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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 12, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 12, 2012

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  1. Watched The Dark Knight Returns last night, absolutely loved it. For once both the animation and voice cast were brilliant, usually you just get or the other with these DC Animated films.

    It was brilliant, great thumping score too which I hope they release. Can’t wait for part two.

    Also worth remembering, this is not a story for children at all, very violent and bloody.

  2. Cheddar is NOT a suitable replacement for parmesan.

    • “As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. :)”

      J/K :)

      • Sorry… I’m just really cheesed off.

        • No need to apologize I was just joking around Avenger.
          You should no me FETA by now. ;)

          • It’s all GOUDA man… I think I know BLUE pretty well already :D

            • It’s SWISS all the way!


              • I’m can’t EMANTAL-erate this anymore!

                • i think we need to talk about the 400 pound MUNSTER in the room.

    • Speaking of parmesan: does anyone else think that stuff smells like ground vomit?

      • Reading that, I’m actually GLAD that I didn’t get parmesan last night.

      • It depends on the quality of the cheese, really good quality parmesan doesn’t have that smell.

        I bought some cheap Kraft grated cheese for spag bol some time back and, yes, it did have a loathsome vomity smell.

        So go for the good quality stuff.

        • to quote Brian Griffin “it smells like really bad meat, or really good cheese.”

    • Don’t tell me you attempted that.

  3. 1) Question regarding Samurai jack movie (yeah I know kind of random). Was it always supposed to be an animated film? Didn’t they want a live action movie at one point?

    2) Was the Green Lantern pod cast ever released? I need a good laugh this morning.

  4. any chance we will see a Dragonball reboot?

  5. Question of the Day at work:
    What are your favorite and least favorite Bruce Willis movies?

    • Favorite – ALL OF THEM!

      Least – Does not compute

      • my least fave would be hudson hawk. my fave is a tie, diehard (of course) and blind date. if you’ve never seen this, it’s Willis at his comedic best.

    • Favorite Bruce Lee movie is definitely enter the dragon.

      • @rome

        Very interesting, but how about you answer the question? ;-)

        (Willis, not Lee…) :-P

    • It’s hard for me to point out my favorite Bruce Willis movie because I like most of them, but I think it is Die Hard. And Surrogates would possibly be one of my least favorite…

      • My fault. Don’t have a least favorite Lee movie. I like all his films.

        • @rome

          Ok, I guess the hinting and joking isn’t working. You are thinking of the wrong person. The question is asking about Bruce WILLIS, not Bruce LEE…

          • @Ken sorry sorry sorry! Man do I feel like an idiot! I did misread the question. S***! I apologize ranters. Long night at work and I’m still up.favorite Bruce “Willis “movie the first die hard. Least favorite the one which he stars with Chris Tucker. I believe it’s called the fifth element. Sorry people. I’m out. Rant with you all some other time.

            • @rome

              LOL, no need to apologize, was just wondering why you kept referring to Bruce Lee. That would be a very short topic since Bruce Lee only made a few movies before he died…

      • Ok, gonna have to add Unbreakable to the list as my least favorite Bruce Willis movie, almost forgot about that… (which is a good thing…)

    • Most of his movies (that I’ve seen) have all been pretty awesome, but for me, Die Hard will always have a special place at #1…

      • I was talking to my buddy while driving to see Raiders in IMAX today and one of the things we talked about is how cool it would be to see Die Hard remastered and re-released in IMAX. Actually, I would just love to go see it on the big screen again. I love that movie.

    • I pretty much like most of his movies but Die Hard is one of my favorites.

    • it’s a tie for my favourite – Die Hard & Last Boy Scout

    • I loved him in Unbreakable, Diehard, and Diehard with a Vengeance and really liked him in everything else.

      • Too many bruce willis movies are awesome, But die hard, Die Hard 4 and Last boy scout pop into my head as some of my favorites. and Surrogates i find is one of his weaker films.

        • Favorite die hard least is unbreakable

          • That was a migraine. It should have been called Unwatchable.

            • Just proves we all have differing opinions. Literally everyone I know who saw Unbreakable liked it.

              • @Jeff

                Must be something in the water. Just about everyone I know didn’t like Unbreakable or thought it was just OK…

            • @Robert

              Yah, I agree. I almost forgot about that one, I guess I’ll have to add that to my list. So my favorite will be Die Hard and least favorite will be Unbreakable or Surrogates. Both were pretty bad, but I think Surrogates is marginally more re-watchable than Unbreakable is…

    • The Sixth Sense

      • That was the best. Hudson Hawk the worst.

