Open Discussion – September 10, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   September 10, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   September 10, 2012

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  1. Whos/whats you favorite movie monster/alien/creature?

    • Joan Rivers

      • ^ lol

    • Creature: Cloverfield Monster. Alien: Predator

    • Monster: the family members in “American Beauty”

      Alien: (3-way tie) E.T., the guide in “Mission to Mars”, and the water-dwelling beings in “The Abyss”

      Creature: Grover, from “Sesame Street”

    • Monster: the dragons from Reign of Fire
      Alien: the aliens from Aliens
      Creature: T-Res from Jurassic Park

      • *Rex

        Darn it. I really need to spell-check before hitting the Submit button.

    • Godzilla and either Predator or Alien

    • My favorite monster is Hellboy. Favorite alien has to be Yoda (he’s from a galaxy far far away). Favorite creature would be Falcor the Luck Dragon.

    • Monster: Pumpkinhead (Pumpkinhead)

      Alien: Natasha Henstridge (Species) :)

      Creature: Werewolf (The Howling)

    • Great question. There are so many. King Kong. Frankenstein. Godzilla. Alien. Creature from the black lagoon is great but the movie is pretty boring. Gort.

      I thought that Korean movie, “the Host” had the best monster design in decades.

      alien? Chewbacca and Yoda are great designs. Gort from the day the earth stood still. E.T. is perfect.

      Creatures. Someone mentioned Hellboy. I love the designs in Del Toro movies. Pan. Everything in Hellboy II.

      They finally got Hulk right in Avengers.

      • Hmmm, I forgot about Pan…I’ll put him just in front of Grover.

      • The Host is an awesome movie, rather like watching a live-action anime.

    • Fran Dresher, Roseanne & Joan Rivers of-course,lol. AKA Godzilla, King Kong & the Cloverfield monster.

      • Seriously, Predator, Frankenstein, creature from the movie Celler Dweller, Killer Klowns from outter Space, Terror Toad & Alien Natasha Henstridge,lol.

  2. I went to the Baltimore Comic Con Saturday and had a blast. I met many writer/artists, like Bernie Wrightson, Don Rosa, Mark Waid, Jeff Lemire, Matt Wagner, Billy Tucci, Eric Powell, Neal Adams, Frank Cho, and a few others. They were all super-nice and happy to have pics taken. Stan Lee was there, but you had to pay to get a picture/autograph, and they kept him behind these curtains the entire time. It was very crowded but very fun.

  3. Anyone getting Titanic on bluray or 3D blu ray today?

    Will there be future Titanic special editions (like avatar seems to release new editions every once in awhile lol)?

    I want to know if there will be a directors cut sometime in the near future so I can wait…

    • If there wasn’t a Director’s Cut in the last 15 years, I doubt that there will ever be one. I will not get the Blu-ray just yet, I’ll wait for a better price. Besides I’m waiting for The Abyss on Blu-ray. Now, that’s a James Cameron movie that is way overdue.

    • Nope. id wait another 2-5 years where 3D gets more advanced on. James Cameron recently spoke about 3D being years away from being really good, especially without the 3D glasses. I already bought the special edition dvd so i know i won’t.

  4. Creature: the cave troll from LOTR fellowship
    Alien:The Thing(not the remake)
    Monster:The creeper(jeepers creepers)

    What’s eveyones favorite fictional movie weapons ?
    Here are mine in no particular order.

    1.Lightsaber(star wars)
    3.full auto crossbow(Van Helsing)
    4. converting throwing star crosses(Priest)
    5.mystical energy bow(immortals)
    t6.Thor’s hammer(Thor/avengers)
    7.optimus primes converting blades(TF)
    9.hawkeyes arrows(the avengers)
    10.batmans firing gauntlets(TDK)

    Just to name a few too many to list lol.

    • Mine would be…

      1. Lightsaber(Star Wars)
      2. Death Star(Star Wars)
      4. Blade’s sword
      5. Cap’s Shield (Captain America: The First Avenger)
      6. Thor’s hammer (Thor)
      7. power ring/lantern (Green Lantern)
      8. Batman’s remote batarang(Batman Returns)
      9. Hawkeye’s bow & arrow (The Avengers)
      10. Conan’s Sword( Arnold’s Conan films, not remake)

      • 11. Robocop’s primary side gun. aswell his arsenal & flightpack in Robocop 3. Knew i was forgetting one.

    • 1. Lightsaber
      2. Batarang
      3. Light Disc (from “Tron” and “Tron: Legacy”)
      4. Sting (from LOTR)
      5. Throwing Knives (from “V: for Vendetta”)
      6. Connor MacLeod’s Katana (from “Highlander”)
      7. Legolas’s Bow and Arrows (from LOTR)
      8. Katniss’s Bow and Arrows (from “The Hunger Games”)
      9. Batman’s Gauntlet Blades
      10.Batman’s EMP Gun

  5. Ahh September. The summer movie season is over. Trailers for the Halloween horror movies are airing on tv, and everyone is getting hyped for the Christmas/Oscar movie season.

