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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 27, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 27, 2013

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  1. Morning Screenranters!

    • What’s up!

      • Getting ready for class! its almost 8:00 here.

        What’s up with you?

        • Nothing much lol. Trying to wake up I guess. Haha.

          • What time is it where you’re from?

            • 9:45 lol. But I’m a heavy sleeper, so its difficult for me to get up.

    • Mornin’, good sir!

      Just another day in paradise (the office). Good thing I had my morning V8 and banana.

  2. Anyone check out Elementary last night? I thought it was good, about as good as every other episode. I was glad to see some more classic characters. I hope this season becomes more serialized and not so episodic.

    Spoiler. now that they have pretty much got rid of (for now) most of Sherlock Holmes’ major villians, i hope the writers are able to create their own compelling villians.

    • It took a while for me to get into the show but now I’m there every week. I enjoyed the second season premiere.

    • The BBC series Sherlock is sooo much better, in my opinion. Better than RDJ’s movies, too. If you haven’t seen it, I’d highly recommend it, beginning with Season 1 Episode 1.

      • I LOVE Sherlock. I agree, its way better the the RDJ films and Elementary. But I still really like the first Sherlock Holmes film and I enjoy Elementary. Plus Elementary is a good filler until new episodes of Sherlock. WHICH SHOULD BE VERY SOON! I hope Sherlock starts airing in like November but I really dont see that happening.

      • I’ve watched the first series and the first episode in the second series of Sherlock. I love it. I like way more that RDJ version, but my wife is the opposite…she prefers RDJ. Women!?!? But will jump on this train and also recommend watching Sherlock.

        I have not seen Elementary because CBS boycotts Hulu.

    • RDJ’s comin back with that horrid accent soon btw.

  3. Good morning all, happy Friday!

    • Good morning, Tony! Happy Friday to you! Anything planned for this weekend?

      Its my wife’s birthday tomorrow so we are heading to Lake Pleasant for some jet skiing and paddle boating! Tomorrow that is…

      • Good morning to you LC, and happy birthday to your wife! Have fun tomorrow!

        We are celebrating my sister’s b-day tomorrow with family and friends. Other than that just relaxing.

    • Good morning Stark.

      Hail Hydra.

      • Hey, Professor! How is my favorite ghostbuster?

        My son asked me last night, “What do you get when Hydra’s airplane explodes? Hydra hail!” :)

        • hahaha…your son is a comedic genius!

      • Good morning Professor!

        Hail Hydra!!

        • Tony, did blowing up your suits & getting the arc reactor removed from your chest cause you to switch teams? We’re not easily tricked over here at Hydra HQ. But this sounds legit. Welcome aboard.

          Hail Hydra

            • For some reason, this giant killer robot reminds me of a story I once heard about the Greeks and a huge wooden horse. I can’t quite remember the moral of that story, nor do I have the time to research it. But, I do know that we’re not incompetent goons like those guys over at COBRA command, and we’ll gladly accept any giant killer robot into our organization.

              Hail Hydra.

  4. What villains should be in BvS? I’m down for Some ‘new blood’ on screen.

    • If they want to keep it a Supes-centric movie, it should be Lex with a cameo from one of Bats’ villains (like an older, incarcerated Joker).

      • I’m guessing Joker gets teased. (Suave Joker, not Horror Joker)

        • I’m thinking an older Joker since we’re dealing with an “older” Batman who’s been put away in Arkham for quite a few years.

          Near the end of BvS, he escapes to set up the next Batman movie.

        • How badass would the Joker be if he knew martial arts. I see Zaraki Kenpachi written all over him.

      • I’m one of few who thinks we dont need a joker. Hw abt Black Mask? Doesnt really need to give deep back story and could be a villain after clark…

      • I think it’d be pretty cool if they introduce Black Mask in it. I know he’s not a Supes villain but I think it’d be pretty interesting having an an underground suit and tie kinda man in there. Ah whatever, I just want to see him in a movie already aha.

    • Definitely Lex Luthor! Did y’all hear that Michael Rosenbaum who played Led Luthor from Smallville tweeted that he would like to play Lex for BvS? How do you all feel about that? Personally I think it would be awesome!

      • Personally tired of hearing actors opinions becoming news. No1 cares what you think abt what you want to do or h9w you feel abt another role being cast.

        • Well maybe its just me being a huge Smallville fanboy, but Batman and Superman are considered “The World’s Finest” and the villain that always tagged onto that title is Lex Luthor. So Rosenbaum or not, I think the villain will be Lex.

      • While I thought he made an excellent Lex, isn’t HE the one who wanted to leave “Smallville” so as not to be typecast (and to grow his hair back)?

