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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 20, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 20, 2013

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  1. Firstist.

    • Just remembered, Happy belated Birthday bud! Hope it was awesome!

      • Say, thanks buddy. Kind of uneventful though it was quietly special.

        • Smaller birthdays are always the best ones. It’s like an indie film compared to a blockbuster lol.

          • Right 😀 Less flash and more substance.

  2. 2nd

    • “Not even thirdist….”

  3. happy friday scranters! i have the day off, am looking forward to watching some netflix all day.

    i have a nitpick about this site. it seems as though there is always some ad video that starts playing it’s audio whenever i watch any vidoe on here., then there is the mystey “beneful” ad that plays the audio, but there is no actual video or link to turn it off. i’m using google chrome

    • You want to know a dangerous show on Netflix? White Collar. Really fun show.

      • Big fan of netflix started watching madmen a few weeks ago the show is brilliant.

        • Netflix rules!!! Best service of this type. I have used them for several years, and have always found their service to be lightning-fast and efficient, and on the rare occasions you do have a problem with a disk (I use both streaming and by-mail service), they are always quick to solve the problem, and even give you extra disks for the inconvenience. Well-worth the money to subscribe to them. I would retain their services even if they had to raise their prices. Very competent company in day to day service. And definitely the best catalogue of movies and shows overall of any such service I have encountered…head and shoulders over their rivals!

    • Jeffro, I’ve had a similar issue. If I’m on a page for too long, an ad with audio kicks in. Sometimes, I’m just reading through the comments and then I start hearing weird ads over the top of my internet radio. It gets annoying.

        • Will do Vic. It hasn’t done it today, but I also switched from Google Chrome to IE. I have Windows 8 and my computer has been angry about me using Chrome, so I finally switched over, moved my bookmarks, and uninstalled Chrome.

          • Sounds like a little Chrome specific piggy-back adware/spyware.

    • I just watched the 7 episode series Top of the Lake. I really liked it.

      From IMDB:

      When pregnant, 12-year-old Tui tries to kill herself in a freezing New Zealand lake, Detective Robin Griffin has plenty of questions for the girl. But when Tui suddenly disappears, Griffin finds herself knee-deep in small-town secrets.

    • Netflx all day. My kind of lazy day.

  4. With CA:WS site launching and listening to a little bit of the score for the movie, it reminds me of movies with really awesome scores. I was watching Remember the Titans the other day and that score just gives you goosebumps. Others I enjoy outside of the classics (Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Back to the Future) are:

    The Rock
    Spider-Man (Raimi’s)

    • @ Kyle

      If only you knew how many scores & soundtracks I got,lol.

      • Soundtracks are pretty much the only music I buy these days.

        • Half of the music I buy I think is soundtracks/scores.

          • I have quite a few soundtracks
            of films I have never seen too.
            I am always checking out the
            latest of favorite composers.

    • I agree there are many John Williams soundtracks that are classics. I also like Michael Giacchino’s stuff, I’m a big fan of Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Joe Hisaishi.

      Stuff by John Williams that I have: Star Wars, Indy (obviously like you said) and HP3 I think HP3 is his best work for the HP franchise of the 3 movies he scored.

      Stuff by Michael Giacchino that I have: Up soundtrack, Speed Racer soundtrack, MI3, I dig his Star Trek soundtracks but I dont have them.

      Stuff by Danny Elfman: Spiderman 2 soundtrack (all of his spidey music btw), Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, and I dig his music for Burtons Batmans and MIB movies but I dont have those.

      Hans Zimmer has a TON of good stuff, Pirates, Gladiator, TDK trilogy, Sherlock Holmes (I love the main theme Discombobulate).

      Joe Hisaishi scores Hayao Miyazakis movies and I have the OST for Spirited Away, Howls moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and others.

      Great music 😀 and good question dude. Theres a lot more but thats what comes to mind.

  5. Same here Jeffro. Is just me or Open Discussions getting deader all the time?

    • Good morning all!

      @ Frank Castle

      I have noticed the OD attendance dropping off a bit as of late maybe the last few weeks or so. Many regulars have just dropped off.

      • @ Stark

        Stark. You always wore good suits,lol. Good, im not the only one who noticed.

