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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 16, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 16, 2013

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  1. Hurawl?

  2. Finally saw the new Star Trek this weekend. I don’t understand any of the hate to this movie. It was fantastic and my favorite film of the summer.

    • Hardcore Trekkies want something brand new each and every time… so I understand the hate…

      …but I’m not a hardcore Trekkie so I don’t share it. I really enjoyed Into Darkness also.

      • To the point of something new. I love the new movies but my one small grumble is why do the alternate timeline just to re-tell stories that have already been done.

    • I don’t have any hate towards it. It was one of 4 movies Ive seen this summer and its definitely my favorite behind MoS.

      I just didn’t think it was as epic as its predecessor. Usually sequels are meant to outshine but this story just seemed jumbled. I liked it a lot. But I wanted more.

    • I think a lot of negativity comes from star trek fans and how much it took from wrath of khan, it was nearly the same film. However my problems were rather small, many envolving the klingons which were probably thrown in for the next film. Also cumberbatch was severely underused for a villain and the klingon fight scene to me was unbearable to watch. All the dust and lens flares with more quick cuts was very blah. However it was a fun movie and a worthy predecessor to the amazing first film

      • I never knew the gripe and never saw Wrath of Khan. So that makes sense on trekkies not liking it. Thanks for the explanation.

        • Im a pretty big star trek fan, ive seen every episode of every series (except the animated one) and every film, and i really liked STID. I also think benedict is awesome and was underused and didnt mind that he was kahn. though i was never a really big original kahn fan to begin with.

          • I as well had no problem with what they did with Kahn and that story. I liked the movie a lot. BUT… I really thought it couldve been better. It felt like an episode.

            • Thats the one gripe i had to, it felt to short, which is weird since it was over two hours long.

    • STID is my second favorite film this year (so far), and I agree, I don’t understand the hate.

      Then again, I’m just a fan of movies. I’ve never been a Trekkie, and I’ve only ever seen a few episodes of the original series and one or two of the older movies, so my knowledge of the franchise only goes as far back as the 2009 reboot.

      IMO they’re just great movies that were extremely well executed by the cast and crew.

    • I saw it a few weeks back. I really enjoyed it. I wish they would have developed the villain a bit more, but as a whole, the film was a lot of fun to watch and the special effects were excellent.

  3. What is everyones top 3 animated film? Very hard for me to choose but here we go.

    1. The Iron Giant
    2. The Incredibles
    3. The Lion King

    • 1. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

      that is all.

    • 1-toy story
      2-if anime counts cowboy bebop if not lion king
      3-under the red hood

    • 1. Batman/Superman: Public Enemies
      2. Planet Hulk
      3. Transformers

      I really don’t like Disney animation. Not even growing up.

    • 1. Toy Story
      2. The Incredibles
      3. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (tough choice between that and Toy Story 3)

    • 1. The Land Before Time (This one has stuck with me since childhood, I still quote Ducky and say long neck to this day)
      2. Superman: Doomsday (The Superman film that I wanted to see when Singer made his version)
      3. The Simpsons Movie (The only animated film that I’ve seen in the theater in my adult life…without any of my kids)

    • 1) How to Train Your Dragon
      2) Batman Under the Red Hood
      3) Tangled

      Just saw Tangled recently and have to say, it’s pretty damn good.

      • Tangled was good. I really like How To Train Your Dragon too.

        *******Spoiler Alert for How To Train Your Dragon*******

        It was so refreshing seeing an animated movie aimed at kids that wasn’t stuffed full of rainbows and sunshines. A few heartbreaking things happened (like the kid losing his leg), but in the end everyone was okay and the ending was a happy one. IMO that’s an important lesson for kids to learn too: people experience loss, and it’s easy to get lost in it, but if you can find the positive side of things, you’ll be okay and you’ll be able to move on.
        I guess that’s too much to ask from some animators though: here’s looking at you Turbo, Planes, Cars 2, and all the other uninspired rip offs of rip offs where the characters are all so very WACKY, and their problems are so very WACKY, and the solutions are SO. VERY. WACKY. *facepalm*.

