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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 11, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   September 11, 2013

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  1. Holy movie news in 2015 Batman. Antman gets moved up, Pirates moved out, Jurassic World gets scheduled and only a matter of time that Star Wars puts it’s flag in 12-25-15. I don’t recall a time when there’s been so much action scheduling stuff two years in advance.

    • Yeah really, but im glad i got the two years heads up so i can start saving my money now!

    • It does seem strange for so far away. But that’s why they get paid and I don’t. I’d like the idea of Jurassic park, transformers, gi joe, and another movie I can’t think of getting crossed over into an epic cluster of awesome. Someone else had the idea on this board and I love it.

      • I believe the other movie you can’t think of is Independence Day 2 I saw the same post as you

    • I’m happy they are spreading out the dates. Movies aren’t expensive to go see so that’s not my concern. My concern is having the time to go see them. The farther they are apart, the easier it is to ask the grandmother to watch her grandson.

    • @ Kyle

      I’m not sure I like the moving up of Ant-Man to be honest, I think it will suffer being that close to Batman vs Superman,
      But I am glad Pirates moved away.

      • If Avengers 2 leaves audiences wanting more Hulk the way the original Avengers did, wouldn’t it be logical to follow with MORE HULK and as close to the Superman/Batman release as possible?

        Stick Hulk with ANT-MAN and I think it will compete just fine with DCU Movie.

        • Do you mean like a team up or a cameo? Actually after Avengers 2 my second most anticipated movie is Bats v Supes way more than Ant-Man. IMO, the only way Ant-Man holds up well against Bats v Supes is if RDJ is in it and that would still be tough.

          • Just having Hulk in ANT-MAN should give it quite the kick…

            …and I mean like an antagonist for ANT-MAN.

            ANT-MAN vs. Hulk can be epic, especially with Edgar Wright at the helm.

            (I believe ANT-MAN will be epic regardless, but I really don’t see how you release it that close to Superman/Batman without help from the big green rage monster…)

            • I see. Well that would work but what about a team up? Have Banner say he has to go help a friend at the end of Avengers 2 and it turns out to be Hank Pym. Then they team up to take down whoever. While I agree Ant-Man will be good I don’t see how anything close to or around BvS really has a chance to do well at least for a few weeks. I want it to and I want Marvel to be encouraged to make sequels but that’s a tough position to be in.

            • Ant-Man will replace Iron Man as the Marvel property that the whole family can enjoy. Edgar Wright is going to blow people away.

        • @DrMB:

          I agree, make the Ant-Man movie an Ant-Man + Hulk movie ala BvS.

          It will draw more people… why? Because Hulk SMASHES! :)

  2. Tell me a series youd reboot and how?(cast, plot, etc)

    • Honestly, Cody, I’d rather not reboot some series but bring back a few that IMO shouldn’t have been canceled. Series like The Unit, Flash Forward, and Deadliest Warrior.

      • Oh i meant film series.

        • I would reboot Star Wars. I really don’t like the first 6 films. Its not because I am a trekkie either. I just think they are corny and dumb. I prefer more serious drama, better action and story. I felt that wasn’t given in the first 6 films.

          • @ LC

            You’re the 2nd person who said something like that. I know a guy from work who doesn’t like Star Wars. Said it looked too fake. He’s only a fan of the original Star Trek series.

            • The drama looks fake. Too light-hearted. The CGI is out of this world though LOL!

              • My friend didn’t buy the robot on 4 legs as he put it from Episode 5,lol. Said stuff like that made it fake.

        • I would do a serious movie version of Buck Rogers and not do it like the old tv series.

      • I’m still hurting from Flash Forwards cancellation. Does anybody even have a theory as to why/how the entire world blacked out?

        • Pretty sure entire world’s subconsciousness leaped forward to 2013 and heard the announcement of #Batfleck causing a massive worldwide blackout.

          • Ha…

    • I can’t tell you exactly how and the cast right now because I’m in class but I would reboot The Last Starfighter

      • And yes I realize that’s a movie but when you said reboot that’s all I could think of at the time :)

      • Oh yes. Dug Last Starfighter. Also reckon Neverending Story and Biggles should be rebooted. Biggles. Nice concept but utter crap. Loved it as a kid, couldn’t sit through 5 mins recently.

