Open Discussion – September 6, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 6, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 6, 2013

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  1. Happy Friday, Scranters! Hope everyone has a good weekend. What is planned?

    I have birthday parties each day. I think I’ll call in sick and just go see Riddick LOL.

    • @LC

      Happy Friday, I’m gonna try and make it to the theater to watch Riddick over the weekend. I watched the worlds end just recently and and enjoyed it.

      • Definitely catch Riddick guys!

        • so its good? I’ve been getting mixed feedback.

          better or worse than chronicles of riddick? what about pitch black?

    • I’m going to Salt Lake Comic Con tomorrow. Tonight I’m going to see James Taylor in concert. I didn’t know he was still alive :) haha most people I tell dont even know who he is.

      • “ain’t no sunshine when shes gone”

        • 😀 +1000 😀

      • What kind of music does he play? I’m always looking for new music to get into!

        • he’s old school dude. like folk kind of thing. If you’ve seen cars he plays the song “our town”

          • Nice, I’m a huge fan of folk music. I’ll check him out some time tomorrow!

              • Thanks, it’s a great song. Just wiki’d it and I’m going to listen to a couple of other songs from the album before I think of buying it off iTunes. ‘You Can Close Your Eyes’ is up next!

      • movieDude, I know, and the concert should be great.

        • Thanks man 😀 I’ll let you know how it goes. Geez more people on SR know James Taylor than my friends and relatives haha.

          • I loved his cameo in Funny People!

    • @ LC


      Going to the gun range tonight with Pepper, then tomorrow I have to go to a funereal…ah…errr…I mean a wedding. I’m sneaking out of the reception early to go watch Michigan vs Notre Dame under the lights though.

      GO BLUE!!

      • Norte dame 4 life

    • LC, same to you.

      I can vouch that September is
      the best month to be born.
      The 18th is my claim.

      • September is indeed the best time, come on it’s almost fall. My birthday was actually just yesterday!

        • Happy Birthday, CodSc.

          The 5th is shared with Jess James
          and “I’m Batman” Michael Keaton.

          • Thank you Robert!

            Michael Keaton’s birthday was yesterday too? Awesome, makes September all the more special aha.

  2. I only watched Captain AMerica recently due to hype over the MCCU’s movies. I found it decent and it gave me a renewed interest in Marvel’s movies after the disappointment I felt with Iron Man 3(not hatred just disappointment).

    • @ QTA

      Captian America was underrated IMO, I really liked it.

      • @ Stark

        +1 I enjoy enjoyed The First Avenger myself.

      • really? after you told him all his special came from a bottle?

    • Yeah I thought IM3 was just fine. It was really entertaining and junk I just wanted more. But Cap AMerica was pretty great. I’m a fan of the retro feel/setting. I thought that was really cool.

    • I think the trailers and promotion for the upcoming Marvel movies rejuvenated my interest in the Marvel Universe. Like you I was somewhat disappointed with Iron Man 3, kinda lost interest after that.

    • I also find Captain America: The First Avenger to be pretty under-rated. Whenever I think about it, I’m always impressed at what that movie did with his canon.

    • Captain America is my favorite of all Marvel films.
      And the only one I have seen repeatedly.

  3. Been so long since I’ve been to the cinema… I’m suffering from withdrawal! :'(

    • Go see Worlds End, or if you have discount theaters where you live go see Pacific Rim 😀

      • I’ve already seen Pacific Rim. I really want to go see World’s End, but it hasn’t come out here yet.
        There are a bunch of movies I still have to check out (Elysium, Kick Ass2, etc.), I just don’t have the time (which is why I’m on Screen Rant considerably less as well) :(

        • Suck dude. Yeah I have this accounting project coming up later this month that is gonna be uber-time consuming. Once the semester ramps up I usually dont see many movies. But I’ve still got decent free time as of right now.

          Elysiums worth checking out. I have complaints about it that I’ve mentioned on other comment threads on SR but its worth seeing.

          No Worlds End for you? Tough cookies man that sucks. Hopefully you guys get it soon. Where are you located?

          • South Africa.
            The school system works a bit different here. I’m in my final year of high school and right now my life pretty much consists of examinations… so many examinations.
            I’ll have some down time in October, but other than that, I won’t really be able to catch any movies till the holiday season in December.

            • hey avenger, I’m curious as to whether you’ve seen invictus, and did you think it was a fair representation of your country, and did damon get the accent right?

              • I’ve seen a few scenes of the movie, but I’v never gotten round to watching the whole thing. It’s in my queue though… just, like I said, really busy lately.

