Orlando Bloom’s Legolas Returning For ‘The Hobbit’

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orlando bloom legolas the hobbit Orlando Blooms Legolas Returning For The Hobbit

Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of The Hobbit is finally on the right track, having received the long-awaited official greenlight back in October and two weeks later being confirmed to have its production remain where it belongs in New Zealand.

Since then, the news reports having been rolling in with The Hobbit updates and a plethora of casting announcements, including Cate Blanchett returning to the franchise as Galadriel. Now, believe it or not, we can also add Legolas to the list of characters not a part of The Hobbit novel who will play important roles in The Hobbit films.

Deadline has the exclusive which details that Orlando Bloom, who kick-started his career as the fan-favorite Orc-killing archer in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, is close to signing a deal with New Line to play Legolas yet again. Not only will he be making an appearance, but his role is described as being “more than a cameo” as Deadline explains.

Back in the day, the plan for The Hobbit was to make it a standalone movie with a follow-up film acting as a “bridge” between it and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This would’ve allowed for many of the characters we all know and love from the series to return. We even heard from actors including Viggo Mortensen and Dominic Monaghan that they’d love to come back and that they had heard rumblings about the possibility. Keep in mind, this was back when the plan was to have The Hobbit come out next month with the bridge film out in 2011. Things have changed a lot since then.

With Galadriel and Legolas returning to play alongside Martin Freeman’s Bilbo Baggins, this indicates that the screenplays are deviating from the novel in significant ways to help it connect with the Lord of the Rings films, still essentially acting as that  “bridge,” we had heard about long ago. If it works for the story, I’m all for it and it should generate a lot of excitement and familiarity for casual moviegoers.

This does make me wonder though if the script had always been written for these two elves to return. What if Bloom didn’t choose to come back? Would they recast? Are other characters like Aragorn in the running to return as well?

While Legolas would mark another returnee, key character actors Ian McKellen, Hugo Weaving and Andy Serkis have yet to sign to reprise their roles of Gandalf, Lord Elrond and Gollum respectively. Expect more casting announcement soon, and maybe, some more surprises!

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Part 1 of The Hobbit opens in theaters on December 19, 2012, with part 2 arriving the following December.

Source: Deadline

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  1. that was to all you sour pusses and grumblers out there i say PHHHTTTTTT! TO YOU!!!

    • Breathe Rogue, breathe!!!!

  2. lol I’m all amped up on Monster energy drink lol

    • That’ll do it!

  3. If the story has to be changed then it shouldn’t be called the Hobbit. I loved the “Lord of the Rings”. But I’ll skip the hobbit. Instead of seeing the film I’ll just re-read the bool.

    • Ok the Hobbit will be in the first and part of the second movie, the rest of the second movie is from The Lost Tales and Appendices. Tolkien completed the world of the Hobbit and L.O.T.R. after he was asked to make a sequel. Yes he had been writing on the back Story his early life (The Simirillion) but most of the characters in L.O.T.R. where even though up when the Hobbit was made. So having Him and others that are in the Tolkien Universe but not the Hobbit is ok.

  4. helll yh legolas is awesome

    • so right.

  5. I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of “stick to the source material”. Also, I’m not a Bloom hater but… uh.. well.. hhmm O.K., I’ll say there are better actors than him out there. Also worse. For example,{I dont know his name} the guy who played the lead in clash of the titans remake. It’s not just anybody who can act that bad. Anyway, looking forward to an evening in good ole middle earth.

  6. I’ve just been reading The Hobbit and it would be quite illogical NOT to have Legolas in it. He’s the King’s son, he’s an excellent warrior, and he’s living in Mirkwood. All this is established in the first film of the LOTR trilogy. So when the King rides out to battle it would be quite strange if Legolas doesn’t go with him. You’d have to have some dialogue to explain why he isn’t there:

    “What a shame my son Legolas got bitten by spiders and is presently in a coma.”

    The minimum sensible role for him is as someone for the King to talk to about his plans as he finds out about events unfolding in Laketown, because as it’s a film not a book, the King has to talk to someone. And to do one outrageous stunt in the battle. Unfortunately there is bound to be at least one outrageous Elf battle stunt, because an important part of the films is battle spectacle and the Elves are the ones who are supposed to be incredibly skilled. And it doesn’t make sense to give this stunt either to a random Elf invented for the purpose, or to the King.

    So it isn’t necessarily about pandering to fangurls and shoehorning all the LOTR favourites in. He more or less has to be in the film and has to do some remarkable bit of fighting, just by the way film adaptations work.

    I like him in Fellowship and I’d like to see him being cold and ruthless, not drippy. And certainly not to supplant Bard. Bard is a really important character in the second half of the book, AND the only attractive human male. They would be insane to leave him out.

    • “I’ve just been reading The Hobbit and it would be quite illogical NOT to have Legolas in it”

      Sorry, what?

      How is it logical to have a character in a film who isnt in the book?

      And by the by, Orlando Bloom is only capable of being drippy. That’s the style he has built his ‘career’ on.

      • Its logical as he wasnt made untill L.O.T.R. and that is his home, so he could be there.

      • Agreed. but,”drippy”?

      • I am NOT DRIPPY!!!

  7. I can kind of see where he is coming from DrSam, it would be “logical” for Legolas to be there even though he wasn’t in the book but that’s all been talked about already. He’s going to be in the movie whether any of us like it or not. But, you’re right Bloom can only do drippy it’s kind of his thing. It’s not much of an act either, if you’ve seen him in interviews he is the same way.

