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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 18, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 18, 2013

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  1. 1st

  2. My reservation regarding Ben Affleck as Bats has been removed after his confident interview and his performance in The Town. If he acts as well in BvS, we’re in for a treat. Great suggestion by Dr. Mindbender on that movie, thanks!

    • It’s too early to start pushing OD comment count. :)

    • Great point i told a buddy of mine to watch the town after crying about affleck and he had the same reaction

      • I think he’s gonna do a good job. He’s such a huge Batman fan that I’m sure he wants to see an awesome Batman just as much as we do. Did you know he built a Batcave entrance for the panic room in house? You click a button on the bottom of a shelf and the whole bookshelf slides to the side to reveal the door to the panic room. I can’t imagine he won’t take this seriously.

    • I haven’t even looked into the Open Discussionns for a long while, because of all the Batman talk. And what happens when I finally check back in? The first topic ist STILL Batman… *sigh*

      • What the problem is?!

        • It’s boring and consumes the whole discussion post, that’s the problem. Ben Affleck is going to Batman and everything that could be said about that decision has been said over and over again a long time ago. All the What Ifs and Could Haves are also worn out to the umpteenth degree. It’s tiresome.

          • No offense Winchester, but you could say the same things about the authors here at SR that post and rehash the same articles with tiny bits of updates on an every other day basis…

      • suck it up princess it isn’t a big deal. There are worse things in life.

    • Just to offer a counter-view. I saw the Town and watched the interview. I actually didn’t think he came across as confident in the interview. It looked to me like he was “chomping at the bit” before JF brought up THE topic, and then he seemed nervous underneath.

      Overall I think Affleck is passable to good in the handful of GOOD movies he’s been in. There’s always been something stagnant about his screen presence for me. Honestly I never liked him before, but his directing and BETTER acting in the past several years has made my opinion turn a complete 180 degrees. Unfortunately I think this Batman role is a step backward.

      I think his Batman simply won’t be strong enough to end the divisiveness. Few will change the opinion they have now. I guess I don’t think he’ll be terrible, but I don’t think he’ll be great either, and I expect those who enjoy ripping on the Batfleck idea will do so for years to come, decades even (as we’ve seen before).

      • That pretty much sums it up perfectly for me.

    • Ah The Town is such a great movie. I rented it, the week after, went out to buy the blu ray.

    • @ Stark

      Glad you enjoyed The Town.

      @ Everyone

      Watch The Town and Hollywoodland and if you still claim Affleck isn’t adequate for a more COMIC BOOK BATMAN you are either lying, in denial, or just plain foolish.

      *leaves thread*

      *goes back to playing GTA V*

    • I am also changing my vote. Ben Affleck did a decent Jack Ryan. I am willing to give him a chance.

  3. I like the fall, only because the movies I missed during the summer come out on DVD.

    I’ve been itching to watch WWZ.

    • I’m really looking forward to Man of Steel. 5 weeks to go.

      • I thought you said MOS5(five), as in the fifth movie. I was thinking, “wow, he really is sick of talking Ben Affleck. That’s a new topic.”

        • Haha!

    • Me too! I’m going to pick up the bluray tomorrow. :)

    • I also like the fall because of the TV shows. My list (and don’t hate me for the CW stuff):

      The Vampire Diaries
      The Originals
      The Tomorrow People
      Almost Human
      24 (is that returning this season?)

      I am such a BigNerd.

      • Oh shoot! I completely forgot about The Originals! They are probably the best characters in that show.

  4. WWZ was actually a really pleasant suprise for me, also anyone seen Ben Afflecks directing debut Gone Baby Gone I highly recommend it.

    • Awesome movie ed harris is terrific in it

      • @Victor I agree Casey Affleck was also really good in it, never really noticed him much until GBG.

  5. I hope one of the next DCCU announcements is, “We have cast Jaimie Alexander as Wonder Woman. She will be getting her own movie in 2016 which will lead into a Justice League movie in 2018.” If not her I’ll settle for Cobie Smulders. Hopefully there isn’t anything in either of their Marvel contracts that says “you may not work with DC ever ever ever…or else.”

