Open Discussion – September 26, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 26, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 26, 2012

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  1. Last night’s episode of Sons of Anarchy. Holy hell I’ve never been so pissed and sad like that in a long time.

    • +1

      I was in awe for a good hour after that episode. I couldnt believe it…

      • As soon as he headbutted that guard my heart sank. I knew it would come, but man did it strike hard.

  2. Guardians of the Galaxy

  3. Just watched Batman: The Dark Knight Returns pt.1 and it’s the best batman I’ve seen yet truely awesome. I can’t wait for part 2 with the joker :)

    • Yea, I enjoyed it quite a bit. Didn’t like Commissioner Gordon’s voice actor though.

      • I was a little worried with peter wellar as the voice of batman/bruce wayne, but he really did a great job. I agree with you on commissioner gordon’s voice, but it wasn’t too bad though.

        • I enjoyed Weller’s voice from the first teaser. Never been a big Conroy fan (gasp) outside of Batman Byond.

          Isit ever explained why he Bruce changes from the Blue and Grey Batsuit with the yellow bat emblem, into the Black and Grey colored batsuit with the black bat emblem?

          • I don’t know if its ever explained, imo I assume the change Bruce made would be to be better concealed in darkness. Though I think it was just an upgraded version of his suit in which I think he decided on just having the suit be back and grey. In the comics his cape usually covered the symbol on his chest when in the shadows, I dont think it had anything to do with yellow being too bright. I could be wrong as this is just a theory.

  4. I watched Avengers again last night. I swear, I was smiling the whole way through… great movie.

    I am still wondering though, how did Banner get control so fast to fight the chitauri and loki when he was so out of control in the helicarrier scene? It was Harry Dean Stanton, he has a calming effect. lol

    • i´ve watched it 2 days ago again, i thought the same in the helicarrier scene, maybe he can´t controlled it at that scene because it has get out of control in the moment where the detonation was and he was controlled trough loki´s mind. who cares :) best superhero movie !

    • Two things:
      1. Loki was messing around in Banner’s mind (and the other Avengers’ minds as well)
      2. Like Banner explained, when he tried to kill himself the Hulk just spit the bullet out – which implies that the Hulk’s primal survival instincts kick in when he’s in danger.

      Thus, the explosion on the hellicarier, the floor collapsing underneath him, and Loki messing with Banner’s mind made that he didn’t have control over the Hulk (as seen in the final battle and as hinted at in the end of TIH)

      • My only problem with that theory is that when he fell from the Helicarrier and he steered his fall to an unpopulated area. If it was just the Hulk’s survival instinct I don’t think he would’ve cared where he landed, populated or not. I think it was more the Loki mind control personally.

        • it´s like the -joker-thing. has he got his smile from his father or was it himself ? whaat heeeh…. hulk can control his powers:fact.

        • My theory on that is when the Hulk got out of the Hellicarier, he started calming down.
          The Hulk is very much a wild animal, and put a wild animal in a contained space, he’ll get even crazier than normal… take him out of the confined space, he’ll try to be left alone.

    • Watched the Avengers last night…and the Hulk vs. Thor rumble on the Helicarrier is one of my favorite fight scenes of the year. Who cares if the Hulk is in control. Hulk smash and I like!

      Also…is that waitress important? (She is played by Ashley Johnson who is in other Joss Whedon projects.)
      They focus on her three separate times. So I wonder if she’ll be part of Phase 2 (Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel??) or if she was involved in some cut scenes with Captain America so focusing on her during the invasion would make sense.

      • Yeah I’m wondering too. I know in a seperate deleted scene that had a second Stan lee cameo she serves Steve Rogers coffee after he leaves the gym. I think the end is her realizing that she met him earlier. Not sure though.

        I want the blonde chick from chuck to play mrs marvel through

        • I believe that deleted scene was meant to set up a potential love interest for CA, but they chose to cut that thread out.

        • I assumed it was a callback to an earlier scene that was cut. I haven’t watched the deleted scenes. I suppose him getting coffee earlier puts a face to the citizens of NYC when the attack begins. But who knows…maybe Whedon is laying the groundwork for more characters, he does like his female characters.

      • As far as I know, Carol Danvers was an air force captain, not a waitress…

        • Perhaps after the events of the Avengers, she realized she was wasting her life as a waitress and wanted to help people. Using Captain America as inspiration, she joined the military as a sign of nationalism.

