Open Discussion – September 14, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 14, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 14, 2012

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  1. Good Morning Screen Rant!
    Looking for a good movie this weekend.
    Any ideas?
    Preferably something just opening .

    • Not resident evil.

      • So I suggest Arbitrage.

    • Finding Nemo 3D. ;-)

        • Dammit Jeff! That’s what I was gonna say! ;)

        • I need to rewatch Finding Nemo…..

  2. So did anybody pick up the DVD or BluRay for the office season 8? Is it even worth it?

    I’m still deciding. I love the show one of my favorites of all time I just didnt care too much for that season and don’t know if I see myself watching it too often.

  3. Hmmm.
    The Richard Gere film.
    I will think about it.
    Thanks .

  4. Got to hang out at the Sony Studios lot last night and watch the first screening of ‘Identity Thief’ staring Melissa McCarthy and Jason Bateman. Was a really funny movie!! Some tweaks need to be made here and there but overall it was pretty good. Plus got to meet Jason Bateman after the movie!! He’s a cool dude.

  5. What’s up fellow ranters. I’m wide awake this mo
    rning, so let’s hope I don’t screw up anything like I did a couple of days ago. I’ll ask this question. Which actor or actress would you want 2 see play a villian in a comic book movie and who should that villian be?

    Off the top of my head I will say the Guy who does the Allstate commercials and used 2 star in the unit. Can’t think of his name, but I think he
    could be good for the role of darkside. He’s at a good height (6’4) and has the perfect voice 2 bring the lord of apocalypse 2 life on the big screen.

    • Paul bettany as the riddler

      • you know he’s the voice of jarvis in IM right?

    • I was thinking about this after watching some old ‘Letterman’. Jennifer Garner would be a great ‘Harley Quinn’. She has this wide sinister smile plus her personality would be perfect for the character so not a lot of acting or “over acting” would be needed.
      Honestly, some make-up and a good script, I bet she could do a Heath Ledger with the character.

      • Garner as HQ? That sounds awful!

        Now, Kristen Bell as Harley, that would be worth seeing.

        • Charleze Theron and Helena Bonham Carter would be great Harley Quinns.

          • @Rickster

            I can totally see Charlize Theron as Harley Quinn as well… But physically I think Jaime Pressly would have been pretty awesome, but she’s starting to look a bit old now…

            • @ Ken J

              If they had her train well enough, she might be able to play a good Harley Quinn.

        • You know who would have been an AMAZING Harley Quinn when she was younger? Jaime Pressly…

          Kristen Bell I would see, but I don’t think she can pull off the kind of scary crazy yet still cute thing Harley Quinn does…

          I think that role would need someone with very good acting chops actually. You have to somehow have a character that can be convincing as a psychiatrist, yet can do “crazy” well enough to join in the ranks of Joker… All the while still being kind of scary/funny/cute all at the same time… Pretty tall order I think…

          • What about Jennifer Lawrence?

            She definitely has the looks and from what I’m hearing about her performance in the Silver Linings Playbook, she could probably nail the crazy and funny parts as well.

            • @DT

              Too young, and not sure if her body type would be fitting for the character…

          • @ Ken J

            I liked Harley Quinn as she was in Batman:TAS. Funny,cute & mean at times but still loved her Mr. J despite how he treated her,lol.

            • @Wallywst

              I have a it of a crush on that Harley Quinn, lol. Always thought she was super cute. For that take on the character, if we want to go overboard a little on the cute-ness, Katina Bowden would fit the bill. :-P

              • @ Ken J

                I have to admit she was like the little sister i id never want or but love at the sametime,lol. There were times i hope Batman went easy on her which im sure he did sometimes because he knew who she was before Joker twisted her mind. Katina Bowden, name sounds familiar, id have to look her up.

            • Ack wtf is up with my keyboard? Or is it my typing?? Obviously I meant WallyWest, and I meant to type Katrina Bowden…

              • @ Ken J

                Lol, Im feeling the same way right now,lol.