    • Well, yeah, i know that what we think makes piss all difference.

      I just find watching Bloom in anything a trial, and not an enjoyable experience.

    • – In his intervews he is absolutely different person than Legolas.

      Wow, people, you really don’t know what you are talking about, don’t you? “Drippy?” BHA-HA-HA! The guy has absolutely BRILLIANT swordfighting abilities and skills and he is great with a bow and arrows. He has amazing control over the body language! He actually has the REAL skills and he learned to hit the target with those arrows while riding a horse or shooting the arrows at the target range. He does a lot of stunts himself. His leadership skills are obvious for anyone who know at least something about it and the real power comes not from those who shout unconvincing cliched Hollywood-ish slogans on screen (“Gladiator,” anyone?). And, from those who play a well-fed miller instead of Robin Hood (sorry, the horror is still alive with me after seeing it!) or playing a whiny “great warrior” that might hurt himself with his own sword an as Brad Pitt did with Achilles in Troy. The real power comes from inside like it does with Legolas played by OB. Plus, he does look like Prince of Elves to me which is a big bonus. :)

      I think some people watch too much of comics movies to know what the body and eyes language realy is and how a real actor should express it. I personally find it sad. But not tragic. :)

  8. At this point, I’ll be happy if the movie even sounds remotely like the book I read eight years ago and looks similar enough to the movies.

  9. Could someone tell me where in the hobbit does it mention Legolas and his genealogy? I’m a big fan of hobbit\lotr, read the hobbit 3 or 4 times, as recently as a year or so ago, and I have no recollection of legolas being in the story. Thanx.

  10. Ok so we all have our differences as to whether Legolas should be in
    in the Hobbit or not. Its ok. We can all agree to disagree.
    I think the films will turn out just fine either way.
    After all its being made by PJ and friends.
    Lets all take a deep breath. And throw out another question.
    Will the battle of Five Armies be larger or about the same size
    as the battle at Helms Deep. Ready…Fire Away!!!!!!!

  11. They’re not deviating. They’re integrating the backstory that was meant to be reintegrated into a tonally canonical version of The Hobbit that Tolkien intended to complete but never did. End of discussion. Do your homework, people – it’s all there in the books. Legolas was ALWAYS there, but seeing as his character didn’t exist until The Lord of the Rings, he couldn’t be named in The Hobbit, something Tolkien was going to realign in subsequent editions.

    • EXACTLY! People just don’t get it… “Do your homework, people – it’s all there in the books.” :)

  12. Peter Jackson RUINED the Lord of the Rings with his “additions” to the story, and chopping out major segments. People who actually READ would know this. The books don’t need “tweaking” – they’re perfect the way they are. Jackson needs to actually filming what happened, not reinventing what doesn’t need reinventing. Does he think he’s a better author than Tolkein? What is he going to leave out to he can have his “stars” in the movie? Beorn? The fight with the spiders? The trolls? I know – the barrel ride. This is ridiculous. I can’t watch the LOTR films, they are so screwed up. Hey, they’re a great travel log for New Zealand, and all, visually very beautiful. But even my 10 year old was upset by the crap he put in that didn’t need to be there, and the stuff he left out. And making the Ents stupid. Turning Denethor into a fireball and having him leap off the battlements. Constant dwarf throwing jokes. Don’t get me going. Jackson just rots. He’s the consumate rip-off artist. How the hell did he go from “The Frighteners” to Lord of the Rings? What made anything think he’d be suitable? He’s a hack who never did anything original in his life, and he can’t even stick to the story! (and yes, I loathe the man, so don’t bother calling me a “hater” – yep, I hate him and what he did to the STORY. Films need to have not just great visuals – storyline counts too.

    • I understand being a bit upset at a not by the book film of a literary work. One of my favorite sci-fi serials, Dune, was was not true to the novel from whence it comes. But this has been an albatross around the neck of hollywood from the beginning. Dune,although not faithful to the original material, pleased the author. Even he realized you can’t film a book verbatum. One can only wonder what Tolkein would have thought of the film adaptation. I believe he would have been mature enough to realize the same thing Herbert did. Maybe you should grow up and do the same.

  13. I am personally very excited about this film also being a bridge. Before people rant at me for having never read the books, you must know that isn’t so. I am an extreme Tokien fan. I have read the trilogy, Hobbit, Silmarillion, and the Children of Hurin. I think making the movie a bridge would help those who never read the books better understand how things came to be.

    And Peter Jackson did not ‘ruin’ The Lord of the Rings. I think he actually did a good job. A better job than most adaptations lately.

    • I read all of those too… :) Tolkien new how to make “facts” exciting.

  14. if the Jackson HOBBIT won’t be a faithful adaptation of the Tolkien novel then I’m not gonna see it. what’s more this whole bridge film idea was failed from the start. I dont think it necessary at all unless he wants to cash in which he probably does.

  15. I’ve never read the books, but I have done some research. Would the ‘bridge’ elements comes from the Necromancer storyline? if so, isn’t that sidetracking from the actually Hobbit storyline? Sounds to me that a third film to bridge the movie would be better maybe? It could maybe be an interquel.

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  17. i mean ORLADO BLOOM IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i agre with u orlando is awsome even tho legolas is noot one of the main caracters in T.L.O.T.R he is still awsome i think he is the most non