        • Hudson Hawk is one of my guilty pleasures. I’ve seen that movie more than I care to admit.

          • @Professor

            LOL, yes, me too, that movie is definitely one I would consider so bad that it’s good… I’ll NEVER argue that it was a good movie, but I can watch that and have a few chuckles, but watching Unbreakable will make me want to shoot myself…

            • You’re right, Kenneth. So uniquely bad it almost
              needs it’s own category and I can see the
              so bad it’s good virtues because if it.

              Now Unbreakable, no redeeming value there
              so Unbreakable rightly earns the worst title.

    • Bruce Willis is one of my favorite actors, and this is tough decision. As much as I love the Die Hard franchise, Blind Date will always be my favorite Willis movie. Followed closely by Die Hard, RED, The Whole Nine Yards, The Last Boyscout, Lucky Number Slevin, The Fifth Element, and all the other Die Hard movies. I know he’s made a few movies that I didn’t like…the disney kid movie and a thriller or two from the 90s. The Surrogates and Cop Out weren’t that good either. But, all in all, he’s had a fantastic career.

      • I wend to Willis’IMDb page. The 90s movie I couldn’t think of was “Color of Night” and the Disney movie was “The Kid.” But I found my least favorite…a rom-com directed by Rob Reiner starring Bruce and Michelle Pfeiffer called “The Story of Us.” I’ve never seen it, and never plan to. Therefore it is my least favorite of his movies.

        • You know, I went ahead and did the same thing, I also think it won’t serve him justice to simply leave it at “Die Hard is my favorite.” I like just about every Bruce Willis movie I’ve seen, with a few exceptions. So Here’s a pretty detailed breakdown of where I stand on which movie. Thanks to IMDB. In order from oldest to newest:

          -Die Hard: 10/10 One of THE best action movies ever. The only movies to challenge this title for me are Aliens and Terminator 2…

          -Die Hard 2: 5/10 Definitely the weakest of the Die Hard movies, and a pretty weak action movie overall. Definitely not the worst, but pretty mediocre. Had the “sequel cashing in on a successful movie” written all over it. Even Bruce Willis commented on how it annoyed him how he was forced to keep referencing the first movie…

          -Hudson Hawk: 6/10 This is definitely my own personal score, it’s definitely not a 6/10 movie per-se, but for me, I do find it so cheesy that it’s actually funny and entertaining.

          -The Last Boy Scout: 7/10 I can honestly tell you I don’t remember much about this movie, but I did remember it being pretty entertaining when I’ve seen it. Probably have seen it twice, but many years apart and the last time was also many years ago…

          -Death Becomes Her: 7/10 Another one I cannot fully remember, but I also remember that I liked this one when I was younger. I know I’ve seen this one multiple times too and enjoyed it every time…

          -Pulp Fiction: 6/10 I know I’m going to get a lot of flak from the QT fanboys, but seriously, to me, that is one of the most overrated movies of all time. I admit I liked it the first time I saw it, but after that, I honestly would turn the channel if it was on tv… The gimmicks that movie employed to make it “cool” or different got cheesier and cheesier everytime I saw it…

          -Die Hard: With a Vengeance: 9/10 Broke away from the cashing in on the original formula of the 2nd one and finally brought back what really made the character cool. And the whole “odd couple” thing definitely worked in this movie. So many other movies tried this formula and it has been hit or miss, but this was definitely a hit.

          -Twelve Monkeys: 8/10 Definitely an essentric movie, very weird and mind bendy, but in a good way. One of my favorite Brad Pitt movies.

          -Last Man Standing: 7/10 One one hand, it was awesome to see Bruce Willis killing everyone with a set of 1911′s. On the other hand, the fact that he can fire about 40 rounds out of two guns that only held 7 rounds each kind of made it ridiculous, lol. Still entertaining to watch though…

          -The Fifth Element: 9/10 Another of my favorite Bruce Willis movies. I mean, we have Bruce Willis, being a bad-ass, Gary Oldman being one of the quirkiest and craziest bad guys ever (LOVED him in this role), and Milla Jovovich… naked… Yah, that by itself almost pushes it to 10/10 actually… :-D

          -The Jackal: 8/10 Not really a Richard Gere fan, he’s pretty much a little weeny in real life, but Bruce Willis and his radio-controlled .50cal rifle definitely made up for it…

