondly, what are these other films that are ignored you are referring to? If it is the Grey, I am utterly shocked. I never said SLP was The Avengers, I said it shouldnt be compared to quality of film making I saw in Silver Linings Playbook. In that sense, I disagree that it beats it hands down, but we will have to disagree on that point. I dont think the film’s depiction of Mental Illness was superficial at all. At least it had the balls to depict it in the first place. That’s a good start, dont you think?

      I have nothing against the Avengers, but just because it is the Third most successful film of all time, in terms of box office, doesnt mean it is a great film. It is a good film, and in its genre it is a superb film. In the end, it will be forgotten though as countless films will come along to copy and top it.

      Again, I am really interested in what you think are better works that the “audience” deserves to see nominated. Give me some examples.

      • ZS,
        IMHO, The Grey is a gripping, engrossing film about the ways people prepare for death. SLP is a date movie. You can’t tell me that the Academy did right by ignoring Bigelow for Director, and how they mismanaged Sally Field into Best Supporting is amazing. Where is the brilliant Looper in these discussions? Perhaps not a Best Picture nominee but it was an excellent production that deserved a Best Supporting for Levitt. What about Amanada Seyfried in Les Mis over some old lady from SLP? How did the bore-fest ‘Wreck it Ralph’ beat out the best animated film of the year in ‘Hotel Transylvania?’

        ZS, I know you love Cloud Atlas, but I’m not surprised why it got snubbed. It’s just not that good, as was TDKR – these are films which divided moviegoers into ‘Love em or Hate em’ camps. Now we have an unknown film by 90% of Americans that’s been nominated for both Best Picture AND Best Foreign Film? How does that seem reasonable??

        We need an Academy that doesn’t live on Cloud 9, that has a completely different set of beliefs about their films. We need a Hollywood that doesn’t pervert the awards process by ‘campaigning’ for their own films. Call me a snob, but I think the system has gotten completely out of hand.

        • Haha we will have to agree to disagree on The Grey. I thought it was terribly cheesy and the special effects really distracted from the story. James Badge Dale was stellar though.
          I agree, the academy did wrong by Bigelow, Zero Dark Thirty was absolutely fantastic. My thing is I appreciate when lesser know directing talents get recognized for their skills over well known talents. They have made films that are just as great, original, and creative as Zero Dark Thirty and they got the vote for it. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.
          Let me be clear about Cloud Atlas, I actually hated the film. I thought it was a sucky story and a pseudo intellectual bore fest, similar to The Matrix Revolutions. Having said that, I was astonished by the visuals and sound of that movie. It was truly great filmmaking, just bad storytelling, which in the end is all that really matters for the audience. That’s why it didn’t find one past the cinemaniacs like us. You are right, TDKR was just okay, but as far as sound editing and sound mixing goes, it was superb. That was the snub for me on that one.
          Best Picture and Best Foreign are two completely different categories. Best Picture includes the best movies made, period. That includes movies with subtitles. So in that sense, I am totally cool with that. I would be totally cool with an animated film being in that category as well, IF it was one of the best pictures of the year.
          “Different set of beliefs?” What does that even mean? Some great films have been nominated this year. Yeah, there are the snubs, but that’s to be expected by the academy. Yeah Looper was original and deserved at least a writing nod, but the films that beat it out deserve to be there as much as Looper. Amanda was the weakest singer in Les Mis, so I am not surprised about that. Yeah the campaigning is a little dirty, but what are we going to do? Ban campaigning? Give me a break. 😉 Lighten up about the Oscars. It has always been a borefest and glossy and all that. Yet, some films do get their day in the sun sometimes, and that’s why I watch it. Trying to revolutionize the academy would be like revolutionizing the Catholic Church, its not going to happen so just take it as it is or don’t watch it at all.

  21. I think we need a new category – maybe ‘Most Popular Picture’ or something? Just so we can distinguish between films that find mainstream success and films that are objectively Best Picture quality.