    • I just hope by comic con next year that WB have gotten their s@!# together and have a full plan for their upcoming movies and a proper shared universe prepared.

      • Me too. But more specifically I want the right actress for Wonder Woman and for her to have her own movie; not some godawful adaptation on the CW.

    • Shes good enough as lady siv so they wont cast her as wonder, Id prefer the popular runner right now, gemma arterton
      other choices;
      Charlize Theron
      Gina Carano
      Alexandra Daddario
      Rachel Bilson
      Taylor Cole

      • Don’t get me wrong, Arterton is gorgeous, but I really feel like that’s all she’ll bring to the role. She doesn’t have a forceful voice or any sort of warrior quality. She’s fine as that pretty woman who can fight when she has to like in Prince of Persia but she doesn’t strike me as that warrior woman who could make Superman back down. She doesn’t have that presence. Even in Hansel and Gretel she wasn’t believable as a fighter. Charlize Theron could do it. I’d back that. Gina Carano is the exact opposite of Arterton for me. She’s a fighter (still pretty) but can’t act. Alexandra Daddario is someone else I’d consider. She’s inexperienced but I could definitely see her doing the role well if they went with a WW who literally just got off the island which I think would be a strong choice. It adds a lot they could do with her character, both serious moments and comedic. Bilson and Cole are both nos for me. They’d look good in the one piece outfit but that’s pretty much the extent of it. I’d 100% rather WB/DC get a less attractive actress who can do the attitude and carry the presence of a princess of a warrior race (think the queen from 300) than a pretty face and cleavage. I will be pissed if they simplify WW to a hot chick who fights.

        • Have you seen witch hunters, girl can hold her own.

  6. Where’s Patrick Bayard been?

    Haven’t really seen him since that whole “BaleyardGate”.

    • ha! BaleyardGate…I like that. I think he’s still writing letters WB in support of Christian Bale returning as Batman.

      • I did too, on Batman News or something. Still carrying the Bale flag too. I actually called him out by saying ‘Baleyard! =O” aha. As obnoxious as the Bale argument was, I still kinda miss him around the comments. It’s weird lol.

    • Jeff has gone missing too. There have been some regulars missing for a while now.
      What the heck is “BaleyardGate”?

      • it’s a combination of Bale for Christian Bale, part Patrick Bayard’s name, and Watergate.

      • Let me ‘splain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up:

        Patrick Bayard LOVES Christian Bale as Batman. To the point where I asked him if he had a picture of him in his locker. When Batfleck was announced, I decided to call him Baleyard… which he didn’t mind.

        But then in one OD, some posters were accusing each other of name calling and Patrick complained about the “Baleyard” moniker I bestowed upon him, and he hasn’t been seen since.

        • @ B. Nerd

          Got it. Thanks!

        • INCONCEIVABLE!! πŸ˜›

      • He’s so angry.

      • wow. just wow.

      • *re-enters thread*

        GTA V is amazing… I’m playing as a white trash meth dealer… good times…

        i digress…


        I’ve seen him all over the net! That dude loves him some Trilly.

  7. so with “Grudge Match” on the horizon starring sly and niro,which of the movies do you think are the best work of both these legends, except rocky and godfather for respective personalities ,reply :)

    • The ones Stallone isn’t in and Taxi Driver

    • Stop! or my Mom Will Shoot, Demolition Man, Over the Top, Cobra, or Judge Dredd – and then follow the viewing by listening to the How Did This Get Made podcast.

      Cape Fear for De Niro.

    • Stallone – Rambo: First Blood
      DeNiro – Cape Fear

  8. I think the topic should be….

    Halloween all day scare-a-thons, peoples plans, movie schedules, suggestions, food and dΓ©cor.

    I love Halloween so much.

    • My son was born on Halloween. And I got married on Oct. 30th, so the celebration went into Halloween.

      It’s strange. My wife loves this holiday, but she dislikes scary movies.

