Orlando Bloom’s Legolas Returning For ‘The Hobbit’

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orlando bloom legolas the hobbit Orlando Blooms Legolas Returning For The Hobbit

Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of The Hobbit is finally on the right track, having received the long-awaited official greenlight back in October and two weeks later being confirmed to have its production remain where it belongs in New Zealand.

Since then, the news reports having been rolling in with The Hobbit updates and a plethora of casting announcements, including Cate Blanchett returning to the franchise as Galadriel. Now, believe it or not, we can also add Legolas to the list of characters not a part of The Hobbit novel who will play important roles in The Hobbit films.

Deadline has the exclusive which details that Orlando Bloom, who kick-started his career as the fan-favorite Orc-killing archer in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, is close to signing a deal with New Line to play Legolas yet again. Not only will he be making an appearance, but his role is described as being “more than a cameo” as Deadline explains.

Back in the day, the plan for The Hobbit was to make it a standalone movie with a follow-up film acting as a “bridge” between it and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This would’ve allowed for many of the characters we all know and love from the series to return. We even heard from actors including Viggo Mortensen and Dominic Monaghan that they’d love to come back and that they had heard rumblings about the possibility. Keep in mind, this was back when the plan was to have The Hobbit come out next month with the bridge film out in 2011. Things have changed a lot since then.

With Galadriel and Legolas returning to play alongside Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins, this indicates that the screenplays are deviating from the novel in significant ways to help it connect with the Lord of the Rings films, still essentially acting as that  “bridge,” we had heard about long ago. If it works for the story, I’m all for it and it should generate a lot of excitement and familiarity for casual moviegoers.

This does make me wonder though if the script had always been written for these two elves to return. What if Bloom didn’t choose to come back? Would they recast? Are other characters like Aragorn in the running to return as well?

While Legolas would mark another returnee, key character actors Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis have yet to sign to reprise their roles of Gandalf, Lord Elrond and Gollum respectively. Expect more casting announcement soon, and maybe, some more surprises!

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Part 1 of The Hobbit opens in theaters on December 19, 2012, with part 2 arriving the following December.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Uhhh, what? Now they’re just getting silly. Stick to the source material, Pete.

    • So you’re saying that Orlando bloom ruined the LOTR trilogy??? He may sucked at his other movies but he was awesome in LOTR’s!

  2. Come on Sir Ian!

  3. Hugo Weaving isn’t back for this yet? D: D:

    I hope he comes back!

  4. Great news!

    I don’t see anything wrong with putting Legolas in the prequels. It’s easily believable that he would’ve played a key role in the Battle of Five Armies, seeing as how he was hundreds, if not thousands, of years old.


  5. Why?

  6. I really hope he isn’t trying for a reunion movie

      • Could Aragorn be in the bridge film? As him trying to find Gollum for Gandalf?
        And could Gimili appear in the Battle of the 5 Armies tho I doubt John Rheys Davis would come back.

  7. He is NOT in the book, and there is no reason for him to be doing his skateboard routine with his shield in The Hobbit.

    I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of Orlando Bloomin’ Onion. in my opinion, he’s the one majorly weak point in Lord of the Rings.

    And as such, he has no reason to be in The Hobbit, since his character does not appear in that book at all.

    • “I’m sorry, I’m not a fan of Orlando Bloomin’ Onion. in my opinion, he’s the one majorly weak point in Lord of the Rings.”

      If you’re going to make that statement Mike at least back it up..

      His action scenes were some of the most memorable action sequences in the Trilogy..

      Gandalf himself refers to Legolas as a dangerous warrior and his bow skills are unrivaled in Middle Earth..

      That is a confounding statement to say the least..

      • His one action scene which I can always remember because it was absolutely ridiculous is that of swinging underneath a horse and over to the other side and onto the saddle while riding!

      • I hated him in those films as well, his action scenes were so contrived, the Oliphant sequence (Flinstones bit) was terrible. Every line he spoke made me want to strike him.

