Open Discussion – September 5, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 5, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 5, 2012

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  1. Even though the latest Batman movie is still in theaters, I’ve noticed a lot of dicussion about who will direct, star in, etc. the inevitable reboot, both live action and animated, so I think it’s finally time to talk about a musical…

    • Before anyone takes that seriously, I was just joking…

      • Actually let’s talk about potential Villians for the reboot. I think they should definitely bring a villian that hasn’t been used yet. I’m thinking maybe someone like clayface or black mask.

        Killer croc would probably be someone ‘s henchman like the penguin or the riddler, but its definitely time for some new blood.

        • I would actually love a Killer Croc batman movie. Even though it’s out there and not “Nolan enough” (good thing he’s gone), I think it would be very interesting.

          • Read the Graphic Novel Joker. The villains have a realistic twist, that would work well.

      • Hahaha…yes but I meant a Batman musical with Cirque du Soleil. Then, we should discuss what characters’ faces should adorn postal stamps…

        • A Cirque Du Soleil Batman show would be awesome!

  2. You could talk about the ever increasing use of orange/teal color grading that is obnoxiously ruining the visuals of so many movies these days. Just watch the trailers of Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, The Last Stand and Gangster Squad for current examples. Not only do these color schemes get annyoing and overused, but they also reduce the contrast of the images, which masks details in darker scenes.

    Movies in the 80s and early 90s were so beautiful, but then all that brilliance started disappearing under layers and layers of digital color grading.

    • p.s.: with “you could talk about” I meant that I would love to see that topic being discussed on the podcast.

      • alright it´s from another writer, i thought it was from your mind.

    • what,hahahahaha what you talking about ? everything alright above,my friend ? give the white elephant a hug from me.

  3. Finally Dredd 3D is almost upon us and i cant wait. Great hardcore sci fi is a rare thing to behold these days, i will embrace it like a deep fried Mars bar.

    • I really hope Dredd is a lot of fun. Honestly, that is all I’m hoping for, and it looks like it could fulfill that wish.

    • I just can’t get excited for Dredd. I mean it’s just a tower climb, I don’t see much story coming from that.

      • Check out some of the reviews for Dredd, it’s an absolute smash amongst critics. In fact i can’t really dig up one wholly negative review yet. This one should be on any “superhero” fans radar. Not to mention that Judge Dredd took Batman down in a second when they met :)

  4. Supernatural season 8
    What will happen?

    • Supernatural stuff!

    • Hopefully the leviathans will be (almost) non existent in Season 8. And the brothers should gain back at least a bit of their old chemistry instead of being depressed and pissed off all the time.

      • ^ This!

    • Im hoping for more monsters, nothing has really topped the wendigo and that was from episode 2!!!

    • Sam and Dean will drink a beer at the end of an episode.

  5. So, I took the time to try and watch Battleship this weekend and I have to say WOW!! I was expecting it to be kind of bad but not as bad as it actually was. I will usually suffer through the worst of the worst but even though there was just about 20 minutes left I had to turn it off.
    So I have to say congrats to Tower Heist. For a while it held the title of the worst movie I’ve seen in the past year but Battleship has taken it’s place.
    The worst of the worst this past year IMO,
    1. Battleship
    2. Tower Heist
    3. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

    • It hurts to see ALVH on your list because I loved the book, but I do agree with you. The movie was pretty bad.

    • I actually kinda liked Tower Heist. It was predictable and a little boring at times… but still enjoyably IMO.

      • I actually enjoyed both battleship and tower heist. I was expecting Battleship to be kinda like transformers and in a way it was. though i think the humor was a little more mature than in the transformers movies. but the action wasnt as great. but still a good popcorn flick.

        and tower heist was an ok comedy. one of ben stillers better ones in the fast couple years. and its nice to see eddie murphy again as i have been avoiding his recent roles as well.

      • IMO Tower Heist had one of the most ridiculous plot holes in recent memory…
        How in the world did they get that car in the pool???? I’m all for suspension of disbelief but WTF??? :)
        Also, what’s her name that was doing a jamacian accent?
        As Charles Barkley would say ” That’s just terrible.” :)

        • Yah, that was pretty crazy… but I don’t think this movie should be taken very seriously. It’s more of a comedy than anything else IMO.

    • You obviously haven’t seen the Katherine Heigl masterpiece, One For the Money.

      • That was for Kevin7…and I really shouldn’t have commented. I haven’t seen any of your bottom three…yet. ALVH will be watched someday…just hope it doesn’t change my opinion on the book.

        Battleship and Tower Heist may be watched accidentally someday if I walk into a room to rest and they happen to be playing.

        • My advice for people who read the book (I did and liked it) is forget it entirely and then watch the movie.
          They changed practically everything…

          • Well said.

  6. I would like to see a Teen Titians movie spin off of the upcoming Batman series. You’ll probably have to have some other movie(s) to introduce some of the other characters, but that could be very cool.

    • Also if they do the Under the Red Hood storyline, they could have a Red Hood and the Outlaws movie as well.

      • Agreed. Throw a little Young Justice in there JARVIS.

        • Yeah, that should keep a low profile.

  7. Anybody catch face/off last night(the syfy show).

    • Myself and a coworker enjoy this show. Although we felt the premiere this season was good, we thought last night’s show, as well as the one before it, were not so great. Hoping it gets better.

  8. i hope here are some splatter fans. i will watch hard stuff this evening,i hope my stomache stays hard. the movie – the maniac- from william lustig who also made the -the maniac cop- series and – the driller killer- from and with abel farrera. and has anybody watched the – the hatchet- movies. that are good horror-flicks. and the -the maniac- is yet rebooted with elijha wood as the killer ,but it has the badest till no marketing of the movie. just saw one trailer.

  9. FALL TV Opinions…so far. I watched the pilot for Revolution last night. It was decent. Much better than reality TV. It’s one of those like Terra Nova, where you have to believe in movie science and ignore the fact that their clothes look brand new and the houses look like a set designer just painted them. The plus is that the villains of the story are portrayed very well. I have a lot more interest for the Monroe Militia than the Sixers from Terra Nova. The story for the pilot was basically told in the preview trailer, so I’ll have to watch another couple episodes to get a true feel on this one.

    I’ve watched some sitcom pilots. Mindy Project is the worst one so far…I will not be watching it. Ben and Kate was the most surprisingly funny…I’ve subscribed to it. Animal Practice is quite dumb…but fun and then dumb again…I’ll probably continue watching it. And the New Normal and Go On aren’t anything too special, but I’ll give them another chance.

    Honestly, there isn’t a lot of shows that I’m excited for this year. Arrow could be interesting, but I have a feeling that I won’t enjoy it. At least I still have Fringe, Supernatural, Grimm, Community, Modern Family, Happy Endings, and the B in Apartment 23. This stuff should hold me off until ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT come out on NETFLIX in 2013!!!!

  10. Ok your wrong and rigth but the final battle of every ironman and avengers he use his red with gold suite