      • BTW, the wedding and my boy’s birth…not the same year :)

  9. Sleepy Hollow…really surprised me. Looking forward to seeing how the story moves along.

    Also, the Goldbergs sitcom was funny. Trophy Wife wasn’t as good as I expected, but I’ll give it another go. Welcome to the Family was dumb. And I’ll probably give Dads a chance tonight along with Brooklyn Nine Nine (I’m always a day behind). And the Rebel Wilson comedy (Super Fun Night) looks funny, but we’ll see.

    What shows are you looking forward to this season? (first person who mentions S.H.I.E.L.D. gets kicked squarely in the nuts)

    • well sir, since you mentioned it, I believe you are due a square kick in the nuts :)

    • Saw parts of Dads and most of Brooklyn 99 last night… weird because I usually never watch commercial TV while it’s running but I wasn’t at home so I had to watch it “live”.

      It was weird for me to see Seth, Ribisi and the actress from Suite Life (on Disney) in a sitcom. Very adult jokes for an 8pm show.

      Brooklyn Nine-Nine was strange, like part wannabe comedy, part wannabe drama (esp with Andre Braugher in it). Samberg is funny it but it seems like an SNL skit that went too long. I like seeing Terry Crews, that guy really needs an action-comedy film franchise.

      • Brooklyn Nine Nine was a strange mash-up, but I think it worked. It may be too strange for network tv though. Its not quiet a comedy and not quite a drama. I think that it will lose viewers to the true comedies and dramas. I hope it succeeds because I like the actors involved.

    • I saw sleepy hollow, although I can see where it would be entertaining, it is not my cup of tea. I’m looking forward to:
      1. Shield- not the first person you said it! :)
      2. Almost Human- Karl Urban’s show
      3. Robin Williams new show- need to figure out the premier date

      I also DVR’ed Dads and Brook 9-9. I’ll check those out when I get time.

      • Almost Human…I am really interested in that. And of course, we’re all probably interested in Shield…because well, you know…we’re us.

        • We R Us !!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Arrow”.

      • SHIELD, Arrow, The Tomorrow People, Almost Human, Elementary.

        and i might check out Revolution, see if they fixed anything from last season.

      • @ Archaeon

        Agreed. I’m looking forward to Arrow more than any other show this fall.

        • I’ve kinda lost my interest in CW adaptations of superheroes. I’m gonna watch Arrow and hope it’s good but if they start calling the Flash some sort of Blur reminiscent of Smallville’s BS I’m gonna stop. I heard he isn’t gonna get his powers right away so maybe it’ll be interesting to have him investigating Green Arrow incidents and actually figuring out who he is. Maybe there’s a tension there and they’re kind of at odds for a bit but then become allies. I dunno. I’m not writing it. I’m still disappointed that Black Canary is not going to Laurel Lance. While I really don’t like that actress, I wish they would have kept that kind of comic book continuity. I’m kinda hoping it’s her sister. Still a Lance, back from the dead, maybe superpowers now? Again, I dunno. I’ve just been mostly disappointed by the CW. I don’t think it’s the right medium for superhero adaptations.

        • I’m sure I’ll catch other shows just to see what they are doing, but that is my only anticipated show, at the moment.

    • Actually watched Sleepy Hollow, great episode, took my by surprise too. But now I gotta follow Game of Thrones (On 2nd season, Breaking Bad (1st season), Arrow, Vampire Diaries and now Sleepy Hollow agh. I rarely use to watch TV shows too.

      • For Sleepy Hollow, I just hope they keep the tone they have right now. If it does nothing but improve through the season, it’ll definitely do well. But if they start adding cheesy romance and forced humor, I don’t think I’ll keep watching.

      • yeah i remember i time where the only CURRENT show i was watching was doctor who. now i have Breaking Bad, Justified, Arrow, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, S.H.I.E.L.D. and probably The Tomorrow People and Almost Human.