    • 1. Tekonkinkreet
      2.The Nightmare before Christmas
      3…..I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

    • 1. “Batman:Gotham Knights” ( not that it’s the BEST animation, but I enjoy watching the different styles of animation and interpretations of the characters).

      2. “The Thief and the Cobbler” (surrealistic Arabian Nights tales are always fun :) )

      3. “Fantastic Planet” (just a frickin’ cool science fiction film with a good message)

      • Arch ive never heard of any of those besides gotham knights …

        • 2 and 3 are older (1980s, I believe)…FP was French Canadian; TTatC starred Walter Matthau. They were both excellent animated films…TTatc was comedic in nature. FP was more dramatic. Both were a bit weird…I thoroughly enjoyed them.

    • @ Trey

      Who Framed Roger Rabbit

      Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm

      Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker (Unrated cut)

    • Heavy Metal, all 3 toy stories, the incredibles

      • if dr m can count WFRR [not entirely animated] then tied for 1st place i would have to put Pink Floyd The Wall

    • 1.) “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”
      2.) “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
      3.) “Hercules”

  4. Favourite villian of the year, its a hard one for me, Sharlto Copely as Kruger owned it imo.

    • Gonna have to agree, Elysium was a letdown… but Sharlto Copely was the best part by far.

      1. Copely
      2. Cumberbach
      3. Shannon

      • Yeah thats how my list would go I thought Shannon was great as well as Cumberbatch, but Copley was something else.

      • I had a hard time understanding copley and his pitch really threw me off. For me id say shannon and cumberbatch.

    • KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • …I just realized he never actually said that in MOS, but you get the point ;)

    • @Alchemy:


      You never saw that coming.

      • @BigNerd, as right as you are I didnt find The mandarin as a memorable villian, I dont hate IM3 as much as most I actually enjoyed it but The mandarin (twist aside) was underwhelming IMO.

      • @ BigNerd

        +1 I didn’t expect the way Kingsley turned out neither when Stark & Rhodey confront him. It was sad & surprising twist as the film progressed towards the 3rd act.

    • Shannon and Cumberpatch.

      I’m limited LOL.

    • @alchemy – The kaiju, hands down.

    • For me it was easily Shannon as Zod.

  5. Yeah I can understand that and I cant really argue with it, I thought he was fantastic and something different and original.

  6. I saw the Family and enjoyed it, perhaps because I went in expecting a dark comedy and what I got was a dark comedy…

    …I glance at RT and see that it’s at 33%…

    Yikes. I think one too many critics were expecting Goodfellas.

    • Hollywood can’t market comedy films (and it is understandable since humor is subjective). I’ve learned that word of mouth is the best way to discover which comedies are worth watching.

      Honestly, they should just do comparisons when describing a comedy.

      “If you liked Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, then you’ll love Dude Where’s My Car.”

      • I loved Bill and Ted’s but I hated Dude Where’s My Car… HAHA. But I get the comparison. The actors made the latter a terrible movie.

        • I used Bogus Journey in my example because it’s considered the lesser movie of the Bill & Ted franchise.

          • i see what u did there.

  7. Wouldn’t mind seeing it i’m curious about it. Did anyone see 2 guns by any chance I wanna check that out but not sure?

    • It wasnt bad, pretty solid. The two leads had fantastic chemistrt and helped the film emmensly

      • Yeah thats all I was hoping for really, looks like a good enough time most critics were giving it really bad reviews.

        • It ended up fresh on rottentomatoes even if its not by a lot

  8. I watched Hell Baby over the weekend. I thought it had some very funny moments, but the gross out attempts were dumb. I can’t understand why Hollywood can’t make a decent horror comedy and when they do, I don’t hear about it until it is on Netflix (Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil). Hell Baby had funny moments, but most of those were negated by their horror movie tropes and attempts at gore. However, the film has members of Reno 911 and Human Giant involved. A lot of good comedians pop up during this film. So if you like horror comedies, I recommend renting Hell Baby On Demand but it really isn’t worth watching in the theater.