                From the footage I saw, Damon did a good job (it’s a very tough accent to get right), although it was pretty obvious it wasn’t a genuine Afrikaans accent. As for it being a fair representation of South Africa, the events of the movie took place right around the time I was born, so I don’t have first-hand knowledge of what things were like back then, and things have changed a LOT in the past 10 years or so, but from what I understand, it was very accurate to the events and the time.

  4. Don’t know about you guys, but I bought the Robocop trailers was wicked!!!!!

    • Mr too.Looks good.

    • I agree. Seems like Robocop and Dredd should be in the same universe… crossover time!

      • Good idea.I’d buy that for a dollar.

    • Yeah I thought it looked pretty good. The suit is more rewarding than I expected. I was never a fan of it to begin with but I do wish they would’ve gone for an R rating.

      • Just checked,didn’t realise it was pg 13,?,

    • I was getting really worried the new Robo-Cop would be a stinker…suit didn’t seem to be up to much.
      The trailer has changed my view – looks good…but as a huge fan of the 1st movie…they have to get it right big time.

      • well said.

  5. It’s beautiful here in DC how’s the weather where you are? Anyway, I like the new Robocop trailer!

    • Its HOT in SLC. But its nice hot, not “you could fry an egg on the pavement” hot.

  6. FINALLY watched The Hobbit. Thought it was pretty good. got me interested in seeing the LotR trilogy again which ive only seen once. Thought the Hobbit drug on in parts but i still plan on getting the extended edition on DVD later this year.

    Finally started watching Defiance again. I got 5 episodes into the show while it was airing in the spring but then decided to take a break from it all this summer. Just started watching it again a couple days ago and have watched 3 more episodes. still not really into it. i dont know what it is, i find the world kind of interesting but i think its just the characters that i could care less about. if any one of them died i dont think i would care to much so maybe thats its problem. Any one else stick with this series through the whole first season?

    • I did.

      I thought it was good… there were 2 or 3 episodes that were subpar but overall, it was decent.

      The ending had a great build up but got kind of hokey… hope that doesn’t spoil it for you.

      • no thats ok. i figured i would finish off the season and then see how i feel about continuing with season 2. Like i said, i enjoy the world, i just cant seem to get invested in the characters.

    • Hobbits cool. Though its got waaay too much filler, I dont know if I could stomach an extended edition of that. But you should definitely rewatch the LOTR trilogy. Not only do the films still hold up but they’re still veeery entertaining.

      • The Hobbit really did have a ridiculous amount of filler (result of extending the The Hobbit series into a trilogy instead of 2 films). If it were cut down to maybe an hour and half, I would’ve liked it much more. There’s an extended edition of the film, I wish there was ‘cut down’ version or something too lol. Right after watching The Hobbit, I went home to watch the extended edition of The Two Towers, such a brilliant movie.

        • Yeah dude thats actually what I was thinking after I saw the first Hobbit. I was thinking they should make a cut-down version once the 3 movies are finished. Just keep the essential stuff and have it be like 2 or 3 hours 😉 haha seriously that would be cool. Hopefully someone on youtube will make it once the trilogy is finished.

  7. I liked the new Robocop trailer but still not sold about it. I go to the matinee if I see it.

    • I was impressed with the footage. It looked really cool. I love the cast.

      • It reminds me of the new total recall, which i enjoyed. Wasnt the greatest action/scifi film but its a good popcorn film to pop in on a saturday afternoon. And this looks similar which is fine by me.

      • the cast is a BIG reason why I think it will do well. was it me or did robo’s face seem too “normal” I was expecting some scarring or some type of face damage. And no Boddiker aka King of the one-liners? that weakens the film IMO. every great film needs a great villain. I know pitting robo against other robots is the “PG-13″ cop out. But come on?

        • I really need to rewatch the original cuz to be honest I dont remember it like… at ALL! but yeah I read they’re gonna make it PG-13 and that worried me a little. I hope they can still make it feel bada** and not nerfed.

          • I actually havent seen the first robocop. my parents own the second and third i think but i never got around to watching them. figured i would wait to see the first before watching the sequels.

            • @ Draagyn

              I got both the theatrical & director’s cut of the original film. I must say Murphy’s death was more graphic in the director’s cut.

  8. Boy, this crawling Sub-Way ad on the mobile site is VERY annoying! It just refuses to go away and just keeps jumping around. :(

    • Ads are out there Stark. They cant be bargained with. They cant be reasoned with. And they absolutely will not stop, ever, until they crash your mobile device.

