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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 25, 2013

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    • Don’t you mean to say ” COBRA LA LA LA LA LA”

      • Yeah that too… but Hydra has more work these days.

    • Hail Hydra

  2. So what did everyone think of Agents of SHIELD?

    A bit too “cute” for me so far. Beautiful woman who live in vans have the ability to hack into the most elite defense system on the planet with ease huh? Oh Joss, you are so Joss…

    Word on the street about a Gotham police crime drama seems pretty intriguing… especially the part about it NOT being on CW.

    • Hey Doc.

      I liked it. It’s just beginning, so we need to give it some time like I did with Arrow. Arrow is my favorite show on tv right now and it started off rough. I think SHEILD has a chance to be very good. I am super excited about Gotham PD. The premis of that show sounds great. Still looking forward to Arrow (and The Flash) though more than anything else right now.
      Hey, thanks for The Town recommendation, great movie, you called that perfectly. :)
      Hydra? Have you jumped ship with Cobra? What does the Baroness have to say about this?

      • @ Stark

        Any chance SHIELD pilot will air again?

        • @ Frank C.

          Not that I know of. There might be an encore. I’m pretty sure you can watch it online somewhere.

        • Its on Hulu Plus.

    • I missed it. But the good ol DVR picked it up. Ill probably play catch up later this week.

      X-Factor is on. That’s the wife’s show. It started 2 yrs ago when she was pregnant and its been her thing since lol.

    • I liked it. I had a crying baby going on in the middle of it so the attention wasn’t 100% there. The wife and I agreed that there were some slow parts. I think the best way to describe it is that it has “Potential”.

    • I agree about the “cute” part. I was hoping to have it be a bit more serious.

      I though Coby Smolder was alright as Hill in The Avengers but her bit in the show was not Hill at all, felt very phoned in.

    • It was really cheesy in a Whedon sort of way. I loved to see Bishop from Firefly. I just about died when I saw him. But I agree with the critiques mentioned in the SR article. I want it to be more serious. Cut out some characters too cuz there are way too many. I think it’d be fine if they axed Ron and Hermione.

      Sidenote: my siblings and I were all quoting BOTF after the last shot of the episode haha

      • *BTTF (back to the future) my bad

    • I liked the AoS pilot. It was a little cute and cliche, but it did have to set everyone up. I think that it will improve over time as the character’s backstories are fleshed out. I agree with the use of the term potential to describe this series. I will tune in next week.

      As for the Gotham show… I think it sounds great. A gritty crime drama set in the fantasy city of Gotham. You can count me in. All the cop show action I love with comic book teasers thrown in. I think it would be great if they can manage to connect the show with the movies. Villains and allies can be fleshed out in the show which will save some time in the movies. It will make for a richer experience overall.

      • I’d love to see a Gotham police procedural show that had Batman in it, but never shows him. We see all the aftermath and glimpses of the Batmobile, the batsign and Gordon speaking to someone inside his locked office who never leaves by the door afterwards. That would be cool. Batman would literally be the stealthy, mysterious figure that the police don’t really get a chance to interact with.

        It would be cool exploring the regular cops take on it all. Some would appreciate the Batman and some would resent him.

    • Alright, so I watched AoS last night. The wife and I both thought it was good. She doesn’t like TV shows. So she said it was good for a show. It had the same feel as The Avengers (the light hearted careless feel) so that was my only beef with it. If it gets some more serious drama, I think it would make a great show.

    • Agents of SHIELD was not my favorite new show so far this season (that goes to Sleepy Hollow). Agent Coulson’s resurrection intrigued me, and the fact that everyone who is female and works for SHIELD has a level of attractiveness that can only be defined as unrealistic. Hot Asian ninja, hot techy nerd, hot hippy hacker, hot Robin Sparkles…what is this, the CW universe?

      I haven’t been impressed with this year’s crop of shows. The Blacklist was interesting and if Agents of Shield took elements of that and wiped away the family friendly fun…it could improve. I didn’t understand AoS, it had a family friendly tone and then a CSI scene with burnt corpses in the middle of the episode. Family friendly shows like this do not usually work out. See “No Ordinary Family” and “Terra Nova.” I know it is just the pilot and shows usually improve throughout their first season, so I have hope that this show will become something that I’ll look forward to watching…but as of now, it’s a show that I’ll watch if I have the time.

      Now can someone explain how TV has brought in such high profile directors:

      Joe Carnahan – The Blacklist pilot
      Len Wiseman – Sleepy Hollow pilot
      Joss Whedon – Agents of SHIELD pilot

  3. I missed the show because ABC channel didn’t have it listed.

  4. So far I now got a Ironman trilogy. First film of Phase 2 on dvd not long ago.

    • I’m getting Iron Man 3 today!

      anyone have any idea when Fast & Furious 6 will be on DVD? I’ve heard rumors about October 1st, and others that say December.

      • I’ll be getting IM3 too. :)

        Fast and Furious 6 doesn’t have a DVD release date yet. I would guess maybe November though? December seems too long of a wait.