    • So did I!!!!

      The cops from Reno as priests reminded me of Lucy: Daughter of the Devil.

      • I have not seen that. But after googling it, H. Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman…sounds like Bob’s Burgers! And I just mean sounds…voice actors.

        What did you think of Hell Baby? The Priests were hilarious. Kumail Nanjiani’s cable installer/stoner scene was so funny. And Keegan-Michael Key cracked me up throughout the movie.

        I’m on the fence about this movie. I laughed quite a bit, but then other stuff was like “WHY? Why ruin the hilarity by adding that?”

        • Parts tried a bit too hard perhaps, sure. I thought it was funny. I love Comedy Central and Hell Baby felt like a made for Comedy Central kind of movie. (sort of like those made for SciFi movies)
          My favorite part is when the priests are explaining to the cops how they became priests. I thought that was hilarious.

          Lucy: Daughter of the Devil is one of the best kept secrets there is BTW. The reason it sounds like Bob’s Burgers- both were created by Loren Bouchard.

          • I did enjoy the priest back stories. My wife really liked it except for the last 20 minutes (the labor) and the creepy old lady…she thought that seemed unnecessary.

            I will have to check out Lucy, if I can.

            • The old lady… hahaha.

              I actually thought that bit got funnier once you realized who the old lady was… like by the time she just shows up and starts yelling behind the stacked boxes.

              • I think we may have similar tastes in humor, so I’m more interested in watching The Family now. (It’ll be a home rental though)

                • It’s definitely rent-able. Just don’t expect an air tight story and screenplay because you won’t find one. If you just expect to laugh I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

                  • That’s why I watch comedies…to laugh.

                • Lucy: Daughter of the Devil and Bob’s Burgers are two very, VERY different shows BTW, even though they share the same creator.

                  IMHO, Lucy is much better.

                  • I assumed with that title that Lucy wasn’t making burgers in a diner. ;) I don’t have cable, so I’ll have to see if Lucy is on Hulu or Netflix, if not…I’ll probably miss out on that gem.

    • There are so many horror movies that I want to see but no one to see with and my son isn’t a good person to be watching them with right now either!

      • My wife hates horror movies, so normally I watch them on Netflix alone…late at night…with the lights off…quietly….clutching my blankie. But, she saw the trailer for Hell Baby and laughed, so she allowed me to rent it.

        • all my wife wants to watch are horror movies, then she gets scared by a “jump scare” scene, and will yell at me “dang it! why didn’t you tell me that was gonna happen?!?!” or, something like that…lol…but it’s gotten that i am bored with horror movies. the ones she picks out are so stupid [the latest such turkey was rosewood lane, by the guy who did jeepers creepers & powder... what a turd.] i did like insidious and sinister was ok. will rent insidious 2 when available. not paying theater prices to see that.

          • My wife no longer allows scary movies not even around Halloween. I used to get a horror movie once a year. See, she was pregnant at the time and it was Halloween. She allowed me to pick out the movies. I picked out the Strangers. Her pregnant brain didn’t allow her to sleep well for weeks and whenever I was gone at night (I was wrapping up college classes and I worked), she was freaked out. So no more horror movies for us…not even on Halloween.

            Last year, we watched Hotel Transylvania with our daughter. Consider yourself lucky :)

  9. This weekend I watched “Now You See Me” and “iSteve”.

    NYSM had a boring start, and then it got good. I honestly thought that the European girl was the secret magician starting from the beginning. I didn’t think the writers were stupid enough to make it Midget Ruffalo but I was wrong. Once the ending came up and it was him, I turned it off.

    As for iSteve… that was funny and stupid at the same time. I don’t know the whole story of Mr Jobs but they definitely did a good job poking fun. And Justin Long is always great.

