Kathryn Bigelow’s Osama Bin Laden Project Getting Fast-Tracked?

Published 4 years ago by , Updated August 13th, 2013 at 9:14 pm,

Social networking sites around the Interwebs just about suffered a meltdown last night as word got out that Al Queda leader Osama Bin Laden – the purported mastermind behind numerous terrorist acts, including the World Trade Center bombings on September 11th, 2001 – had at last been hunted down and killed by U.S. military forces.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Kathryn Bigelow has been actively developing a movie tentatively titled Kill Bin Laden, so news of the infamous terrorist’s death is sheer lucky coincidence; however, chances are good that the based-on-a-true story project will be fast-tracked and put into production very soon, given recent events.

Deadline says that Bigelow has been handling pre-production duties and prepping to start casting her Bin Laden project for weeks now, in collaboration with Mark Boal – the screenwriter behind her Oscar-winning war thriller, The Hurt Locker. Megan Ellison (True Grit) is reportedly all but set to fund the pic, which at this point will definitely be viewed as a priority over other in-development Bigelow projects like Triple Frontier.

Joel Edgerton (Smokin’ Aces) is reportedly in line to play the leading man in Bigelow’s Bin Laden flick – or was, as of last Friday. The actor has recently been shortlisted as a prospect to star in upcoming tentpole pics like Snow White and the Huntsman and The Bourne Legacy - the latter of which looks to instead feature Hurt Locker leading man Jeremy Renner, coincidentally enough.

Bigelow on the set of 'The Hurt Locker'.

Bigelow’s Bin Laden film is said to be based on a real-life mission carried out some years ago (after 9/11) by military forces, to hunt down and kill the infamous Al Queda leader back when he was reportedly hiding in the mountainous border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Chances are good that the film won’t be changed drastically, since Bigelow informed Deadline that “this movie isn’t specifically about [Bin Laden]“; however, it’s all but guaranteed to note his death, via an epilogue of sorts.

If there’s one area in which Bigelow thrives, it’s directing intense thrillers – be they gritty and authentic war dramas like The Hurt Locker or a (goofy, but fun) high-octane heist flick like Point Break. The prospect of her helming a project that revolves around some pretty attention-grabbing subject matter was surely enticing enough to studio heads when it was first announced. Now, however, you can guarantee they’ll be clamoring for Bigelow to get going on her new film.

Look to hear more about Bigelow’s new project – including information about when it’s expected to hit theaters and what the official title will be – in the near future.

Source: Deadline

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  1. of course it is fast tracked…what a load of crap..I didn’t find the Hurt Locker that good..I watched it once and thought it was alright but I wasn’t interested enough to watch it more than once..

    • See I felt that the hurt locker was by far one of the best movies of that year. Excellent film, looking forward to see what she does next , dont care if its a Bin Laden film, but I think she is an up and coming director.

      • Dude she has been directing films for 30 years..I don’t think she can be called “up and coming” .. she is established..

    • The Hurt Locker wasn’t that great in my opinion either. Don’t get me wrong it was still a very good showing of how modern warfare is in real life (not just running like crazy and shooting everybody – videogame). Jeremy Renner was awesome in it though… and I see that character that he played in the hurt locker a lot in Thor as well. He will be awesome in the Avengers.

      P.S. Bin Laden is dead! Yeah! It’s probably not the end though… *sigh*. WHEN WILL ALL THIS MADNESS END!

  2. Well, I hope they stick to facts and not give it the oliver stone treatment…

  3. Major mistake in in begining of the article – you said 9/11 occured on September 11, 2011. That needs to be changed.

    I can see why the film would be fast-tracked. Here’s hoping Bigelow can deliver.

    • Sorry about that – just a dumb mistake I failed to catch.

  4. “Osama Bin Laid-Out!”
    “Store-keeper–Canfields for everyone!” I thought we were gonna have to call out The Avengers to go get Bin Laden, but the USA got ‘;er done! Thanks, America, long may your Flag’s colors wave!

