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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 17, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 17, 2012

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  1. Too many horror movies are using found footage. I find this really uninspired and believe that movie makers need to switch it up and try new techniques for making films scary. Such as using theme music to announce the killers presence(jaws/michaelmyers).
    What new thing would you try to make a film scary?

    Also I watched clue last, one of my favorite movies, if anyone wants to talk about that.

    • How long do you think it will be before the major horror franchises, Halloween, Friday the 13th etc, start using found footage for their endless tirade of sequels?

      • *shivers* ugh…

    • Damn Blair Witch.
      Found Footage
      Hand Held or statinary camera
      So Called “Based on Real Events”
      Set time frame yet movie extends way past it.
      3D Movies in General, we see in 3D, We can grab solid object, we do not need to see a Movie in 3D
      Remakes of Remakes, Lets see..King Kong 33, 76, 05.
      Total Recall
      The Thing(From Another World 51, 82,2010
      Total Recall 85, 12
      Fright Night….85,11
      Now coming Robocop.

      Reboots in 10 years, Spiderman 02 Amazing Spiderman 12
      Orginality has gone to hell, 3D is like it was in the 70s and 80s was a flash in the pan and it went away, 3D Now is force fed us even if we do not need it. Movie Studios using 3D and the Public to recoup cost of the over budget movies, more so the Over priced star of the movie who commands 25% of the movie budget. And we, as the people who pay these prices and outrageous budgets just so we can spend an extra 7 bucks for movie we get the same pleasure out of.

      Totally sad and lacking in orginality

      This ran bought to you in stunning 1D with 2 Ear Hearing and Smell O Rama.

      • Movies based on real events or on a true story always put me off, especially when all the main characters die, like in the perfect storm, all the men died, so who the hell knows what happened to them in their final hours!

  2. Probably already in the works.

    • I think the superhero genre may begin to slow down, with one or two heavy hitters getting movies regularly (X-Men, Batman, etc).

      Where I see the CBM genre continuing to thrive are adaptations of independent comics. Chew, Y: The Last Man, etc. There are a lot of interesting stories to pull from that the average movie-goer won’t necessarily think, “Oh, that’s just another man in tights trying to save the world. I’ll pass.”

      • Did you say, “Savage Dragon”? I’d love to see that too! He ain’t a man in tights, that IS his skin!

  3. Nothing lasts forever, anyone else think the comic book movie bubble will eventually burst?

    I think it might, and Guardians Of The Galaxy might just be the film to do it. I really wonder what was going on at Marvel when they thought GOTG was a good idea?

    • Not as long as theye seen as the summer blockbusters or special event films.

      • I just wonder if a time will come when the general public tires of them.

      • Really what are they thinking with GOTG ? I had to google just to find out about this comic. Gun wielding Racoons ??? Sounds very very silly to me.

        • Yeah, so silly…
          But if you thi8nk about it, on face-value, a guy who puts on a metal suit and flies around shooting lasers at terrorists, robots, and aliens is pretty silly as well. And let’s not mention that crazy guy who dresses like a bat and swings around a city shouting at people. ;)

          …there are so many factors that play a part in making movies like this. We can’t just take everything on face-value (i.e. what Wikipedia tell us about the characters).
          Back in the day, these Marvel characters (Iron Man, Cap, Thor) were pretty damn campy, but the movies succeeded in establishing them in a new, non-campy light with the right, balanced tone between fantasy and realism — and that’s what I believe/hope Marvel will do with GotG.

          • “But if you thi8nk about it, on face-value, a guy who puts on a metal suit and flies around shooting lasers at terrorists, robots, and aliens is pretty silly as well. And let’s not mention that crazy guy who dresses like a bat and swings around a city shouting at people”

            Ah yeas but in those cases, Batman especially, they went out of their way to make it seem real and believable. GOTG can never have that factor.

            • “never” is a pretty definitive word… how ’bout we wait and see what they come with?

              • A rocket wielding raccoon is a very definitive example…

                • Wookies aren’t exactly very “real” or “believable” either, but did that stop people from absolutely loving Chewbacca?

                  I dunno man, I have a feeling RR’s gonna be a big hit, whether he’s real or not.
                  If you’ve ever read some GotG comics, or seen episode of the Avengers tv show where teh GotG maek an appearance, I think you’ll know what I’m talking about.

                  • But Star Wars wasn’t supposed to be part of a larger universe… GOTG might have worked fine if it was a seperate film, but as part of the larger Marvel universe, with its inevitable ties to other films, I can’t see it working.