        • There is only so much you can say about comic book movies and Star Wars which is all that is ever discussed, that’s why I’ve stopped looking and getting involved

          • +1

      • My work is getting busy and now that I don’t work nights… I actually sleep at night instead of spending my evenings here (and getting paid might I add). I know my additions are slim among the many but that’s my excuse.

        • @ Leather

          I hear ya. Working night shift takes a toll on ya sooner or later.

          • @L. Cheerio

            Mine is really busy also. I do so much traveling now, I just don’t have the time like I used to.

            Heard anything from Jeff?

            • Nah I haven’t. And I’m going to respect his privacy this time lol. Last time I dug too much.

        • I’m kept busy with teaching, coaching, and the family, but I get on SR when I can because it sure is great to keep up with all you guys.

      • Maybe it´s because there´s an OD every other day. Back when there was only one per week, it was CROWDED!

        • Scape, I haven’t seen you on here in quite a while.

          • Yeah, I know. I´m going through a hard time these days and I can´t use my computer most of the time. And commenting from my phone is a pain in the a$$. That´s why I only read and comment only once in a while. But beware: I´m always there. Watching you. Observing you. Getting to know you. And then I´ll report to my species.

            • Good to see you back. I hope the graphic novel is coming along well.

            • hahaha, good to know :)

        • Scapegoat! Good to see you. How’s the music going? Weren’t you also working on a comic? Is that going well?

          • The music is going just fine. My band started rehearsing again, now we´re working on a demo to get gigs. The comic book is going not so great, as Dr. Sam Beckett´s flat was robbed and he lost most of the script. Also, I´m having a troubled time right now, and don´t have much time to draw. But thanks for asking. Hope all´s fine with you…

      • @Stark – it could be that not a lot of blockbuster movies have been released in the last few weeks. And honestly, there hasn’t been a lot of major news lately. We’ve been seeing articles about Nic Cage and Sam Jackson’s hair (while I understand they discussed this on the podcast and I enjoyed reading the articles, it does make it seem pretty slow around the SR proverbial office). My guess is it’ll pick up with the fall TV season and all the season premieres in the next few weeks.

        Plus, it’s football season, so everyone is busy setting their fantasy lineup. :)

        • Until more casting news or set photos come out for the big pictures coming out soon, there isn’t much for an OD. Most other conversations take place on the articles specifically about those subjects, not here on the OD. Timothy Dalton is rumored for Alfred in Batman/Superman. thoughts?

          • I think I would like that. James Bond as Alfred…geekgasm!

        • @ Professor P

          Great points Professor, I didn’t think about football. You’re right the new fall shows should pick things up a bit as well.

          • I know my focus is 1/4 here, 1/8 at work, 1/8 at home, and 1/2 on research for me to capture another Fantasy Football trophy!

            Who am I kidding…it’s 1/4 here and 3/4 on football. 😉

      • Everything seemed to go into low gear everywhere after Labor Day.

    • Aside from being really busy lately (and not having much time to comment, let alone read some of the articles and comments), I’ve been commenting less because of all the hate and trolling going on lately. It’s like a friggin zombie apocalypse, except instead of zombies it’s a-holes who are too self obsessed to take others’ views into account.

      Those people tend to stay away from the OD, thankfully, so at least this is still a safe place :)

      • @TheAvenger – I sent you an email. Let’s talk.

        Paul Young – Moderator

      • There seemed to be a flock of fly in trolls
        attracted by the scent of the Batman casting
        who left a lot of nasty droppings in their wake but
        it seems they have mostly flown the coup at this point.

    • 75 comments is pretty lively… and no mention of Batman.

      I think everyone is in line getting an iPhone 5s. I was able to pre-order one at Best Buy last night before midnight and have an appointment to pick up in-store today. So not only do I not have to wait for shipping or stand in a line, but I also get BB points for the purchase… heh.

      • @BigNerd – BATMAN!!!!!!

        You’re welcome. :)


      • It’s a mixture of iphones and GTA V

  6. Scores I got is Batman ’89 , John William’s Superman theme, Star Wars,Back To The Future, The Terminator & T2, Titanic, Best Of A Nightmare On Elm Street from films 1-6. Few others.

