Open Discussion – October 9, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 9, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 9, 2013

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  1. Good morning all!!

    New season of ARROW starts tonight!!!!!

    • YAY!!! Cant wait!!! Im also planning on checking out The Tomorrow People afterwards.

      On another note, i believe agents of SHIELD is slowing getting better. I liked last nights episode. While the last two have still had cheese i found them really enjoyable.

      Also watched Citizen Kane for the first time on monday. Definitely one of the best pre-50s films i have seen.

      • I thought last nights SHIELD was a big improvement over last week. Still has a ways to go, but it seems to be getting there!

      • @ Draagyn

        I enjoyed SHEILD last night as well. I think given time, it will get progressively better, like Arrow. I also like the subtle sub-plot going on concerning Coulson.

      • Not sure what show you were watching, but I didnt enjoy the episode at all. I cant seem to figure out why we care what side of things skye ends up on, and the idea of her “training” is a little laughable. We get another random scene with the cavalry…which we still know nothing about, and are given a new material down our throat which has really very thin explanation. The coolest part was the 3 minute opening and from there it went downhill.

        I keep holding on to hope that this gets better, but I just dont think they have a winning formula. Skye and coulson are the only two watchable characters/actors and we’re still in the dark as to why this is all going on. If I have to hear everythings changed since NY in every episode then this show will drown.

      • I still need to get into Arrow; are the previous seasons available anywhere like netflix or am I going to have to cough up some coin?

        I missed last nights episode of Shield but I’ll be watching it on demand sometime tonight. Hopefully you guys are right and it seems to be slowly…slowly getting better!

      • Sorry, but I saw no improvement with Agents of Shield. It is still a mediocre television series with no direction.

    • @Tony,

      Can’t wait for it! Actually I can because I probably wont be able to watch it tonight but I am nonetheless excited!

    • Bfd

  2. Morning Ranters… I know it’s a shameless plug, but if you aren’t listening to the #SRUnderground, you are missing out on a pimpin’ good time. I always listen to it while mowing my lawn. Sadly, up here in Wisconsin I won’t have many more opportunities to mow and listen.

    Stay Classy San Diego.

  3. Good morning good morning ranters! Anyone seen Curse Of Chucky yet?

    • Have it started it didnt finish it. From what I saw it was scary. Improvement over last two.

    • I recently watched this during my month long horror movie marathon and was surprised at how watchable it was. Now not to overstate it, it was a Child’s Play sequel, but in that criticism lies it’s redemption: which is that this was more aptly a sequel than the last four 2,3,bride,seed. There was something in this we haven’t seen out of chucky in a long time……build up. The entire movie wasn’t spent showing his animated antics and cringe-worthy one-liners. Not a spectacular horror movie, but definitely the best chucky movie since the first one (for what that’s worth).
      Again, not a fantastic movie by itself but assuredly an improvement from what we’ve come to expect of chucky.

      • @ Nedrud

        I agreed with your post. The setting was great aswell I thought, looked liked Bates Motel inside & outside. Loved Alex Vincent’s cameo. I thought Child’s Play 2 & 3 were good sequels. It was just the latter two that that watered down the franchise. Seed Of Chucky being the worst. At first I thought they were ignoring the last two films,obviously not. This was worth a watch straight-to-DVD sequel unlike most I’ve seen. It was good but not great imo. But they atleast brought Chucky back to the way he was from the beginning.

  4. I have recently did some research on the “Spectre.” Because some of you mentioned that you had seen him in some comics or the TV short. After hearing his history I have actually made a script for the film and I will give you all the basic outline to see what you all think.

    So the Spectre is actually a DC hero that actually has a biblical background. The Spectre was the spirit that killed all those Egyptian first-born back in Exodus. However in A.D he needs a human host to enact G0d’s justice. Meanwhile a man named James Corrigan who comes from a broken home has become a detective. He gets too close in one of his cases and is put in a barrel full of cement and drowned. Now in the B1ble it is said that “man should be appointed to die once and then comes judgement” but this man is dead he just isn’t judged yet.

    Okay so that is pretty much his origin but I just wanted your guys feedback.

    • That sounds pretty cool, Writer. I’m excited to hear more.

  5. Arrow is great hopefully the tone of the show does not change this season. Really want to dig shield but it is starting slow last nights show was a bit better though

  6. I was going to see gravity in an imax theater this weekend. The reviews say it’s good but Ranters dont seem to rate it?

    See it in a normal cinema or extra for imax?

    • SR rated the film 5 out of 5…

      • I know that’s why I said reviews say it’s good but there have been a lot of comments saying it’s not good

        • Oh sorry, I misread your statement. I believe here in the OD, the ones who saw it said it was good. I’ve heard good things about it. With the exception of the morning radio show I listen to but its their job to make people laugh.

    • I really wwat to see ggravity in the franklin institute. Best imax screen in PA.

    • @ Eddie Felson

      It’s a 4/5 stars movie IMO and imax is for sure the way to go.

    • Imax for sure.