                    • And I can’t see how being part of a larger universe would be a problem…

                      If they have an Avengers/GotG team up and we see Iron Man standing next to Groot for example, then sure, I can see how that would be a little… much, but we don’t know if that’ll even happen (or if does happen, how they’ll handle it) – and since we don’t know any of this, I think it’s a little premature to already be criticizing.

                      All I’m saying is that GotG can work… and that after what Marvel has done already, I think they deserve the benefit of the doubt.

                    • As usual, I can only add my support to Avenger’s comments. He said exactly what I would have said ;)

                    • you CAN’T see it working, or you DON’T want to see it work? either way, wait until the movie comes out before blasting it. just a suggestion.

                      and star wars was part of a universe…in a galaxy far, far away

        • Yeah. That was my assessment also.

          • I can only see GOTG working as a CGI animated feature. I just would not be able to take a talking Raccoon seriously in a live action flick. Seems like Marvel are scraping the bottom of the barrel to me. They need to get the rights back to the more iconic characters and concentrate on that.

            • Especially as there are still some decent characters to explore like Doctor Strange and even Ant-Man could be pretty good.

              I agree, it really is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

            • They are not “scraping the bottom of the barrel” and GotG are intimately tied with our elsutrious mega-villain, Thanos.

              You also need to look at the bigger picture and realize that, to most of the general public, movies like Thor, Capt. America and IM might also have been considered “bottom feeder” movies (at least in their initial impression). Marvel proved they were titles worthy of movie adaptions just like they will prove GotG a worthy addition to the MCU.

              The gun toting raccoon and talking tree will be awesome.

    • I do worry about when this bubble bursts… But I do belive the great thing about Marvel is that to non-comic book readers, it just seems like a summer blockbuster as Cody mentioned.

    • I don’t think it will necessarily “burst”, but IMO it will go through the same thing CBMs went through in the late 90′s to early 2000′s – where it kinda died down a bit for a few years.
      I think after Avengers 2 and (the rumored) Justice league in 2015, we’ll start to see a decline in the genre (unfortunately).

      Over-saturation plays a big part. With Marvel Studios making 2 movies a year, Fox one per year, Sony one every two years or so and WB also making one per year (and I’m sure they’re trying to increase that number), not to mention the more independent and “indy” CBMs like this year’s Dredd for example.

      Then again, if they keep pushing out QUALITY superhero movies, then it stands to reason that the genre will keep going strong…
      I think it was Sylvester Stallone who recently said that the CB genre is taking over the action genre because CBMs bring a bit more to the table than a guy just shooting people in their faces and blowing stuff up (I’m paraphrasing of course ;)), and with more and more re-makes and reboots, (plus this being “the age of the geek”), I think CBM’s are gonna be successful for a while still…

      And as for GotG, I guess we disagree on Marvel’s “vision” with that one. I was very skeptical about it when Feige first brought it up (I really didn’t want to see the movie get traction before Black Panther or Dr Strange), but I’ve grown to the idea in time: the characters will be an instant hit if marvel doesn’t go all “kiddy-friendly” on us, and it’s been pretty long since I saw a good, all-out space sci-fi movie (in the vein of Star Wars).

      • “marvel doesn’t go all “kiddy-friendly” on us”

        Which I am sure they will. Look back at everything they have done so far, yeah there are darker moments and adult themes, they are largely kid friendly and GOTG sounds like it will be very kid friendly.
        A dark film doesn’t fit in Marvel’s cannon.

        • Joss Wheedon said that James Gunn is going to go twisted with it and JW says he is really likes it so I dont see this coming off so much kidd friedly as some of you mught think yes I can see a little kid friendly because you still want to be able to sell toys but I am just not getting a kid friendly vibe from it and I have never heard Gudians of the Galexy until the annouced it.

        • Not sure why GotG is “kid friendly” by default. Do you not know who Drax and Gamora are? Neither are people you would bring home to meet your parents. ;)

          Plus did TreeBeard make LotR into a kids movie? or did Yoda do the same for Star Wars? Same difference.

    • I felt like the bubble was going to burst when Marvel was starting to put out gems like Ghostrider, Electra, and Dare Devil. I watched the directors cut of Dare Devil recently. I heard from a few sources that it redeemed that dry heave of a movie (it did not).

  4. So anyone care to speculate how Adele theme song for Skyfall will differ from previous Bond theme songs.

    • It will be better than the last effort that’s for sure.

      I think, personally, they picked her because she has that big, booming voice like say Shirley Bassey or Tom Jones, like the old classic Bonds. And Skyfall seems to be going for classic as far as I can see.

    • Dont think any of them were the same, albeit the Roger Moore Bonds had a more rock emphasis to them. But for the most part, Bond Movies each have had their on unique themes.