  7. I recently saw Rudy, really good movie, im kind of becoming more of a fan of those type of sports movies like The Fighter and Warrior.

    Also recently watched the movie Bleu for my scriptwriting class. I thought it was pretty good. I can remember hearing about it, or at least that trilogy, before so i was curious to see it.

    Also recently watched The Birth of a Nation and Metropolis for my History of Film class. anyone else ever seen those old, early movies.

  8. Anyone else here remember the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents comics series back in the late 60s or early 70s? I think that would be excellent fodder for a movie or TV series. With the advent of Agents of Shield, we are getting closer to something like that. Both regular agents and super-powered beings fighting for Justice. The Agents were an organization which I sem to recall were loosely affiliated with thew United nations or some such thing, but was kind of like super-hero comics meet the man From U.N.C.L.E. on a global scale in scope. Featured were such heroes as Dynamo, Menthor, NoMan, and Lightning, as well as the Thunder Squad (a quick-response human team of special forces) and they fought villains such as The Iron Maiden kind of like a global terrorist Catwoman in armor) and The Warlord, villains both human and super-powered. A great but short-lived series due to budget by artist/writer Wally Woods, there is such great potential here. All it takes is for someone to obtain the copyright and be ready to go. Anyone else think that would make a great movie or TV series out there?

  9. Glad to see recent update on both the Universal movie monsters and also Doc savage on Screenrant. I have been waiting anxiously for those efforts to move forwards.

  10. So I watched WWZ a few days ago and I’ve come to the conclusion I want Brad Pitt to play Doctor Strange. I’m not sure why but I just feel like he could really own that roll. Also didn’t marvel really drop the ball with him? They had a chance at the end of IM3 to be the one who does surgery and than have him appear later on in phase 3.

    • So they sign the actor they want to appear for a few seconds with a “maybe” that it will lead to a larger role? I’m sure there are plenty of actors who would sign on, but maybe not the ones they ultimately want.

      Brad Pitt has an undeniable screen presence, but I don’t really see him in that role. He’d overshadow the role, the movie, and everyone else due to his charisma and his public notoriety. Interesting idea though.

    • Interesting idea for sure. I don’t doubt he would kill it, Pitt’s a really versatile actor. Anybody who’s seen 12 Monkeys or Snatch has seen that versatility. The problem is that Marvel would never go after Pitt for a multi-picture deal. It just not their style.

      • Not their style? They sign everyone to multi picture deals. I could see Pitt being down for that in a lot of ways.

        • Not the multi picture deal thing. That was a poor choice of words on my part. I’m just saying its not their style cuz he’s too high profile. like Nostel-go says.

          • That is true he is very high profile. But Marvels going to need a new guy to be the face of the CU after RDJ goes away and Pitt could very well be that guy, especially when Doctor Strange is tied to more than just earths heroes and could be a good medium between the cosmic and earth elements of the film.

            • Do we really think RDJ isn’t coming back for Avengers 3 though? I don’t see why he wouldn’t regardless of what his contracts say.

              • Yeah he’s contracted for avengers 3. I don’t know how everyone else feels about this but I think after avengers 3 there should be a reset button, instead of focusing on the core four like they have for 2 phases branch out and let them be supporting/briefly mentioned characters and let another group of characters take the stage for a while.

    • @Dlo33 – I’ve been watching Alphas on Netflix and I keep thinking that Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks on the show) would be a good fit for Doctor Strange. Something about him seems mysterious…but he’s a TV actor and probably not what Marvel is looking for.

      • Robert Downey Jr. used to be a TV actor, too (Ally McBeal).

        • and SNL!

    • I have long though Brad Pitt was a great actor. He reminds me of a younger Robert Redford. Does anybody else get that impression?

      • Brad initially reminded me of a young Robert Redford too.
        My favorite of Brad’s is Legends Of The Fall which when
        I saw it I thought Pitt was destined for greater things.
        Great actor? Not so sure. Good though to be sure.

    • I’d rather see him as Aquaman, a more mature and grizzled kind like in the Justice League cartoons. Also a bit more fitting to his on-screen presence.

    • Arm Pitt! (Armie Hammer and Brad Pitt clone).