        • Lol Every line? Hell I wanted to punch him every time I saw him he didn’t even have to speak lol.

          • True indeed.

            He doesnt have to even speak to make you wanna clock him one!

            he’s such a bad actor, he is my least favourite actor in fact. He has all the charisma of dung beetle.

            • I really dislike him Sam alot and probably will never watch a film with him in it again, but no where near my least fave.

              I like Bloom more than Paul Walker thats for sure. He’s gotta be one of the worst actors I’ve ever had the displeasure of seeing on screen. I also prefer Bloom over Keanu.

              • At least Keanu has been in a few decenet films. Well 3.

                • Glad you think so Sam personally I don’t agree though. I didn’t like any of his movies. I know Matrix is loved by most, but I was not at all a fan. I might of thought it was ok if not for him, but his in ability to act really ruined the experience for me. That aside though I thought the film was a bit ridiculous the concept especially and the dialogue didn’t help. Most of the acting though was what really hurt it for me. He’s probably the worst A list actor there is. Not worst actor, but worst A lister.

                  I may not like Bloom, but I’d argue that he’s been in 3 good films lol. I loved the LOTR trilogy I mean loved.

                  • I would say Keanu top films

                    The Matrix
                    Point Break

                    There’s a great Family Guy skit when Keanu is being interviewed and a woodpecker lands on his head and just starts tapping away.

                    • Oh Sam say it aint so.

                      Matrix I can understand. Speed though? Seriously ? Even Worse Point Break? Lol please say at least that one was a joke.

                    • what about constantine? that movie was fun

                    • Well, I’m glad to see that I am not alone in disliking the casting of Bloom.

                      I disliked him as an actor. His “earnestness” was about as convincing as Keanu’s “intelligence”. Every line he gave was accompanied by wrinkled forehead, and “keanu school of acting” seriousness. I kept expecting him to say “dude”, even when he spoke Sindarin.

                      I ALSO found his “action” scenes completely out of character for the Lord of the Rings…

                      “back it up”? Ok, how about:

                      the Flintstones “sliding on the elephant trunk” bit (as mentioned above)

                      “surfing down a staircase on a shield”

                      I loved, and I mean “LOVED” the entirety of Lord of the Rings, with only a few minor (no pun intended) quibbles with the music (there are a few spots that make me wince, as a music harmony teacher/composer)… I even LOVED the way they inserted material about Arwen from the appendices into the story line to give a slightly stronger feminine presence and justify why Eowyn ends up with Faramir instead of at Aragorn’s side at the end.

                      So I’m a MAJOR fan of LotR. I’ve read the books at least once every 2-3 years over the last 35 years (and no, I’m not 35). I even pride myself in having learned some Quenya along the way.

                      Orlando Bloom is returning for The Hobbit to please the 14-yr old fangirls who wet their panties at the sight of him.

                      While they’re bringing Legolegs back for The hobbit, why don’t they bring back Aragorn too… I mean, it’s a movie, they can do anything they want.

                    • Point Break was a joke. Speed wasnt though, I like that film.

                    • What about the first “Bill & Ted”? It was funny in a lo-fi kind of way.

  8. Is there enough substance in the book to split this? Im just curious.

    • With the material Tolkien has written and what is kown of the Fourth Age they could easily make another movie at least on the events following Aragorns crowning in Return of the King to become King Elessar.

      They could make a movie on Aragorn’s life up to and after the events of the War of the Ring.

      They could make movies on the events of the First, Second and Third Ages..

      There is so much material there..I like this stuff like you like Potter..

      • Thats cool :)

      • I’m still disappointed the epilogue sequences were not fully included on the DVD, Legolas and Gimli crossing the sea, Aragorn, his children and his death, all of this was filmed.


          Sorry, sorry…I didn’t mean to shout I…I’ll be ok…I just need to sit down for a minute.