        • My reasoning is that the character would be such a departure from her usual roles that Mrs Affleck couldn’t fail, we’d be thrown by the stark difference. The problem I have with Kristen Bell is that we wouldn’t be surprised, she has the look but that wouldnt be enough.

          Maybe I’m trying too hard to recreate the same circumstance that led to Heath Ledgers turn as The Joker. I couldn’t have been the only one who was beyond surprised that the “pretty boy” from A Knights Tale would play a character as sinister as the Joker.

          • @ezee

            I think the issue with Garner is not that it’s different from her normal roles, it is simply that she’s not a good actress. Heath Ledger was always a decent actor, so even though it was surprising to cast him for the role, I don’t think anyone really thought he would have been “bad” in it as in bad acting…

      • Someone said it before but Brittany Murphy R.I.P would’ve made a perfect Harley Quinn to Heath Leagers Joker.

        • @ Hi-C

          I was one of them who said Brittany Murphy would of been perfect as Harley Quinn. Just not to Ledger’s Joker but to the Character in the next reboot.

    • Dennis Haysbert.

    • David Tennant as the Riddler.

      • Agreed, I thought he was brilliant in Fright Night. I think The Riddler has to be a British actor, there a level of “sophisticated genius” that only they can pull off effortlessly.

  6. Joe Pesci as a proper gangster Penguin!

    • @Zom-B

      Why, do you think he’s a funny guy? Is he funny like a clown? Is he there just to amuse you?


  7. Who ever portrays Harley Quinn neeeds to be a hot looking pysco you-know-what.

    • Summer Glau?

  8. So has anyone who enjoys the Resident Evil movie franchise seen the latest installemnt yet and if so what did you think? I know those who don’t like the RE franchise and or Paul Anderson are going to rip it so thats why I’m hoping someone who likes the RE series can comment on the latest one.

    • I think Paul WS Anderson is a good film maker, Event Horizon was a masterclass, and Mortal Kombat was probably the best video game movie ever.

      But the RE series is very hit and miss, the first three aren’t bad, the first is actually very well made. But the fourth was just awful, it was like watching something else completely detached from both the game and movie franchises.

      And the fifth just look awful.

      • I too felt that the first was the best, a classic in that genre (video game to big screen). Its one of my regulars, movies I watch every 1 – 3 years. I however didn’t think the 4th was the worst. To me the third was the worst. It was a huge dissapointment for me b/c it hit the theatres the first few months I was in Dallas and it was the first movie I had gone to see at a midnight screening (we didn;t have such things were I moved from) and so I was very excited and when it was over I left very dissapointed. Its not that its wasn’t entertaining just that I did not have proper expectations for it.

        I’d have to say that of the RE franchise the third one had the worst Trailer to Movie ration, where the trailer does a proper job of representing what you can expect from the movie.

  9. RE RETRIBUTION – Update
    The Tomatometer at RottenTomatoes shows the critics to Audience rastings at %14 to %87 with 7 critic reviews and over 27,000 user reviews.

    that tells me that a fan of the series is probably going to like this installment.

  10. Really enjoyed Killer Joe. Matt is back! Plus the Paperboy looks awesome

  11. Resident Evil 5 – Retribution

    As of this writing the Tomatometer shows a Critics to Audience review of RE5 as being %20 (Critics) to %87 (Audience). This should tell you something about RE5 and that is you that if you go to RE5 expecting an RE film you most likely will leave satisfied or better. If however you’re expecting something different then chances are you will be disappointed.

    RE5R (Resident Evil 5 Retribution) is not meant to be an award nominee nor is it even trying to make any top 10 lists. RE5R is expanding the RE story with some classic characters form the game that have not been in any of the films united with characters from every RE movie so far (RE 1 -4 all have at least 1 character represented in RE5 from Jill Valentine to the leader of the RE Security team in the first RE movie). RE5R is also an over the top unbelievable action flick that makes no attempt to convey anything close to believable reality. What would be the point of trying to do that when your key premise is about a global zombie apocalypse? RE5R is a mindless popcorn flick that crams in as much zombie action as possible in 90 minutes.

