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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 24, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 24, 2012

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  1. Which would you rather see, taken 2 or frankenweenie?

    • Taken 2.

    • Taken 2. Liam Neeson!!!!

    • TakenWeenie – a young inventor with a very particular set of skills reanimates his daughter who has been murdered by european sex traffickers and goes on the hunt for retribution!

    • Taken 2 Neeson was the bomb!! in Taken.

    • Liam Neeson > any kind of weenie
      …Taken 2 for me please :D

  2. Was wondering where this was this morning. Lol

    Anyway I finally saw super 8 over the weekend. And I liked it. Reminded me a lot of clover field. Almost like it could e a prequel. But good film with good acting.

    Honestly don’t think I’ll watch it again unless its on hbo or something but I enjoyed it.

  3. Does anybody think that’s it’s right that 3 people who survived the cinema shootings are taking legal action against the cinema for the fire escape not having alarms on them?

    • no, sounds pretty dastardly considering others died.

      • That’s what I thought! Why not the shop that sold the guns?

        • Why is the fault of the gun shop? As long as the firearms were purchased legally, they did nothing wrong. If someone went into Home Depot and purchased a crowbar and then went and beat someone with it, are you saying Home Depot is liable? This was a terrible tragedy, but to start placing blame on anyone except the psychopath that committed this crime is ridiculous.

          • That was the point I was making, nobody other than the nutter that committed the crime is responsible so by taking action against the cinema seems ridiculous and rather insensitive

          • I totally agree.

  4. Since Avengers comes out tomorrow, what’s the best deal out there. I’m thinking target with their 90 min exclusive special feature. Thoughts?

    • I’m actually thinking the same thing ill probably get it there but I wanna check out best but as well. They usually have exclusive covers or steel cases. As well as exclusive content so ill check out best buy first then if not ill go to target.

      Best buy had Snow White and the huntsman and Harry otter 7 part 2 had exclusive content and the steel case as well as character covers forthr BLU rays.

      But from my understanding everywhere has te BLU ray DVD combo for 19.99 in the US SO that’s a great deal.

      • Best buy has a comic that comes with. Also a $60 package…

    • I actually went with the 4 disc BR (3d) from amazon. Free shipping with prime and I’ll have it delivered to my door tomorrow when I get home from work. It is $24.99 right now…

      • Ditto for me with Amazon and the 4-disc version

  5. So guys and gals, i guess the burning question of the day is what happened to Dredd ? Pretty much everyone who saw it loved it. Critics loved it. Fanboys loved it. Everyone agree’s its how a reboot should be done. It’s what people have been asking for, none watered down PG13 crap. So what happened ? Did it really deserve to bomb like this ? Did lack of star power effect it or bad marketing or lack of 2D showings ?

    Personally i would go with LGF really not marketing it well with a rather ropey trailer and no second trailer. I think it’s a pretty sad day for movies in general today.

    • Summers over and so is the craving for action, time for horror. does not bode well for taken 2 but thats more known now than I believe dredd ever was to moviegoers.

    • i can´t wait to watch -dredd-, i think i will watch it thursday because the tickets are cheaper.

    • I am not sure what happened with it. I saw the film opening night with my wife and we both loved it. Hopefully word of mouth spreads how good this film was. It will or sure go down as a cult favorite despite how it does at the box office.

    • I saw it in 2D this weekend and I thought it was great, I don’t think I needed to see it in 3D to enjoy it. I was shocked when I got in the theater and my sis and I were the only ones in the entire place until probably 2 minutes before. Then only 5 other people showed up. People are missing out, it was really well done.

    • I know that for me…after getting my wife to go to the Avengers, Spidey, and TDKR…that I’ll probably have to wait for the DVD for Dredd and Total Recall and Bourne for that matter and probably Taken 2 as well. Then, I’ll have to see some artsy films that require me to use me noggin’. Then, next May…I get my turn again for a few months! I believe these are the sacrifices that come with married life.

    • Just seems like bad timing, summer is coming to an end, school just started, and people may have overdosed on movies of this type during the summer. Add to that the remake sigma that probably didn’t help and you have the soft box office numbers. I saw it yesterday and didn’t really find anything wrong with it, I just guess the property is not a big enough draw and there are certainly no “stars” to lure folks in either.