  5. Probaly hey we’re on a hot streak lets try something different.

  6. Anyone watch the series finale of Weeds last night?

    I thought it was a big disappointment!

  7. What I would like to see in a movie,an Ending like Empire Strikes Back.

    See, all movies based on Comic Books leave us with the good guys always winning. I rather see a Comic Book Movie where the bad guys win and the good guys are humbled by their loss…

    Empire Strikes Back, for a movie 32 YEARS OLD…The good guys shocked us, and the bad guys won, albeit for a short time. But it put a human element to it…We can lose..We all cant be Will Smith swooping in with an F/A 18 and save us from aliens with the help of Jeff Goldblum and a Mac Laptop.

    • Interesting point. Say, imagine the end of The Avengers, and when Tony falls back toward the portal, it shuts before he goes through.
      Although it could be argued that the ending of The Dark Knight doesn’t exactly end with anyone winning, but I understand what you mean. Marvel seem to be keen a lighter tone for their CBM’s and DC, well, they don’t know what they’re doing.

      • There is really nothing happy or good about the dark knight. both Rachel ans Harvey die leaving Bruce mentally crushed. Gordon is stuck with a secret that is eating him apart. that is why its my favorite cookbook movie, it left us feeling defeated and concerned. it was the dark before the dawn.

        • THe Dark Knight was the Empire Strikes Back of the TDK trilogy.

  8. In anticipation for ‘Bourne Legacy’ this weekend, I’ve been watching the old Bourne movies again. I was never a huge fan of the franchise, but after watching ‘Identity’ and ‘Supremacy’ (gonna re-watch ‘Ultimatum’ on Friday), I’ve really gotten hooked on the story… maybe I just couldn’t appreciate how good the movies were when I was younger.

    I also watched ‘Source Code’, which was good… The over-all story was kinda strange (weak?) though if you think about it, but there were some good elements that made up for that. I can’t say I loved the movie, but technically it was very good.

    Also watched ‘The Departed’ and WOW! I haven’t seen a movie as good as that since TDKR in July. Really a brilliant film with an all-star cast. The only criticism I actually have is that the quick cuts (from scene to scene) were a little disorientating at first (especially in the beginning of the movie where it quickly cuts to scenes from the past, and sometimes it just quickly cuts to a different location), but you get used to it after a while.

    Lastly, I watched ‘Sanctum’ which I have mixed feeling about. I really liked how the movie managed to make me feel claustrophobic (with the dark, enclosed spaces), and there was a lot of “shock value” with all the deaths. The characters though, made me feel nothing. I was rooting for the main guy and his son near the end, but for the biggest part of the movie, I couldn’t less about any of them. The fake CGI scenes (with the helicopter) at the beginning were also cringe worthy and really detracted from the experience.
    I see this movie as a pseudo-horror flick, with the killer being the cave instead of a guy with a chainsaw, but even though there was some cool stuff done visually, the weak story and characters didn’t make up for it at all.

    …thoughts? (And what did you guys watch this weekend?)

    • I watched TDKR again. Which despite several massive plot holes and inconsistencies, holds up better to repeated viewings than The Avengers.

      • i strongly disagree with that, because for me, The Avengers is much more repeat-worthy than TDKR, but to each their own.

        • I get angrier everytime I watch The Avengere. The plot conviences bother me lol

        • That’s pretty much how I feel about all of Nolan’s movies (especially the Batman movies). They’re all fantastic IMO, but they aren’t movies that I can constantly re-watch over and over again.

          I’ve seen The Avengers about 5 times now, and it just gets better every time. I’ve seen TDKR 2 times now (and over four years, I’ve seen TDK 6 or 7 times and BB about 8 or 9), I can’t see myself wanting to watch those movies (TDKR included) again till TDKR hits BD in the holiday.

          You said it perfectly: “to each their own”.

      • I thought Avengers was ok when I first saw it, but to me, it gets more fun with each viewing.

        TDKR is still edge of your seat thrilling whenever I watch it.

    • I agree with everything you said regarding the movies you watched. besides sanctum which I never saw. I watched the proposition an Australian western. really good film but pretty slow, I give a slight edge to lawless because it was a bit more entertaining

    • @ The Avenger:

      I had a lot of fun watching Source Code.

      Minor Spoilers:
      I enjoyed the time-travel aspect (if that’s what you want to call it), and the nod they gave to Quantum Leap (Scott Bakula as Colter’s father, uttering his famous QL “Oh, boy” phrase) was fantastic.