  11. not familiar with that series. was before my time.

  12. In this age of impending superhero team-ups, anyone else besides me wishing for or supportive of a team-up on the big screen of Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) and Hourman (Rex Tyler)? Two of my favorite DC Justice Society members of long ago. They teamed up as a duo several times in the comics against such villains as the Psycho Pirate and Solomon Grundy, had great chemistry (sort of like Green Lantern/Hal Jordan and Flash/Barry Allen), were buddies, and had good back=stories. I think this would be an additional property that would be good for DC to explore.

  13. Anyone else out there who would like to see a team-up movie between Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and The Flash (Barry Allen) sort of as a Green Lantern #2? I could easily picture them against Sinestro and Reverse-Flash (Professor Zoom). The two duos would be pretty evenly-matched, and I think a pretty good story could materialize from that. Zoom was one of Flash’s chief rivals (kind of like Mandarin to Iron Man, or Luthor/Brainiac to Superman, or Joker to Batman), and of course Sinestro, a main GL villain, has already sort of been set up by the end of GL #1 for a contnuation of the saga/ This would keep the story going, give an intro flick to Flash for JLA, and save DC money with a bugger-than-single-hero tent-pole blockbuister, plus after all they are 2 of the mainstays of the JLA. Can’t lose! What does everyone else think?

    • I always seen the duo team-ups great in the comics & animated tv shows & feature length movies but not in live-action films. That goes for both DC & Marvel universes. In DC’s universe, I hope it will be like JLU where theres project Cadmus,etc who see the Justice League as loose cannons. Maybe because they won’y forget the events that happened in MOS.

  14. A couple different things first. How would everyone love to see Samuel Stern aka The Leader in a prison in the new show S.H.I.E.L.D? any news on the new Island of Dr Moreau produced by Leo Decaprio? and Who would love to see a X-men film with the main characters being Cyclops, Gambit, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Beast, Iceman, Colossus, Multiple Man, PSylocke, Husk, Juggernaught like Hulk Archangel, Sinister, And Apocalypse?

    • I am hoping Dr. Moreau will be good. No new info, tho. The X-Men you mentioned mught be good (not familiar with Husk), but the rest would be OK, and I want more Cyclops for sure!

  15. How about any news on Creature from the black lagoon remake, Predators sequel, Unbreakable 2, and Prometheus sequel Paradise?

    • Predators sequel?

      • I think the “sequel” was actually a mistake or accidental misunderstanding on alot of people’s parts. I believe it is actually a video-game, not a movie.

  16. Television is missing an intelligent and contemporary urban crime drama. Or maybe it’s just me. I’ve watched the Wire twice since ’08. Gotta an itch I can’t scratch. Anybody know of one?

    • You could try Brooklyn Nine Nine? 😉 I just watched the pilot for that..

      You’ve undoubtedly heard of Breaking Bad, theres also Sherlock. Those would be my recommendations.

      I’ve heard that Luther, Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, and Ray Donovan are really good too.

      • Yeah, Breaking Bad is almost done!! Luther is done. I lost interest in SoA after season 3. I’ll check out your other recommendations though. Thanks.

        • Apparently there’s a cop drama show about a detective in a wheelchair coming out soon. Could always give that a shot 😉

          • Ironside remake, with the actor who played the President in The Event, Blair Underwood, as the title character. He is a decent actor, and this will be a bit different from the character he played so well in The Event. I watched the trailer, and it looked like it almost might be worth a peek.

        • No prob dude! Hope you find something you like!

        • If you’re a fan of The Sopranos then I recommend Ray Donovan. It has that “feel” to it for some reason. Breaking Bad is almost done and the same with Dexter. Sherlock is very good. I haven’t checked out Luther yet and Brooklyn Nine Nine just didn’t do it for me.

          • I was obviously joking about Brooklyn Nine Nine.. But I thought the pilot was ok. I really like the people involved, especially Andy Samberg. My problem is not the writing or anything cuz it made me laugh enough, I just thought it felt really generic.

    • The Good Guys! Just kidding, it’s nothing like the Wire. But it resembles an hour long version of Brooklyn Nine Nine that moviedude mentioned. And I just wanted to voice that comparison.

      Wish I could help. Crime drama isn’t my cup of tea.