        • Yeah december seems far away for this kind of film. 4 months is usually the norm, and that wouldve of been this week. So October 1st makes the most since, but with it not being officially confirmed yet i dont see that working out. So yeah November sounds about right, which is disappointing. im ready to watch it again!

    • I bought it yesterday. The wife works from home and work is slow so she is watching it while “working”. Jealous. :)

  5. What villain or villains would you want in the next Star Trek movie? Who would you want to play them? (You can choose previous villains but they will need a unique way of returning.)

    • A Klingon war has to happen before we fast forward into TNG timeline. I want more than that though. I’d have to delve farther into the lore to find something good.

    • We need to see the Romulan conflict and why the Federation agreed to not have cloaking technology in their ships. They can even trash the Treaty of Algeron so that starships can have cloaks in this new timeline.

  6. Khan, ok well maybe im a Cumberbatch fanboy but still.

    • Happy Belated Birthday!

    • At 22, you should be deciding if the last 4 yrs had made any sense. If they did, then you are doing fine, if they didn’t, then start a new plan!

      Happy belated birthday, Cody!

  7. Finally caught “Now You See Me” on DVD.

    This is actually one of the better films I’ve seen of the summer crop. Not really sure what you can critique about it, it was well-paced, had a good mix of mystery, action and comedy.

    I recommend it even if you’re not into caper/heist films.

    • I made a statement a few OD’s ago about it. How the twist IMO was dumb. But that’s just me. Its also hard for me to take Mark Ruffalo seriously.

      • Why was the twist dumb? We should discuss this in the spoilers article.

        • The character who was “the twist” was too obvious. I don’t like going into a movie knowing the end. I always have a 2nd choice (a better choice) for the twist and was rooting for that person, but was wrong and then I felt disappointed.

  8. Anyone ANY idea, when we are going to see a Godzilla trailer? Anyone?

    • Some time before May 16, 2014…I’m only guessing though.

  9. I was over at Imdb and was going through the cast of X-men dofps to see who else might be in the film. as I got to the stunt guys I found out who would have he biggest stunt people, also i noticed Femke Jenssen has stunt double. I hope Cyclops, Angel, Gambit, and Nightcrawler might be in the film or at least one of them.

  10. I found that the ones who had the stunt people would be the ones with the most action scenes. anyone have any thoughts?

  11. Aofshield, possible spoilers

    I liked it, but it seemed like a lot of fuss over a guy jumping out of a window. It appeared they didn’t have a large FX budget. And Extremis? Again? Sheesh, I saw enough of that troublesome plot device in IM3.
    But I loved “HE MUST NEVER KNOW!”

    • Highest rated “drama”? I wouldn’t consider that episode a drama by any means…

    • Definitely shows promise. Now it needs to build some hype to keep it going. If it wasn’t going against NCIS, it would be even better!

    • Its not a drama by any means. Heroes had more drama. This is “Disney Heroes”.

  12. I have mixed feelings about AoS last night. I didn’t go into viewing it with high expectations but did feel the “disney” side of the show coming through much more than I would have liked. Hopefully as they develop characters and evolve the story it will become a little more focused and down to earth but only time will tell. I’m certainly willing to give it a shot now that….:(…now that Breaking Bad is coming to a close…

  13. Anyone seen the trailer for the upcoming tv series Dracula? looks good to me.

  14. Waiting for 4th season of Walking Dead aswell. I noticed Cerina Vincent is gonna be on the show, whoa.

    • I’m pumped for season 4 as well. I still didn’t like the finale of 3 very much tho.

      • @ movieDude

        Yea, hopfully what happened in Season 3′s finale could only make things better between Rick & The Governor.

        • I just feel that the finale lacked that sense of dread and despair that has defined the show up till now. End of season 1 I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, same with season 2, but then season 3.. like nobody dies (other than people you knew were gonna die for sure) its all happy at the end, no sense of dread, no anticipation… just.. errrg. I feel like thats why they fired the showrunner.

          Sry thats my rant. I’ll watch season 4 I just hope they get back to the core feel of the show.

          • Yea, I agree. Im worried about the 7th season of True Blood knowing it’s the last & only 10 episodes again. They better have it end in a good way since they’re saving money with two less episodes.

            • I hate when they cut down on the episodes! Its so unfair.. Community (one of my fave shows) had 3 seasons of 22-25 episodes then season 4 out of nowhere was only 13 episodes. Super lame.

              • I hate how much they cost on DVD still. Like the 1st season of Walking Dead when it was first released when it had less than 10 episodes. I remember it costed the same as almost any other DVD box set would when I would charge no more than $15-$20. Seasons 2 & 3 I can see were reasonable cause they had more episodes.

  15. People keep talking about an expanded DC TV universe. With Arrow and the Flash on the schedule how much room do they really have for additional shows? As much as I like the concept they can’t fill up their schedule with 4 or 5 DC interconnected shows.

  16. I finished Alphas on Netflix. WTF? Didn’t they know they were getting cancelled? Why end it with a cliffhanger? F’n Syfy.

    Netflix should resurrect that show too!