  5. gourge clonney as osama nuff said

    • haha ye clonney woulkd be good

  6. sorry gorge clooney

  7. Wrong again, bb—it’s GEORGE Clooney.

    Oh, here’s a laugher: Because they sank Osama’s body in the ocean, and only one or 2 pics of the corpse have been seen in the foreign papers, the Conspiracy Theory Army is already saying the pic is Photoshopped and Osama-now-guppychow is alive and well.

    Indeed…and he’s sitting on a beach with Jim Morrison, Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, and Amelia Earhart somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle.

    • And Michael Jackson, John F. Kennedy, and Abraham Lincoln are there, too. None of them REALLY died. There’s proof! :)

      • Agent Tom-You weren’t supposed to TELL anyone about Lincoln & Kennedy; you trying to get Schwarzenegger to “erase” you in “Eraser II”?

      • Everybody knows that JFK and Elvis are in an old folks home battling a reanimated mummy who steals the souls of the residents. Oh and JFK is now black.

        Bruce Campbell rules.

    • My bad thank funney post

    • my bad thanks funny post

  8. If it was bush that got whacked people would say it was too soon, but because it’s bin laden, Hollywood wants to ride the celebratory momentum.

    An eye for an eye? I’m not sure that, if there is a god, he would want his bible thumpers to follow that philosophy.

    but Bigelow will make a good movie regardless. And wasn’t “an eye for an eye” a great chuck norris film!

    • So now we have to honor a murderer and a killer of innocents?? What would be the proper time table to allow his followers to get over his death??

      • We dropped a bomb on Hiroshima. Most of the 140,000 deaths were civilians.

        • Ignorant people love to use that example. Actually, we did something called “Moral bombing” that actually killed many more people than the atomic bombs did. But you know what? The Japanese were responsible for about 10 million civilian deaths in China and other Asian countries, so it’s all good in my book. Take a history lesson.

          • I thought Hiroshima was a better example of eye for an eye. I know that every country has blood on it’s hands.
            I just don’t think eye for an eye justifies killing of innocents. I am glad that after 9/11 our government didn’t listen to all the idiots and just “glass” the middle east. Thank God for the Geneva Conventions.

        • I don’t defend that but it ended the war, possibly sparing millions of lives.


    • Pitt Man,

      That is an utterly ridiculous comparison. Come on, now.


  9. So the woman who couldnt even get a film set in Iraq with thousands of military veterns available factually correct is going to be given the green light to make a movie about a FAILED attempt to get Bin Laden. Do we see a parallel here?? The Hurt Locker was one of the worst military movies based on Iraq I have ever seen. Not only was every thing the troops did was wrong but even cardinal rules of warfare were ignored by Bigelow.

    Good choice there Hollywood, keep showing your major disconnect with facts and reality.

    • But it had a negative slant on the war and on the troops, so the critics loved it. I’m sure this new movie will too, and it’ll probably win another Oscar despite being completely unrealistic like The Hurt Locker…

  10. I hate politics. I will never see this movie….no matter who directs it. This is NOT why I go to the movies. If I want politics with a spin I will watch CNN or MSNBC.

  11. There’s absolutely no proof that Hollywood works in lock step with the powers that shouldn’t be,,,
    “Sure hope she gets the facts correct? That’s the dark humor understatement of the week. Everything about bin laden and what they say he did is a lie.

    I smell Independent Spirit award!!!

  12. Hmm bigelow tea

  13. “be they gritty and authentic war dramas like The Hurt Locker”

    What?? Are you serious? That movie is the complete opposite of being gritty and authentic. It took so many artistic liberties sacrificing authenticity and realism for drama and movie suspense it’s not even funny…

  14. I agree with Netshark. Bigalow sticks to the facts and doesn’t embellish too much. Its terrific more women are film directors, Spherris, A.Varda Fr, Penny Marshall etc. It started with Dorothy Arzner in the 40s and if you really want to go way back in the 1890s with some woman last name Guy.

    • Well, the facts would be that if someone runs a checkpoint in Iraq, there wouldn’t be a “suspenseful and dramatic stand-off” with the EOD guy and a handgun. The guy’s car would have been riddled with bullet holes the second it even got close to the checkpoint without slowing down.