      • Hey Professor you’re a Community fan if I remember correctly. Heard any news about season 5?

        • +1
          Tell us!

          • @ColdSc you a Community fan too?!? Its like my fave show! I own seasons 1-3 on dvd!

            In terms of news the SDCC panel had some cool info. Dan Harmon confirmed theres gonna be a second D&D episode in season 5 😀

            Aside from that Shirley tweeted a pic of the study room a while back when they were rebuilding it to film. And Nathan Fillion has been tweeting when he visits the Community set according to my bro who follows him on twitter. Apparently he tweeted something about that recently so I assume filming is underway? possibly? probably?

            • Huge fan actually. My brother first introduced the show to me and I immediately got hooked aha.

              I think filming already started a while back, though I didn’t know about Nathan Fillion. I wonder if he’ll be guest starring at one point, maybe similar to the appearance Josh Holloway made during the paintball game? I thought it was awesome.

              I’m bummed Glover won’t be a regular, but I’m happy Dan Harmon is back (Season 4 wasn’t really up to par to the other 3 seasons). I’m also happy Chevy Chase won’t back, really didn’t like his character lol.

        • I thought I heard that it was returning in the spring. And I heard that Donald Glover won’t be a regular cast member anymore. Other than that, I can’t say…but I hope paintball is involved in one way or another.

    • I’m enjoying Longmire on A&E, but it’s a rural crime drama (takes place in Wyoming and is based on the Craig Johnson novels) with a great cast. It just got the nod for a third season, so hurray!

      • Longmire is a fav of mine too, as you know $2.
        I was surprised at any wait on the renewal
        since its season ratings were very high.

        • Hey, RP! Good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well.

          • Say thanks, $2. I’m doing well-enough I guess.
            Hope you are doing well too, settling in with
            your new students and classes this year.

  17. anybody have any favorite songs that refrence comic book characters etc..


    WuTang – Protect ya neck

    Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
    Swinging through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman

    • Ghostface Killah is walking shout out and is the reason I picked up an Iron Man book in the first place.

    • The obvious: Iron Man by Black Sabbath. Less obvious: There´s a song by Weezer that has the line “I have Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler too” (don´t know the song´s title though). Also, there´s a great song called “Without A Town” by the German rock band The New Black; quote: “Without you, I feel like Superman without a town”.

      • That Weezer track would be “In The Garage”. Good to see you again, by the way.

      • I always thought Iron Man suited Terminator perfectly

    • And there’s the song Solomon Grundy by Sean Price of BBC fame.

    • Guns ‘N Roses – Paradise City

      Captain America’s been torn apart
      Now he’s a court jester with a broken heart

      • Damn! GN’R is my favorite band of all time, why didn´t I remember that?!

        • Booze? I’m just throwing out possibilities, I’m honestly not sure why you couldn’t remember. 😀

        • @Scapegoat – I love me some GN’R! Always wanted one of those white leather jackets with the long fringe hanging from the arms Axle wears in the Paradise City video lol


    • Nobody’s mentioned “Ninja Rap” by Vanilla Ice? Shame on you guys. :)

  18. So I’m going to see Riddick tonight. Has anyone seen it?

  19. Picked up Arrow on Blu-ray and currently watching since I missed 1 or 2 episodes. I also picked up world war z and I should be receiving TDK trilogy ultimate collectors edition on Tuesday. I’ll be picking up IM3 on Blu-ray early Tuesday morning.

    • Nice dude! Sounds expensive, what kind of work do you do? are they hiring? 😉

  20. question. Has anyone seen the movie Rad? It’s about a BMX race.

  21. What about John Hawkes for Dr. Strange?

    And Sam Raimi would be my #1 choice to direct.

    I think Dr. Strange might be the most important for Phase 3 if they are going bigger and cosmic.

  22. Any thoughts on the series finale of Dexter this weekend?

    • I feel like no matter how they end the show its gonna suck. I’ve watched all 8 seasons so far and honestly I’m not sure there is a good way out of this mess.

    • Well, at least I was right in calling that Dexter is over his need to kill. That he has true emotions and is no longer a “psychopath”.