    • @the avenger,
      I thought the Source Code was surprisingly good. Then, I thought it would have been great if it was considered the prequel to the Matrix. It wasn’t and I was left with a sci-fi movie (that I liked) with Jake Gyllenhaal (who my wife likes…which makes me happy later on in the evening if you know what I mean).

  9. I’m boycotting the UK Avengers release, I think this whole, you only get special features if you buy it from one specific shop is downright disgusting. The 90 minute documentary should come as standard.

    The lack of commentary as well, for the sake of releasing it 7 days earlier than US, is equally awful.

    15 minutes of deleted scenes (when there were at least 40)

    One 5 minute feature

    and a 12 minute short film.

    That’s a terrible list of extras for such a huge film, considering how good the extras have been on all of Marvel’s other films

    • Im still buying dvds and im missing all the special features they use to have. you use to could buy a two disc dvd collection that had over 2.5 hours of special features. now they put all those special features on the bluray and the dvd will be lucky to have 5 minutes of special features.

      • I switched to Blu ray for that very reason, and I resisted for a long time but eventually felt I was missing out on way too much stuff. But now, even Blu rays are getting left out.

        It seems the emphasis on extra features is being toned down, you rarely get a release that’s full of extras these days. It is disappointing with the Avengers because usually they’re really good with extra features, both Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk had good features.

        Look at The Amazing Spider-Man, it has a very extensive list of features at over 100 minutes, whereas The Avengers has just over 30. Very disappointing stuff. I blame Disney.

    • Couldn’t agree more. (Although, IMO the extras on the THOR and Cap:TFA BD discs weren’t really good either)

      When I was watching Bourne Supremacy the other day, I was very surprised to see that the DVD disc (4GB of space) had even more special features than The Avengers’ Blu-Ray disc (which is supposed to have like 50GB of space).
      It’s so obvious that they’re purposely holding back just so that they can release a better version later down the line.

      In fact, when that 10 disc box set was delayed, I remember a press release saying that the new version coming out in 2013 will have even more special features and I couldn’t believe their nerve: to have been holding back extras from what was supposed to the “ultimate collection”.

      From now on, I’m boycotting all the home-releases of Marvel movies: I used to support the studio by immediately buying them on BD/DVD when they came out, but those days are over. I’ll hang on to my money till they release proper versions from now on.

      • And here’s an extra slap in the face, a small section has been edited on the European release, some blood digitally removed from a spear for absolutely no reason!

      • And that Ultimate Edition was only going to available in the USA.

        • To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even notice the blood-thing when I was watching the movie on Blu-Ray… and I probably never would have noticed it either if you hadn’t just brought it up ;)

          And I’m actually kinda glad the 10 disc, ultimate collection isn’t available in other countries. As a huge fan, I was considering buying the set despite already owning all the movies (some being 2-disc editions and some being steel-book editions) before news came that it was US-only — now I have no choice in the matter, which is bad news for my fanboy-self, but good news for my wallet.

          But yeah, the whole situation is a huge slap in the face regardless (and I too, blame the distributor: that evil mouse with the squeaky voice).

          • I have The Avengers Blu Ray and feel it was kinda a waste of money. Would have been happier to buy a stream if i knew the extras where as bad as this. The 5 min documentary is kinda insulting. With Disneys great wisdom all the deleted scenes where released online, even the gag reel for goodness sake. The one shot is like a scene from a silly sitcom with a “ditzy” girl that is now in vogue. In fact the one thing that could have saved this was Joss Whedons commentary, but no don’t get that either as there has to be room for a spanish audio track i will never use. It’s a damn shame Paramount get their name slapped on this release, been mostly pleased with Paramount releases.

            And why the 10 disc set is not available in Europe is beyond me, is our money not good enough ?

      • It’s called the Lucas strategy. Remember when Phantom Menace came out on home video and it only released on tape… yes VHS. And remember what Star Wars was before special edition, good luck finding one of those any more.

  10. Anyone picking up Indiana Jones the complete adventures on Blu-ray tomorrow as well as cabin in the woods.

    • Not getting the Indiana Jones boxset, it contains Crystal Skull, really not interested paying money for that silly installment.

      • I think they are also available for individual purchase, I may just get Raiders of the lost Ark since its my all time fav.

  11. sounds like you guys in Europe & SA are getting shafted. but you did get it first. i guess that’s the trade off.

  12. i watched SWATH last night, and I’m not a passenger on the “I hate Kristen Stewart” train, I thought she was okay in the movie, except for her speech before the final battle. it was very forced. and charlize theron was very over-the-top, imo. it was worth watching once.

  13. Awesome 2 min Star Wars Anime Sequence

    • Thanks for sharing that ignur that was freaking awesome, the detail in the animation is amazing :)