          • Wait what? I own the 4 disc editions of all three films, and I didnt know the filmed that?? Why the hell aint it on there? Im mad and sad now…

            • It’s on the extras, along with Arwen at helms deep, and Eowyn fighting in the caves, Aragorn battling Sauron, and many many more things were filmed but ultimately cut from the movie.
              There is even a rumour that Tom Bombadil stuff was shot.

              You see, there will be another release, maybe the footage won’t be included (the Arwen stuff would change the entire plot of Two Towers) but I’d like to see it eventually.

              • Tom Bombadil FTW!!!

                “Old Tom Bombadil is a merry fellow, Bright blue his jacket is, and his boots are yellow. None have ever caught him yet, for Tom, he is the master: His songs are stronger songs, and his feet are faster.”

                • Like I said the Tom Bombadil was just a rumour, but sets were apparently constructed for his house and early drafts of the script included a version of the scene.

                  But as the rumour goes, there are 7-8 hour cuts of each film if you include different takes on scenes and stories.

                    • I think I would rather have likes to have seen Brian Blessed (Vultan in Flash Gordon) as Tom Bombadil.

  9. Well Legolas is the son of Thranduil(referred to as the Elvinking in the Hobbit) who is King of the Woodland Realm which is Mirkwood in The Hobbit. His age is supposedly several thousand years at the time of the events of the War of the Ring and it is known that he refers to Gimli and Aragorn as children and their ages are 139 and 87 respectively.. Though Legolas never appears in the Hobbit or the Silmarillion it is not that far of a stretch for him to appear in these movies as the Mirkwood Elves appear,Legolas’shome Mirkwood appears, his father appears and the Mirkwood Elves take part in the Battle of Five Armies..

    Can’t wait to see Beorn kick some Goblin butt..

    • GK333, I love your enthusiasm, gives me hope that these new films will be as great as the LOTR films are.

        • I agree, as a huge fan I can’t wait! Will be following every aspect of production! One of the highlights of my movie life was when The Lord of the Rings trilogy was being released in the theaters.

        • I don’t know if this will make sense, but I don’t want it to be a companion to LOTR. I want it to be a seperate entity.

    • you will NEVER see Beorn, except in your mind’s eye, any more than you saw Tom Bombadil and Old Man Willow

  10. I believe that they will be using not only “the Hobbit” as its main story but telling the stories of the other kings as well..


  12. Considering I hate Orlando Bloom with a furious anger, this does not make me happy, in fact, I’m now quote against the project in general.
    If you’re going to adapt one of the most famous books of all time, dont mess with the story. Again.

    • I’m right there with you Drsam.

      As much as I hate Bloom even if it was another actor it makes no sense for the character to be in this film. This is going to be more altering than the original trilogy. Not that big a fan of the books, but this is just dumb.

      Bloom had some great action scenes in the films, but anyone could of been pasted in to those and they would of been just as good if not better.

      • Well, I am a huge fan of the books but I can understand why some people might not be.

        But this is getting ridiculous, I can understand bringing Cate Blanchett back because there are unwritten scenes in the book when Gandalf visits the elves, so thats fine.
        But why bring Bloom back? It was his character that was cool, not him.

        I remember hearing that they wanted these 2 Hobbit films to be connected to LOTR, that there were going to bridging scenes between the two, but honestly, thats not what I want.

        I don’t want to see LOTR Mk II.

        I want to see The Hobbit, it should be a more contained story, and now it is spiralling out of control. Why does it have to be interconnected so much?

    • Then skip threads concerning it Dr Sam and don’t see the film if it really bothers you that much…all this negativity is giving me hives.. 😉

    • EXACTLY!

  13. I personally dont mind the characters return, as he could well have been at the Battle of the Five Armies. I just wish it didn’t mean having to have the worst actor in the whole series back. Every line uttered from Orlando Broom(closely resembles a wooden stick at times) mouth sounded like Lord Percy from Blackadder. He was such a poor representation of the elves. It was a good thing Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving were there to show the true grace of that nobel race.

    If the role is bigger than a cameo, I assume Legolas will be incorporated into the part where the dwarfs are held captured in Mirkwood. Possibly Legolas helps Bilbo free the dwarfs in some way. Then he returns to have some significant part in the Bot5A.

