Open Discussion – September 3, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 3, 2012

Well, so much for Summer 2012, eh? Bummer. simple smile Open Discussion   September 3, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice.

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  1. i think it’s only right to talk about the midseason finale of Breaking Bad, Gliding Over All. Was that an amazing episode or what!? Hank is finally on to Walt

    • DUDE! Spoiler alert!

  2. i think it’s only right to talk about the midseason finale of Breaking Bad, Gliding Over All. Was that an amazing episode or what!?

  3. i think it’s only right to talk about last night midseason finale of Breaking Bad, Gliding Over All. Was that an amazing episode or what!?

  4. Ill take your word for it.

  5. Amazing mid season finale!! Everything that has happened this season has been some of the best tv I’ve ever seen, the plots and schemes that have taken place would normally have taken place over a few episodes in the past here it has been concieved and completed in the hour! The magnet, the train robbery, the prison blood bath, just amazing!

    With the revelation at the end of the episode I cant believe we have to wait another year! Worst decision ever! But alas give me time to watch BB from start to finish again!

  6. So The Dark Knight Rises crossed the billion mark and The Dark Knight as well, as predicted. Good for WB, it was a great trilogy indeed….I hope they release a trilogy collection edition when they release The Dark Knight Rises.

    • +1
      The 1 bill mark is a great achievement… especially for a 2D movie. Well deserved – such a great movie, and such an incredible trilogy.

      I’ve already got my money saved up for the trilogy collection (which’ll probably be released around Christmas), so now I’m just hoping it’ll be worth the wait and have some great extras.

      • :)

      • Agreed :)

  7. Just wanted to know if anybody else is having problems with the ScreenRant Android app…
    I just got a new S3 and I immediately downloaded the app (naturally ;)), but as soon as I click on an article, everything gets displayed in a wall of code/text (making it unreadable basically).

    • The Avenger,

      That app (sadly) is a POS. We have both a new Android and iPhone app coming very soon.


      • Thanks for the reply Vic.
        Looking forward to the new app!

  8. The official trailer for The Wolverine releases Nov. 2, I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

  9. Wow screen rant is going to have an App?! Will this be available in Britain?

    • I have no idea. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be available there. If you search for “Screen Rant” in iPhone apps you’ll see our current one.


  10. Seriously can’t wait for all things Bond over the coming months! James Bond day, James Bond Blu Ray collection and then James Bond 23 Skyfall!!

  11. so, did anyone go see the avengers this weekend? was there some IM3 footage after the credits as was being speculated?

    • i was wondering the same thing. Well it made another 2.2 million. Pretty good for a re release.

      It’s in theaters till the sixth so if someone saw some extra footage. Let us know please.

    • I doubt any new footage was shown.
      There’s an eligibility rule at the Academy Awards that says that if a film is presented with new footage during its initial threatrical run, then its autumatically ineligible from the Oscars.

  12. Has anyone been following the batman and robin court of the owls storyline I think it’s amazing

  13. If you could have 5 dvds right now to add to your collection for free, which would you pick?

    • The Avengers, Pink Floyd:The Wall, Horrible Bosses, The Hunger Games, Lost: season 6

      • The dark knight rises, lawless, fight club, the grey, the proposition

    • the avengers, 300, spartacus-all titles, batman begins, ac/dc-live in munich 2001.

    • The Avengers, Big Trouble in Little China, Long Way Round, Star Trek (the latest one) & Watchmen.

    • The Avengers
      The Amazing Spider-Man
      Frankie & Johnny
      Black Sabbath – Reunion live at OzzFest 2005
      Dirty Housewifes Get Nasty Pt. 3

  14. Anybody see the cover of JLA #12 WOW

  15. tobey maguire and christian bale were the best fit for their roles and i`m disappointed with both of their franchises and now i got nothing but this set of drama life kings and spoiled hippity-du-da superstars that look like a pair of rockies

  16. Who’s going to see Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX on Friday? It’s gonna be awesome to see it on the big screen again!!

    • I’ll be watching Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX on Friday as well:), I already have my tickets.

    • Not even a huge Indy fan but I feel it needs ti be done. ill be there!

  17. Question. If hollywood was to reboot any of these franchises listed below, what would your opinion be? Yes, No, Maybe

    1. “Jaws”
    2. “Terminator”
    3. “Back To The Future”
    4. “Rocky”
    5. “Rambo”
    6. “Predator”

    • 1. No
      2. no
      3. No
      4. Yes
      5. Yes
      6. Yes

    • No to all of them.

      • @ Andy S

        Good answer,lol.

    • “NO” to all! I am soooo tired of reboots, especially when the original actors are still around. Let’s at least put a decade or two between reboots. I mean, the latest Batman is still in theaters and obsessive fanboys are already debating who the next Batman should be…

      • the only reason I said yes to some is predator isn’t that great and Rambo and Rocky are terribly acted. the fighter is a much better boxing movie IMO

      • i would like to see a sequel to predators first. that was sorta a rebooted sequel because it did mention the events of the first film and disregarded the events of the second and AVP films which was good. and it was a good movie.

      • @ Jeff

        Same here. There’s some that should not be touched to be remade/rebooted. Outta the franchises i listed, the least id consider would be Predator. But still i wouldn’t be too thrilled because Predators wasn’t all that great to me.

    • Id like to see another jaws if done right as I find the older one a bit long and dated in some parts(and the sequels ridiculous), perhaps a new giant shark attacks somewhere else.

      Back to the future would be cool if they made a new series. Doc passes away and another scientist finds his notes to build a time machine out of a modern car lets say something like “smart” car or a nissan cube so he can go back in time for some reason and has a young volunteer who does something that messes up the time stream while theyre in the past.

      As for predator Id rather see a sequel to predators.

      • Or itd be cool if the kid gets stranded in the past and his future self has to get him back.

    • If they rebooted Rocky, it would probably be MMA instead of boxing. I really wouldn’t mind a rocky reboot, I recently rewatched them on netflix and they weren’t as good as I remember.

    • As Darth Vader once said . . .


  18. It’s sad to hear that actor Michael Clarke Duncan died…

    • Wow, that is so sad. I really enjoyed his work. Hard to believe that a guy in such great shape could die of a heart attack. RIP Michael.

      • And he was only 54…

        I read that he’s been in the hospital since the middle of July, after having the heart attack.

        I think this may have been the first time I heard that he was even in the hospital.

    • 😮 so sad to hear of his passing R.I.P. Michael :(

  19. That’s too bad. I enjoyed some of the movies he was in. He was a great actor. RIP Michael.

    • 54’s too young…

    • He is a director that I completely had no experiences with. I plan to watch some of his movies when I can find them

    • I’ve only seen 4 of his films, Spartacus, Dr Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Full Metal Jacket, all very different but very enjoyable and memorable in their own unique “Kubrick” way.

  20. I saw on here a couple months back that netflix was supposedly in talks to bring back jericho. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything else?