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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 13, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 13, 2013

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  1. Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! Be safe and the best of luck to everyone!

    • @ LC

      Im staying away from Crystal Lake here in Iowa,lol.

      • I’m just staying away from Iowa, period! HAHA!

        • hahaha…as a former resident, I agree!

          • Cute, all of you.

            Speaking of States, two potatoes are sitting on a park bench. How can you tell which one is a prostitute?
            It’s the one that says “I-Da-Ho” on it….

            • *charging particle ray*

              • For that… its worth crossing the streams!

  2. <<< Gonna be watching all Friday The 13th films today.

  3. And to you LC!!

    Is anybody beside me just complete stoked for the new season of Arrow? I can’t wait, especially to see how they do The Flash.

    • Loved the First one.just waiting for second now.

    • Haven’t watched it enough Stark. Not a big fan of Green Arrow. Watch it here & there.

    • I am definitely stoked, Tony! I’m glad I waited til this year to watch Smallville as well. It has me stoked for more of what WB/DC has to offer

    • I can’t wait. I loved the first season and I am interested to see how they are going to handle The Flash character

      • Im super excited for season 2 of arrow. Even more so knowing Summer Glau is gonna be in it. I plan on buying the first season on DVD after its released next week.

  4. Question regarding True Blood. Is Bill back being around 200 years old before he was reborn after he drank Lilith’s blood? Because I wondered why Violet would be afraid of him if she’s known to be the 2nd oldest vampire yet when she mentioned she’s 800 years old.

    • Good questions. I think when after he drank Lilith’s blood he was too strong and powerful but now that he is back to normal I would think he wouldn’t be strong enough to take on Violet. I think though with Violet being with Jason, that might have something to do with her not taking on Bill being that Sooki is Jason’s sister. Who knows though. I never thought about it until now

      • She sure as heck wasn’t afraid of Warlow I guess. I remember her getting in front of Jason & taking a blast from Warlow & she was out cold.

    • I wonder about Violet, if she’s so strong, how did she get captured in he first place? The only reason Erik was there was because he allowed himself to be.

      Since next season is going to be the last, it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

      On related news, just finished Season 5 of The Vampire Diaries and I will have to say that if you look past the soap opera/teen angst part of it, it’s really good. You can see similar production styles in Arrow which is probably why I stuck to watching it. The spinoff, The Originals, looks to be good too as it’s a more “adult” based Vampire series, although now that the Mystic Falls gang is off to college, I guess TVD isn’t really a high school drama anymore.

      • @ BigNerd

        They probly caught Violet off guard with their fancy weapons just as they took down Nora & Pam. Only Pam is way younger but still caught off guard.

        I hope Season 7 is worth while with it being the last.I haven’t got into TVD because it looked something like the Twilight films. I wonder how long Walking Dead will go on for.

        • @FrankWest:

          That was the same reason why I avoided TVD, but it grew on me. I do wish they would show more flashbacks on how other characters came to be vampires (I like Origin comics :) ) but I guess they have shown almost all of them already (I don’t remember one for Lexi).

          I think someone here said Season 3 was the best.

          • @ BigNerd

            It might grow on me too. Im a late bloomer when it comes to liking tv shows.

  5. Gotta Love the Forever Evil series after reading the first Issue…what happens next?

    • I’m swinging by the comic shop after work to pick up the monthly pile of comics. I plan to read it this weekend.

  6. Did anyone besides me really enjoyed Kane Hodder as Jason? Loved how he looked in Part 7.

  7. Did anyone pick up Star Trek Into Darkness this week? I got the exclusive steelbook pack that came with the little model spaceship at Walmart and it’s great. :)

    • I picked it up too. Not that edition specifically. I actually got the bluray + dvd + digital copy combo pack that was on sale at walmart for $20 and it also came with the first star trek on bluray :D

      • Nice. I almost got that because I don’t have the first one on Blu-Ray but I couldn’t pass up the pretty steelbook. :cool:

        • Sweet dude. Yeah I did the same thing for the TDK trilogy. I was gonna get the boxset on bluray but I wanted the steelbooks. They’re pretty cool.

          • I got the special edition with the phaser

            • Im still getting just DVD’s so i bought the Star Trek into Darkness DVD which came with a digital copy for the film and Star Trek. Which i think was nice. i already own the first star trek but not a digital copy of it. and being at college, its nice to have digital copies of movies and not have to carry around a big cd case full of DVDs

              It also came with access to 23 minutes of special features which i liked because dvds never have special features anymore. DVD releases should do that more often, give you access to online special features.