        Though I doubt he would be cast in this new version, I’m not even sure he deserves the opportunity…

        • No, that was Tom Welling who brought up the type cast issue. I think Rosenbaum left because the original view of Smallville was being done away with in the later seasons. I don’t know if its really a matter of deserving the role of Lex, but I commend him for trying to take on the call, as most Smallville actors would not reprise their roles in major films.

          • Tom would make a good Lex as well.

            • Tom Welling… As a bald guy? Ehhhhhhh.

        • If not lex, he’d make a great Flash.

        • Resenbaum is one of the best things of Smallville if you ask me but give someone else the chance to be Lex. I mean, he had the part for about 6 or something years lol.

      • I also became a Smallville fanatic earlier this year and I would love to see Michael reprise his role as Lex. Or even Flash since he’s done the voice for a long time now.

    • I still think they are going to carry over (somewhat) from Nolans trilogy in regards to villains. So I expect to see an older Joker since he still lives. Maybe they will go Hannibal style and his psychotic insights to help take down Luthor?

    • I’m not sure we’re gonna get a Batman villain. I see them sticking with this being a Superman movie and using Luthor as well as someone like Metallo or maybe Parasite. If they do use two villains I think they’ll both be Superman villains and one will have the ability to drain his power. That being said, I don’t think they’re going to use two. because we know they’re filming in Gotham, I think the Batman vs. Superman aspect of it will be very similar to TDKR comic where Superman, under the orders of the government, goes after Batman. He’ll probably try to win brownie points with them and do them favors like “take out that crazy vigilante.” He’ll confront Batman, Batman will catch him off guard with how prepared he is, beat him, and tell him to “stay outta my way” like in TDKR. Luthor will be working against him on the Metropolis side of things and paint him as a villain. Maybe they’ll have a Waynetech/Luthorcorp mix to bring the three together to stop whatever Luthor is planning. Maybe Superman learns about it from Batman when he goes to Gotham. Not sure, I’m not writing it. I don’t think they’ll use the Joker. I think Goyer and Snyder will try to stay away from that comparison. I think when all is said and done, Batman and Superman will have go after Lex for some reason, be at odds as to how they go about it, and eventually win. Batman is also going to shove all of Superman’s mistakes in his face.

    • I bet we won’t get any since this is still Superman’s movie. If anything, they’ll introduce Lex Luthor. They’ll save Batman villains like The Joker for the Batman reboot.

  5. Trying to keep up with the new fall shows.

    What has got your attention so far?

    • “Sleepy Hollow” (granted, only two episodes in) is proving appealing so far.

      • I’m enjoying the chemistry between Crane and Mills. Sleepy Hollow already has that “I can’t wait for next week” feel to it. So far, it’s my favorite new show this season.

      • Wow, Archaeon…we finally agree on something. :)

        I am just hoping that the concept and story develop and don’t become too stagnant or stale.

        • Jeff…

          Will wonders never cease? 😉


      • Agreed. Sleepy Hollow surprised me on how much I liked it. Agents of Shield has got to pick it up the next couple weeks or they’re going to lose me.

        • But for Agent Coulson, Agents of Shield was just mediocre. Coulson, it appears, will be the attraction and glue that holds that show together. It will have to improve, however, in both characterization
          and plot if it is going to succeed for the long term.

      • Great show, I hope it keeps getting better. Even if I was looking forward to it, I was still expecting it to bomb lol, I’m really surprised it didn’t and ended up the way it did.

    • Blacklist. Agents of Shield has potential, hope it gets utilized.

      • I really liked Blacklist. Action packed, Spader stole the show, and it intrigued me to want to tune in again.

        Agents of SHIELD was too campy for me, but it’s too dark to watch with my young kids. My four year old watches Doctor Who with us, but a monster on that show is cheesy looking and the skeletons look like they took them off the rack in a science lab. But on Agents of Shield, the skeleton is a burnt corpse that might as well came from the set of Bones. In Agents of SHIELD, I could care less about the new characters (except the Melinda May character…she was intriguing). The only thing holding my interest is Agent Coulson. And the end of the show with Lola’s transformation…that almost made me decide not to watch any more episodes.

        I have faith that the show can turn it around…Arrow did. But I’m still looking for that show like Fringe, Lost, Supernatural…that hooked me after one episode and gets me jonesing for more episodes. Sleepy Hollow seems as if it is the only one to do that this year. The rest of these are filler shows.

    • Ive got my hopes up for a few shows that haven’t aired yet. Hostages was good so far. BNN sucks unfortunately. Dads needs to be cruder. AoS is tolerable but could be better.

