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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 4, 2013

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  1. finally saw The Iceman and World War Z. the first one was a lot more enjoyable and Chris Evans was pretty much a scene stealer! aaand I never want to get anywhere close to Michael Shannon hah

    • Chris Evans? Damn guess I’ll have to give it a shot. Oh yeah about Michael Shannon…

      • Evans is pretty much unrecognizable in it as well!

    • It was, indeed, a good movie. Michael Shannon was brilliant and scene stealer is a great way to describe Chris Evans.

    • Chris Evans is an underrated actor. Fact.

      • Chris Evans is 32 years old. Fact.
        Chris Evans is an underrated actor. Opinion.

        Just helping you distinguish between the two types of statements. ;)

        • Well… in my opinion it’s a fact :P
          He is very underrated though, you have to admit.



            • …Phrasing

              (And yes, I’ve been watching ‘Archer’ ;))

              • LOL!

              • @ Avenger

                Archer is incredible. Check out ‘Frisky Dingo’ if you ever get the chance, it’s basically the prototype and just as funny.

        • That *literally* just made my head explode!!!

          • In death, a member of project Scranter has a name, his name is Zipper Stevens. His name is Zipper Stevens. His name is Zipper Stevens. His name is Zipper Stevens…

      • I kinda believe that now after watching The Iceman. He was surprisingly good.

    • I really liked Iceman, and as big of a fan I am of Michael Shannon, I enjoyed World War Z just a bit more. And you’re right about Chris Evans, he did really well in the movie.

  2. Finally saw The Hobbit. I liked it, i think more than the Lord of the Rings. But its been a while since ive seen those, and i mean like several YEARS since ive seen them, so i think im gonna watch them again so see if i like them any better.

    Finally got caught up on Justified. Very good show, i started it around the same time as Breaking Bad and i found it more enjoyable than Breaking Bad, at least more enjoyable than the first couple seasons.

    Also recently watched Machine Gun Preacher, Law Abiding Citizen, all the Underworld Movies, and Contraband.

    Picking up Now You See Me later this week! I saw it in theaters and found it really enjoyable, looking forward to the sequel.

    • I remember enjoying Law Abiding Citizen a lot. is Machine Gun Preacher as good as that?

      • I really enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen as well. And i thought Machine Gun Preacher was pretty good. I wouldnt say it was as good as LAC. It was more strictly a drama and is based on a true story which i found interesting. I would still check it out sometime but LAC was better in my opinion.

  3. Julie… guess what day it is?!


      • HUUUUUUUMP DAAAAAAAAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For me. It was Range Certification Day.

      4 Weapons.

      Yeah, Master Rating on all of them…Yay me.

      Or Hump Day

      • i honestly feel like youre the biggest liar of all time… i read your comments on every week, and i think almost every aspect of your personal life that you talk about is a complete lie… i understand youre probably trying to sound super cool and interesting to all the SR commenters, but please stop. its so annoying… and its really sad no one else sees through your crap

        • I honestly feel like you’re not playing nice. No matter what your honest feelings are about a fellow Scranter’s posts, I see no reason to personally attack them.

          Unless they badmouth Ghostbusters…then all bets are off.

        • Nick, relax.

          I have no reason to lie, nor do I care what you think.

        • Well since you started it Nick. Allow me to finish.

          One thing, I am not is a bad speller. It is You’re.

          When refering to yourself, it is “I” not i. You are a Person correct. So therefore you need to understand if You are going after someone, at least have the common decency to do what is right. I am 45 year old, and I spent my time in service to my country, oh The Coast Guard does not have the same street cred as Navy SeAL, Airborne Ranger, Special Ops, or any of those other proud services MOS.

          Come, and FYI.. its Nick, not nick.

          I cannot help it either, I come from a well to do family, that owns a Dairy farm, and both Parents were Doctors, that is not my fault. That is the life I was born into.