    • I pre ordered the day it came available for pre order on AMazon. I’m addicted to that site. But yes, Ive watched it 3 times LOL.

    • @boogoo

      I was impatient and got it last week on my Xbox. Wish I had waited. :/

  8. This is neither here nor there, but one time in elementary school I was suspended on false charges. It was on a friday the 13th. Coincidence? I think not.

    • The charge?

    • How does one do something so bad in Elementary school that they get suspended?

      • Good question.

      • Aha Elementary is the place where I was able to get away from anything!

        • Ah no way!! Sry I didn’t see all your guys comments. Ok I’ll tell you the story… Its pretty stupid actually.

          I was in an assembly for 6th grade orchestra which pretty much sounds like nails on a chalk board (no offense to any string players on this site). I got really bored and started shuffling through my backpack for something, ANYTHING to make time pass quicker. I pull out this shiny silver thing and my friend says rather loudly, “THATS A KNIFE!!” Long story short I got hauled off to the principals office in front of all my peers, the principal called my parents who didn’t vouch for me, and I was super confused until I found out the knife was my brothers that he had left in there from summer camp for which he had borrowed my backpack.

          Pretty stupid huh haha..

          • Not bad.

            Worst trouble I’ve ever been in was OSS (out of school suspension) in 8th grade for “mooning” people on stage during a play.

            • hahahaha…Dr. Mindbender, that’s great! It’s that type of initiative needed at Hydra. Welcome aboard!

              Hail Hydra.

              • I only got detention once. for supposedly throwing an apple at a bus. which i wasnt, i was throwing it at a friend and it ROLLED under the bus.

        • I really needed to watch my back when starting food-fights and scrapping on the playground in elementary school…my dad was the principal!

  9. Soo being away from some shows last week I caught up on them finally last night with Dexter, Ray Donovan, Boardwalk Empire, and SOA.
    It’s finally starting to pick up on Dexter and with Saxton. Anyone think Saxton is going to be the one to take out Dexter? I think he might start targeting the people he cares about.
    Boardwalk Empire is starting out great. More Richard Harrow equals a success in my book, lol. Who was he targeting though and was it his sister or wife who he saw at the end? I have a feeling this season will be a setup of how Capone starts gaining power. I hope so at least. So far it’s off to a good start.
    SOA was alright. It felt more like the Gemma show but it’s only the first episode. Clay turning? Yeah, who didn’t see that coming, LOL. It’s the start of the RICO case and we shall see how it turns out

    • It was his sister, he was never married

      • Oh that’s right. I couldn’t remember which one he told Jimmy.

    • Re: Dexter

      Like always, it seems that they are going to pack a ton of storylines into the last 2 episodes.

      I think there is an allusion to because Hannah and Harrison are in his life, Dexter doesn’t seem to need to kill anymore. His father ghost is trying to tell him that he hasn’t changed but it seems obvious to me (IMO) that he has. You can see by how he reacted to Vogel, he now has real emotions as compared to Season 1 where he said he had to fake them.

    • I’m really excited to see how Dexter and Donavon end. For a while I thought show time would pull a fast one on us and have Ray kill Dexter because fun fact, the first person Dexter ever kills on screen is named Mike Donavon. I think the team has enough brain cells left after the last 3 seasons to give us something half way remarkable to end the show on.

  10. How many people here would watch a rated R Dragonball Z movie done by Guillermo del Torro?

    • I would watch anything by Guillermo Del Toro. I really like his movies. Are you asking the question because you saw Pacific Rim recently?

      • Well I saw Pacific Rim right when it came out but I’ve wanting a good director to bring DBZ to life for a while now. I just think del Toro would be the best one to do it and Pacific Rim did prove that.

        • I think his entire filmography (not just PR) shows that he’s a really talented director. I think he’s capable of pretty much anything. I would love to see his stop motion project Pinnochio come to fruition. Perhaps after Crimson Peak. Would a DBZ movie by him be pretty sick? Possibly. Given the right screenwriters and other crew members it could be a pretty awesome action spectacle movie. I just doubt that studio execs would be behind a big budget DBZ film. Still, anything big budget or smaller budget would be better than that godawful DB Evolution.