    • Id do indiana jones, and not really a reboot more a james bond esc continuety where diffrent people can play him. Tho i wouldnt ever like it to get into present day.

      Cast idk which maybe colin farrel(?)

      • @ Trey

        I have been hoping that they would “James Bond” Indiana Jones for years now. I like your choice of Colin Farrell.

      • Ive been on the fence about the Indiana Jones idea. Given that he was my childhood hero and if I could be anything or anyone in the world, it would be him, I’m extremely fond of Harrison Ford’s portrayal. BUT there are similar movies that have the same premise like National Treasure, Tomb Raider, and others. I’m okay with similar characters to Indiana Jones, but not him replaced.

      • Comment awaiting mod…

        • @ LC

          Some Franchises are harder than others or people don’t want them rebooted. Jaws would be hard & pointless to reboot imo. I think the same goes for Indy as would Rocky Balboa,etc.

    • @ Cody

      There’s more than one franchise id reboot. One would be Superman without a origin tale. Id probly cast,

      Henry Cavill-Clark Kent/Superman

      Erica Durance-Lois Lane

      Ray Wise-Perry White

      Jimmy Olson- still pending

      Johnathan Kent-Kevin Costner

      Martha Kent-Still Pending

      Plot: While mysterious saves & crimes been prevented by a streak of blue & red seen by only several people. Clark Kent is last seen leaving Smallville for Metropolis to start his career at the Daily Planet. Starts a rocky friendship with star reporter Lois Lane while befriends Jimmy Olson. While People talk about his occasional activities in the city,especially Lois, crime stabling climbs up as word as a InterGang is heard of. As if that isn’t enough to test Clark, a threat from beyond the stars has it sights on Earth. All leads to Clark donning a costume to protect not only the ones he cares for, but to become a symbol for hope known as Superman.

      Main Villain- Brainiac

      Now if this was to be part of DC’s cinematic universe, I would think about what easter eggs or even cameos id put in. If not id make it a stand alone film just incase I didn’t want to make a sequel.

      • Erica Durance is gorgeous.

        • @ Dr.

          That’s something we both agree on. I remember when I visited my dad in the hospital last year, one of his nurses looked like a spitting image of her. Hard to believe she went topless in House of Dead. Even more so caught me off by Anna Paquin on True Blood as I couldn’t watch the X-Men films the same again.

        • I’d like to test her “en-durance” for smooching all night long!

          • @ Goldilocks

            Get in line,lol. I wonder if she has the “En-durance” to allow me to pleasure her all night long.

            • Cold shower time guys! :-D

    • Dungeons and Dragons. I think that those movies had such potential but were given away to such poor writers, directors and even actors. However I would have it be more Lord of the Rings style. I would also have at least four main characters (I don’t know the names yet) but they would obviously be based on the four main classes. Plus two or three main villains that either get along or hate each other (not sure which one yet) and all of these characters fates/destinies are connected in some odd or unusual way.

      Human, Fighter: Van Diesel
      Eladrin, Wizard: Natalie Portman
      Dwarf, Cleric: Rupert Grint
      Halfling, Rogue: Chloe Moretz

      Main villain: Benedict Cumberbatch
      2nd villain: Liam Neeson
      3rd villain: Katie McGrath

    • Ghostbusters…as a re-quel (reboot sequel).

      The original cast (except Murray who won’t sign off) will be involved. Ernie Hudson will be the Mayor of NYC. Dan Akyroyd and Harold Ramis run the Ghostbusters but no longer go out on missions.

      Chris D’Elia – new team member/Oscar
      Dan Fogler – new team member
      Patrick Warburton – new team member
      Eric André – new team member
      Reggie Watts – research/technology (like Q from James Bond)
      Aziz Ansari – office worker
      Mary Lynn Rajskub – secretary

      • @ Professor P

        I wouldn’t mind a complete Ghostbusters reboot. Casting would be absolutly critical though.

        • @ Stark

          What about a CBM franchise?

          • @ Frank C.

            Just off the top of my head, I think I would go with the Punisher. Only thing is I really like Thomas Jane as the Punisher. How do you reboot and keep the same lead? I would love a Punisher movie along the lines of the Dirty Laundry short. I don’t think that will happen now that Disney owns him. :(

            • Same thing with Constantine… Reboot but use Keannu as the lead again? I know he is nothing like the CB character. But I liked it.