  14. Greenknight nailed it on Bloom’s return. Since he’s the son of Thranduil, it makes sense that he wouuld be there. They shouldn’t stretch things to give hime a ton of screen time though.
    Concerning Galadriel, she’s a member of the White Council, which if you remember was busy tackling the Necromancer while Bilbo and Co. were making their way through Mirkwood and trying to figure how to steal the treasure from Smaug. I’d bet my leatherbound Lord of the Rings collection that we’ll see some of that battle in the Hobbit movies. In fact, because of that, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christopher Lee returns along with whoever played Celeborn. And yeah, Weaving as Elrond is a must, Necromancer or no.
    Aragorn – the only good way I can think of to bring him back is sort of an epilogue scene where he goes off hunting for Gollum. But I wouldn’t even bet my paperbacks on that one.

    • I reckon the whole thing will be in there. They’ve even cast Radaghast. That will be the part that can link Sauron and the overall Rings plot heavily into the 2 movies.

    • If they do show the White Council’s attack on the Necromancer, I really hope they can convince Christopher Lee to return as I read an interveiw saying he probably wouldnt want to travel to NZ at his age(87)but I couldnt see anyone else in that part as Saruman.

      • Lee will not return. I doubt he has forgiven Jackson for cutting him from the theatrical run.

  15. ejpostma, You took the words right out of my mouth. The Hobbit is my favorite book of all time, I read it at least once a year. I have no problem with them deviating from the main storyline a bit to show what was going on all the times when Gandalf left the group. I look forward to seeing the White Council. And why wouldn’t Legolas be in Mirkwood? It makes complete sense, he is the Prince of the Mirkwood elves. He will probably have some part in capturing the dwarfs and in the Battle of Five Armies and I’m sure it will be great. Don’t forget how much Pete deviated from the source material with LoTR and it was fantastic. I have faith in Peter Jackson to bring us a great movie that is not only a faithful adaptation, but will also delve deeper into the mythology of Middle-Earth. One more thing, why do some of you not want this to be connected to LoTR? Lord of the Rings is the SEQUEL to the Hobbit, it’s going to be connected. It’s supposed to be connected. That’s like saying you don’t want A New Hope connected with Empire Strikes Back, it just makes no sense. So I say lets just sit back and enjoy the ride and wait in anticipation for December 2012.

    • Tolkien’s publisher asked for a sequel to the Hobbit, they were absolutely dismayed and shocked when he dropped Lord Of The Rings on their desk.
      It may be a sequel in many respects, but just because it shares a few characters doesnt make it so. The Hobbit is a book for children (possibly the best book for children) and LOTR is just something else altogether. It’s an adults book, the tone, the writing style, the story, the characters are all painted so differently to anything in The Hobbit.

      • This!

      • Agreed

  16. Is this meant to be a prequel or sequel to LOTR? Hmm….

      • I’ve wondered for 8 years how I could be able to read the Hobbit but not be remotely interested in the children. Now I understand: I was 11 and those books were not meant for 11-year-old minds. Thank you. now that that’s cleared up, I’m actually more interested in this universe and might actually take another crack at the trilogy.

        • *trilogy, not children

        • Tiggy,

          Yeah, my daughter is a voracious reader, but she tried to tackle The Hobbit too young.


  17. This has probably already been mentioned (I have to go to work so no time to read this all yet), but isn’t Legolas’s father the elf king that imprisons Thorin and the dwarves for being spies? Bilbo has to use the ring to sneak them out, and they go for the barrel rides down the river?

  18. DonIsGood, The Hobbit was the first book about Middle-Earth that J.R.R. Tolkien published. LoTR is the the sequel to The Hobbit, so this movie would be listed as the prequel to LoTR.

