Open Discussion – September 19, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 19, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 19, 2012

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  1. Halloween is swiftly approaching, if you were to host a movie night what would you pick to show? Monster movies? Kid friendly halloween films? Gore?
    I want to know at least 5 picks?

    • Evil Dead marathon

    • Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn & Army of Darkness.

      also, Halloween 3: season of the witch for fun.

    • The Shining is my Halloween ritual.
      Everyone loves it. Never gets old.

    • 1) John Carpenter’s The Thing 2) American Werewolf in London 3)Poltergeist 4) The Changeling(with George C. Scott) 5) Evil Dead 2 Dead By Dawn

    • Thank you for sharing. That would make for a fantastic Star Wars series.

    • Thanks for re-posting, I must have missed it the first time round.
      That was pretty damn awesome (coming from someone who isn’t a big anime fan).

    • Knockout. Made me miss Star Wars which I would have said was impossible.

    • When it first started, the first thing that came to mind was “Starblazers.”

      That was pretty cool though.

      • Star Blazers was a classic. Good comparison.

    • That was great. Would make an fantastic series.. Now only if Clone Wars CGI could look HALF as good. SMH.

      • As I like to say, “Less Lucas, Better Product”. Obviously this had zero Lucas input lol

  2. I’d probably pick a theme like a particular monster and go with that. Or just grab a bunch that sound good.

  3. Any guesses as to Marvel phase 3? Anyone else hoping for Black Panther?

    • I am !

      • I’m thinking:

        Dr. Strange (2015)
        Thor 3 (2016)
        Black Panther(2016)
        Cap 3 (2016)
        Ruffalo-Hulk movie (2017)
        Avengers 3 (2017)

        • What you said!
          Although, I’m hoping for Heroes For Hire (Luke Cage & Iron Fist) as well – maybe it could be a tv show.
          And I hope Yvonne Strahovski will make an appearance as Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel) in one of the movies too.

        • That was exactly my prediction of the movies I posted yesterday. Maybe not the order and the years but I would love for those movies. I personally think they could get a couple more movies in 2017 instead of putting Avengers out only 2 years after Avengers two though.

          I kind of hope Guardians is a one and done type of movie. Introduce us to cosmic and set up Thanos but I’m not interested in more than one movie at this time. I hope they concentrate on other properties.

        • Everything you mentioned on your list especially Black Panther. :)

    • Hoping not.

      • Why so much hate on Black Panther? I’ve seen a lot of negative comments from you regarding this. I think it could be a very interesting release and it doesn’t need to be a big block buster. Even if it was a low budget February release type of thing, I think it could be interesting.

        • everyone has comic characters that they flat out don’t like, a lot of people are down on Aquaman, for me it is Black Panther. About as interesting as sewing to me.

    • My guess is no Captain America 3 movie.
      My impression is Marvel does not have
      the the same faith in its longevity.

      I see Cap in one more film
      and two more The Avengers.

      If Cap does a cameo in Thor 2 which,
      Evans said he’s game, then that seals it
      fulfilling Chris Evans six film contract deal.

      • They may not go with Thor 3 either if 2 isn’t successful

        • Very true. I have felt the same way.
          Even if it just makes less than Thor did
          that will be enough for Marvel to move on.

  4. Looking forward to the new Hobbit trailer today. Getting excited for the film, 3 months to go!

  5. Heh nobody mentioned the news i was expecting as the first post, thats i first, no i wont say it, there has to be at least one thread without “it”.

    Anyway who is hyped for Dredd ?

  6. So I’ve been watching The Booth at the End (I’m almost at the season two finally) on Hulu and it is absolutely fantastic! I wasn’t expecting much because it is a Hulu produced show but it floored me! The story is fascinating, acting is incredible, and the mystery is intriguing. I love it!

    • *finale*

    • I’ve seen the ads for that. It looked interesting, but as you said it is a Hulu produced show, so I avoided it. Looks like I might have to give it a shot.

  7. A warning to my fellow ranters:
    Last night I accidentally switched to a channel showing the movie, ‘The LXD 2: Secrets of the Ra’. I watched about 5 minutes of it and felt physically ill. It was so bad…

    All I saw was a bunch of guys moving around like contortionists, rubbing up against each other (yes, you read that correctly) and throwing sand in each other’s faces for some reason.