    • Haven’t seen Pacific Rim so I’m still not convinced of Del Toro (Hellboy sucked IMO but Mimic was cool). I would like a Dragonball movie that is incredibly awesome. It doesn’t need to be rated R since so much can be done via PG-13 nowadays. But a DB or DBZ movie that is visually fantastic and deep into story.

      • Yeah. definitely doesnt need to be R.

        @LC you gotta see PR man. Its my favorite movie so far this year. Either that or Into Darkness. You didn’t like Hellboy but did you see the sequel? Hellboy II was amazing, a vast improvement on the first one. I would also recommend Pans Labyrinth but if you wanna see Del Toro’s chops as an action director then go see Pacific Rim.

        • PR will be watched when its out on DVD here soon. Ive seen PL and HB2. Didn’t like either one. I mainly don’t like Ron Perlman. PL was just weird.

          • Its an acquired taste to be sure. I just eat that stuff up haha. I’m also a big fan of Tim Burton (when his movies dont suck) and Henry Selick’s stuff.

            You gotta admit tho Ron Perlman has a super bada** voice! He was clayface in Batman TAS, a baddie in Tangled, and other voiceacting stuff that I’m struggling to remember.

      • I liked PR. Visually it was just amazing. Aside from that there wasn’t really anything special, IMO. I think DT could be a great director but he needs to have the right people with him, especially when it comes to screen writing. You get the writers for Star Trek Into the Darkness with DT just focusing on directing then you might have something.

    • I think Del Toro would be excellent in bringing the visual aspects to life. As far as directing? I don’t know. It just really depends on who is doing the writing. If DT is doing the writing then no. If not, then I am okay with it

  11. Two years ago on Friday the 13th my wife, buddy, and I went to watch one of the many sequels (as per usual). Long story short, didn’t have a working copy of the original or remake, so my buddy put on a flick he had seen and thought would definitely be in the spirit of the day. The movie was Triangle, and I have pushed this movie like a drug dealer ever since.

    • Thank you, Mr Durden. It’s been added to my next order on Amazon LOL.

      • First one’s free

  12. I think Timothy Olyphant should be cast as Deadpool. And by golly, someone should make that happen.

    Hail Hydra.

    • Good choice if Reynolds gives up. I’m reminded of his performance in A Man Apart. That would be a great fit.

      • I thought Reynolds did a fine job as Wade in X-Men Origins, but I think that FOX should distance itself from that mistake (Deadpool with no mouth!) and cast someone new. Then, that person can poke fun at Reynold’s portrayal of the character.

        I was watching last year’s season of the League on Netflix last night, and Timothy Olyphant was a sushi chef and he was hilarious.

        • They could do that, but a new iteration of Deadpool could still feature Reynolds and he could still poke fun at the “merc with no mouth” from Origins. Deadpool breaks the 4th wall all the time.

          • My issue with Reynolds is that he’s too pretty for the executives at FOX to allow him to be scarred up with a mask covering that face.

            But, I’d pretty much take anyone if Deadpool finally got his own movie.

            • Hmmm… I hadn’t thought of that. That was one of the things that ruined venom in Spidey3. They kept peeling back his cool mask to show off Topher Grace. Idk why he’s not even that famous. It would definitely make more sense with Reynolds to do that, but they shouldn’t w/deadpool.

              Has Marvel ever done a animated movie just about Deadpool? That would be pretty awesome.

              • Hulk Vs Wolverine had him in it.

              • Don’t get me started on Spidey 3…

                First movie – Harry and Peter established as friends
                Second movie – Harry and Peter friends. Harry and Spidey enemies. Harry learns secret identity and hires Doc Ock to capture Parker. Set up for an epic conclusion in the next movie.
                Third movie – Harry gets amnesia. WTF!

                Then the butler tells him a story……a story that he probably should have told Harry long before he went mad and had a pumpkin bomb tossed at him.

    • Hail Hydra!

      (I can work part time for them. Cobra Commander isn’t paying attention half the time anyway)

      Neat choice, if Reynolds is done like Leather-O said.

      Reynolds is perfect for that part though, methinks.

      • Being in Hydra is a full-time gig ;)

        And we’re not stooopid like Cobra. We’ll surround our enemies with fire instead of pointing the flame thrower directly at the hero with a shield…wait, we are stooopid.