          Now perhaps you mistake confidence and success in others those people are lying, or perhaps you are secretly jealous. I for one, do not care you seem bitter at every aspect of your post. Your contrite and the fact you lack and form of Grammar is not making me look bad, just you.

          • “its Nick” = it’s Nick as in the contraction for “it is” and not the possessive pronoun.

            “Your contrite” = You’re contrite. As in the contraction for “you are” and not the possessive pronoun.

            I’ve mentioned it before that I have a B.A. in English and grammar is something that I normally do not point out in these forums because it is the Internet, and the Internet seems to have its own set of rules. But…come on man! I understand that you were attacked, but if you’re going to go all grammar Nazi on an individual…don’t make such obvious mistakes! :D

            Now in the words of the late Rodney King, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

  4. Got the lead in my high school’s fall play this year. I was told that after I left the auditorium once my audition was over, one of the consultants kept asking if anyone had coached me.

    Honestly, I’ve never taken an acting lesson. I trained myself. So it felt really good to know that after all these years of studying films, musicals, and plays, I’ve become an amateur without having to pay for a lesson :)

    • Congratulations! What’s the play?

      • “Our Miss Brooks”

        I should re-phrase what I said: I got the lead STUDENT role lol.

        It’s a Comedy ironically about an English teacher who doesn’t want to do the high school play.

    • Congrats man!

      • Thanks man! Means a lot :)

        • @ACW

          Great News.

          Break a leg.

    • Congratulations, sir!

      • Gracias!

        It’s been a while since we’ve talked :D

        • Yes it has. Twitter hasn’t been opened in a while!

    • Congrats! Do you plan on continuing acting or just something on the side? If you go to college, my advice is major in something fun! Don’t be smart and do finance and economics like me. Didn’t get me anywhere. :)

      • I’m majoring in graphic design so that I can have a well-paying job as a fallback plan, but I aim to do big league acting/voice acting.

        This is my last year of high school so I’m getting everything mapped out right now.

    • that’s awesome :) congrats!

    • Keep it up ACW! Break a leg!

    • @ ACW 007

      Nice job, congratulations!! Bright things ahead!!

    • Way to go! Self educated talent, very cool.

    • That’s awesome! Keep at it, within a couple of years you can be at the top of the food chain. Goodluck!

    • A play about an English teacher?! That sounds awesome! ;)

      Congrats, ACW! Way to go!

  5. I watched IM3 for the first time last night. It was good until he started having panic attacks and then the mandarin twist. But the movie was fun. Had the Shane Black feel which I like. And I like the Ficus. I give it a 6.5/10. It could have been better.

    • Saw a commercial for Revolution the other day.

      I think I’m the only one who is still watching that show.

      Sleepy Hollow looks interesting, but I just don’t know about the fantasy shows on prime time networks, have not watched Once or Grimm.

      • I watch Revolution too.

        I’m on the fence for Sleepy Hollow because I already watch Grimm and Supernatural and my wife watches Once…so another network fantasy show seems like overkill.

      • Still a fan of Revolution, but we’ll have to see where they go now the power is back on. For a show about a world without power, season two seems a little early to restore it.

        Once season one was great, season two slipped a bit in the second half, but could be interesting with the whole Neverland setting.

        Grimm is pretty great actually. Took some time to find it’s footing, as most shows do, but really enjoyed season two minus all the Juliette stuff. Got a bit more action in it as well which helped. I’d recommend it if you’re on the fence about it. Think you’ll want to start from the beginning though since there’s a bunch of mythology in the show.

        • The show is about a revolution, not a power outage….good God man, it’s right there in the title ;)

          I agree about too much Juliet in Grimm. I love all the other supporting characters.

          I halfway watch Once…occasionally an episode draws in my full attention.

        • Seriously?? Much like American Horror Story, season 1 of Once was pretty cheesy and campy, with a lot of bad writing and acting but in season 2 it really hit its stride.