  19. DrSam, I can see your point. Tolkien went into LoTR expecting to write a sequel to the Hobbit. However, as he got into the story it changed, he had no outline of where the story or the characters would go. Now if you look at all four books (Hobbit and LoTR) as a whole, you will see an evolving story that gets more advanced as it progresses. The Hobbit and Fellowship are very similar in writing styles and tone, at least the beginning of Fellowship. And as the story progresses it does switch to a much darker tone because it’s a much darker story. I know that when Guierllmo Del Torro was working on the Hobbit he stated many times that the tone of this movie would be much lighter than LoTR but at the end you could sit down and watch all five movies as one long story. So the movie can be different in many ways and still tie in very closely to LoTR just like it does in the books. I’m really not worried about them trying to make LoTR MK II as somebody pointed out earlier. But hey, I’m an optimistic kind of guy.

  20. This is great… makes you wonder if Legolas will be the one to
    kill Smaug the Dragon with the perfect arrow shot instead of Bard
    the Bowman. The rumor mill has begun.
    Legolas will no doubt be in the scenes of Mirkwood with his father
    Thranduil being the Elvenking. He will be at battle of Five Armies
    with the contingent of Elves no doubt.
    The real question though will persist. Will Legolas kill Smaug.
    Bard the Bowman we hardly knew thee.

    • I will leave the theater if that happens, Peter wont let that happen.

      • I dont know how the rumor started, but I’m with Seth. The movie will stink like funky crotchrot if bloom\legolas kills smaug.

  21. Yay!!! Bring Legolas back, please!!! Orlando Bloom is an amazing actor and the character he created in LOTR is iconic!
    People who don’t see that just have NO idea of what the real acting is. What’s wrong with you, haters, anyway? Sheesh. Get over yourself.


      Thats the sound of me laughing at you.


      • Sam, you sir make me laugh sometimes. By the way, I’m not a Bloom fan either. I just wanna see the best possible set of films from Jackson as possible.

      • Pardon, and you will be..? A “hater”, I suppose? Understandable, indeed. 😉

        • Hater barely begins to describe it.

          • That bad, heh? My condolences. :)

    • I agree with you, Ice!

      • Thank you, LisaM! :)

  22. Ok, I’ve been very negative about this film lately, I know I will go and see it on opening night regardless but…

    I want them to remain true to the story that Tolkein created, I’m sure it will asthetically and environmentally fit in with LOTR, but for it to be a true success in my eyes, The Hobbit needs to exist as a seperate entity, it may be set before LOTR (I’m not calling it a prequel because it was written first), but that doesnt mean it has to so ridgedly tied to it.
    The two Hobbit films and LOTR trilogy shouldnt be viewed as one story.

    • Thats how it was supposed to be! Two different stories! Who made the “intelligent” decision to merge the two? He/she should be slapped. Twice.

    • I would like to aggree with you on that Sam, but having read the Silmarillion (can’t be arsed to spell check). The book details all the history of the Elves and stuff up to Lord Of The Rings, and the book is pretty ambiguos (again can’t be arsed to spell check) about what happens. With regard to the Hobbit, I really don’t see why not have Legolas in it, as it would make sense as Gandolf is in it (in the book), so why not some Elf warriors. Galadriel and the other elf guy are related (Hugo Weaving), and are also really old, so they gotta be in it, so why not Legolas.
      Normally, I would be a stickler for movies to go by the book, but as with Lord Of The Rings we know books sometimes need some tweeking when putting them to film.
      Once again I base what I am saying on the Silmarillion and not The Hobbitt.