    Usually I can sit through bad movies (the only bad movie I’ve ever walked out on was ‘Project X’), but I couldn’t endure more than those horrendous 5 minutes.

    I cannot un-see what I saw, but hopefully I can prevent some of you from ever having to see it…

  8. Recommendation for Screen Rant:
    On your currently hot topics up on top, I think an MCU topic would be pretty awesome. There were four articles yesterday alone where I want to go through some of the comments but now I have to search for them. I think the MCU is probably one of the most talked about topics on this site. Just an idea. :)

  9. films i`m looking forward to:
    ST: Into darkness
    Justice League
    Bourne 5
    Batman reboot
    Transformers 4
    Does anybody come up with anything to do with any of these films?

    • You mean like watch them? thats about all you can do with movies.

  10. Why are French films obsessed with lesbian romance?

    • Cause its different than American cinema. my favorite quote about cinema well one of them is “i pity the French cinema cause they have no money, I pity American cinema cause they have no creativity.”

      • *ideas not creativity

      • Well from what ive seen the films arent really that creative and the last big one might have well have been a porn because nothing besides the love making happened and wasnt an intriguing story really.

  11. In the batman reboot what costume should he have?
    Practical realistic tech/armor – nolan
    Super tech armor – new 52
    arkham asylum/city suit
    yellow symbol? – batman inc
    black and gray -classic
    dark blue and gray?
    all black?
    cloth – dark knight returns.

    also what kind of batmobile?

    • All Black colored Suit
      Black Bat Symbol
      Realistic/Super tech armor. Combo of Nolan & New 52. No underwear.
      Batmobile. Streamlined Tumbler. Something resembling the Lamborghini Ankonian.

      I really want Barman to stay a vigilante in the new incarnation. GCPD should official have an arrest warrant on Batman. I loathe the super-friendly-non-feared Batman who just drives around the city like a cop.

    • Something closer to the Arkham City suit, change it up from the plated armour which I never liked. I’d love to see a return to the yellow of the bat symbol on his chest too.

      As for Batmobile, as far from the Tumbler as possible, something sleek and dangerous.

    • I’d like a combo of the super tech armor (new 52) and arkham asylum/city suit – but mainly Arkham Asylum/City style (high-tech fabric – not heavy, bulky, kevlar armor… like all the costumes from the movies have been).

      As for the Batmobile, I think it should be sleeker and sexier (more like Burton’s Batmobile and the Batmobile from recent years’ comics – and the Arkham Asylum game).

    • I have to laugh. The latest Batman is still in some theaters, and you guys are already discussing a reboot. Enjoy talking about it over the next couple of years, at least…

      • Well, WB/DC has already confirmed the reboot, and seeing as Justice League might hit theaters as soon as 2015, I’d say talking about it now isn’t that crazy – hopefully DC will take note of our suggestions 😉

  12. I read in DC comics The orignal Green Lantern Hal Jordan has been killed off. And replaced with A new guy who is Arab-American. What does this mean for the Justice League movie. Maybe the Rock will play A Green Lantern.

    • Hal hasn’t been killed off.

    • I doubt itll do anything. Theres still kyle rayner and john stewart before this guy and thats only if they dont use hal.

  13. Incase anyone is interested I started a blog following my mission to watch the 501 movies from the book 501 must-see movies list. I plan on watching them all in a year while giving short reviews spoiler free and stating if they are indeed must see films. so far only got an introduction up. link Will be clicking on my name.

  14. As of 2012/09/20 RESIDENT EVIL Retribution has a global box office take of $74 Million. That’s 9 million more than its budgeted cost. While the Budget estimate of $65 million is not the sole cost to deliver this film to the box office the fact that the box office take has surpassed that number within less than 1 week is impressive especially when you consider this year has seen so many disappointing to disastrous box office releases.

    2012 is not over yet but with the Summer behind us I think most will agree that 2012 has been a down year for Hollywood and that makes the success of RE5 stand out even more.

  15. I just realize that the SYFy series SANCTUARY was cancelled back in May and theres no mention of it on the screenrant site. Is SR cutting back on the shows it covers news items for?

    There are a numbe ro posts over the years about SANCTUARY but the last one is older then 400 days, long befoe the news of teh shows cancellation. I figured SR alwasy listed show cancellations.

    BTW – This show cancellation shoudl come as no suprise since the show was liked. SyFy has a habit of cancelling shwos that are liked after they are into season 2- 4.