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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 28, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 28, 2012

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  1. Watched Bones premiere- loved it.

    Watched new wreck it ralph trailer, was on the fence about whether I would like the film as I havent cared for much of disney and pixar lately but now Im way for it. Perhaps pixar should be no more?

    Watched Hotel Transylvania trailer, I had no interest in the film(as I am picky about horror/monster genre and how they are presented/used) but it looks better than people are giving it credit for(even men)

    • Wreck it Ralph is not a Pixar movie.

      • yeah I know. I said disney and pixar(both) not disneys pixar.

        pixar side
        up, cars 2, brave, toy story 3-havent really cared for.
        disney side
        meet the robinsons, bolt, princess and the frog-havent really cared for.

        • Ah… OK my bad. I really liked Toy Story 3 and Up, but it does seem like they already hit their peik and it is going downhill from here. I didn’t care much for WAL-E as well. Hopefully they make a comeback.

          • Its why I asked if Pixar should be a separate entity anymore.

            • Pixar is by far the most ground breaking and creative animation team that has existed in years. To say that they are done just because you did not care for their last few movies is absurd. Those movies did very well in theaters. Besides that, do a few less than perfect flicks really negate their prior accomplishments? I don’t think you can disregard their mega hits by a few minor hits. Eliminating Pixar would leave us the mediocre Disney animation department, and while their animating skills are stellar, they are tired in the storytelling department, and I think that if they were any other animation company, they’d be accused or ripping Pixar off in many ways. I disliked Cars(both) and I have not had seen Brave yet, but I thought Up was OK, and I think it was a very original story. I loved Wall-E, and it is my favorite Pixar movie, with Nemo and Incredibles tied for #2. Pixar has been the gold standard of CG animation, and I don’t think they are done yet. It’s a bit premature to put them out to pasture, especially when you take a look at what would left to fill their shoes.

  2. With the news that Mark Millar will oversee the Fox marvel cinematic universe, it got me thinking about other x-men stories that would translate well to the big screen.

    here’s a few:

    Inferno beginning with a clone made from jean grey, and illyana twisted by demons, the storyline would collide with demons invading the earth. (sinister would be revealed at end as the master manipulator)

    Mutant Massacre Now that sinister has been revealed, he sends his marauders to fight x-men and destroy the morlocks.

    Shadow King Prox X and storm battle the old pyschic foe, friends and allies are possessed and the x-men fight each other.

    GENOSHA an island that has enslaved mutants? x-men to the rescue, despite international law.

    any more, feel free.

    • Why is it that comic book fans want their favorite stories transferred to the big screen and then inevitably b*tch and moan when it doesn’t follow the comic book exactly? I wish they’d come up with some new story and do that well rather than rehashing stories that they will most likely fail at transferring to film.

      • I think those are two different groups unless they have split personalities.

      • It doesn’t matter if they attempt to adapt a story from the comic books or make something up themselves if the writers aren’t familiar with the material or just can’t write that well. It would also help if someone at the studio has a single vision and stuck to it for more than one film.

      • I don’t think most fans mind some changes to the story (but I agree that those who flip out when the movie isn’t exactly as they wanted it to be are crazy people ;)).

        In my personal experience with Cap:TFA I didn’t mind the changes they made to the story: I welcomed it – because as any movie lover would know, not all stories translate well to the screen, and in almost all circumstances, it needs to be re-written or changes need to be made (Harry Potter and LotR being a good example of that)… I digress… anyway, I still didn’t like the way Bucky’s “death” was handled. It felt too quick and unemotional (not talking about the aftermath, just the actual “death”), and with that particular sub-plot, I hoped they could have made it a bit more in-line with the comics.

        • Yeah, Bucky’s death was pretty underwelming. It should have been done better

        • One question I have about Bucky is what exactly where they doing to him while he was strapped to the gurney?

          Can’t see it as being torture to get answers, was Red Skull experimenting with ways to use his own blood as a serum (similar to when Cap gives some blood to try and recreate the super soldier formula)?

          If they did do something to him perhaps that was why he was able to survive after the fall.

      • Thank you. Why rehash a story? Comicbook moviesshouod stri pve tocreate just as compelling stories as the source material. Using a particular art as inspiration is one thing but adaptations are lame.

    • X-Men Annual #11 , x-men vs. HORDE. Hands down one of the best character driven pieces of the entire X-Men canon. Especially for Wolverine, it really shows who he is as a man, the hero he really is.