  6. Rumor has Benedict Cumberbatch set to be the ideal choice for the next villain in Bond 24.

    • He’d make a great Bond villain

  7. hello guys. how many of you like the new robocop and sees the perfect simillarities between the old and the new robocop ? i have analyzed the pic from last week on screenrant and do find that padhilla did made a great job on the new design of r.c.. to be honest by the first time where i saw the pic i was a little bit confused about the new body of r.c., but now i love the design with the new visor. a little bit more silver wouldn´t be bad but after all it looks f….n cool. and don´t forget it´s his half cyborg-half human body not an armor suit like the suits of batman or snake eyes and so on. and i´m glad that the review for -dredd- was so good,because i´ve said if that movie fails then i have no more hopes for reboots as a pro-reboot geek. and i´ve watched -t.recall- and it was different but very good,because they´ve brought the visions of phillip.k.dick´s urban megacities good on screen.

    • holding all judgement until trailer.

      • +10

  8. Saw several good movies this weekend for the first time.

    Saw This Means War which i thought was pretty funny and i though chris pine and tom hardy were good together. i think the third act was a little weak but other than that it was a pretty good film.

    Finally saw 21 Jump Street. Also pretty funny film. Jonah Hill wasnt as annoying as he usually was.

    Also finally bought Hot Fuzz. That movie was better than shaun of the dead i thought. cant wait for the final “blood and ice cream” film!

    • skip paul.

      • aww man, i was actually looking forward to buying that one! i know its not part of the trilogy but i still thought it looked good. What do other people think of Paul?

        • Paul is hilarious. If you enjoyed Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, you will like this one.

          • Not true Mr. Nuggets. I loved Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, but I almost shut off Paul halfway through it. I did end up finishing it, but I wondered why.

            • I did shut it off. Could care less how it ended. Not funny or interesting at all.

        • I thought Paul was very enjoyable. It had tons if great stuff, and it had a lot of nerdy humor in it, which was fun for my geeky family. I recommend seeing it, at least once.

        • I not letting my bias hatred of seth rogen cloud my view of paul, but his character definitely hogs spotlight and isnt that funny(think potty jokes). Its definitely very different than shaun and hot fuzz. Youll notice if you watch it, and the comedy style and characters choices of nick and pegg didnt deliver for me.
          All I know is I wish I hadnt watched it but its your choice man.

          • There not even the same as hot fuzz or Shaun of the dead. Paul isn’t Edgar Wright and wasn’t as good IMO

        • Paul was petty funny IMO (there are a lot of Star Wars references), but it’s definitely not in my top 5 favorite buddie-action/comedy flicks.
          It was good, but it doesn’t have the same “re-watchability” as many other movies of the genre.

        • Oh I thought that was apart of the trilogy(thats why I was so disappointed) well Im glad its not and theres another on the way.
          Still, skip paul…and wait for The Worlds End.

    • Draagyn,

      When I first read your post, I thought you said Super Fuzz instead of Hot Fuzz. Anybody remember that gem from 1980? The cop who had super powers as long as he didn’t see anything colored red? I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but I do remember how fun it was to watch. Thanks for the memories!

      • with terence hill and ernest borgnine, loved it as a kid.

  9. Anybody any update on RDJ’s contract negoeations with marvel, or if they’re even talking him being i volved beyond IM3?

    Also , finally saw Lockout over the weekend, and loved it. Guy Pearce was very cool.

    • I was just wondering about his involvement past IM3

    • At SDCC RDJ said that his and Cheadle’s contracts expire after IM3, but also said that he’d love to do more movies as Stark if the material looks good.
      What I found odd is that when the fan asked him the question, before he gave an answer, he looked over to Feige and gave a pause…

      I’m really hoping he’ll reprise his role. I can’t imagine anyone else as Stark. :(

      • i dont think they would dare recast him. they probably just wouldnt have his character anymore if he didnt get his contract renewed.