    • so basically you watched to whole film, because the “twist” in Now You See Me literally happens at the very end of the film.

      • Wait, what?

        I watched the whole film to see the twist. That is correct. When a film has a twist, you tend to stick around for it.

        • ah, i see, sorry i misunderstood i think. i thought you were saying that once you saw the twist you thought it was dumb and turned it off right then without finishing it.

          • That is also correct. Because the twist was that Mark Ruffalo was the secret magician and I went in thinking that if he is, then it is way to obvious and not clever at all, that I would find it dumb and stupid. So when the reveal happened, I turned off the film. It had 5 minutes left (including credits) so I am sure I didn’t miss much more.

            • oh, haha so i was right with my original comment.

              • Sorry about that Draagyn, I didn’t understand your first comment. That’s why I re-iterated my statement.

  10. *snickers*


    …sorry, couldn’t resist. ;)

    • Statistically speaking, hardly anyone gets it right the first time. Not even in marriage.


      • Wait a sec….I’m on my second marriage, but it’s my wife’s first…so by your logic, I’m good, but she’s not. On the plus side, at least I already know the lawyer, right?

  11. Who actually thinks that the final season of Dexter can totally redeem itself with the final episode? I have high hopes for it but I also have a big fear it’ll leave me facepalmed.

    • I am hoping that it redeems itself but so far I am fearful with all the articles online saying that “some people will hate it while others will like it”. I know I shouldn’t be disappointed but I guess I was spoiled seeing how Spartacus set the bar pretty high when it comes to season ending series finales. Breaking Bad is the only series soo far that even comes close to providing a season ending series finale that will rival Spartacus IMO.
      Speaking of which, sad scene on Breaking Bad last night with Hank. Excellent episode

  12. Scranters – with our comedy is subjective discussion, I’d like to ask who your favorite comedy director/writer is. For instance, I cannot stand comedies from Woody Allen, Charlie Kaufman, or Wes Anderson…I have nothing against anyone who likes them, but they just aren’t my thing. However, I like the comedy movies from the Farrelly Brothers, Judd Apatow, Edgar Wright, Mike Judge, Evan Goldberg, and David Wain…among many others.

    But my absolute favorite has to be Mel Brooks. I’m stuck in the 80s.

    Hail Skroob!

    • As far as comedy writers/directors go:

      Film: Shane Black, Todd Phillips, Adam McKay, and Judd Apatow

      TV: Seth MacFarlane, Gary Janetti, Alec Sulkin, Kirker Butler, Shawn Ries… This list could go on forever.

      • TV: Greg Daniels, Tina Fey, Dan Harmon, Mitch Hurwitz, Tom Lennon, Ben Garant, Trey Parker, and Matt Stone

        • TV writers are a dime a dozen. A lot of them are stand up comedians as well. I guess you’d have to understand their style of comedy to figure out which episodes are theirs, ya know?

          • How could I forget about Ben Edlund? SPOON!

            Your differentiating the style comment made me think of my favorite Supernatural episodes which are normally Ben’s.

    • What, no Ivan Reitman?! ;)

      1. Charlie Chaplin
      2. Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker
      3. Savage Steve Holland

      • Ivan has directed some great comedies (and the best movie of all time :D ), but he hasn’t written anything.

      • And how could I forget about ZAZ? Naked Gun, Airplane, and Ruthless People are classics for me.

      • savage steve is a great writer/ director [better off dead is one of my top 5 comedies](seems like john cusak went thru a phase back then where all his films seemed to run together…better off dead; one crAZY SUMMER; THE SURE THING…NOW, LOOK HIM UP ON NETFLIX. HE HAS A $H!T-TON OF dtv FILMS THAT ALL LOOK LIKE TGHE SAME PLOT (oops) what’s up with that?) and all the tv shows he writes for are pretty good as well. my kids enjoyed his nick shows, and BBT is one of my favorites.