    Lots of the complaints seem to stem from the fact that the Academy isn’t recognising the moneymakers. But objectively speaking, I think neither TDKR or Avengers or even Skyfall really deserve Best Pic nominations (although their exclusion from other, more technical categories has more of a debate going on). So to have a big blockbuster pick on the nomination list each year for the sake of it would be wrong. It’s only a problem if there’s actually a mainstream pic worthy of nomination but snubbed just because it’s popular and made money (TDK, as many would point out).

    So I think creating a new category may help. If we had a category that recognised significant films in terms of pop culture and popularity (in other words, not objectively good films but films of a good quality that are also culturally or aesthetically prominent) then it’d be a good way of recognising these more mainstream films. I mean, Amour may just win Best Film for all we know. Sure it’s a great film, but it’s not going to stay in everyone’s minds the same way Avengers or TDKR would. So such a category would be a way of recognising films that seem to have more staying power and visibility.

    I mean, there have been quite a few instances in the past where Best Pic nominations that didn’t win continued to be more well-known and watched than the winners. And it seems like a sticking point to people that films that will be forgotten in a year can win over films that become part of the collective cultural consciousness.

    • That’s actually a very, very good idea Nick.
      Another category that celebrates the most entertaining/popular/culturally-significant movies of the year would be a great addition.

      I wish there were a +1000000000 button on this site!

    • I really like this idea, but there is the danger of some films getting the “Non-serious film” tag that this new category would suggest by putting it next to Best Picture. The academy is too “classy” for that. Or at least they think they are. It is all good to say these films may be more “culturally prominent” or more in the collective cultural consciousness. Yet, the category may not be taken seriously and it kind of feels like the pity category almost.

      • That’s a valid concern – sort of like the Best Pic-Best Animated Feature divide. But I still think (should the Academy not think itself too *classy* for it) that it’s an overall beneficial distinction to make, given people seem to have different ideas on what a ‘Best’ Picture really is. Since these popular but ‘not good enough’ flicks won’t ever win Best Picture, it’s nice that they get some recognition for their significance outside of just technical awards (which is usually the most that these flicks get).

        In fact I’d pay more heed to a “Culturally Prominent” award than a Best Pic, if only because it is more likely to have staying power and be a part of pop culture.

        Imagine, this would be the category where stuff like The Matrix, or Avatar, or Inception would win – not everyone likes ’em (not a big fan of Avatar) but it’s fair enough to say these are films which are pretty damn good and have managed to become part of pop culture memory.

        • Good call. I would love to have that category become a reality. It will undoubtedly be the “not good enough” category though and I am not sure how the filmmakers will feel about that. If this category was real, I would like to see Looper, Haywire, Prometheus(with the promise of a sequel), The Avengers, Skyfall, and the Hobbit up there. What do you think?

  22. Haven’t taken the Oscars seriously since Hallie Berry got one

  23. Can’t say I’m surprised… then again, I had pretty standard expectations from the Academy. Every year it’s always the same type of films that get nominated (artsy dramas) – and it’s always the same type of films that get snubbed (fun & entertaining cinema).

    That said, I’m quite shocked to see that Skyfall and Life Of Pi got nods for cinematography, but not TDKR (Skyfall and Life Of Pi had good cinematography as well, but definitely not as good as TDKR IMO).

    I’m looking forward to seeing Seth MacFarlane host though. ‘Should be pretty fun!

    • I agree with you on the cinematography of TDKR. I know its not best movie or director material but they sure did put together a beautiful picture.

      BUT I was really shocked to see their crew didn’t get nominated for a sound award. The sound effects, especially in IMAX, were over the top. When the Bat flew over for the first time the sound made it felt so real.

      • Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it in IMAX and the theater I go to doesn’t have the state-of-the-art sound equipment yet, so I couldn’t get what I’m assuming is the “full” experience.

        When I watched it at home though, the sound effects were pretty good (but not “over the top”)… that said, we do only have a plain ‘ol 5.1 surround sound system.

  24. It wil be Spielberg’s year for best director and Ang Lee’s for best film. Anne Hathaway will no doubt win supporting actress… I’m hoping Tarantino gets an award of some kind but the odds seem to stacked against him. I really hope Adele gets a nod for Skyfall as its the stand out song of the list which should have in no way included the song from Ted that was middle of the road at best.

    • I disagree, I am totally convinced that Zero Dark Thirty will take home Best Picture and Michael Haneke for Director. David O. Russel may win Director in an upset though.