  10. The Avengers Blu-ray tonight at midnight also getting Batman: The Dark Knight Returns pt1 :)

  11. i can´t believe that -ted- was 4 weeks on nr.1 on the german box-office,longer then -t.d.k.r-. i am a seth mcfarlane fan or more of his kind of humour,but 4 weeks n.r.1 ? can´t wait for -robocop-,i am hyped since the first pics. i don´t think ´that they´ve ruined a good idea-,it was again too many negative buzz before with the ugly wannabe-prototype-suit pic. i think that pic has irritated the people. the new suit is like the old one it is just shaped up and in black with an ultracool visor. it´s always the same before a reboot comes to cinema,it goes down before the release because of negative and failse news. just sad.

    • I think that people should hold judgement until they see a “final version” of Robocop’s new design…who knows what they have planned for post-production?

      • yes,exactly

    • Ted was basically the only major comedy of this year so far.

  12. Cool fan video. SHIELD attempts to fill a very unique position in this job interview.

    • Thankfully they went with a funnier, more bad-*ass designer … myself. ;)

  13. Was anyone else impressed with the Office season premiere? I watched it over the weekend…so if someone mentioned this on last Friday’s open discussion, post a link because I don’t feel like searching for it :)

    But, I really thought they nailed it. I enjoyed it more than the new Parks and Rec episode (and I LOVE that show). It renewed my faith in the Office and I’m glad that Greg Daniels is back in charge for the final season.

  14. How I met your mother tonight! Anyone excited?

    • I am!!! Saw the season finale of the last season on WGN last night which is a perfect set up for tonight! My wife is not as excited but I started watching this show in season one and it shaped my 20s. It’ll be sad when it’s gone.

  15. i got around to watching some movies, both old and new. for the old, i went with kiss kiss bang bang. i think that was one of val kilmer’s better roles, RDJ was a bit underused . the movie just felt like it didn’t know what it was supposed to be.
    the other old movie i got was equilibrium. i had always remembered the tag line for this movie when it came out was comparing it to the matrix. i thought it was a bit boring. i was also confused why all the other british actors were using their natural voice, but bale went with the american accent.
    for the newer films, i watched, Cabin in the Woods. that was a fairly unique twist on the horror genre. i liked it. The lady in black was mega boring, and then i watched margin call on netflix. i kept waiting for the s*** to hit the fan, but it never did. some great performances in that movie though, especially kevin spacey and stanley tucci, who is pretty much fantastic in everything i’ve seen him in, even “big trouble” (that is a funny film if you’ve never seen it)
    so what did y’all watch over the weekend?

    • time bandits which I enjoyed but wasn’t that funny. monsters (2010) I thought it was really bad/boring

    • Oh and the Marx brothers duck soup which is really funny

      • Duck Soup is hilarious! The Marx Brothers always crack me up. :D

  16. I havnt seen dredd yet but people keep telling me to see it. I just can’t see it being better than the raid. sameish premise with unreal fight choreography

    • Two completely different movies. Both take place in a building. Yeah, comparing Dredd to Raid does justice.

  17. Guardians of the Galaxy (movie): Dream Cast (excluding voice overs)

    Ken Marino as Star-Lord (Peter Quill)

    Eve Torres as Gamora

    Joseph Gatt as Drax the Destroyer

    Scott Porter as Nova (Richard Rider)

    • Norm Macdonald for Rocket Raccoon!

    • I know nothing of these characters but I’m excited for this movie (because it’s the first one they are making that I am absolutely clueless about). And if it has Burning Love’s Ken Marino and the voice of Norm MacDonald (that Cody mentioned)…I’m down for that! However, I’ll be seeing it no matter what…I’m a Marvel Studios junkie.

      • @cody, Hahaha! As hilarious as that would be, no. I would picture Rocket with your pack a day cigarette voice.

        @Professor Procrastination, Pretty much Star-Lord is not your average team leader. He is one to put comedy 1st and heroics 2nd. He doesn’t hold back the wise cracks even in dire situations. At times even his teammates tell him to calm down and act serious. For that reason, I’d like to see a comedian play as Peter Quill. Gunn used a comedian to play the lead in Super. So why not do it again? Ken Marino would pull it off great.