        • I want to join!! I promise I’ll teach my 6 month old to Hail Hydra!! :)

          • HA! I just taught my 10 month old “touchdown!” So, I think Hail Hydra should be next. Great idea :D

    • @ Professor P.

      Good choice, but only if Reynolds backs out.

  13. Anyone heard any recent updates of the Shane Black Doc Savage movie? Is it progressing?

  14. Happy Friday! I’m thinking of going to the store after work and buying the Iron Man 3 Blu-Ray; is that out or just online purchase for now? I heard about all the drama behind it before I saw the movie, plus my now ex was bugging me the whole movie, so I feel it’s worth another look.

    • Watching twice does point out that gaping plot hole when the mansion is attacked.

      Jarvis says something like: “This suit has no offensive capabilities”

      …uh, so deploy 5 or 6 that do, Jarvis…

      • @ Dr. M

        I never thought of that. That’s a great point. Why didn’t he use the 50 suits in the cellar?

      • Hahaha Yes, I remember there being a lot of holes in the story…I’m sure a second viewing will only point them out even more!

        • @ DeRockStar

          As much as I hate to say it you’re right. It was a bit of a disappointment.

    • I think its still just digital. I bought the copy via Amazon so I could watch it early. I think its out this coming Tuesday. Ill still buy the blu ray copy. Or else my shelf will look naked LOL.

      • I bought the digital version of Star Trek a few weeks back so I could finally see it. Well worth the money.

        And I’ll have to see if the wife allows me to buy Iron Man 3.

        • I bought the digital bundle version of Star Trek as well (1st/2nd) and it was well worth it. Both movies are just fantastic.

    • Coming to Wal-Mart where I work on Sept. 24 or Sept. 28…somewhere right in there. I’ll be buying my copy the first day available!

      • {Referring to Iron Man #3.}

  15. One year from now we will be talking about:

    What was best: TASM 2, X-Men: DoFP, or GoTG?

    (hopefully, all three are incredible)

    …some of us might be saying…

    “I’m just hoping CA:WS doesn’t suck”

    …while others…

    “Whatever, that brief Batman/Superman teaser is all I need for the next year.”

    • DoFP has to be epic in order to save the franchise. I am betting it will be.

    • I’ll be talking about Interstellar coming out in a few months :D

    • Cannot wait! I’m stoked for Godzilla as well, the big bad is finally coming back lol. To be honest, apart from How To Train Your Dragon 2, TAMS2, Godzilla and Interstellar, I’m more excited to start getting little bits of info here and there about the Man of Steel sequel aha.

    • SPIDEY!!!

    • CA:WS is released on my birthday. I will be taking the day off and will most likey see it twice. Can’t wait!

    • Cap is coming out before any of these….

      • @ Kyle

        Wow. For whatever reason, I was under the impression that Cap was a fall release… I don’t know why…

        … but yeah upon checking, it’s going to be first! Cool!

  16. im jonesing for big bang theory and arrow starting…plus hockey is less then a month

  17. Hey Guys maybe this is a weird question but what are your fave movies out of specific hollywood franchises? Why are they your faves?

    Here are a few of mine:

    X-men movies: X2
    Middle Earth: Two Towers
    HP films: Azkaban
    SW: ROTJ, I know it should be Empire but I watch ROTJ way more.
    Marvel Phase 1: Iron Man

    • X-Men movies: Origins: Wolverine (Shoot me now)
      HP Films: Goblet of Fire
      Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
      Marvel Phase 1: Thor
      Star Trek: First Contact

      I don’t like LOTR.

      • Dude I love first contact!! May I ask why you picked Attack of the Clones?

        A few more:

        Indiana Jones: the last crusade
        Spidey films: Spiderman 2
        Terminators: Judgement Day
        Batman movies: Batman Begins

        • @movieDude

          The action in that movie is the best out of the 6 IMO. All of the stories are bland so that one sticks out and seems very controversial.

          Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade
          Spider-Man: Spider-Man 3
          Terminators: Judgement Day
          Batman: Batman 89
          Blade: Blade 1
          Predator: Predator 1
          TMNT: The first one
          Superman: MoS
          Lethal Weapon: First one
          Die Hard: Die Harder
          Alien: Can I say Prometheus?
          Rocky: Rocky 2

    • @ movieDude

      Mine would be


      Batman ’89

      Batman Begins

      Superman 2 The Richard Donnor Cut

      Spider-Man 2

      Marvel Phase 1: Ironman besides The Avengers

      SW: ROTJ

      A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984 & Part 4 as a favorite sequel.