      • Lincoln will sweep and ill be dissapointed, i was bored to death by that film. Im pulling for life of pi.

  25. The Academy Awards : Awards for movies no one goes to see or cares about.

    • Dude, no way. Zero Dark Thirty was stellar. Moonrise Kingdom was absolutely hilarious. Argo kept me on the edge of my seat. I dont think it is a great movie, but I cannot remember the last movie that kept me on the edge of my seat since Prometheus. Sliver Linings Playbook was one of the best “dramedies” I have seen since 500 Days of Summer. Django Unchained was fun to watch, and the fact Tarantino’s film is in there again is really cool. Amour was some courageous film making and Lincoln was educational, if a tad boring. Daniel Day Lewis is worth that though. Beasts of the Southern Wild was super intriguing and something we havnt seen before. Pheonix and Hoffman in The Master were superb. I care about these movies. It has been a really good year actually.

  26. The list doesn’t surprise me at all and that’s one of the reasons why i stopped watching the oscars years ago. I don’t need a relatively small group of self appointed experts to tell me what a good movie is. It’s basically no different then letting your friends opinions influence your own. Everyone has different tastes and opinions in movies. I feel this means there can’t be a single rubric for assessing films.

    I’m actually quite amused by phrases like “objectively Best Picture material” and “not oscar worthy” because it implies that there is any real meaning to the academy awards. The academy awards is no more than hollywood patting itself on the back. It thinks it knows what makes a good movie and that we should just take their word for it. Unfortunately, they always pick the same damn stuff (artsy dramas and indie flicks) which i think calls into question any kind of objectivity they pretend can be applied to movies.

    Everyone sees movies for different reasons, and those often color their opinions on what makes a good film. Me, i often watch movies (whether in the theater or at home) to escape to another world. I enjoy films like Peter Jackson’s King Kong, Avatar, and Prometheus because they can take me to a rich and fantastic place. Does this mean they should be devoid of story, characters, or drama? Not at all. But considering what i am interested in (geology, paleontology, archaeology, which all yield people, animals, and stories way cooler and far more fascinating than anything fiction will ever produce), i need even a fantastic element to make things interesting. Stuff like the Dark Knight Trilogy, Real Steel, or hell, even the wartime setting of Saving Private Ryan, are examples of this. Watching two regular real world people work out there issues just doesn’t interest me, though the Academy seems to think it’s the height of story telling.

    Long story short, different people like different things. So why then should one group get to elevate itself above everyone else and decide what good film making is? There’s lots of talk about best picture, but i don’t believe in the concept of best (whether of the year or of all time) simply because i don’t believe in the concept of perfect. Nothing is without flaw, no matter how small. And most people seem to get this, often describing how they can like a movie despite it’s flaws. Some flaws are deal breakers to some while not so bad for others. Just looks at the discussions here on Screen Rant! There is literally a world of opinions out there. The academy is just a single fish in an ocean of ideas and tastes. It’s time we stop taking it so seriously.

    • I agree with your opinion, the Academy is not the authority on good film. Yet, I love watching it because there are some great films recognized going head to head. That always excites me because I am just a cinemaniac and I will watch anything that has to do with film. Even the glossy, pretentious borefest that is the oscars.

  27. I Think Alan Arkin’s performance was in no way Oscar worthy, Dicaprio should of gotten the nomination. That’s the only real complaint I have. This is the greatest year in film history in my opinion. We may never see anything like it ever again. Just a superb year in film.

  28. Getting to this party late here is my few gripes. No cinematagraphy for the dkr which scope was far supperior to every film this year. Liam neeson i think deserved a nod for the grey. And id like to think tom hooper deserves a best director nod for his work on les miserables, in preticular the direction and singing infront of camera. So glad for pirates! It deserves that nod.

    • Didn’t see The Grey. I’m sure Neeson is great, but is he honestly better than DDL, Joaquin, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, and Denzel, (and John Hawkes, who was snubbed IMO)?

  29. Also no production nod for dkr? Thats like set building and stuff right? They put a layer of rock over a football field! And built the whole underground place for the fight scene that take a lot of work