    • 6.5 seems pretty low but too each their own. I still say that on it’s own, it’s a fantastic movie. When you are looking for connections to the MCU, it disappoints.

      • 6.5 actually isn’t that bad IMO.

        I would’ve given it a 6.5 as well or maybe a 7.

      • I don’t like connecting movies to the MCU. That’s a part I liked about it. But the flaws in this movie all seemed toward the end and that’s what I don’t like. I would like if I could forget about them because the ending was that awesome, ya know?

        • @ LC

          IM3 spoiler!!


          What did you think of the:

          1. Blowing up of all the suits at the end.
          2. The car battery recharging the suit.
          3. My heart procedure at the end to remove the arc reactor and shrapnel?

          • I thought it seemed too…early for that kind of ending.

            That felt like Marvel was saying goodbye to Tony forever, it just doesn’t feel quite right as of right now IMO.

          • I liked those. Stand alone — the film is good with the exception of the panic attacks and the mandarin twist. It wasn’t great, or fantastic. But it was a good film.

          • I did start to fall asleep at the end tho… haha.

          • @ Stark

            I didn’t mind all of above because it seemed like a stand alone sequel & could be RDJ’s last Ironman solo film in the title role not including the Avengers sequels. Only thing that really bothered me was how the Manderin played out to be a joke instead of serious bad guy.

    • For sure not a huge fan of shane black think he did a pretty good job but i got to say i loved him in predator

      • Its as big as a house…

    • i saw it again very recently on a plane, and i’d say 6.5 is pretty fair assessment
      you’re one of few people that mentions the panic attacks as a draw back (which i agree with)
      for me personally its a 6/10 though – for various reasons

      kingsleys performance is the best in the whole film imo
      even though i still dont like the mandarin twist but the guy is brilliant with the part they gave him

      • It was the worst PTSD re-enactments I have ever seen.

        • “How did you get out of the wormhole…”

          Let me summarize that scene: O_O

  6. HBO’s “Newsroom” is a brilliant show! Just a little past half way through the first season and I love it. Highly recommended!

    • I agree…totally awesome show. It can get a tad bit preachy from time to time but it’s still very good.

    • Could not agree more season 2 just as good

      • That’s really good to hear! I hope they keep this one going!

  7. Hmm… my comment got modded.

    All I did was mention seeing commercials for Revolution and Sleep Hollow.

    • @BigNerd.

      Would relate them to movies that are new.

      Aligned with key word like SEEING.

    • *static*

      ….ARE NOT***


      • @Dr Mindbender.

        You would not have this problem if you upgraded to Direct TV :)

        • HA!

  8. hope everyone’s labor day weekend was unlaborful…???…anyway, i watched some movies over the long weekend. here are my thoughts:

    moonrise kingdom. great film, 4/5
    the call. ok, the ending was kinda out of left field. 2.5/5
    rosewood lane. derp. what happened to you victor salva? powder and jeepers creepers were good films. this sucked. 1/5
    42. jackie robinson story. excellent! 4.5/5
    olympus has fallen. not bad, was [kinda] believable. 3.5/5
    gi joe 2. meh. 2/5

    • My Labor Day weekend was fantastic

      until I got sick :(

    • Very unlaborful. Spent it watching movies on the new tube. Finally got to see Avatar again in 3D the way it’s meant to be watched, and it was REALLY cool. ( I know the movie is Dances with Wolves in space, but those visuals more than make up for any weak points, IMO)

  9. Post Apocalyptic/Near Future time.

    You have a choice in 3 games.

    Running Man?
    Hunger Games?
    Death Race?

    Which one would you rather enter to survive?

    • Death Race, easily.

      If I go out, I’d hope it’s in a bad-ass whip with guns blazing.

      My ride: Reinforced Ford Lightning. Front mounted machine guns and rear hatch mine deployment. Nothing too much though, I’ll exchange ridiculous firepower to keep the speed.

      • I am with Dr Mindbender.