            • @ Stark

              That would be something. I liked Thomas Jane aswell. Ray Stevens had more of the look & great just the same I thought. His film wasn’t better than Jane’s imo. That’s all. I dunno other than only keep Jane as the lead and have no-one from the 2004 film appear or their characters appear yet or be mentioned. Like you said, I doubt Disney will go with him. They might pick Ray Stevenson before him. I just wonder how hardcore R-rated would Disney make the film?

              Btw, you’re the first I think to refer to me by my new username on here. Thanks.

      • Id like richard aodele in there maybe charlie day

        • Charlie Day as Oscar!

  3. God bless the victims of 9/11

    • @ Victor


    • Oh that must be the same spiteful malevolent entity that allowed it to happen. It can keep it’s imaginary blessings.


      • (face palm)

  4. Will Garret Morris get a cameo in Ant-man?

  5. Would Zachary Levi be a good Marvel hero?

    • Sure. But who would he play?

      • I don’t know, but Marvel seems to like him. He’s not expensive and loves to do it. So I think it would be a good idea for both him and Marvel to give him the lead in a movie.

        Ant Man? I could see him play a scientist :D

        • Zach Levi and Edgar Wright making a movie together. I like the sound of that :D

  6. Anyone liked the movie Killer Klowns? If a sequel gets made, which young actress would you wanna see get wrapped up in cotton candy or better yet into a balloon?

    • Killer klowns from outer space?? i loved that movie. although im pretty sure that movie, and the movie IT are the reasons for my phobia of clowns. id like to see Chloe Mortez in a reboot

      • @ ben

        Chloe Mortez in a reboot of Killer Klowns? I forgot about her. Id choose Anna Paquin. I never been afraid of clowns. More annoyed by them than scared.

  7. zachary levy is already a marvel hero. hes in thor he replaced josh dallas

  8. So what do you guys think is better:

    ~When a well known regular decides the best way to forward his ideas is by cowardly switching his screen name and hiding behind alias’~

    …do you…

    a) Drop subtle hints in a reply that are meant to let just the person who is hiding know that you know it’s them?


    b)flat out call them out as to who it is EXACTLY and let them know why you know it’s them.


    Personally I think the former is superior, as with the latter you risk ending all the fun of letting that person know EVERY TIME THEY POST that they aren’t fooling anyone (well, not me at least).

    Just the same, it takes quite a bit of self control from me to refrain from option B, as I am dying to explain to this person how it is I know each and every time when it’s them posting under a different name.

    • My suggestion would be a mix of the two. Continue to perform ‘A’, keeping in mind (to preserve your patience) that the big ‘B’ payoff is only so much time away. Use A to build up to a fantastic B.

    • I would step away from your computer and realize that this is the internet… and there are more real world problems to be dealt with LOL.


        • When I did a search on a fellow scranter — not dropping names — I found a lot of truth. I decided not to share with everyone what I found just because I didn’t feel like embarrassing someone for their BS that they share and spread. Its all good though. Remember, its just the internet.

          • It’s me. I don’t have a PHd in Pudwhacking. I lied on my resume.

            • ;)

              • +1 “I would step away from your computer and realize that this is the internet… and there are more real world problems to be dealt with LOL.”

                Being the bigger person, quite the endangered species of tactics on the internet. An offense I am at times quite guilty of, so in the interest of that idea may I offer my apologies for our last exchange in the comments LC, sincerely.

                • Apology accepted, Mr. Durden. Am I still invited to the… what we cannot talk about?

                  • Dunno what you’re talking about………….sir *wink*

          • True it is the internet but still, people are nuts. Sometimes I wonder where they really are. For all we know they could be posting from a nut house or a prison. I would be in favor of SR having a login and memberships. It would cut out a lot of bologna and random snipers.

    • I was a number of different screen names on a different fan website a long time ago (just “Goldilocks” here”, which I also was there, among others), and got some great discussions and lots of funny jokes and comments flying from myself and others. That site changed it’s whole format, so I quit posting there (altho I still read it from time to time). It appears they lost alot of business by changing, and are now very blase’. I hope Screen Rant keeps their present format for a long long time (rather than forcing you to post through Twitter or Facebook or some such goofy contrivance).

  9. Who are you referring Dr.?

    • Not you Wally, ;)

  10. ok

  11. Can’t believe 12 years gone by since 9/11. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long for some reason.

    • The guy on the radio made the point that some of our soldiers doing battle overseas were only 6 years old when the attack happened. It really put the timeline in perspective for me.