      I don’t understand why he would let Paxston live. He knows about Dex and he will always be a threat… and now he shot Deb.

      I’m wondering if Deb dies in the finale, that would be a pretty hard hit.

      Now that his Dad conscience is gone, it would be funny if that got replaced by Stokes.

      I would like a Happy Ever After ending, but I doubt will we see one.

      • Well I get the feeling Debs gonna pay the price for all the bad Dex has done. Yeah the whole letting Saxon live thing is just wtf to me. He’s arguably the best killer this show has seen since trinity or Brian and he just doesn’t even stay with Deb till he’s at least in handcuffs. After he’s killed Zach and Vogel he’s just going to let him live? That’s just out there even for these crappy writers. This show really should’ve only been 6 seasons like lost, sopranos, and breaking bad to tell a story and wrap it up without meandering and going down the crapper.

  23. So I’ve finally seen Elysium and it ain’t half bad actually… and by that I mean it was average. Some good moments (like Kruger singing Jan Piereviet to the woman and her daughter on the shuttle, as well as the scene that followed it where Kruger welcomes Max aboard… it’s a South African thing that got a kick out of all of us in the theater), but there was some bad stuff too (like the story being thin and Max’s motivations at the end being totally unrealistic, as well as them dropping the ball on some of the major themes introduced at the start of the flick).

    Everyone was complaining about Jodie Foster’s fake British accent, but I’m not so sure that’s what she was going for: it sounded to me that she was going for highly-pretentious-American-lady.

    Action was okay, VFX wasn’t anything special and the cinematography varied from some really great, gritty yet epic shots, to run-of-the-mill action movie shots.
    The score was really weird though: hardly any consistency and just some plain weird sounds throughout.


    • I’m surprised you don’t mention anything about the political message. For me that was the films biggest weakness. When it got too preachy it completely took me out of the experience.

      You weren’t impressed by the effects? Thats surprising seeing as how thats the one thing about the film that everybody agrees on.

      • @moviedude, the effects weren’t anything special imo. They weren’t bad, but there wasn’t anything there that I haven’t seen before.

        There were a few political messages I think, so I’m not sure which one you’re referring to, but as I said, they kinda dropped the ball on most of the themes and messages in the movie. IMO Blomkamp didn’t really follow through with any of them.

  24. Since ‘Prisoners’ comes out today, what’s everyone’s favorite dark thriller?

    I have to say mine is Shutter Island. Dope movie, and I like the fact it stays on one island. I’ve always enjoyed movies that take place in a small area, whether it’s an island (Lost, Jurassic Park) or a small town (ex: Woodsboro from Scream or Sunnydale from Buffy). Everything feels so much more thrilling knowing they can’t necessarily escape. One of the many reasons why I’m looking forward to Prisoners.

    • Also, what’s everyone’s favorite time period for a movie? aha Random question lol.

      • Time period.. hmmm thats hard. According to my dvd collection it’d have to be present day. But I am a sucker for an awesome rendition of the future. Like all sci-fi-tastic like Blade Runner or Minority Report or something.

      • @ ColdSc

        My favorite time period for a movie would probly be the 80’s. Horror, action,sci-fi, comedy,etc were all great in that time period.

        • @movieDude
          Nice, future is always great. You’re not necessarily tied to anything, you can make the most ridiculous things up and say, whelps, it’s the future lol.

          @Frank Castle
          Comedy especially is awesome in the 80s. Spaceballs anyone?

          I think I’ve always connected to the 90s much more than any other.

          • I’m obviously born in the 90s lol but some films, while not my favorite have always had a certain effect on me like no other, 10 Things I Hate About You (don’t tease aha), live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scream. I find these films wouldn’t be at all as great if it weren’t made in the 90s.

            • @ ColdSc

              I agree with the films you mentioned & more.

              • I would’ve also said Jurassic Park but I feel like it was ahead of its time.

          • @ ColdSc

            Good question to ask btw. I liked the 90’s but looking back, thought the 90’s was a decade of censorship concerning tv/movies. The 90’s Spider-Man animated series was great despite how censored it was. I read how the makers behind Batman:TAS were called upon about their show believed to be too violent but they flat said they’re just trying to make a good show. It’s one of the reason why they moved the show from Fox Kids to Kids WB.