      • That’s a great one.

  3. RIP Herbert Lom.

    Have childhood memories of watching him in the Pink Panther films and always finding him funny in them.

    • Yes, rest in peace. Along with Peter Sellers, he made many smile during his life.

  4. So warched the avengers on Tuesday but gonna watch all the films this weekend in order. So good times.

    May check out looper as well.

  5. Anyone planning on watching looper this weekend ?
    Watched the avengers last night and I was as excited as I was at the midnite premier :). Sound and picture quality looked and sounded amazing on my LED big screen and surround sound. The gag reel was hilarious I was literally on the floor laughing, also enjoyed soundgarden’s “live to rise” music video as well as all the extras. I’m really satisfied with the best buy exclusive Avengers Blu-ray gift set.

  6. I gotta question this one thing on my mind,so please keep it cool. Would it hurt so much if Batman went back to the way he was before his “No Killing Policy” Take him back to how he debuted dispatching random thugs. Only thing is don’t have him use a gun like he did in the comics.


      “I wont kill you…but I dont have to save you” is too perfect.
      Its his way, forever, batman forever.
      If he killed what would be the point of “no guns”.
      Batman isnt a killer, thats what makes him a good vigilante the public will root for.
      If Batman killed, all his enemies would be dead, the bat universe would no longer exist. A void where something great once was.

      • AGREED!!!!

      • How is not saving someone any different than killing them. Intentionally leaving someone in a train that is about to crash, especially right up front where there is no chance at survival, is the same as doing it yourself. If that’s is a “no killing” policy then he might as well carry his gun.

          • I fail to see the difference. The issue is INTENT. Intentionally letting someone die is the same as intentionally taking their life with your own hands, morally there is no distinction between the two. If he has time to state his intent to not save him, then he has time to grab him and pull him out of the train.

            • Agreed. Even in Batman:TAS episode “Avatar” Batman went outta his way to save Ra’s life with the intent of taken him to the authorities.

            • It was Ra’s who destroyed the train controls, Batman only sped the train up. Ra’s killed himself.

              P.S. Batman has killed multiple times in the comics. No big deal.

      • What Bat-universe lasted long enough anyways? Batman would kill if it called for it during the situation.. Batman has no limits. He killed random people in Burton’s films without a gun. I said randon thugs, not every villain of his. By saying ” I don’t have to save you” that would still be against Batman’s code as Batman wouldn’t let anyone die.

      • You are under the impression that there are a finite number of bad guys in the world. You forget…crime is a creature much the Hydra…when you take away one head, three more rise up its place. Besides, speaking from the standpoint of a person living in a state where criminals are let out of jail with little or no time spent inside, and come out repeating the same crimes over and over again, I can say that I would have no problem with Batman dispatching a few. I don’t think he should do it with guns…but dropping them from high altitudes and such would be quite acceptable for me.

    • In my book, Batman doesn’t kill.
      If they make a movie where Batman kills all his enemies, I won’t watch it.

      • The Avenger

        We’d have to agree to disagree. depending on which comics. I would still watch batman movies if they kill off Bat-villians as he has plenty. One of my disputes is not seeing a few or alot of his villains in Arkham for a cameo which wouldn’t surprise me if it doesnt happen.

    • To which do you refer?

    • I like both ideas. However, I think Marvel/Disney need to throw DD and Punisher to some other movie studio in the corporate tree that can make an R rated movie. And because both franchises can’t sink any further why not just put both characters in the same movie.

      • Thy need to let Fox and Joe Carnahan do their thing. DD is out of their league.

  7. IF you haven’t seen Dredd you need to do yourself a favor and GO SEE IT! It was freaking AWESOME! Forget about Looper (at least until next weekend) or any of the cr*ppy horror flicks you thought about seeing and go see Dredd!

    • good to hear. i must watch it tomorrow,i´m really excited for the story and action.

    • I agree. Dredd (2012) is much more devoted to making the character stand out than in Stallone’s version. I liked both but more of this reboot.

    • I saw that movie last night.

      Its now my life goal to get as many people as I can to watch it in 3D, its totally worth it. It does not deserve to flop!

      • What all of them said.

  8. I just re-read All Star Superman and I noticed that the monologue in the “Man of Steel” trailer( Jor-El) is the same speech Jor-El gives Superman in the comics towards the end before he comes back and defeats Luthor.

    • I watched the animated All Star Superman and wasn’t too impressed. Do you know if the movie follow those comics well?