        I am going Ford Raptor. With 6 Post connected to the body to support carbon wire filament.Wrapped around the truck extending 2 feet out from the truck.

        I will have titanium spikes sticking out of the grill and rear of the truck.

        I am also going Solid rubber tires.

    • @ King Moo Moo

      Running Man for me, no doubt.

    • I’m with Tony. Running Man would be fun!

    • Depends on your survival training, combat skills and physical endurance.

      If you lack any, Death Race will have to do… I can drive with bad knees and no black belt in jiu jitsu. And then if you survive the day, you get to have a meal and sleep on a bed.

      • @ B. Nerd

        Good points.
        I can fix anything having to do with a car without a problem, but I prefer the mental and physcal challenges of the Running Man. Just trying to survive, to get to the end; to try to out think the other players, that would be cool. I am alway enticed be mental challenges like that.

    • Running Man
      Reason: Richard Dawson uttering the F word. :)

    • Depends…is it adult me fighting kids in the Hunger Games? I’d get winded and some 16 year old snuffs me out. No thank you.

    • B. Waine

      For me, The Running Man. Hunger Games coming in 2nd. Further note, I wouldn’t mind being a stalker in The Running Man,lol.

  10. Does anyone watch Franklin and Bash, and suits? Who is a better lawyer team Franklin and Bash or Mike and Harvey?

    Also, saw The World’s End this weekend. I would say its my second favorite of the three, after Shaun of the Dead, but the third act just dragged on. I think that the editing in it could have been cut a little better in some areas, but I think they did a pretty good job overall with the script. They didn’t seem to be afraid to work with some characters, however, some characters really had no depth. What did you guys think?

    • I have never seen Franklin and Bash but LOVE Suits! such a good show!

  11. Takin all bets, whos gonna die in avengers 2?!?

    • Coulson

    • …side bet…

      Scarlett Witch brings them back.

    • Doesn’t matter, whoever it is will show up in “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”.

    • I think they should kill off Fury.

      • I think this is most likely. SLJ is getting old and this will lead to more Maria Hill.

    • Ultron

      • no wait…Jarvis

  12. So, while I am under some bronchitis symptoms (don’t worry, I think it’s going to work it’s way out after today), I noticed some very odd things about Wizard of Oz:

    The Tin Man doesn’t have a heart, yet feels compassion for everything he sees. Unless it all goes back to what Tin Man said near the end of the movie: he just wanted to have one.

    The Cowardly Lion wants courage, but performs in 3 musical numbers. No stage fright.

    • Good assessment. LOL

      • “If I Were King of the Forest” is something Obama wouldn’t even have confidence doing!

        • HEY-O!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I recently saw the scene where the Scarecrow carries a gun. I asked my son why in the world didn’t the Scarecrow take it to the witch’s castle and shoot her. He replied that the Scarecrow didn’t have a brain, so he wouldn’t think of it. SMH!

      • It’s very confusing because it seems like the only thing he can’t think about is…thinking? A lot of the stuff Scarecrow does is contradicting. If he REALLY didn’t have a brain, he wouldn’t be able to move at all.

        Then we get the, “I don’t know. But some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don’t they?” line. I don’t know, maybe Oz was right about them having everything they needed all along. In a sense, they’ve all been neglected to a state of isolation and depression, which would make them long for something that would make them believe they could be accepted.

        • Have you read the novel? I haven’t, and I wonder if it touches on this.

          • I have, and it goes somewhere along those lines. All 3 have been sadly abandoned by those who were once close to them.

            I almost teared up when I read about Scarecrow’s origin because he was built by a Munchkin farmer. So, as the farmer painted and stuffed all his features, the Scarecrow slowly came to life but couldn’t quite say any words yet. However, the farmer planned to leave the Scarecrow so that he could protect the crops in years to come, but the Scarecrow had other ideas in mind. He wanted to go along with his “father”, but he found himself stuck on that perch and couldn’t free himself. So, without any words to say and without the ability to move, the Scarecrow helplessly watches the only person close to his heart leave forever.