      Almost Human is what I am really excited for.

      Sleepy Hollow is still on the DVR. Ill try and catch it on Sunday.

      • I’m excited for Almost Human too.

        • As far as new shows, Cant wait for Almost Human, will probably check out The Tomorrow People.

          And im really enjoying Sleepy Hollow, its a fun show. Agents of SHIELD was also fun, but i agree with other people that it was a little campy. But i never hold a pilot against people so i will stick with it and assume that it will get better. Even if it doesnt, its still enjoyable and still set in the MCU.

        • Yeah, the whole time watching Shield I was like.. “eh I’ll just watch Almost Human instead” 😛 when does that show debut?

          • I think Almost Human debuts November 4th.

            • cool cool. I’ll watch for it 😀

    • Sitcoms have really suffered this year. Brooklyn Nine Nine was meh. Dads was ugh. Trophy Wife was nooooooo (I’m a huge fan of Bradley Whitford, but that show needs some help). The Goldbergs got me to laugh, but honestly, so did at show about the Doctor monkey last year and when they cancelled it, I didn’t care. I don’t even know any others on the horizon to be excited about.

  6. …the prodigal son returns…

    …he is the net…

    …he is the night…



    • Whuh? Where?

      • BLAST! Nevermind.

        I saw Patrick Batemen and got excited.

        • I doubt your “buddy” will return anytime soon; he seemed miffed that we all didn’t agree with him that Bale was the only Batman option for the next 150 years.

    • hahahaha. that guy is gone and gone. I found some of his posts on other sites. he’s still going on about christian bale

  7. Happy Jumma scranters. So I’m undecided on whether or not to cop the Collector’s Edition of MOS on 11/12 or if I should wait for Snyder’s Cut. Opinions?

    • I’m purchasing the basic Blu-ray, because I’m guessing WB is gonna mess with us like the Dark Knight trilogy

      • Pssh, Tell me about it. WB trolled me hard. The WB store gave me a $10 discount for my birthday and I went with the TDK trilogy and now they decide to drop the ultimate edition or whatever it’s called. Either they’re really disorganized or shiesty as hell.

        • I spent $25 on the trilogy (pre order) so Im not upset over it. And that new special edition… I don’t think there is anything in it for me anyways.

    • I pre ordered whatever edition was available a few months ago. I don’t buy special editions until franchises are over.

  8. News about Constantine? Am I the only one excited about this?

    • I’m looking forward to that. A dark, more serious Supernatural-esque show.

    • I loved Constantine (the movie) but I know nothing of the comics except for the premise obviously. I liked Keannu Reaves performance and I wouldn’t mind seeing him reprise the role.

  9. Just got robbed at a vending machine a joker tease would be cool

    • is that like a euphemism? I’m sry if you got robbed dude.. I did in central america one time. It sucked :/

      • Machine eat my dollar central america sucks dont drink the water

        • hahaha I don’t know how I didn’t get that from “robbed by a vending machine” I am retarded.

          I was gonna say I’m an !d!ot but it blocked my comment :/

          yes! the water is bad! I got giardia while I was down there *gag*

      • oh hahaha at a vending machine it just ate your dollar didn’t it? hahaha man I am an idiot.

    • I am sorry that happened. Ive had attempted robberies happen to me but I do conceal carry. There are a lot of low life idiots in my town.

      Not sure if anyone has heard of the latest “Krokodil” drug but leave it to my hometown Mesa *aka* Metha Arizona to bring it from Russia.

  10. Who does anyone think will get picked off Walking Dead this season?

    • I could see them killing off Maggie.
      I could TOTALLY see them killing off Maggie’s sister Beth, I was surprised they didn’t kill her in the season 3 finale.

      Rick and Daryl are mainstays. I think its safe to say Glen wont be killed either. I HOPE that Hershel is safe. I really like Hershel. They need a mentor character.

      One things for sure, all those new guys on the bus are toast. Disposable/extra characters are zombie food.

      • @ movieDude

        My guess would be Carol, Karen, Maybe Tyrese because it looked like walkers were all over him.

        I can see Glen & Beth being killed before Maggie. Im surprised myself they haven’t killed Beth as they don’t show much of her. Rick, Daryl & Hershel I can see as being safe. If Hershel loses one or BOTH his girls, I can’t imagine him lasting long. I like Hershel. He took over Dale’s position as “Word of the Wise” department. Mischoone, however you spell her name is a survivor like Daryl.

  11. There has been this rumour about WB calling out for a 25-33 year old woman who is-and they were very clear on this-physically strong. People are thinking that this is for Wonder Woman.