  23. Derek,

    I do have a mild disagreement on the subject of deviating from the source materiel. First, I wouldn’t really call including the White Council and Legolas’ appearance as deviations so much as elaborations. That is, they’re off page but not contradicting what is on page. As for the triology, Jackson deviated in many ways some good (the portrayal of the Nazgul), and others bad (much of the Arwen subplot, especially the whole “her fate is now bound to that of the ring” thing). Examples are the various personality changes from book to screen (Aragorn – determined king to be vs reluctant hero; Theoden (post healing) – pissed off and ready to kick butt vs scared (only for a little while I grant but still); Treebeard and the Ents – Saurman must be stopped vs none of our business, oh wait, now he’s screwing with our turff!; Faramir – I will not touch the ring vs let’s hand it over to Dad (this is the worst example to my mind). There were of course many other additions, subtractions and alterations, most of which don’t really bother me. As I said, in some places, it was better (another example is the lurker in the waters outside Moria). The one flat-out addition that pisses me off is the whole Frodo sendig Sam away thing. Or, Gollum’s “pay-off.” With just about everything else whether I like the change or not, I at least understand why thy did it but that one, I just don’t see any reason for it at all.
    Still, overall, yes the trilogy is brilliant and likely the best that we will see for a long time to come.
    As to Lee, unfortunately as someone pointed out, we aren’t likely to see him due to a little bruised ego. Who else to fill the roll?
    Other movies – imagine the Fall of Gondolin, the Fall Nuemenor, or the Tale of Beren and Luthien as movies (Gondolin is the I would be most interested in). The problem of course would be threading everything into a coherent screen narrative. It all works fine in the Silmarillion but adapting them all to the screen would be a nightmare. However, we could see many characters from the triology – Galabriel, Celeborn, Elrond (in the last Silmarillion movie) and maybe a few others.

  24. ejpostma,
    I agree with you that Frodo sending Sam away was just stupid, I can understand there reasons for adding tension by putting Frodo in Shelob’s cave alone, but it was unneeded. And, Faramir taking Frodo and the ring to impress daddy made me upset. All of the other changes that you mentioned I was ok with. I can accept that plot lines will be added and subtracted and expounded upon in a different way when you are dealing with an adaptation. I also agree that the White Counsel and Legolas are not really deviations but elaborations.

  25. I’m ok with all this, if for no other reason than that The Hobbit on its own does not really warrant 2 3 hour films. As such, adding things to beef up the story, and connect it with the original trilogy seems like a good idea to me. I really, really hope that Viggo returns as Aragorn, as he was the best thing about the LOTR trilogy by far.

    People have to remember that literature and film are two very, very different mediums, and what works on the page doesn’t always work on the screen. Deviation from the source material is inevitable.

  26. Has there been any casting news on who would play Bard the Bowman?

    In the 80’s I thought Tom Selleck or Sam Elliott would have been good.

    Now, I don’t know who would fill those shoes.

    • As soon as I read that Legolas would have “more than a cameo” I immediately thought, oh sh, he’s replacing Bard as the guy who shoots Smaug. It’s more likely he just gets involved in Mirkwood, but the chance is there.

  27. So having Gandolf, Gullum and Billbo isn’t enough to connect the series?? Really? I have read the Hobbit as many of you and I do not recall him being a part of it. I mean sure, in thinking what directors have done with the Potter films,they have veared off a few times from book to film but they used the characters that where meant to be in it mostly. Now we possably have two that where nowhere to be found in the Hobbit for a “bridge”? Why not just use the main characters without adding any and call it good. Plus I’m not really a Bloom fan, so I believe having him in it will be a waste of good film.

    • The second film has to deal with The Lost Tales to “bridge” the films together. Even tho Leoglas wasnt in the Hobbit, (because he want even created till Tolkien was asked to make a sequel to the Hobbit) a cameo would work as his father is in the movie, they go to his home in Mirkwood, and the Mirkwood elves where at the Battle of the 5 Armies.

      • Thanks for clearing that up for me Seth, it’s been a while since I’ve read Hobbit. Guess it would make scense to have a CHILD version, but to have Bloom back? Still don’t think that would work for me.

  28. Smaug the Dragon meet your doom…the mighty elf warrior LEGOLAS!!!!
    This should be interesting to say the least.

    • I’m not “bitching” about the trilogy,I loved the trilogy. I just think that they should not be bringing in characters that where not in the book. And I have every right to think that. As I posted earlyer, is it not enough to bridge the films with Billbo, Gandolf and Gullum? I think that folks that saw the trilogy would remember those characters just fine without Bloom mucking it up.