      • @ movieDude

        Ha! So true!!

  9. I wish Marvel would announce what they’re doing with The Hulk now. Whenever he turns up – I hope they focus on the Hulk himself and let us see his side of the story..not just turn up…smash things up…then change. In the comics we get to hear his side all the time.

    • I bet after The Avengers Age of Ultron flick, we’ll start hearing more about him. Long way away I know aha, but with an actor like Mark Ruffalo it’d be a missed opportunity and I think Marvel knows that.

  10. since re-makes are so popular why can’t we get some good ones made? I wanna see these re-made : CRITTERS , HOUSE , THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER , DRAGON SLAYER, FROM BEYOND, AND DEADLY FRIEND. In this era of “movies” like Shark-nado, I’m sure this would do well. whatcha think? am I wrong?

    • +1 to Critters and House.

      Wouldn’t mind seeing a remake for:

      Creep Show

      • @ Doc

        Beastmaster for sure, I really like that!! IT would be good as well, if it were done well.

        • I had a couple of pet ferrets once…

          My recommendation? Don’t get ferrets for pets unless you are Dar.

      • +1 for Beast master!!! remember those creature that opened up their wings and “hugged” their victims to a boney sludgey mess !! totally original and haven’t been topped since!!! yeah i’d buy that for a dollar!!! gotta do it with fictional animals tho….. aside from the ferrets cant lose the ferrets. but imagine.. a saber tooth tiger, a griffin? could be dope !!! aquaman on land !!! lets do it Hollywood !!! forget that shark-nado / ghost shark crap!!

    • I wouldnt mind seeing a remake, or better said an overhaul of the SW prequels 😉

  11. Hey whats an easy cosplay to do? Any thoughts? I cant really throw something awesome together for SLC comic con tomorrow but if theres something easy that could be really cool I’m down to do it.

    • Maybe this is the wrong place to ask this… Idk if any of you guys cosplay.

      • Clark Kent is pretty easy. All you need is:

        A Superman T-Shirt
        A white collared shirt and tie, open exposing the “S”

        • not a bad suggestion… I could throw that together.

    • Dress in a ridiculously ordinary manner, BUT have a sign/nametag/banner/SOMEthing somewhere obvious on your person that says:

      “I’m sorry I’m so plainly attired…The voices in my head couldn’t agree on a costume.”


      • haha sounds a little deadpool-esque. I like it :)

        If I could find an orange vest I could do marty mcfly pretty easy

  12. If you could pick one actor and one actress to play in the next Star Wars movie who would they be?

    My choices: Chloe Moretz and Josh Holloway.

    • Harrison Ford, Carrie Fischer,and Mark Hamil

    • Okay, the fact that my reply is awaiting mod is nothing short of creepy.

    • This is a test: Ford.

      • Hmmm, nope, let’s try this: Hamil

    • @ Writer

      I was being snarky and responded to your post by naming the 3 original cast members who played Han, Luke, and Leia…

      …but apparently typing out those names in the same post gets you flagged for mod…

    • @ Writer

      I know it’s just a rumor, but Benedict Cumberbatch as a sith would be pretty cool IMO.

      As for a female, Chloe Mortez.

  13. Carrie Fischer

    • Nope, okay Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer

  14. I got it! Try typing the original cast of Star Wars and watch what happens.

    That’s pretty strange, to say the least…

    • Harrison Ford

  15. Okay… just try typing the actor’s full name who played Solo.

    • Apparently ScreenRant has been instructed to review comments about:
      HARR1S0N F0RD

      • George Harrison

      • Dr. M….

        I can do you one better: It’s not his whole name; it’s just his first name. On a hunch, I tried the name of the quietest Beatle…yep, awaiting moderation.


        • what dafuq is that about huh?

          • I guess because he’s still actively making movies, as opposed to the “twins that kissed reeeeal purty-like”, the flagging system is especially watchful for refences to his name…

            Otherwise, not a clue…

            • Ahem…that should, of course, be refERences.


      • Yep… Harri-he-who-cannot-be-named seems to be Scrant-blocked.

        I was trying to bring up his Star Trek character in the Cumberbatch will not be in Star Wars post but got modded.

        I think it’s leftover from the whole Khan spoiler.

        • Good call Big Nerd.

  16. Anyone seen the Butler yet? How is it?

  17. I won’t watch anything with Jane Fonda in it.

  18. Sure is dead in here. Anyone think Tyrese will die in upcoming season of The Walking Dead?