    The only person we all know as physically strong is Gina Carano. But is there anyone else they will consider? Perhaps not as strong as Gina but deifintely toned?

    How does this work with the storyline? With Batman as the antagonist to Superman, where would Wonder Woman fit in? Would it be too much? Will this become more like Iron Man 2 as a prelude to Justice Leauge?

    • I thought it was for a Batman love interest, and I heard nothing about “strong.” But it would be interesting if WW tied into this movie, although I don’t think DC is going to risk the project by featuring a whole new character that’s never been on the big screen.

      Not a Gina Carano as WW fan. Not a great actress for one, although I liked her in Haywire, but honestly she’s too much of a real woman. When she was standing next to Michael Fassbender he looked super skinny, which I imagine he is. Actors are really a lot skinnier than they look on film. I guess I’m not totally against her but I think WW will be played by a typical actor who is skinny in real life but looks more muscular on the screen.

      • I think she would be great she is sexy and will look like she can hold her own on screen the way ww should. As far as her size she fought at 145 so maybe her male counter parts should bulk up. Always thought anyone playing a superhero should sort of look the part

  12. Watched “Mud” last weekend. Thought it as really good. Michael Shannon has a small part in it and it’s strange to see him out of his Boardwalk Empire/MOS acting mode. He just talks normal in this one. Then when I looked up the director, I see that Michael Shannon has been in all of his movies. “Shotgun stories” and “Take Shelter.” Might check them out.

    • Take shelter is shannons money performance well worth seeing. Director jeff nichols is starting to get some recognition all 3 of his films are very good. I met him and shannon at ebertfesr a ways back

      • I don’t know if it was the truest depiction of the rural Louisiana characters, but it was really good and different. I liked how there were poor father figures who were neither overly saintly or mean dumb drunks. Anyway, I’m definitely interested in more of his movies.

    • Directors will do that with certain actors. Tarantino has Samuel L Jackson, Tim Burton always uses Johnny Depp, James Gunn uses Michael Rooker pretty frequently.

      I’ve been meaning to check out Mud, I’ve heard its great. There’s were a lot of indies this summer that interested me. Mud, The East, The Way Way Back, Short Term 12, The Spectacular Now. I hope I can get around to seeing them all.

    • Mud is great but killer joe is better than fried chicken

  13. Any speculation about the Breaking Bad finale?

    • Death by hacking cough

      • perhaps… but his cough isnt nearly as bad as it was. do you watch the show?

        • Jk bout the cough one of the best shows ever hate to see it end but love the way they are ending it

          • I hope Walt murders Elliot and leaves Gretchen to suffer.

            Dark I know.. but it would be totally bada**!!!

  14. There have been a few movies that have come out recently that just don’t appeal to me yet have either gotten great reviews and/or box office: Don Jon, Rush and the Butler. Usually my sensiblities jibe with well reviewed/ popular films but for some reason not lately. Oh we’ll just posting into the ether to get it off my chest.

  15. I’m a softie.

    Just watched my DVR of The Ultimate Fighter episode this week (guys and girls this season) and I actually felt bad for the girl (Roxie) who lost.

    • Team rousey

      • I thought the same thing. He completely discounts Arrow, and all that DC has done and is doing on TV. SHEILD may turn out to be a hit and I do admire Marvel’s boldness, but they are in uncharted waters with this new movie/TV crossover stuff. I’m hoping it works, and if it does, that DC follows suit with Arrow and The Flash entering the DCU.

        • I don’t think I’d like that at all. It’s hard enough for me to remember a story from a 3-year-old movie to completely understand the sequel/future installments of a particular franchise, but to throw in seasons with hours among hours of episodes would be overkill. I believe I’d go into a film with too much information and my head would explode. I prefer sitting back and letting the two hour film engulf my imagination. But, on the same note, I like having a weekly episodic romp that I look forward to watching. For me personally, I think DC is doing things perfectly right now. I have different versions of characters throughout multiple mediums. That way I can latch onto the ones that I’m most interested in and skip the ones that don’t interest me. But Marvel thinks that they can force everyone to watch their programming and if you miss a movie or a TV show, you’ll have no idea what is happening in a future installment of the franchise. I don’t like that. They’re being that bully who shoves my sandwich down my throat.

  16. Has anyone ever seen ‘Event Horizon’? It’s an awesome space flick on Netflix. Never heard of it before but it’s definitely among some of the best space movies.

    • I’ve seen it
      A quite brilliant film in my mind as well, seems to be one of those gems that has managed to stay slightly hidden from a lot of people