    But in this lull of theater appeal (worst weekend in 4 years) how is everyone holding up. I got really bored yesterday and went into a movie theater, and the only movie worth seeing was The Dark Knight Rises and i didn’t feel like seeing that for a third time. I’ve taken the opportunity to catch up on some movies I’ve really wanted to see. I saw “The Woman in Black” a few days ago and “Pina” last night, both surprisingly good movies. And i just downloaded “Pirates Band of Misfits” to watch tonight.

    Anyone see any good movies lately? anything from the past year you think other people overlook? I think a lot of people overlooked “Pina” but i don’t really blame them, a sudo-documentary about new-age dancing isn’t exactly for everyone.

    • Dude pirates! Loved that movie. I compiled a list of movies I havnt seen from empire magazines top 100 I had 24 and have like 17 to go. next is l.a confidential. recently I watched Chinatown, this is spinal tap, when Harry met Sally and eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

      • Great movies, i actually wasn’t crazy for “LA Confindential” but i can see why a lot of people like it. I did a list last year of 50 movies i really need to get around to seeing. It had classics and stuff from all sorts of places, i’m down to the last one “Gone with the Wind” i just need to find the time and right night to watch it.

        I suggest “” they make it really easy to keep track of what movies on Empire top 500, IMDB top 250 and AFI top 100 you’ve seen. Along with other lists.

      • I thought Goon was pretty good. Nothing fantastic, but I think SWS did a pretty good job in it.

        • It’s one of his only films that he didn’t channel Stifler.

      • “Sleepwalk with Me” isn’t playing within a hundred miles of where i am, but i’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

    • Nothing worth watching in your local theater?

      Celeste and Jesse Forever expanded nationwide 2 weekends ago, that one was heart-breakingly romantic.

      And on Saturday, I caught Safety Not Guaranteed at the dollar theater. I think its the best thing I’ve seen all year.

    • @ Nowhereman

      I forget which morning show it was that James Cameron was on but mentioned it hasn’t been the worst year. Not with how much The Avengers brought in.

      I still haven’t seen Expendable 2 yet which im hoping to today. I was been busy lately the past couple month i haven’t went to the theater much. I only saw TDKR once & by the time i was gonna see it again, it left the theater.

  6. Not long till Skyfall is out! Getting excited now. It will be my 7th at the cinema, I love that they’ve still managed to keep quite a bit of secrecy around it. For example, we still don’t know who will be singing the theme tune!
    I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point when I’m no longer excited for a Bond film, at least I hope not, QOS really left a sour taste, so I really hope this is a return to form.

    • I’m looking foward to Skyfall too.

      I was very disappointed with QOS…Skyfall will hopefully make up for that.

  7. Anyone else watching the cinemax series strike back. I just recently started watching and think its a pretty good show. I need to pick up season 1 on Blu-ray the first chance I get.

  8. What did everyone think of the last Doctor Who episode, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? I personally am missing the presence of an over-arching story for the season.

    • I think these are just filler episodes until they introduce the new companion.

  9. Other than Total Recall which I already ranted about last week, I saw Equilibrium which was okay. Bale pretty much carried the movie though… there were some awesome action sequences, most of which are clear ripp-offs from The Matrix movies, but I dunno, even though it was pretty unoriginal (story wise and visually), it wasn’t nearly as bad to deserve all that bashing the critics gave it IMO.

    I also watched ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and I’m not ashamed to say I really, really liked it (maybe even loved it :o). In general I hate romantic comedies because 1) they’re predictable, 2) they’re cheesy and corny and 3) they’re not funny, but this one (despite some cheesy, sappy moments here and there) actually succeeded in not following the usual “rom-com” formula.
    For me, this is the only movie of the genre (other than Will Smith’s ‘Hitch’) that I wouldn’t mind re-watching once or twice.

    So, I’d like to know, for those of you man enough to admit it ;): which romantic comedies did you actually enjoy watching, and wouldn’t mind watching again?

    • My Favorites:
      When Harry Met Sally
      (500) Days of Summer
      The Wedding Singer

      stretching the definition of the genre a little:
      Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
      Garden State
      40-Year-Old Virgin

      Guilty Pleasures:
      16 Candles
      10 Things I Hate About You
      Theres Something About Mary

    • America’s Sweethearts and Never Been Kissed are a couple that I’ve seen more than once.

    • OK … don’t judge me … too harshly
      Usually if rom-coms give me a good chuckle I like them. Here’s my list:

      The Proposal
      Sweet Home Alabama
      Four Christmases
      The Holiday
      50 First Dates
      Forget Paris (This is one I like a lot but my wife hated)
      Picture Perfect

    • The Princess Bride

    • Elizabethtown

    • “The Wedding Date”
      “The Wedding Singer”
      “Spanglish” (Paz Vega is wonderful)
      “10 Things I Hate About You”

      • DEFINITELY, “The Princess Bride too…in fact, I’d put that at the top of my list.

