‘Orphan Black’: This is No Social Metrics Study

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Alison Sarah Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Orphan Black’: This is No Social Metrics Study

[This is a review of Orphan Black season 2, episode 7. There will be SPOILERS.]


Cosima said it in episode six and episode seven just proved it; the clones are stronger together.

The material in the rehab center exemplifies what makes Orphan Black so special – it’s ability to strike a unique, entertaining and incredibly satisfying balance of honesty, humor and suspense. The show’s been busy building Family Day hype, the importance of Vic’s return and the threat of Angie’s determination to catch a clone – and in ‘Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things’, all three come to a head (and at the very same time nonetheless).

The sequence has an extremely enjoyable madcap quality to it, but the risks and possible repercussions are always present. On the one hand, you’re giggling and cringing because Sarah’s got to engage in some brilliantly awkward role-play with Donnie (Kristian Bruun) in Alison’s place, but on the other, what if it goes too far askew? All Alison wants is to have her kids back and if Sarah gives off the wrong impression now, she could jeopardize that.

And the same goes for Vic (Michael Mando), too. It’s hilariously picturesque when he bashes his head, falls to the floor and sparkly craft items rain down around him, but now what do they do? Alison and Felix can’t let the facility staff find Vic and Angie’s on the hunt for him, too.

Donnie Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Orphan Black’: This is No Social Metrics Study

These situations aren’t just fleeting laughs and thrills. Every single one has a conclusion and they all move their respective storylines forward in a thoughtful, intriguing manner. Vic is dedicated to his recovery, but the hothead we met in season one is still in there. Will he strike back? Angie clearly will not give up anytime soon, so now that she’s lost her inside man, what’ll be her next move? And then there’s Donnie.

It’s tough to believe that Donnie could carry on for so long completely unaware that this long-term social metrics study he’s part of is bogus, but where that revelation leaves him in this episode makes it well worth the logic leeway. Just when you’re hyper focused on the shift in power at the Dyad and the threat on Leekie’s life, he hops in a car only to have Donnie accidentally blow him away. It’s unexpected, exhilarating and incredibly effective.

Rachel Leekie Orphan Black Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Orphan Black’: This is No Social Metrics Study

We already have a couple of characters that were presumed dead, but came back. Had Leekie actually gotten out of town before the Dyad goons tracked him down, there’d always be the question of whether or not Leekie will return. Instead, by putting an end to him right then and there, the writers keep the show tight and maximize the opportunity to explore new layers. Now that Leekie’s gone, what’s to become of Cosima’s work at the Dyad? Will Rachel put a stop to it? How will Donnie clean up this mess? Now that Donnie is officially in-the-know, will he leave Alison for good or eventually come around and join team clone? These questions are monumentally more interesting than wondering if and when Leekie will make his big return.

We’ve also still got Cal and Kira on the run (for a bit too long, I might add), Helena joining the Prolethians, Ethan Duncan and his precious disks, our new Dyad bigwig, Marian Bowles (Michelle Forbes), and Paul’s ongoing loyalty issues. It’s a lot to resolve, let alone touch upon in just three more episodes, but as ‘Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things’ just proved, by keeping the leads in close proximity, Orphan Black is capable of strengthening each and every storyline without ever spreading itself too thin.


Orphan Black continues next Saturday with ‘Variable And Full Of Perturbation’ @ 9pm on BBC America.

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  1. The part with Vic was hilarious loved that. The promo for next ep doesn’t look that promising for Cosima tho..

  2. The little girl who plays Kira was good this time. That tooth pulling with the door knob scene was good.

    • My thoughts exactly! She was fine throughout season one, but the more screen time and dialogue she gets in season two, the more I’m finding her monotone and wooden – but the tooth-pulling was a great moment.

      • That’s one of a few criticisms I had with the Harry Potter films, the wooden acting from most of the child actors (Tom Felton was great though and both Emma Watson and Rupert Grint grew into their roles over time, still don’t see Daniel Radcliffe as anywhere near a decent actor though).

        I just hope we don’t see much more of Kira because despite playing a role as someone Sarah can really care for and now with the stem cell business, I kinda feel like the scenes involving her slow things right down.

        • She’s a little kid with minimum exposure. Reminds me of that young girl in Modern Family when she was a couple years younger. She had few lines and didn’t have much delivery or timing. Now she’s really good, and sometimes delivers the funniest lines with great timing. I wouldn’t be too hard on her at that age, and with so little screen time….All child actors aren’t naturals like Shirley Temple was. I heard she could generally get it in one take….Unfortunately she worked with adults who often needed many takes

          • Yeah, that’s the thing, actors really do need to grow.

  3. “These questions are monumentally more interesting than wondering if and when Leekie will make his big return” Unless all that blood was from one hell of a flesh wound I think the only way we’ll see Leekie is if we suddenly find he’s had a clone to switch off with for all these years (Not really likely) I really doubt he’ll be back.

    As for Helena “Joining the Prolethians.” That doesn’t even seem close to describe her going with them. Joining is definately to correct. I might be in the minority here, but she’s my favorite clone. I mean she a one person wrecking crew sho seems nuts, but is actually very calculating all the time….Just the kind to bring home for the folks to meet…..And hope like hell she doesn’t feel a need to eliminate a threat. I have a feeling whe’s going to make the Prolethians sorry they ever had anything to do with her.

    One last thing that’s been said before….But Tatiana Maslany is the best actress around…..In my opinion. It just amazes me how you can watch the show and really feel that all her parts are different people. She can slip into the different mannerisms and body language so well that they really are different characters. This little lady should be right at the top of the list for pay scale,,,,Then again….I’m guessing that’s considerably lower through the BBC than over here.

    • I dunno, the BBC here in the UK have people on their payroll (execs as well as presenters like Jeremy Clarkson) on at least £250,000 per year. It’s such a huge problem that a lot of the general public have been openly against the BBC for that while increasing the TV license for everyone (over here, the BBC are the only network without commercial breaks and all of their funding comes from taxpayers rather than corporate sponsors).

      • I wonder if it’s different here though since it’s commercial tv here and I believe it’s shot here (At least the story starts in New York I think. I’m not sure if they ever make that clear or if it’s just hinted at). The production itself excluding performers pay can’t be too cheap. I’ve noticed on a lot of other BBC shows I’ve liked (Except Dr. Who and a couple other sci-fi) that there’s generally a lot of interior shots which is considerably less costly than on location. I’m guessing that’s so they can make that tight budget you’re referring to

    • That’s actually what I meant. I’m glad they killed him dead and there’s zero chance of him coming back because now we don’t have to deal with the cliché back-from-the-dead story beat.

      Helena “joining” the Prolethians seems accurate to me. I bet she’ll get what she wants from them and then make the Prolethians sorry they ever had anything to do with her like you said. But based on how episode six ended, it seems as though she’ll be “part of the family” as long as necessary.

      As for Maslany, totally agree. :)

  4. hehe Leekie got pulp fictioned

  5. Donnie is … simple to say the least lol