      Friday The 13th Part 7 The New Blood


      The Terminator, I know most people would go for T2.



      Robocop ’87

      • X2- Because it was a great sequel with great action with a story of conflict between humans & mutants. And did a decent job of covering going into Wolverine’s backstory. Batman ’89 – Burton did a great a job of raising the bar in CBM. Everything about Batman was great. The costume, Gotham City, Joker, the casting. It had it’s flaws like any Batman does or movie in general. But was great at the time & still is before WB & Joel Schumacher took the franchise downhill. Batman Begins -
        First film in Nolan’s trilogy was the best imo. Well paced & great cast. Gotham looked better than the latter two films that followed as a city that didn’t feel safe. Batman’s costume was better except for the cowl imo. The covered Wayne’s murder more closely aswell and showed Bruce’s training which was good. It was nice to see new villains like Ra’s Al Ghoul & Scarecrow. Superman 2: TRDC – I liked this version little better than Lester’s version as I guess it really makes no difference which version I watch. Most of the film was really made by Donnor so I like to think his version is the true version to watch. Imo Zod, Ursa,Non wouldn’t met their deaths at the end since Superman turned back time again as if they never escaped the Phantom Zone. ” knows people will disagree”. But it’s up to each person’s opinion on which version.

        To be continued…

        • Spider-Man 2 – I liked because it was a great sequel with a great cast aswell great villain well played by Alfred Molina while J.K Simmons played J. Jonah Jameson in all 3 films great. Ironman – Was a great start to kick off Marvel Studio’s universe. Besides The Avengers, imo it’s the best film of Phase One while the rest were all great. Greatly casted, good balance of fantasy/realistic, good villain,supporting characters,etc. Star Wars:ROTJ – Hard to explain other than I watched this film & Episode 4 more than The Empire Strikes Back. Maybe it was Vader’s conflict within himself near the climax. The feel when the fate of the galaxy is in the rebels hands on one last stand,etc. Im not a DIE Hard fan of Star Wars so I came to enjoy all 6 films. A Nightmare On Elm Street “1984″ Freddy always been my favorite slasher horror icon because of him being unique as the franchise grew. He was a break from Leatherface,Michael Myers, & Jason Voorhies. Worst sequel was Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge, Best sequel Part 4: The Dream Master imo.

          To be continued…

    • X-men #1 and #2 werre about tied. The rest of the X-movies & spin-offs were not very good.

  18. ok star wars episode 7 is the only 2015 film w/o a set release date what gives

    • pretty sure a lot of other films don’t have their release date for 2015…but as for blockbusters, you’re right.

    • Well.. Its still very early in the game to get too worried about that. But its always worried me that in the press releases JJ never committed to that summer 2015 release date, thats why it got pushed to xmas, maybe it’ll get delayed even more.

  19. Key and Peele made another college bowl video, their stand-up is average, but their skits are GOLD!!!

  20. I know some of the scranters were talking about Power Rangers the other day…and maybe even cosplay. As a parent, I thought this was pretty cool of the Power Ranger cosplay community.

    • @ Prof

      I was one of them. I wouldn’t doubt any kid dreams of being some sort of a hero. I remember my first best friend & I wanted to be heroes after watching Batman ’89. Apparently he upheld his part when he joined the Armed Services. One of my nephews is a big fan of Tommy as the White Ranger.

  21. I just learned that Grant Gustin is going to be Barry Allen, what do all you scranters think?

    • Better choices out there…there’s gotta be!

  22. Justin Bieber might be Robin in Superman Batman movie

    • That Robin’s a bird!

  23. Was anybody really disappointed with Star Trek into Darkness?
    Don’t get me wrong it was big and i love the characters, special effects, and even the basic story but it played an homage to previous movies in a totally predictable way (and sometimes a bad way) and for me that made it a big let down. JJ’s part 1 was so much less predictable.
    I walked out of part 2 fearing what we have gotten ourselves into for Star Wars.

    My biggest fear is that JJ can’t do a follow up well and that Star Wars will be hopelessly lost in bad choices like Star Trek.
    Anyone feel the same?