    • It’s good! Easily a 4 out of 5. It’s one of only three movies that I’d recommend seeing in 3D (the other two being Avatar and Prometheus). Also, try to see it on a screen that is as huge as possible, so if you can go for IMAX.

      The story is rather simplistic (basically Open Water in space), but the visuals and the sense of realism are so unique that they are totally making up for it. It’s like being in space yourself.

      • Yah, but George Clooney ruins it for me. Going to wait for rental…

        • Then you are going to miss out on one of the best theatre experiences in the history of movies.

          • Ok, no prob. Glad you enjoyed it. :-)

        • Your loss. In a few months you’re gonna kick yourself when you realize what you missed out on.

          • I doubt it. I’m more into action movies anyway. But I’m glad you enjoyed it. :-)

        • Dude.. Clooney MAKES the movie. Seriously. He’s awesome in it.

          • @ movieDude

            I agree, Clooney was very good in it, and very funny as well. He was quite the character.

          • @movieDude

            Based on him as an actor and based on the descriptions of his character, I kind of already know how he’s perceived as cool, charismatic, or charming to some people. I actually don’t like characters like that in movies like these. I kind of would prefer a more realistic depiction like Buzz have said, where real astronauts would take the situation more seriously with less levity. But of course they need that for the movie. But my own knowledge on Clooney’s pompous personality, any joke or charisma out of him would probably just annoy the crap out of me…

        • I thought Clooney made the money. Yes, I don’t like his character in a lot of his movies but in this movie he is just epic. Like Avatar and Pacific Rim, it’s a theatre experience type of movie. Like Avatar and Pacific Rim, when you take away that theatre experience then it goes down in quality

          • @JaredDac

            Eh, I enjoyed Avatar and Pacific Rim in theaters for the “theater experience” but honestly, I wouldn’t be too distressed for not seeing them in theaters…

      • There the only two films I have enjoyed in 3D, to be honest it’s really not my thing but I did appreciate that with Avatar/Prometheus it did add to the experience. After watching a couple of other hideous attempts at 3D movie making I actually vowed never to watch one again however this has changed my mind, I’m still dubious though but hope to be proved wrong.

        • Oh and I hated open water actually hate is too strong open water bored me, having said that being lost in space will definitely be more interesting than “wait what was that” that’s right a shark is going to eat you but not for another hour

          • @ Eddie

            I was so glad I never bought that movie which I almost did,lol. Open Water= one of the worst films made of all time. And they made a sequel to it? The only good part of it was the nude scene.

            • As I remember that’s in like the first 5 mins or something? and probably only second best scene after watching the male character die slowly! Cant believe it got a second? Whats the plot? um boat capsizes then “wait what was that” yep Shark again your all Fu**ed! nope that’s something else. Was it all jump off the boat with no way of getting back on (dic*heads) then “wait whats that” truly awful movies the lot of them.

    • You must see this movie. Both actors are fantastic, and it is, along with Hugo, one of the only movies that you HAVE to see in 3D

  7. Right, done, going tickets booked cheers!

    • Get ready dude! Its pretty intense!

  8. On a different note I have heard there is GOTG footage kicking about, anyone seen it?

  9. Say what you want, but I throughly enjoyed Shield last night. As a person who hated the first two, for some reason this episode came off as more polished. Don’t get me wrong, there are sill criticisms I have with the show as a whole: the score is terrible, casting is still a joke, why is Coulson ALWAYS in a suit even in situations where it’s completely unnecessary, and of course plot holes galore as well as bad pacing with terrible structure. I’m still cautiously optimistic about the shows future; last nights episode was a step in the right direction to me!

    • Coulson is like his own super hero & the suit is like his costume. He’s also like ‘the Transporter’ & characters like that, it’s always the suit cause he’s a professional bad@$$ :)

  10. aslo GRAVITON

    • I hope when we eventually see him again he has a long beard and hair a la Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

  11. ABC doesn’t “letterbox” for non-HD TVs. I still have an older television, and It’s very noticeable. It makes Agents of Shield really look bad. It’s like the old pan and scan only without any consideration. It simply shows everything in the middle.

    • time to get current. you can go cheap with a flat screen with only 720 res. walmart baby! cheapest place around.

  12. Im surpised screenrant hasnt done a writeup on the leaked Godzilla trailer over the weekend. This wasnt just a bootleg/recorded trailer, this was a high quality version of the concept trailer from last year which probably means someone within the studio system leaked it.

    and now there is a second trailer making the rounds and being deleted. now this one IS recorded and superlow quality. Anyone see it yet?

    there are shots of soldiers skydiving, a train getting attacked, bryan cranston, and then there are shots from the concept trailer in it. this makes me almost think its fake, but several people have said they think its real. so i dont know. Ive seen them both and the concept trailer was way cooler

    im just surprised you guys havent written an article or anything.

    • Shoot! Missed it, though I’m guessing we’ll see a trailer end of October or early November like you said in the other thread.

      • I actually have a hard copy of the concept trailer on my hard drive. there is this awesome guy on youtube who was emailing the trailer to everyone who wanted it.