          -Mercury Rising: ?/10 Ok, I actually cannot remember this movie at all, not even if I liked it or not… Must have seen it in not-so-perfect conditions (like at a friend’s place with noise and distractions or something) so I cannot say…

          -Armageddon: 7/10 This along with The Rock will have to be my favorite Michael Bay movies. Well, pretty much the only Michael Bay movies I liked, lol. And with Armageddon, it was simply due to the chemistry between the characters and how they actually had multiple likeable characters in one movie definitely made it enjoyable. Steve Buscemi as the crazy genius who just likes to blow crap up, Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP) as the sensitive “big guy,” the quintessential teddy bear, Will Patton who plays the other wise mature character besides Willis who just wants so desperately to win back the love of his estranged wife and be the father he should have been to his child, and Bruce Willis, who simply is the bad-ass “wise man in charge” that he plays so well who becomes the ultimate hero at the end doing something most of us probably will not have the guts to do… Geez, Bay did so much right in this movie, you have to wonder what the hell happened with the rest of his movies… Just watch this and The Rock and then watch Transformers, and it’s seriously a forehead slapping “wtf were you thinking?” revelation…

          -The Siege: 8/10 As much as some people would like to paint Bruce Willis’ character as the “bad guy” in this movie, sorry, he wasn’t. I saw him as the bad-ass that took charge when he was ordered to do so by the Commander in Chief, and after 9/11/01 I believe more than ever that a guy like him and what he does is just what we need to get things done with these animals…

          -The Sixth Sense: 10/10 Definitely one of my favorite Bruce Willis movies of all time, and one of my favorite movies period. I have to admit that the first time I watched it, I didn’t see the twist at the end coming at all. It was like a sucker punch and was truly a *gasp* holy crap, WTF??? moment, and for me, that’s pretty rare. I usually am able to guess twists in most movies, or if I can’t, it’s usually so ridiculous that no sane person would have guessed it… like killer trees thanks to the same director as Sixth Sense… And I have to admit, ever since I watched it that first time and I know what the twist is, the movie actually becomes even more moving, which is also rare. Usually movies with a big twist at the end is only really effective the first time around when you’re not expecting it. But this movie was so well-made it didn’t depend on that twist. Knowing the twist actually made some of the events during the movie even more compelling. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop reading this, and go watch it, seriously, you will not be disappointed, but in case you haven’t seen it, here is the **SPOILER ALERT** Like the anniversary dinner with his wife. The first time you watch it, you’re just like “wow, why so cold?” The second time you watch it, it’s like “*SOB* I can’t believe she still celebrates their anniversary, what a beautiful and sad love she must have!!! *SOB*” lol **END SPOILER ALERT**

          -The Whole Nine Yards: 7/10 Definitely one of the funnier comedies he’s been in. I don’t think anyone could have played the likeable crazy serial killer as well as Bruce Willis. And toward the end when Willis tosses the beer at Matthew Perry on the boat, I don’t think I laughed so hard in a very long time, LOL.

          -The Kid: 7/10 I don’t know, I think this movie wasn’t very well-regarded, but I liked it. I thought it was pretty touching and effective, I don’t care what anyone says… I know there are like a million other movies with the same theme, but it doesn’t mean that this version of it was hard to watch. It was still entertaining.

          -Unbreakable: 2/10 I think if I’m already in a bad mood I would put this at 1/10. I thought it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen… Then again, The Happening is definitely worse, and 0/10 is reserved for Battlefield Earth… So 2/10 will definitely stand for this movie…