      • What you see in the movie is faithful to the comic, but a lot gets left out. What is used though, follows the comic almost verbatim.

  9. Has there been any more news on Shane Acker directing that new version of Thomas the Tank Engine? It sounds really interesting.

  10. Since the NFL has brought back the refs…what’s your favorite football movie?

    I’d say Brian’s Song, Remember the Titans, and Rudy are some of the best, but I’ve probably watched the Replacements and the Waterboy a dozen more times than all of those. And then there is Little Giants…a fun family movie about intimidation.

    For me, my favorite is The Replacements (it’s fitting with those replacement refs)

    • Any Given Sunday.

      It’s so great, because it makes the viewer root for the team over the course of the movie, just to expose in the end how football (and any other professional sport, really) is just a cash grabbing farce with overpayed mercenaries who switch sides just like that when the money is right.

    • 1974’s The Longest Yard with Burt Reynolds.

    • I’m a big fan of Remember the Titans and Rudy as well. The score of Rudy is what makes the movie so memorable.

    • “The Replacements” and the original “The Longest Yard” are the best comedies about football. “Unnecessary Roughness” wasn’t too bad, either.

    • Friday Night Lights is my favorite

  11. If Marvel does decide to go ahead with a Planet Hulk movie, do you think they will keep him as the Hulk the whole time or will they let Bruce Banner out?

    • I had never thought of that. They may have to tie in flashbacks to him as Bruce. I don’t feel any of his War Bond would stick around if they saw him as Bruce Banner.

  12. To all the “DishTV Employees” who visit this website…

    Please cease with the product placement in the comments section. You ain’t fooling anyone. You are spam and nothing else.

    • +1

  13. Watched kill Bill vol 2…. disliked even more than the first, oh well atleast there is his other films.

    • I never liked kill bill and wondered why everyone liked it so.

      • I hate to use the word overrated but it may be. I think can easily be loved or hated. some directors to me are praised for mediocre work. (Soderbergh, Jackson even my cab director Nolan) cause to me insomnia is well made but poor.

      • “Those of you lucky enough to have your lives, take them with you. However, leave the limbs you’ve lost. They belong to me now. ”

        Except you Sofie, You stay Right there!

        Have to say,that was a funny moment in Kill Bill Volume 1

        • ill agree to that I found the first one atleast entertaining.

    • I’ve never liked any Tarantino film. I honestly don’t get it, they are just weird to me.

      • He is praised for having great dialogue in his films however I fell asleep watching Kill Bill Part 2 ( in the theater ), and I after I had to much I watched Inglorious Bastards on fast forward. There is a line between good dialogue and way to much talking. BTW The original Inglorious Bastards was a great movie. Tarantino should have named his film something else. Any way I have not been impressed with anything he has done in a long time.

      • I agree. I can’t stand any of his films. Completely overrated, IMO.

        • I love inglorious bastards, resivour dogs and pulp fiction are good. but kill Bill and Jackie Brown are ehh

        • the best director of our time. he is not overrated. i hear that just from people who don´t like his movies,always the same argument-he is overrated-. there are no better dialouges then in tarantino movies. but i think for people who likes boring sport movies,then you are the wrong audience,fact.

          • HA! Best director of our time?! Yea, sure, he’s better than Spielberg, Scorsese, Eastwood, Jackson, et al. In your dreams. I agree with others here…he’s the most overrated director of our time. I can’t believe that anyone even continues to fund this sadomasochist’s projects.

      • Tarantino lost me as a person with interest in any of his films the minute he added that unnecessary and offensive part in From Dusk Til Dawn where his character rapes and murders the hostage. That was totally pointless to the movie, and was basically in there for shock value and nothing more. I only saw the first Kill Bill movie, and while there were some parts I liked, for the most part it was meh.

  14. Yknow itd be a lot better if instead of found footage, a horror movie did a pov thing where your looking through the eyes of a character(who speaks) but its pretty much the same besides that.

    • Haha I think it would be exactly the same. Only the movie wouldn’t have to explain why a character persistently keeps filming things.

      • Well Ive beed watching videos of people playing Slender and think it would be like that.

      • Except that it wouldn’t be that God awful shaky cam.

        • Thank you…I am so glad to not be the only who loathes and despises the shaky cam. It triggers my migraines. It’s ok in small amounts(like Hunger Games), but I couldn’t watch The Office because of it.

    • That sounds like an interesting idea.