    • I’m glad someone else watched Sleepy Hollow. I thought it was a very interesting show. Major props for combining a mythology, Biblical references, fantasy elements and procedural themes in one show. I thought the pilot kept a good level of tension and spookiness throughout the episode. If they keep that same atmosphere, I think that the show will be a hit. My concern is that it delves into a freak of the week format. I would much rather watch Mills and Crane look through the sheriff’s cold cases every week to determine more clues and get an overarching feel of the mythology and back story of this “universe,”

  10. Yea, it’s never too early to start getting ready for Halloween.
    On a semi-halloween-ish note, anyone else a little underwelmed at this final season of Dexter? I have loved the show since the beginning but as the end draws near, it seems as if so much more could(‘ve) been done.

  11. I was just thinking the other day that it would be kind of cool if MARVEL and DC did what they did with comics only with movies. What if they had an Amalgam Comic movie?

    • It could happen a long time from now after both companies start seeing a major decline in revenue. But that’s a long way away, many decades I’d guess. There’s plenty of internal “team-ups” they’ll do first.

    • I don’t know, I think it’d end up being a disaster. Companies would flip out about not getting one of their characters enough screen time and who ends up winning by the end would set half the comic book fans off lol. I’d probably do Iron Man vs. Batman or Spider-Man Vs. someone. I’m not really interested in anything other than that to be honest.

  12. I had a blast at the Baltimore Comic-Con a couple weeks ago. All the artists and writers I met were humble and great to talk to, like Mark Waid, Billy Tucci, and Ed McGuinness. Francesco Francavilla was also very nice. (Anyone reading his Black Beetle comics?)

    I had a huge line behind me when I met artist Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke, Judge Dredd, etc.) He ignored the line and talked to me about the Dredd movie, saying how he enjoyed it but wished it would have focused more on the crazy characters of Mega-City One. That would have been great to see, but I do love how fun that film is. And Karl Urban IS Dredd!

    I would love to see Judge Death in the sequel (which will hopefully be made)!

    • I loved Dredd. Had to give it a second run through because I was hammered the first time I watched it and pretty just saw BOOM!! SMASH!! BLOOD! KARL URBAN CHIN!! He’s a great Dredd. I too hope for a sequel.

  13. It was supposed to be someone’s birthday on ScreenRant today I think. I just can’t remember who. hmm =/

  14. Anyone think they’re have Superman’s costume a little brighter colored since Batman will share the screen with him?

    • Nope. I’m hoping they dust off Adam West’s costume for Bats. πŸ˜‰

      • And he can order milk every time he’s in a dive bar (Circumspect look from greasy bartender: “I’ll see if I have a dirty glass.”)

        • Lol, I think Batman ordered a juice at the bar.

          • I thought it was always milk, although the only video I could easily find it was “a fresh glass of juice” followed by the bat dance. That was in a swanky club. I’m picturing “bars” that were supposed to be on the docks, with fake sailors and such.

            I still remember milk, and I know he did it more than once, so…

            • @ Nostelg-o

              In the first episode it I suppose he ordered a juice at the bar followed by the bat dance. Maybe it was in later episodes.

              Imo, I just thought his costume was too Bizarro colored & could be brighted in the sequel. Especially when Batman comes along & Supergirl which the colors wouldn’t look like on her. I can get used without the red undies in time, but I find the color scheme too dark for the character.

              • @ Wally Frank

                I think if they ever do Bizarro they’ll make him more purple not just dark blue.

      • @ Prof
        No I don’t think so. His “costume” is portrayed as actual Kryptonian clothing, not something his mom made. While I agree the color pallet isn’t as bright as the comics, I didn’t mind it at all. I’m glad they modernized the outfit without changing the general scheme. I think the contrast between the characters is going to come from personality, not clothing.

        • well I guess that was actually @ Wally

          • Yeah! Direct that comment correctly.

            I agree with you Oneiros. Since it was an actual Kryptonian outfit, he can’t really change it. Unless he travels through time, returns to Krypton, and finds a Kryptonian tailor…and normally a tailor will take a week to make a new suit. That seems like quite a bit of extra nonsense for a movie involving Batman too. OR maybe Alfred is a Kryptonian tailor and that’s how Batman gets involved! Oh my, I think I just wrote the opening to Superbatman.

            • Careful sir. Your genius is showing.

              • **checks zipper** Oh, you said genius.