        • Me too actually, I downloaded off Veoh or whatever the site’s called when it got leaked. Knew within at least half an hour it would be taken down.

    • SR usually don’t post or get too involved with leaked footage and trailers. To be more professional they try to use officially released stuff whenever possible. You also don’t really get leaked set photos on here either.

      We can still talk about it though. I didn’t see it either. :(

      • I wasnt to impressed with the bootlegged second trailer, really low quality. also like i said previously, the only godzilla footage was from the concept trailer as far as i could tell. One version was recorded on a phone and another version was recorded on another device but still horrible quality.

        • I haven’t seen the second trailer but the first looked impressive. Makes me laugh looking back at the last attempt however I was 16 when that came out and thoroughly enjoyed it at the time.

          • haha, i was 6 at the time and already had a sizable godzilla collection of a dozen or so films. So i loved it at the time. I think thats probably why i still enjoy it today. Stupid nostalgia.

            • +1
              As bad as it is, I still thoroughly enjoy it. I actually bought it on bluray aha. Like you, I was 5 or 6 years old when it came out so it’s probably nostalgia why I still enjoy it.

    • I was pleased with the trailer and I was super happy when I heard Godzilla himself at the end of it, because IMO, if that’s what he ends up sounding like in the movie, they nailed it perfectly. :)

    • I was looking all over for it yesterday or the day before. I think I spent 30 minutes or so going to different websites. I couldn’t find it :(

      • Dude, if you trust putting your email on here i could send you the hard copy.

        • dont mind if I do!!

          now you know my real name (O_O)

        • @ Draagyn

          totally spaced putting your name in there.

          • @ movieDude

            Sent! now you know my name to! Let me know if you get it and if it works.

  13. shield was good last night, im hoping fitz and simmons get wacked ha

    looking forward to arrow

    • yeah fitzsimmons are not that strong of characters, i dont care one way or another for them. they are not bad, but they are not that interesting. I hope they either get a lot more development, or get regulated to the background more.

    • I can deal with Fitz. It’s Simmons I don’t care for. The main problem I think is that they don’t have personalities outside of each other.

      • i agree with them not having personalities outside of each other. for example, you saying that you cant deal with simmons. well right now i have no idea which one of the two that is haha.

        • haha, Simmons is the girl. At least with the monkey stuff this week Fitz showed some promise as a character.

    • Fitz is still somewhat bearable, but Simmons gotta go or at least needs to be heavily sedated.

  14. Dang! That Supernatural season premiere was dismally boring. There was nothing in that episode that I haven’t seem before on the show… very disappointed :(

    • Walking Dead returns this Sunday!!

      Alison Brie tweeted a photo from the set of Community with Nathan Fillion filming his guest appearance.

      I’m so psyched for my shows to come back! I also got to get caught up on the new ones: shield, brooklyn99 (I like that one), any others..

      • that was supposed to be seperate from your post @ The Avenger

        :/ dang it

      • @ movieDude

        I’m waiting to see Cerina Vincent on Walking Dead.

  15. Tonight is going to be great. Arrow, AHS: Coven, and The Tomorrow People. I am interested to see if The Tomorrow People will be any good. Based on the information about the show it sounds like a version of Jumper. Arrow I hope starts out strong and I want to see how Coven is going to do.
    Last night I watched The Originals to see how it was and it actually was a lot better than I thought it would do. It still has the same CW teenie stuff but I see a lot of potential. Hopefully that show grows.

    • The Tomorrow People airs tonight for the first time?

    • Compared to The Vampire Diaries, The Originals is actually very mature. I think it’s the Rebekah character who brought up so much of teen-angst stuff last episode. While I enjoy her at times, I usually ask myself how she still has that teen side of her after what, a thousand years of being alive? You’d think someone would grow within that time. I’m hoping the writers make her character a bit more mature cause she gets kind of annoying at times.

      • I’ve also read a couple of reviews on the Tomorrow People, apparently it’s very formulaic. I’m still hoping it’s enjoyable though.

        • I saw it last night and I just don’t know. It didn’t really do anything for me with the first episode. I see and like the concept of it but it just feels a little plain right now. Hopefully it improves

      • I tried to watch Vampire Diaries and it just felt too teen vamp for me. With The Originals it feels a little more grown up. Yes, there are some of the CW teen stuff but it’s not all that bad. Plus I like the whole hybrid storyline. I think the brother being soo angry and wanting to rip everything apart also adds an appeal to me as well.

        • I find with season 2 and part of season 3 of Vampire Diaries, it focused less on the whole teen romance stuff and more on the core story, which improved the show quite a bit. I wish I could say the same about Season 4 ugh. Same reason I enjoy The Originals so far to be honest, it just has that edge that I want in my vampire TV show.

  16. Banshee??? Anyone?

    • Top of the yr correct?

  17. Has anyone else seen this? CBS posted the passed on pilot for Super Clyde starring Rupert Grint on their website. Maybe they’re reconsidering? That would be cool because I really liked it.