    The movie starts out with a brief narrative by the story’s heroine along with flashbacks from all 4 RE films. The RE storyline in general is simple and so the 3-5 minute narrative by the lead character is sufficient to bring the typical viewer up to speed should they have missed one or more of the previous RE films.

    After the background info the movie picks up the pace and seldom slows down for more than the briefest of periods. RE5 is 90 minutes of bullet slinging zombie apocalyptic mayhem featuring gory zombie’s creature action in unrealistic scenes doing impossible things. Basically, the kind of thing you’d want in an RE film.

    The main premise of RE5 is a rescue mission, to (once again) help Alice break free from Umbrellas control. Her rescue team is comprised of past RE film favorites along with some new faces representing favorites from the RE game yet to be featured in an RE film. The film features both familiar and new villains which in some cases prove to be twice as fun as before.

    The climax features an old fashioned “girls kick butt” fight scene between Alice and Jill Valentine. Those 2 deal some serious blows to each other with Jill Valentine bringing Alice closer to death than anyone else in any previous RE film.

    The film doesn’t end with this climatic fight but instead goes on for a few more minutes so as to setup the plot for an anticipated RE6. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but let’s just say that the end of RE5R is one of the more impressive “wow” moments of the film as the camera pulls away for a widescreen shot of what is dubbed as “Humanity’s Last Stand”.

    I for one hope that RE5R does well (financially speaking) and enough so that it brings about an RE6 so that Paul Anderson can complete the RE franchise story line. The RE5R ending leaves the story at a point that will require RE6 to raise the stakes and produce a non-stop zombie apocalypse film unlike any to date. I personally look forward to the day RE6 is released to the big screen.

    I give RESIDENT EVIL – Retribution 3.5 stars out of 5.

    • No offense but most if the audience reviews are just stupid.

      • Geez man, let the guy say what he thinks…
        At least he isn’t trolling and only saying things like “[Insert movie name] sucked big time!” or “[Insert movie name] was the best movie of all time!” without giving reasons.

        Personally, I couldn’t care less about the RE franchise, but I for one appreciate reading movie goers’ opinions/reviews, as well as the critics’… even if I don’t agree with it.

        • I meant the audience reviews on RT are stupid because theyre usually just one sentence of I LOVED IT 5/5 or I HATED IT 0-1/5. And then rotten percents these and people take them seriously.

          • Oh, sorry man… I misunderstood.

  12. Bought heat and John hillcoats the proposition on blu Ray today. haven’t seen either I’m excited to watch them.

  13. Just saw The Expendables 2 twice this week. It was better than the first without a doubt. I was glad Arnold, Bruce, & even Lundgren got more screen time with dialogue. The more of Chuck i saw, the happier i got,lol. Liam Hemsworth was great. After seeing him i though to myself they should of had him play Duke in G.I Joe instead of Channing Tatum. JCVD was a good villain but i felt he wasn’t given much screentime to show his stuff. Overall despite Jet Li wasn’t in it throughout, it was better than the first imo.

  14. Is RT rendered totally irrelevant if reviews for Resi Evil are terrible yet people swarm in to see it anyway ? Dredd 3D is currently at 91% on RT yet i doubt it will make half the money Resi does. What a sad state of affairs.

    • Ive never liked or trusted rotten tomatoes. Mostly cause the critics arent consistent neither are the audience reviews meaning they usually flock to a movie they wanna hate and bash it or they go to a movie they want to like and give it 5/5. There are those who may review well(roger eberts on there) but those are buried with the others.

  15. Is Screen Rant planning to review Arbitrage , the new Richard Gere Film?
    I know it is being released in a very limited way,But ,I saw and enjoyed it .
    i would be curious to get SR’s perspective .