        • Sigh…close the quotation marks for the film, of course.

    • 4 weddings & a Funeral

    • The only Rom-Coms (I’m using that term loosely) that I like are:

      Always (love it!)
      Groundhog Day
      While You Were Sleeping (the paper boy scene cracks me up every time!)
      Pretty in Pink
      Six Days, Seven Nights
      Can’t Buy Me Love
      Shaun of the Dead
      Some Kind of Wonderful
      The Adjustment Bureau
      Almost Famous
      Bird on a Wire
      Chasing Amy
      Clerks II
      Grosse Pointe Blank
      A Knight’s Tale
      Mr. & Mrs. Smith
      The Secret of My Success

      • Ummm, “The Adjustment Bureau” is not, in any way, a comedy, romantic, loose, or otherwise…good choices, otherwise.

        • Yeah, calling it a comedy might be stretching it, but it was pretty funny in places.

          • That, I’ll grant you… 😉

  10. Dredd 3D has become the first cert 18 film ( very hard R borderline NC17 ) to top the UK box office since 2010, it beat out the heavyweights of Anna K and Lawless, that’s fantastic. Well deserved too as it’s one of the best movies this year, shame Lionsgate didn’t release this one earlier in the year as Sept is a bit of a graveyard. Go see Dredd, if you enjoy CBM then you will love this.

    • Why is it borderline NC-17? Is it just that violent or is there other things to push it that far?

      • Yes it is very violent, there is also a pretty nasty “sexual” scene in there that will make most men grit their teeth. 18 cert in the UK is a very strong rating, to put it into perspective the original Total Recall just got it’s rating lowered to 15. 18 is pretty much the UK’s NC17 rating, 15 is more akin to an R rating.

  11. I watched “Lockout” the other day and loved it! This flick was more of an 80s action movie throwback than any of the Expendables movies will ever be.

    Guy Pearce as a mix between John McClane and Snake Plissken was hilarious and the villains were the right mix between menacing and wacky. The effects were pretty good as well, except for the motorcylcle chase on Earthi in the beginning, which looked really terrible. But since that scene is not much longer than 20 seconds it doesn’t really affect the rest of the movie.

    I wish there were more movies like Lockout…

    • That is one I’m excited to check out (hopefully soon.) the trailers made it look like a lot of fun.

    • it was good.

    • Agree, I loved it. Pure blast of action and fun, harked back to the Kurt Russell era of the 80s.

  12. The movie “detention is horrible and no one should ever watch it.

  13. Just saw that Superman : Earth One has a volume two coming out, so I am seriously stoned. That was one of the best takes on Supes I’ve seen, it’s awesome that they are continuing that story.

    • “seriously stoned” huh?
      I think you might have the wrong expression there mate… 😉

      • Bloody hell, I hate autocorrect. Sneaky little bugger jumps in and changes it when I wasn’t looking 😐

  14. With the trailer to The Girl coming out, I was wondering if anyone here has seen Birds? What did you think of it? I didn’t like it. It was too random and inconclusive for my tastes. What’d you guys think?

  15. I am new here. ( as a poster, I have been lerking around for some time.) I would like to introduse a topice that I have not seen or heard about seince a long…long…time…ago…STAR WARS…

    Will George ever turn it over to someone else? Is the cinamatice Star Wars over?

    Should it be over? Or dare I ask…Should Star Wars be…Rebooted.

    • I gotta say: as long as George Lucas has his hands in it there really shouldn’t be any more Star Wars movies, for the sake of all our sanity. He has proven time and time again that he doesn’t learn from his mistakes and that he rather gets more and more out there as time moves on.

      And as for seeing the classic trilogy in its old form: I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a clause in his will that prevented the original unaltered versions from ever being released in HD. He’s that far gone.

      • Let’s say for the sake of augment that there is no such clause in his will. So in 20 or 30 years from now, should Star Wars be rebooted? King Kong has been rebooted, over and over, as well as Frankenstein.

        • That’s very hard to gauge and depends a lot on what cinema looks like in 20 or 30 years. A reboot could work if it’s done right, but what exactly constitutes “right” is a very debatable thing. If you ask 10 people about it you probably get 11 answers. 😉

          It would probably be something for new generations that never really experienced the original Star Wars. For me however, the original trilogy is so ingrained in my childhood and loaded with immeasurable nostalgia that no remake in the world could ever live up to it.

  16. What does everyone think will happen in True Blood season 6 with 10 episodes?

  17. Picked upThe Raid Redemption Unrated Edition on Blu-ray today and it is AWESOME!!!!!!