    • Edgar wright, ivan reitman and judd apatow. Tho
      Apatow needs to visit the cutting room more cause he is a long winded film maker only to be bested by peter jackson.

  13. Because I agree so much with fellow posters on this site saying insidious is like the new saw franchise, I want to play a game. Over or under 7 insidious movies. My guess would be able 5 of them before they just so a reboot.

    • It is going to depend on the team that brings us Chapter 3. I feel there is a good chance they could flat out drop the ball if Wan is not there.

      I say at worst one more movie, at best call it at 4.

  14. So I saw Insidious Chapter 2 this weekend. I know from reading comments on the SR review there are quite a few Insidious haters here.

    I do have to say I have not had trouble going to sleep after seeing a horror movie in at least 20 years(that would put me at about 10). I think I know what it is. The way that Wan can bring good acting into a well developed world make you feel like it could be you right here in that situation. Wan really broke the typical mold of late that you just need gore and a girl to taker her top off and you have a horror movie. It really is sad to see him leave the genre even though I understand his reasons.

    • I agree. This is why it is sad to see Wan leave the genre but I do hope that it’s a trend that other directors in this genre hopes to follow. Yes, his films isn’t the scariest but it’s been the most script/detailed oriented movie in years. The whole first person horror flick is just horrible and it seems like the horror movies that do come out focuses on the young girl that is some hot girl that doesn’t use common sense to get out of an obvious bad situation with a flash of nudity. The there is flashes of blood, gore, and bad acting with an equally bad script. Wan brought something refreshing to the table and will be missed in this genre

  15. I bought “Queen and country” the other day. It really is a very cool realistic take on espionage comics. However, with news that the movie is possibly going ahead with Ellen Page as “Tara”…..I really don’t see her in the role. Having just read it, Ellen Page seems a completely wrong fit for Tara.

    If you haven’t read “Queen and Country”, it reminded me a lot of the early episodes of “Homeland”. So if you like that, you’ll probably like Q&C.

  16. Does anyone have a favorite director/directors?

    • Christopher Nolan, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Rian Johnson

      Guilty Pleasures: Michael Bay, Roland Emmerich

      thats just off the top of my head.

    • Draagyn’s guilty pleasures are my favorite directors. They have rarely failed me when it comes to a movie. Other than that we have Jim Cameron, Richard Donner, and John McTiernan.

      • i agree with LC and draagyn’s, and ad the late John Hughes to that list, he really knew how to tell a funny, and moving story.

        • @ jeffro

          +1 About John Hughes.

    • So many to choose from….nobody really contends with Scorsese and Spielberg. Guillermo del Toro and Edgar Wright both have their own style that is growing on me lately. Robert Zemeckis and John Hughes both have directed some of my favorite movies. Tim Burton has such a unique style that even his worst films are interesting. Cameron, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Bay, Coppola, Fincher, Nolan, Raimi…who could it be? Is my absolute favorite Quentin Tarantino or is it the Coen Brothers? I can’t decide…….my head may explode…Ghostbusters…AHHHHHHHHH! Too much stress!

      Tim Burton for me ;)

      • @ Prof

        You have a point about Tim Burton. His best work imo would be during the late 80′s to maybe Mars Attacks. Dark Shadows wasn’t too bad & havn’t seen FrankinWeenie yet.

        • Dark Shadows’ script had issues, but I think Burton redeemed that movie with his style. It could have been way worse if someone else was at the helm.

          Frankenweenie is our planned Halloween family movie this year. My daughter handled Paranorman very well, so I think she’ll like Frankenweenie.

          • @ Prof

            I agree. Frankenweenie is one of those films I been wanting to see but never got to yet. I’ll probly wait till Halloween myself to watch it along w/ Beetlejuice.

            • I thought “Frankenweenie” was excellent, both as an animated film AND as a film…and if you happen to like the old Universal monsters (the classic monster films), it was EVEN better.