          -Tears of the Sun: 8/10 I know, the concept of a single group of SEALs going up against hundreds (or was it thousands??) of bad guys seem completely ridiculous, but first of all, they are Navy SEALs, they are bad-asses. And secondly, this group of SEALs was led by Bruce Willis… That’s bad-ass squared… So it’s completely believable, lol. Also, despite what non-military people would call unrealistic, this movie actually had some very realistic depictions of real-world military tactics. I remember one of the big criticisms is in the ambush scene toward the end, how it was so “stupid” that the SEALs would actually movie TOWARD their ambushers instead of running away from them… Actually, that’s what you’re supposed to do… There’s something called fields of fire that you have to consider when you’re setting up an ambush. That’s basically where everyone is assigned a certain cone that they have to cover, which is usually about as wide as your normal field of vision, maybe a little less because you have to put into account tunnel vision. The further away from you, the more this cone will cover more ground. Typically a good leader will set up his men to have overlapping fields of fire, meaning there shouldn’t be any gaps in between everyone’s field of fire, and they should actually overlap a little. But this overlap only really occurs at the intended killing zone and beyond. As you close the distance, these fields of fire will no longer overlap. A good leader knows how to set up a good ambush as well as how to minimize the advantage of an ambush. And the best way is to close the distance from the intended killing zone to try to find these gaps between the enemies’ fields of fire and attack them from there. Anyway, as unrealistic as this movie was, that one aspect of the movie that was so criticized is actually one of the more realistic parts of the movie ironically. Also what I liked was the fact that the actors took the time to learn how to correctly hold and operate their weapons, the correct way to move in formation, correct posture, etc. etc. I know you people will argue that those things are trivial, but seriously, if you watch a movie about a hospital, wouldn’t you be thrown a little if the doctor seems like he has no clue how to use a stethoscope or how to use a syringe?? I found out that some of the side characters were actually former military, so that kind of explains that… And how they portrayed the brutal things these people would do to these villagers (like cutting off a woman’s breasts) was kind of a brutally honest depiction that a lot of other movies would be too scared to show. But as disturbing as that was, it was at least resolved in a satisfactory manner where the person who committed this act was killed… slowly… It was definitely gratifying… Then watching them get blown to smitherines by a pair of US fighters was also gratifying. Definitely loved this movie. And anyone who is very pro-military would love it too I think…

          -Hostage: 6/10 Definitely one of Bruce Willis’ weaker movies, but I don’t think it was his fault. Some of the “twists” in the movie were just so contrived, it really held the movie back…

          -Sin City: 7/10 I liked this movie, and definitely liked Bruce Willis’ character the most. I’m just not as overly in love with this movie as many other people are. But unlike Pulp Fiction, I do see the quality in this movie and do not find it too overrated. It’s just not really the type of movie that I go wild for, that’s all.

          -Lucky Number Sleven: 7/10 Bruce Willis is again, the best character in this movie… Not an amazingly awesome movie, but I do think the twist was fairly clever, and having Bruce Willis play a bad-ass killer named “Mr. Good Cat” was the most awesome thing about this movie, lol. So that didn’t hurt…

          -16 Blocks: 8/10 You know, I would probably swear to you that Mos Def’s character will drive me nuts if you explained to me how he was through this movie, but in the context of the movie, it actually made him quite likeable, and Bruce Willis played the cop with the less-than-honorable past trying to do the right thing that you just cannot help but cheer for.

          -Live Free or Die Hard: 9/10 Oh I can hear the whining now… “Oh, he doesn’t say the F-word, the F-word is so cool, he needs to say it so the movie will be cool, wah wah wah.” Seriously, watch the unrated director’s cut, it has all of the f-bombs in it, and honestly, I like the theatrical cut more. I found a lot of the f-bombs in the unrated version to seem very forced. It worked for the previous movies because he himself seemed more volatile and on the edge. In LFODH his character is different. He’s more of the “I’m too old for this” Lethal Weapon type character, and overall seemed wiser and more mature. Sure, I think he should have said the f-bomb at the end when he delivered his signature line, but honestly, for the rest of the movie, it was much more fitting for him to refrain from it a little more.

          -Surrogates: 3/10 Mildly entertaining just to watch Bruce Willis jump around in his android body, but the overall story was pretty stupid…

          -The Expendables: Such a small role, don’t think this qualifies to rate, but just wanted to bring it up so you know why I’m not rating this one…

          -Red: 9/10 Honestly, if they would have had ANY OTHER actor walk nonchalantly out of a spinning car and then proceed to crank out at least two magazines worth of .45′s at his attacker, we would all be here talking about how ridiculously stupid the action scenes were in this movie. But because it was Bruce Willis who does this, then dislocates Karl Urban’s arm after Urban calls him “grandpa,” it becomes one of the most bad ass action scenes ever, lol.

          -Moonrise Kingdom: 7/10 It was quirky and fun, although a little disturbing how often this director had that little girl in just her bra and panties, and even had a groping scene… sorry to have a weak stomach, but that just troubles me…

          -The Expendables 2: 8/10 So tongue-in-cheek and so many self-references definitely made this movie so cheesy it was a ton of fun for us fans of the old-school one-man-army action movies. And for those who criticize how these guys seem to never die or never seem to ever be in any danger of dying… Seriously, in their old movies they would accomplish this ALONE. Now there is a whole group of them, of course they will be invincible… :-D

          Alright, if you actually read all of that, I will have to first say, sorry, and secondly, thank you for the time. I actually enjoyed typing all of that, I love movies and just thinking about these movies makes me happy, lol. :-D Yah, I love Bruce Willis… It’s too bad the Academy will never give him an Oscar because he made the mistake of openly being Conservative in Hollywood… At least he’s a big enough star to keep getting work despite this, unlike others who do not have the star power who pretty much lost all opportunities in Hollywood once they “came out” about being conservative, lol.