            • Holy cow, how depressing is that?! You’ve motivated me to pick up the novel and read it.

    • I kind of figured the whole point of the 3 was they already had what they lookin for. The Tin Man was very emotional, thus he did have a heart, just not the same type of heart of a human; the Scarecrow figured out many things and also planned an attack, thus having reasoning skills, thus having a brain, just not the same type of bain humans have; the cowardly lion helped fight against the with and her minnions, thus having courage. They all thought they were missing certain aspects of life because of circumstances but they were wrong.

  13. I like when a thread turns to Marvel vs DC… you eventually get this guy:

    “I’m going to stand behind a false statement as to why so and so is terrible”

    ::::you logically present how absurd the statement is:::::

    “I’m ignoring your point and re-asserting my invalid point and proclaiming myself as the argument winner”


    Kids. I’d be lying if I said I’m not very amused by it. ;P

    • I see that quite often now.

      I like having debates every now and then, but some people push it a little too far.

      FILTHPig, for example, makes really good points on occasion, but it gets a little tiring to see someone try to start a debate with one who just voices optimism.

      No offense to him whatsoever, I like him a lot. It just gets a little annoying every now and then, and I guess the same could be said for Patrick Bayard. I like both users, but having debates over minuscule news like Ben Affleck isn’t worth it when the cameras haven’t even started rolling.

      • Those guys you named are cool, no probs with them.

        I enjoy debate too, but I believe there is a big difference between debate and purposefully antagonizing… and you really can’t avoid the latter when it comes down to it, unfortunately.

        • Agreed.

    • Its why Ive limited my interactions to the OD… and if I do comment outside of the OD, I will say maybe one thing and that’s it. And I don’t reply to people either LOL.

      • I used to enjoy poking the Bond bear back in 2006. That was fun watching people spaz out to protect Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan whenever I mentioned Daniel Craig.

        • I have learned. Talk negative about one Superhero and people come down on you.

          Next time, I am going to verbally beat down someone to the point they will pawn their computer and move to an ice flow in the middle of the Arctic Ocean.

          • Batman is overrated. :)


              RAWLARAWLARAWLA PUNCH!!!!!!!

              • +1 hahahaha thats awesome…

        • …you devil…

          • Of course 7 years later, and I’m glad to say this, Daniel Craig has a great following as 007.

            For the 50th Anniversary of Bond in cinema, the official site held a worldwide poll to let all Bond fans determine which was their #1 007 film of all time. The winner was “Casino Royale”

            • Craig is my favorite bond maybe the best

      • @ LC


        • Hey Stark!

          You ever get a chance to check out The Town?

          I’ve got another one you can add to the list: Hollywoodland.

          • Hey Doc

            Actually I did, sort of. I went out and bought it. I got about 1/3 of the way through and then fell asleep. I haven’t had time to finish it yet but I will finish it this weekend and let you know what I think. What I saw was good. Ben, from what I saw played a good, darker character, and Jerermy Renner was very cool.

    • I’ve run into “that guy” way too often recently. It’s fun to engage them for a bit (hoping they MIGHT pay attention and, at least, TRY to understand my viewpoint as I try to understand theirs), but it gets old more and more quickly with each passing day. My current method of extricating myself is to simply tell them we’re done and stop responding…yes, simple and obvious, but what can I say? I find DUMB very irritating.

      C’est la vie…

      • You can only go so far until you realize that you are engaging a talking wall. Once I see what I’m dealing with, I will do what I can to reverse-bait them into a corner. I trust that most people can recognize what is going on, so I let the presentation do the talking.

      • @ Archaeon

        I hear you, I used to be the same way, but I just gave up. Now, I just read the articles, and just ignore the comment section. I may comment once in a while, but I don’t go back to read the replies. It’s exhausting and rediculious in there, especially when it’s Marvel vs DC.