        • Tim Burton, IMO, has only 4 good movies. 3 of them star the Michael Keaton.

          Can you guess them, including the 4th?

          • Bats 1, Bats 2, Beatle Juice (the James McCartney and Sean Lennon story), and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.

            • Wow. Nice job. HAHA!

              • Professored! :D

          • I actually like quite a few more than 4 of Burton’s films…

            • The majority of the public does. I just don’t agree though. I really don’t care for most of his movies.

    • Soooooooo many lol!

      Out of those still living and making movies:
      Stephen Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Chris Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, David Fincher, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Peter Jackson, and David O. Russel are all masters of filmmaking imo.

      And Ben Affleck, JJ Abrams, Guy Ritchie, Brad Bird, Joss Whedon (although I’d rate his writing higher than his directing), Edgar Wright, Rian Johnson, Gavin O’ Connor, Mark Webb and Tom Hooper are definitely on my list of keep-an-eye-out-for-these-guys’-movies ;)

      • Marc Webb…the guy had one very well done independent film and then he’s thrown in to reboot one of the most well-known franchises out there. He has impressed me and I can’t wait to see TASM2.

        Rian Johnson has directed some of the best episodes of Breaking Bad. Either he’s been lucky with scripts…or he’s just that good.

        And how could I forget about Abrams. He made me like Star Trek (and I despise him for it) and he reinvigorated the Mission Impossible series. For a guy to get a Star Wars fanboy so interested in its competitive franchise that he’s gone back and watched the original Shatner films. I grew up watching the next generation and never really understood the appeal of the original series. And I always felt the Trek movies were subpar, but in the modern era Trek has surpassed Wars. And to top that, he got me interested in a Tom Cruise franchise after the crazy “I’ve got a new beard” couch jumping incident (also not forgetting the “your glib Matt Lauer” occurrence). Abrams has done the impossible…twice. Now, I can’t wait to see what he does with Star Wars.

        • “Abrams has done the impossible…twice.” – before some Scranter rants about that statement: I meant changing my mind about Trek and getting me to like a Tom Cruise franchise after he went bonkers. I did not mean that he directed two Mission Impossible films.

        • Abrams is 4 for 4 when it comes to directing. This can’t last much longer. Every director has a flop. I really hope its not Star Wars either.

      • Crap, how did i forget JJ Abrams and Joss Whedon?

    • Tim Burton, Ang Lee, and Peter Weir come to mind.

    • @Frank Wally – I should have responded to your director question with this Mel Brooks quote: “Anybody can direct, but there are only eleven good writers.”

      • @ Prof

        Oh yes, Mel Brooks, how did I forget him? Everytime I hear or think of his name, one of my favorite movies pops up right away. Space Balls,lol.

        • I also forgot Wes Craven created one of my favorite horror icons, Freddy.

        • Hail Skroob!

        • @ Wally Castle – If you ever get the chance, watch the episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee featuring Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner. Just a couple of old guys hanging out nightly and making jokes. It’s a pretty spectacular friendship.

          • I will. Thanks.

  17. Mine that comes to mind would be James Cameron & Steven Spielberg.

    • John Hughes would be another I forgot to mentioned since every film of his during the 80′s I enjoyed.

      • hahaha we both said JH “less than a minute ago”

        • John Hughes, more as a writer than director. Yes, he has had 6 out of 8 films in the green for me for directing… but he has written a lot more than I realized. Good catch.

          • Wow, I just IMDB’d him and did not realize he wrote the Great Outdoors and National Lampoons Vacation…and European Vacation…and Christmas Vacation.

            I think I may change my favorite comedy writer/director to Hughes…wait, he wrote Baby’s Day Out…I’m sticking with Brooks.

  18. yup,lol.

  19. LC beat me to Richard Donnor.

  20. Now… who is your favorite producer(s)?

    Joel Silver and Jerry Bruckheimer.

    I win. Discussion closed. LOL