  5. got the avengers DB last night, and just went into all the bonus features then watched with commentary, and **********SPOILERS*************
    if you want to hear it for yourself, then you’ve been warned to this point…joss said he wasn’t happy with the kill the big ship, alt the aliens die. said not a fan of that kind of thing but it had to work for this film or they would be fighting for 17 hours trying to get rid of the rest. it was funny hearing him talk about it, then said he probably shouldn’t have said anything…it’s a good commentary.

    • That was in the SR Picks yesterday. Was pretty funny though.

    • That was pretty funny, but I prefer ‘How It Should Have Ended’…

      • I normally love HISHE videos, but The Avengers one was kind of lame. It just seemed like they made one really fast because it was a popular movie.

        • Yeah, their Avengers parody was kinda lame (they didn’t change the ending at all – just made fun of the one in the movie), but most of their parodies are still awesome.

  6. I found and happily bought a DVD of “The Carroll Burnett Show” favorite episodes along with my combos for “The Avengers” and for “The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1″.

    Sigh…I miss truly funny shows like hers…far superior to a lot of the crap we get nowadays.

    • I remember watching the Carol Burnett Show as a child with my family. Good clean fun, and the dynamic between Tim Conway and Harvey Korman was comedy gold. I still laugh when I see the skits. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll see anything comparable again. There is plenty of “comedy” out there, but little that you can actually view with the kids and share a bowl of popcorn while watching.

      • Sad, but true…

        • Oops…I just realized that I had spelled Carol’s name differently…We have two teachers here whose LAST names ARE spelled CARROLL.

          Sheesh. 😛

  7. Is anyone upset with the horrible Avengers 4 disc 3D blu ray combo pack? They layered the discs ON TOP of the discs.

  8. Been reading a lot lately about Arrow on the web, anybody else excited about this show? I actually thi k it’s going to be pretty good.

    • I’m also looking forward to it, I read that Deadshot and Deathstroke will be appearing on the show. Batgirl if I remember correctly will also appear according to an article I read here on screenrant.

  9. Anyone see the season premier of SNL (with MacFarlane hosting) and HIMYM?

    SNL was absolutely hilarious: MacFarlane is almost as funny in front of the camera as he is behind it. I hope they keep up the good work.

    HIMYM was pretty good, but it felt very average/standard-fare to me. I was hoping for something more from the (possible) last season.

    What did you guys think?

    • I watched both episodes of SNL so far this season. I’ve been impressed with it. MacFarlane did an excellent job and JGL was pretty darn funny when he hosted (the Finer Things sketch was hilarious). I watch these on Hulu, so they edit them down. But I’ve enjoyed SNL so far this year. And I love that Jay Pharoah is finally portraying President Obama. However, the Weekend Update Thursday show, while very funny, seems like it might be SNL overload.

      I haven’t watched HIMYM yet. I forgot about watching it yesterday since I was distracted by the Avengers.

    • SNL season opener wasn’t bad, not great but not bad (and better than the JGL episode unfortunately). It’s nice to see when hosts go in with the full intention of having fun instead of worrying about how it will impact their image. I think that’s what makes Justin Timberlake’s hostings so entertaining, as much as you want to dislike the guy, he’s just too likeable as he doesn’t care how silly he looks.

      HIMYM wasn’t bad either (I know, I’m coming across pretty negatively here, =) ), it just didn’t feel like a season premier, there was nothing flashy or exciting about it, just sort of felt like a middle of the season episode.

  10. Silly question but why do some people have nicks in yellow ? High post count ?

    Oh btw go see Dredd, you owe it to yourself and great cinema in general 😉

    • Yellow nickname indicates it’s a link to a site (the website option under the name and mail inputs when posting).

      • Ah thanks mate.

      • … I don’t even have a website, I just like the golden/yellow nickname! 😀

    • And the yellow link also means that I’m awesome. Go ahead, click my name to find out the origin story of Professor Procrastination

  11. I just watched kill Bill vol 1.. I found it pretty overrated all flash nothing else everything was just way to much. still enjoyable tho

    • Thats kinda the point, Vol 1 is flash, Vol 2 is substance. They should really be viewed together.

      • That is what I’ve heard kinda disappointed I didn’t do so.

  12. If the X-Men rights reverted back to Marvel….

    1. Who would you like to see on the team?
    2. Who would play those characters?
    3. Which villain?
    4. Who would play that villain?
    5. Who or what team would you like to see as a cameo?