        • Also,

          Joseph Gatt has the build and has done the motion capture of Kratos. Remember Kratos is a dual wielder too! All Gatt has to do is deepen his voice like in Thor and he’s all set for Drax the Destroyer.
          [removed by request of actor]

          Eve Torres is currently the Champion of the WWE Divas. She has the looks, the body, the voice, and knows how to kickass. I’d love to see her play as the most deadliest woman in the universe, Gamora.

  18. How many movies are there of alien vs predetor?

    • 2
      the first and requiem.

    • 2 AVP imo was good but AVP-R,not so much despite the action. Predators didn’t even thrill me that much neither to be honest.

  19. I watched so many movies this weekend…

    The Bourne Ultimatum (re-watch): It was great, and like the other Bourne movies, a lot better than I remembered them – 8 out 10.

    The Bourne Legacy: Despite all the reviews I read, I still had high expectations for this movie. It was good, but not nearly as good/great as the other movies of the trilogy. Acting was solid (wasn’t a fan of Weiz though) and the action was good as well. The story had some interesting developments, but it was a little boring actually. I was expecting more from the locations they used too (usually the Bourne movies do a great job of introducing exciting and new people and places – in this movie, that was very underplayed). I’m sure a lot of it is because I keep comparing this movie to the other movies of the franchise, and that is a little unfair, but I’d have to give it a 6.5 out of 10

    Ted: So funny. I love Seth MacFarlane’s stuff and this movie really did feel like a live action version of his shows. As a huge Family Guy fan, I saw so many references and jokes from Family Guy and it’s tough to decide whether that was just lazy writing or nods to the fans… but knowing MacFarlane, I’d say lazy writing ;) It’s definitely not a movie for everybody, but those who love raunchy, f’ed up comedies, will be crazy about Ted – 7 out of 10

    21 Jump Street: Another really funny movie. I laughed a lot more than I though I would and even though the overall story was predictable (vastly different guys become friends, they help each other, they get into a situation that causes them to drift apart, they make up and beat the bad guys… oops… spoiler alert!), all the stuff sprinkled in the middle felt fresh and new. I actually liked the characters as well; the relationship between the two leads is a very relatable one and I think this is one of the few good buddy-action/comedy flicks made in the last few years – 7 out of 10

    The Expendables: To be honest, I don’t know how this movie managed to get a sequel. It wasn’t that good. Acting was okay I guess, the character were boring, the story was non-existent and the action was good… about what you’d expect – 5 out of 10 (Still gonna see the sequel though)

    Super 8: I’d have liked this movie as a kid, but I’m not really a kid anymore. The characters all felt very stereotypical and run-of-the-mill and even though the story was original and unpredictable, it still (strangely) felt… ordinary. A big ‘meh’ from me – 5.5 out of 10

    • I watched God Bless America over the weekend. If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve pretty much seen the movie. If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch the movie. It was better than some other movies out there, but it’s not an award winning motion picture. On a Saturday afternoon, watching that film beats jerking off…if you jerked off the night before that is.

    • If you havent seen the expendables 2, go see it. i think you might enjoy it a little better than the first. the acting wasnt the greatest (surprise!) but i think the characters had a little more development, there was more humor, more action, more action stars. plus it was directed by simon west and not sly.

      • Yeah, the reasons you mentioned is exactly why I still want to see the sequel. It’s pretty much universally gotten better reviews than the first one.

        Plus: Chuck Norris… ’nuff said ;)

        • Norris was alright, not great, and I must say, I totally disliked how they had him appear to a tune associated with Clint Eastwood. Clint owns that song!

    • I thought 21 jump street started strong but sorta peetered out halfway through, becoming overly silly and losing some of the dynamic between the two characters.(say when he tackles him onstage….really..just why, that wasnt needed.)

  20. Is it just me or Jimmy Kimmel really sucked at the Emmys

    • but dont the emmys suck?

  21. Got the Bond 50th Anniversary Blu rau set last night. Amazing presentation just on the box alone, and the picture quality on the early films is truly brilliant, the colours make it a new experience to behold.
    Also, it’s easy to forget how good the early films are, I just watched Dr No and From Russia With Love back to back and they are so good!

  22. With MOS film, if it succeeds i wonder if they would attempt a live-action Supergirl film aswell that could have the character make a cameo in a future sequel.