          • I pretty much agree on the films and it made me think
            how Bruce has had quite the career avoiding most of the
            unfortunate realities of his being conservative in Hollywood.
            And it was a great read, Kenneth. Nice trip down memory lane.

            • @Robert and jeffro

              Wow, I can’t believe some people actually read all of that. That’s great, I thought it was good enough to type it and get to think back on all of those movies, lol. I’m glad it brought back memories for you guys too. Can’t wait for Looper or Red 2… :-)

              • same here for looper. i saw a preview on tv tonight and i finally did see some resemblance between bruce and JGL. it was a certain look, and it was like a really young bruce. he/they nailed it.

              • @Ken J

                Just to refresh your memory about Mercury Rising, that was about the autistic kid who cracks the uncrackable secret code, which a couple of douche-bags working for the CIA put in a puzzle magazine.

                They subsequently kill his parents but can’t find him, Bruce goes out of his way to protect the kid against a very sinister Alec Baldwin who wants to protect the code at all costs. Also had Kim Dickens in it as a friendly stranger who gets involved and helps him out.

                Not a bad flick, a standard action film really, the stand-out performance though was by Miko Hughes who played the 9 year old autistic kid.

                • @Pedrosaurus

                  Hey, thanks for that, but I actually do remember what the movie is about, I just can’t really remember what I thought about the actual movie itself, like whether I liked it or not, lol.

                  • @Ken J

                    Oh, I misread you then.

                    I know what you mean, it’s an Ok movie, not one of his best. Bit like surrogates really in that it goes through the paces, but it feels like there’s something missing.

                    Don’t know if I’m clear about what I mean there.

          • @ken
            i liked your Willis Thesis. Well done. it brought up a bunch of films i forgot about. Mercury rising was a descent film, and it was on netflix a while ago, so it’s worth checking out. not his best, but still good for a sit through

          • Ken,

            Great post! Thanks for the time you put into it. It was well worth the read.

            I’m also pumped for Looper. JGL + BW + time travel = I can’t wait!

            • @$2

              Oh, it was fun typing that out, lol. Hopefully Looper will be less like Surrogates and more like 12 Monkeys, lol, just thinking about the sci-fi movies he have done…

    • I usually love pretty much all his films, but Bonfire of The Vanities was not very good, despite both him and Tom Hanks being in it.

      And his part in Billy Bathgate was too short, he just got concrete shoes and then subsequently dumped into the river.

  6. I know this is a long shot, but I would really like 2 see DC and marvel get together again and give the fans a JL/AVENGERS animated movie. The comic is a classic, but an animated movie of that would be wicked! !!!

  7. Picked up a couple of Blu-rays yesterday ….

    Snow White and the Huntsman Extended Edition
    The Raid Redemption

    …SWATH was really good, it was actually better than what I was expecting. TRR was awesome truely no holds barred action and great score by mike shinoda from Linkin Park. I recommend checking both of these films out if you haven’t seen them yet especially TRR.

  8. So I went to Wal-mart yesterday and I saw a “Tim Burton” boxset blu ray collection of some of his movies. Now I know they did a Christopher Nolan one so Im wondering now If they’ll do this alot and Im very tempted to get both because the boxes are huge and gorgous. I want a James Cameron to release as well lol, then I would be tempted to buy all 3.

    • @Rickster

      Oh, PLEASE NO JAMES CAMERON BOX… Not because I don’t think his movies deserve it, but I don’t want to spend more money and I know if they released this I will have to buy it even though I own all of his movies individually… (Except Titanic…) Seriously, every time they release a “new” version of Terminator 2, I buy it. I think I’ve owned like 5 different versions of Terminator 2. I think I had it back when it was on VHS. Then I had the DVD, then I had the Ultimate Edition DVD, then the Extreme DVD Edition, then the Skynet Edition which actually came in a collector’s life-sized endoskeleton skull which actually had EVERY VERSION OF THE MOVIE… So really, I owned 2 of every version because of this, lol. I’m so obsessed with that movie it’s not even funny, lol. Ok, it’s actually funny… :-D

  9. finally saw both snow white and the huntsman and dark shadows. both were pretty good. I think i liked dark shadows a little more though. there were several scenes with kristen stewart that made the whole theater laugh that im pretty sure werent supposed to be funny. This was actually the first kristen stewart movie i have ever seen (besides panic room).