      And the facts are that EOD guys RARELY would don the whole suit of armor and walk right up to the suspected IED like they did in every scene in that movie. They remote detonate just about anything they can unless extenuating circumstances prevent them from being able to do so.

      A remote-detonated bomb will not give you enough time to dig through the car to “find the detonator.”

      Ignoring direct orders from your superiors will not earn you a pat on the back by some officer looking cool chewing gum calling you a cowboy. That will earn you a court-martial.

      A bunch of rag-tag insurgents with a MEDIUM RANGE weapon like a SVD Dragunov will not “out-snipe” a group of highly trained British special forces with a Barrett .50 sniper rifle.

      Blood on the case of a .50 BMG round will not prevent it from chambering.

      NO FREAKIN WAY a few EOD guys would be allowed to leave the compound at night to do their own search and rescue or whatever the hell they were doing in that scene.

      NO FREAKIN WAY would they decide to split up and go separate ways individually.

      Yep, she really sticks to facts. I’m soooo looking forward to how realistic this new movie will be…

      My problem with her has nothing to do with her gender. It has all to do with how much realism and facts she’s willing to sacrifice for the sake of adding forced suspense and drama to her movie…

      But that’s just my opinion, if people find her movies entertaining for whatever reason, that’s fine, but I just can’t see how some people can claim The Hurt Locker was a realistic or factual movie.

      • Dude, Ken, chill out man…

        • Um, you realize this is just typing on a keyboard right? I CAN DO THIS AND I’M NOT TYPING ANY HARDER, lol. :D

  15. Not something I’m interested in.

  16. Ken you hated The Oscar winning “Hurt Locker” and Terminator 3. Lol I can live with that. I’m sure somebody was holding their gun wrong during a scene,,,

    I can just imagine sitting near you in a theatre, “Hey he’s totally holding that AR-15 incorrectly, I can’t believe Vic gave this 4 stars!”

    • LOL, everyone knows why The Hurt Locker won the Oscar, and it has little to do with how good the movie was. You only think you’re clever because you have no clue how anything really is. Sorry, but sitting at home reading websites will never give you enough experience to where you will know what’s real when you see a representation of it on the screen, so you’re there thinking everything is “gritty and authentic.” But people who actually know better are watching and either trying not to laugh at how ridiculous the scenes are or trying not to cry when they realize the filmmaker actually took that scene seriously thinking she’s doing something groundbreaking…

      And Terminator 3 was just a spoof of a movie and I don’t even need to defend myself for not liking that piece of garbage. But keep defending it though, it really looks good on your opinion on movies. :-)

      And just FYI, soldiers don’t use AR-15′s… ;)

    • 790,

      Are you dense? Did I not ask you and Ken J to ignore each other?


  17. @ green she might not be up there but her film won best movie of tht year PLUS her ex-husband james C.
    movie came out same year Avatar supposedly best special affect still a low budget film won best picture LMAO.
    oh btw lurt lucker WAS GREAT grittnot really mayb the c4′s in da boys stomach. i see u guys jus hate cause shes a female but has learn from the best. i see evry film faded cause seeing a film high u can spot bad acting bad extras but this was dtill good faded & sober. your guys problem enjoy the film i thought of it as a true story cause reality there are men who do that type of work in afghanistan i knw i knw LOTS of friends in military specialy recon soldiers that have bomb squad personals with them.
    some are bk with familys thank god some still out ther. n few that are with god RiP to the greatest ppl i knew & god bless thes 1s i still have.

  18. You don’t know what I think ken, I’ve never once thoght that’s “gritty and authentic” I don’t think like a gun nut sports fan. And I certainly don’t care about tiny military minutia. Guys like you spend most of your time dwelling on small details like how some actor is holding his fake prop gun wrong.

    Yeah let’s dwell on that meanwhile yourve missed the entire point of the film.

  19. SEALz R the bombt & so is SOCOM4
    SEAL_TacTiCz89- my PSN.

  20. ps sorry for puttin SH** got ovr excited lol.
    pls dnt banned me