    • @doctor mindbender -Marvel vs DC? I’ve never seen that argument on here. Next thing you’ll tell me that people debate Star Trek vs. Star Wars.

  14. I finally saw Star Trek into Darkness! 2 more films left and I’ll have watched my top 5 for this year!

    • what are the other 2?

      • The Worlds End and Thor 2 into Darkness

        • I loved World’s End, and will proudly declare myself an official Edgar Wright fanboy.

          What did you think of Star Trek?

          • I liked it. It had issues…like why did Alice Eve feel the need to strip? That was gratuitous. Sherlock did an excellent job, but the character needed to be fleshed out more…


            It seemed like they dropped the name Khan and we’re all supposed to jizz in our pants. I would have preferred an original villain like Nero from the first film. That character had a back story that explained his vengeance and made you consider what lengths would you go through in order to avenge your family and home world…probably not a mass genocide like that madman, but still. I digress…Khan was name dropped and wasn’t fleshed out as a decent villain. However, my main complaint (other than rewriting a former script) was the Raiders ending. I prefer some finality with my villain. Either off him and move forward OR have him escape and know that we’ll have to deal with him in future installments. Instead they opted for the Indiana Jones Warehouse as a storage facility to make the viewer wonder…will we see Khan in future installments? When in all actuality it makes true movie fans see that Paramount has no idea where this franchise is heading in the future.

            Still, with all of that, I liked it. Action was great. Khan vs. Klingon squadron was excellent. It had some humor and homage to the original series. I found it to be quite enjoyable…even if they forced a Leonard Nimoy cameo.

            • Speaking of the Leonard Nimoy cameo, you should watch the screenjunkies honest trailer for Into Darkness. It talks about that cameo for a bit and its pretty hilarious.

              I like that they ice Cumberbatch because I want more Khan. He was good and like you say they could have fleshed him out a lot more but there wasn’t time for that because there was all this time we had to spend with robocop as the bad guy.

              And yeah they totally had Alice Eve strip just because. haha It was definitely unnecessary.

              • Spoilers:

                My issue wasn’t that they kept Khan alive. It was they kept him in stasis so the movie producers have an option to either use him again or not. I would have preferred him to escape. Save Kirk and then while that procedure is going on…Khan escapes. So he is out there in space and we know that some day, Kirk/Spock will face him again. Star Trek 3: The Search for Khan…see what I did there ;)

                I will watch the honest trailer tonight!

                • oooooh good idea! Yeah I was cool with stasis but your idea is much better! haha the search for Khan, its perfect!

                  btw I like your 3 for the year. My 3 were just for the summer and they were Into Darkness, Pacific Rim, and Elysium. They were great! Elysium wasn’t as good as I had hoped. It got too preachy. But the action was pretty Blomkampf-tastic.

                  You’re gonna love Worlds End. A fitting end for the cornetto trilogy to be sure. I think I’m seeing it again next week.

                • sry… you had 5 for the year. I misread cuz you only divulged 3.

                  • Thanks. Pac Rim and Man of Steel were the other two. I don’t get the opportunity to see the movies I want to watch in the theater (wife and kids). But my wife was pretty cool about Man of Steel…because she has the hots for Cavill. And Pacific Rim was a late night treat (we went after going to a live Doug Love Movies podcast) but that one is going to cost me dearly for the next few date nights…I’m going to see a lot of Katherine Heigl in the future. :(

                    I’d like to see Elysium too. But these were the five that I wanted to see in the theater. Star Trek ended up being a home watch because life happened. I don’t know what will happen in 2015 when all those films are released. I’m thinking divorce and let her get custody….naw, I like my family too much.

                    • Shoot! I lucked out and saw Pacific Rim with the guys.

                      Avoid the Heigl! I had to sit through 27 Dresses last week and it was a tough slog. They even skipped most of it but it felt longer than Avatar. It was so obvious she was going to end up with Cyclops… anyways…

                      Elysiums worth checking out, definitely rent it if anything, just dont be expecting another D9.