    • @Draagyn

      Damn, now I regret not watching Snow White in the theaters. Would have loved to laugh with the rest of the audience at Stewart, lol. :-D

      • I think she’s the only downside to that movie everything else was great lol.

  10. So, I’m reading now that there in fact won’t be a director’s cut of TDKR…
    Gotta say, even though a part of me knew it was never going to happen, I was really looking forward to seeing more of the movie :(

    • Avenger I’m disappointed as well I was really excited when I first heard that there may be and extended version of TDKR. At least we still have The Dark Knight Trilogy to look forward to, I’m hoping for an epic set with some awesome extras.

    • Yes there is. The theatrical release is the director’s cut.
      This is Nolan. Don’t expect any deleted scenes either.

      • You’re right, with Nolan the theatrical cut is pretty much the director’s cut… a better phrase would probably be “extended cut”.

  11. The Avengers will be released in Germany tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it again, even though I already saw it twice in the theater. :D

    • poor germany. the rest of the world has seen it.

      • I’m talking about the Blu-ray/DVD release. It was in the theaters four months ago. ;)

        • oh, sorry! my bad

  12. face/off again last night, zombie wizard of Oz, the elimination was pretty cool.

    • yea good episode

    Has anyone here seen Kill List?
    If so can you explain to me what the h**l I watched???
    Some of my favorite films are Mullholland Drive, Lost Highway, Inception and so on. You know what I mean, films that keep you guessing what’s going on or have endings that are open to interpretation but 5 days after watching Kill List I still can’t say I know what happened.
    Even after looking up everything and anything on the net about the film it seems like I’m not the only trying to figure it out.
    So I challenge you my fellow movie buffs. If someone can explain what I saw I’ll give ya a big ole’ pat on the back via a thank you on this thread. ;)

  14. Did anyone go watch Raiders of the Lost Ark in IMAX ? I watched it yesterday, it was pretty sweet watching it on the big screen and also got an exclusive IMAX poster. :)

    • I went to see it today and was one of 12 people in the theater for a 1 pm showing. The sound was amazing and it was AWESOME to see one of the greatest adventure movies ever made on the big screen again. The picture quality wasn’t up to modern movies, but to me that added to the charm.

      Oh, and the Hobbit trailer gave me goosebumps.

      • Agreed!!! The sound was amazing and the Skyfall and hobbit trailers were awesome cant wait to watch that and return to the world of middle earth :)

  15. Watched SWATH last night – could of been a really good movie if the lead hadn’t been twilight girl. She was so God awful, and painful to watch. She’s one of the least talented actors (and I use that word very loosely) working today.

    I hope the rumors of them moving on to a prequel, (or anything that does not include SW), without her and focusing on hemsworth. Or I’ll be ok with nothing as well.

  16. less than a month till Walking Dead season three
    that’s all i have to say

    • One week since Breaking Bad has been off the air.
      thats all i have to say.

      • And it hurts already.

  17. Favourite gangster related movies:

    Road to Perdition
    Miller’s Crossing
    The Godfather
    The Untouchables
    Bonnie and Clyde
    The Long Good Friday
    Good Fellas

    • *Goodfellas*

      • And Henry Hill (Ray Liotta’s character) only recently passed away in June.

        • @Pedrpsaurus

          Phew, I had to read that twice, I almost thought you were saying Ray Liotta passed away in June… I think that guy is amazing. He was good in Goodfellas, and amazing in NARC…

          • Ha ha, no, sorry for the scare.


            Liotta is one of those actor’s who can go from good guy’s to villain’s and still be believable.

            I also thought he was great in Smokin’ Aces.

            • @Pedrosaurus

              His problem, and the main thing keeping him from becoming very well-known as a serious actor, is the fact that he seems to agree to be in any movie, even REALLY bad ones… That really does tarnish his reputation…

              On a side note, this isn’t exactly a great movie or a shining role for him, but in Heartbreakers, I did think it was kind of hilarious how even though he was the scum-bag mobster in the beginning, toward the end, he actually becomes more of a good guy than the two main characters, and he actually scolds Weaver’s character about how what they do to people’s hearts is wrong, lol.

              • Haven’t seen Hearbreakers, will have to keep an eye out for it.