                • +1

        • I actually like the outfit much more than several past incarnations. I was never able to get behind past suits to be honest.

          • I actually doubt they’ll change anything about it. His character is going to want to keep it kryptonian. It’s his link to his origins. Maybe his Fortress of Solitude will have some function to make him a different one but I doubt they’ll bother to do that.

            • oh…that idea is much better than my idiotic ones. πŸ˜‰

            • I find the fortress creating new ones would be a bit odd aha. It feels kinda forced simply to have a new suit. Maybe rip off the suits from the dead skeletons he found? Were there even any? I can’t remember. The only reason I say that is because I want to see him rock a black suit one time aha. Either way, I don’t think the suit can even get ripped or anything, only from maybe Kryptonite or even Brainiac.

              Either way, I also doubt they’ll change anything. It wouldn’t really make sense to me, I think the suit is a one of a kind on earth lol.

              • Yeah I agree. too forced. It was the only thing I could think of that would be plausible. On the “it can’t be torn” note, I’m kinda hoping Batman has some type metal that can tear it and it really surprises Superman. I think Batman will really shine if they give him those little victories. That way, at some point, Superman is confronted with the dilemma, “I’m not sure if I wanna risk trying to get that past Batman” and we get to see his hesitation.

                • The scene with Batman tearing Superman’s suit would be awesome. Superman’s hesitation reminds me of a scene in the Justice League cartoon where Batman tells Martian Manhunter to go at him and Manhunter simply replies with ‘No”, and steps aside to let Batman pass aha.

                  • Hahaha. Yes. I love that scene. Martian Manhunter gives him this whole speech, Batman not clearly disinterested, about how he doesn’t have to feel inadequate because he’s the only one without superpowers and how they still value him. Batman just stands up and says, “I’m taking the Javelin…unless you’d like to try and stop me.” I really hope we get that kind of Batman in the JL movie.

                    • Pure badass is all I gotta say. Batman never seizes to entertain.

                    • Batman had more great moments in that show/animated universe than anyone I should say. Loved how he confronted Amanda Waller about Cadmus in JLU.

                      Batman- hands towel. ” Get dressed. It’s time we talked.” Loved the dialogue between him & the Justice Lords Batman. Batmans: ” You grabbed power! And with that power we made sure no kid will his parents because of some punk with a gun.” ” You win.”

                      I never seen Gotham so clean. If you want people to respect the laws, you got to enforce the small ones. They’d love it here don’t you think? Who? Mom & Dad. They’d be so proud of you. Just drive.

    • I really liked the costume and color. I probably would’ve maybe made it a bit brighter but I’m not going to complain. It looks great the way it is.

    • I think you’re all of base here, it’s Batmans suit that should be brighter (than any movie version we have seen.) The story should contrast these characters, their suits should compliment one another’s, not contrast.

      Here is to hoping the real (not emo all black) Batman shows up in this film.

      • @ Dragon

        Id like to see Batman in a greyish costume w/ black cowl/cape, gloves & boots. Designed something along like Keaton’s Batman Returns costume & not Bale’s TDK/TDKR costume.

        Still I think they should of brighted Superman’s costume in the first place little more as there Characters like Bizarro & Supergirl to think about if they were to come into the universe. They can change it easily as Superman’s costume can get torn by massive blows of force by a enemy or if he’s not wearing it at his home.

  15. @ Prof

    Think they should though since Superman is the flipside of Batman.

    • Honestly, I hope they don’t change the costume because of the way they wrote the suit into the story. Yes the color was darker than what we are used to, but Batman’s suit will most likely be darker than Supes. The characters will differ because Batman uses the dark and the shadows as his allies. However, Supes can be out in broad daylight fighting crime.

  16. So I hear Timothy Dalton is rumored for Alfred. I’d be really happy about that.

    • I’m also excited about this idea.

  17. Are we getting a trailer for Jack Ryan anytime soon? I thought it was supposed to come out this Christmas. Does anyone know?

  18. A winky smiley face doesn’t make this statement any less creepy.

    • I think I’m going to be sick. πŸ˜›