                      If I were expand my 3 picks to 5 I would prbly tack on Thor 2 and Enders Game. I’m a big fan of that book and the trailers look pretty cool.

                    • Avoid the Heigl! – That should be any movie’s tagline that opens opposite of a Katherine Heigl flick.

                      All I can say is that a couple years back…maybe last year…my wife forced me to see One For the Money in the theater. It was my Vietnam. However, watching that movie in the theater made every other theater experience so much better. It was like I died, but then I was revived to enjoy all the little things in life. I even saw Dark Shadows (another of the wife’s picks) and Madagascar 3 (my daughters pick) and Hotel Transylvania (another from my daughter).
                      And I enjoyed parts of them all. Everything tasted better after watching that one Heigl flick…that’s probably the best reason to ever watch one of her movies.

  15. I’m heading to the Baltimore Comic-Con this Saturday and can’t wait! Anybody else going?

    • I just went to DragonCon in Atlanta…it was more than enough. Have fun in Baltimore… :)

      • BTW…

        By “more than enough” I DID mean I thoroughly enjoyed it, just that it was exhausting.

      • Thanks, Archaeon. What did you like best about DragonCon?

        • Actually, the costumes I saw were, in large part, amazing (the people watching is ALWAYS immensely fun), but I have to admit I did appreciate the Dealer rooms a bit more than in previous years…

    • I have plans, depending on if Katee is not working a double.

      It would be me and The Auggie.

      • Hey, if you go, would you be interested in meeting up just for a second? I’d love to shake the hand of a fellow Scranter.

    • Salt Lake City comic con is Sept 5-7, so its tomorrow to Saturday. I’m going Friday, might go Saturday if possible but haven’t bought a ticket yet 0_0 so we’ll see.

      • I hope you have a great time, movieDude! Let me know how it goes!

  16. Has anybody heard or confirmed that Christopher Nolan is no longer the executive producer on Batman vs. Superman and that he has stepped away from the project? I’ve seen a lot of reports, but I don’t know if it had been confirmed or not.

  17. It is just me or are the comments all over the place today?

    • Good point and on that note i always thought a show/movie about an independent wrestling company would be cool

    • Like physically all over the place? If that’s the case, get your computer checked out.

      But, if you meant topic wise, yes. I prefer that over 356 Scranters weighing in on if Jason Mewes should play Deadpool.

  18. has anyone watched Continuum? wondering if its worth investing the time to catch up on it.

    • i was getting into it, and got thru the first 4 eps, but haven’t watched it in awhile. it’s a little cheesy here and there, but an ok scifi show. maybe future seasons will get better

  19. I’m close to finishing season 2 of Breaking Bad and I’m loving every minute of it. Thanks Ranters for recommending the show to me!! ITS AWESOME!!

    • I almost forgot.. The episode “4 Days Out” was totally awesome. So many classic moments.

      • If youre loving it now, just wait until you get to the middle of season 4 it starts getting really intense.

        • ^^^ Season 4 was epic.
          ‘Face-Off’ had me speechless a good 2hrs after I saw it.

  20. Has anyone else seen this?

    It’s hilarious!

  21. dont know of anyone else has noticed, but Dredd is now on netflix.

    • *if…not of! sheesh!

    • I mentioned it a few ODs ago. I really enjoyed it. They pulled off quite a bit with a limited budget. Karl Urban did an excellent job, but Lena Heady was a great villain and honestly stole the show for me.

      And I didn’t even miss Rob Schneider ;)

  22. What is everyone’s favorite movie studio?

    • Sony Pictures Entertainment. For Spiderman and the upcoming Ghostbusters sequel…and by upcoming, I mean six to seven decades from now.

  23. @ Prof

    For me it has to be between 20th Century Fox & Paramount. I think I got more of their films than any other studios. I have to get back to ya.