      • @ Prof

        Yea, I remember kids shooting off AK-47s in celebration of the attacks in Pakistan that day.

  12. reboot Punisher or start introducing him into the universe

    • Punisher, Daredevil, Blade, Luke Cage would be perfect for SHIELD TV show, IMO. Develop them and build a fan base.

  13. Anybody heard from Jeff lately?

    • He deleted his twitter account LOL.

      • Why?

        • Good question…

          • Do you think something is wrong?

            • Nah… I think everything is just fine.

              • So he’s just disappearing?

                • Maybe? LOL.

                  • That’s strange.

                    • He is Bruce Waine, maybe we’ll see him again in 8 years

  14. Startled? Then why are you sharing?

  15. Did any of you guys hear about Salt Lake City Comic Con being very well attended last weekend? I went and it was reeeally packed! But apparently attendance was somewhere in between 70 and 80 thousand people throughout the 3 day run meaning it was the largest 1st year con of all time. It even ranks with the biggest conventions in terms of attendance. idk if anybody here cares but as a Utah resident and self-proclaimed nerd I am very excited about this news!

    Thanks again for all the cosplay ideas in fridays open discussion. Sadly I didn’t have time to put anything together with homework and whatnot. I did however wear my Pacific Rim shirt which got some comments from a lot of the artists there :)

    Also @ColdSc @victor @Robert Palmar the James Taylor concert was excellent!

    • Nice glad you enjoyed it! Recently downloaded his Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon album and really enjoyed it. He makes some great music!

  16. I wished I could go to Comic Con just once or Power Morphicon.

    • Speaking of Morphicon Zack Taylor and David Yost were at SLCC (salt lake comic con)! They played the original Black and Blue Ranger respectively. My brother got to meet Zack he said he was really cool. The 2 of them had a panel along with with this chick that was the yellow ranger from Zeo or Turbo or something. I didn’t recognize her. But it was really cool! I saw all of them but didn’t get a chance to meet them with the crowds and whatnot.

      • That’s awesome. David Yost is from Iowa like me so I always wanted to meet him. Him & Jason David Frank as Green Ranger was my favorite on the show as it he said it was his over the years. I wanted to meet all the actors & see how much merchandise I can buy which id have to save up on.

        • it keeps sayin my comment is spam… annoying :(

          I spent waaay too much money on artwork dude. I got this signed print of spidey and venom duking it out in a sewer. pretty cool stuff. might have it framed.

          But yeah green and blue were always my faves as a kid. Green for the Zord and his nifty gold breastplate, and Blue cuz he’s Billy and Billy’s awesome. Jason David Frank is in MMA fighting now-a-days. I was gonna wait in the line to meet David Yost but I really wanted to meet Henry Winkler and there wasn’t time for both. Got a pic with Henry Winkler tho :D

          • I got a good feeling I need to save as much as I can, not sure how much i’ll need outside traveling arrangements,etc. The only person famous I met in person was WWE Million Dollar Man from the old days. Nice guy as I got my picture taken with him, dvd boxset autographed & got to hold his Million Dollar Belt which looked better in person,lol. Always thought it had to be a fake somehow, but it wasn’t.

            Billy was cool & like the other cast member wondered, how did he ever remember some of the lines with certain words he used? lol. I liked Tommy as the Green Ranger because he started as a outsider like I did. And he was tough despite the times he was losing his powers.

            I seen him fight in MMA, he’s good & cant believe that’s the same guy that got me really interested into Power Rangers. Now I read he makes another return in Power Rangers SuperMegaforce as the Green Ranger.

            It sucks having to make a decision between two people you wanna meet but obviously you wanna try meet the one you wanna see the most.

  17. this is ridiculous star wars episode vii is the only 2015 film w/o a determined release date

  18. We should have started a Screenrant fantasy football league since my fantasy film league did so horrible.

  19. Curious if this shows up:


    • Whatdaya know; it did. ☺

  20. Question regarding True Blood. Does anyone think Bill is almost 200 years old like he was before he was reborn by drinking Litith’s blood? Reason I ask is because I wanted to know if Violet would be 2nd known vampire on the show older than Bill since she’s 800 years old. No reason for her to be afraid of Bill.