            • I don’t think I’ve watched any of the Spider-Man TV shows (didn’t have Fox) apart from Spectacular Spider-Man, which I’m still bummed out being cancelled aha.

              I find the amount of violence and tone of the show lent to who Batman really was. It kinda changed the way I saw Batman too. Shame it didn’t run a little longer. Not only is the violence and tones in today’s cartoons toned down, the stories are just… bad lmao. I mean look at the gap in quality between BTAS and all the recent Batman TV shows. It’s crazy. I can only imagine what the 2020s’ cartoons will be like aha.

              As long as we have shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead and several others, I think I’ll be okay.

              • @ ColdSc

                Like the 90’s X-Men animated series, Spider-Man is just as good because people are waiting for volume sets of the show to be released in the US. They adapted some awesome Spidey stories into the show just as they did w/ X-Men.

                I agree about not just the tone of Batman himself, but imo the show was the best adaption to the character. People complained about realistic guns seen on the show & once in awhile blood. It was too bad there wasn’t more episodes of the New Batman Adventures.

                I agree about today’s animated shows seemed to be toned downed. The last Batman show I watched was The Batman.

                I agree also aslong as shows like Walking dead, Game Of Thrones are airing, i’ll be happy. Many might disagree but it’s too bad True Blood will end after season 7. I thought 6th season was better than season 5. I was thinking maybe they could go for 2 more seasons with just 10 episodes instead of 12. Oh well.

                • I think I watched Unlimited Spider-Man for a bit, well I think that’s what it was called. But the animation really bugged me, I felt like I was watching a video game lol.

                  Same with me, The Batman was the very last Batman TV show I enjoyed. I gave Beware the Batman a chance but thought the writing wasn’t very good.

                  I heard good and bad things about True Blood, though the good definitely outweighed the bad. I remember watching the first episode, it looked pretty good from what I saw. I’m more into Vampire Diaries. Though it has some CW teenage drama I have to push through, I think it’s a great show with an intriguing story and some great characters. Same goes for Arrow. I have to say, TV shows are getting better and better. I was expecting the first Sleepy Hollow episode to be a bust but it was pretty damn good.

                  • I didn’t like Spider-Man Unlimited at all as I was hoping to. Lost for words about that show other than it’s supposed connection to the 90’s series but never explained MJ’s return or how Peter found her which bugged me.

                    I don’t like shows like Beware The Batman as they look like they were video games being watched. My friends told me not bother w/ watching it aswell.

                    As for True Blood, imo the first half of season 2 dragged a little as season 5 dragged a little. All the other seasons I enjoyed well. I haven’t brought myself to watch Vampire Diaries as I thought it would be like the Twilight films. I watched a few episodes of Arrow but not big fan yet because was never fan of Green Arrow really. I haven’t watched it yet but I look forward to seeing Sleepy Hollow.

                    • I just watched Sleepy Hollow’s pilot on the website. It was actually mildly entertaining. Think I will follow that one for awhile and see how it goes.

      • The 30s, 40s, & the 50s.
        For Hitchcock, Ford, Huston.
        For Gable, Grant, Cagney, Peck.

        And for Ava, Rita, Grace, and Marilyn.

        • +1!

          • 😀 I feel like I was born into the wrong era.
            I’m the man out of time always out of time.

    • Does Pulp Fiction count? Thats a thriller right? I love that one. Maybe Memento.. Memento kicks all kinds of a**

      But idk if you’re asking about like dark horror thrillers? I haven’t seen Shutter Island yet.. I mean to.

    • The Shining. It’s definitely in my top 10.

  25. Happy Friday Scranters!


    *goes back to GTA V*

    • Back at ya, Good Doctor.
      I heard the game is addictive.

      • I had numerous students falling asleep in class this week due to late nights playing the game.

        • Fascinating, $2. Teaching and learning is all the more challenging.

    • I must be the only (casual) gamer on the planet who hasn’t been playing GTA 5 :'(

  26. I’ve had a school-wide revelation that I look exactly like Shaggy Rogers.

    So I learned the voice.


    • Now all you need to do is get a big, talking Great Dane and develop an almost unhealthy craving for doggy-treats!! :)