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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 8, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 8, 2012

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  1. Is Prometheus worth the buy?

    Haven’t seen it yet and want it and want to but I’ve only heard mixed reviews on it. Thoughts?

    • If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, then I’d recommend first just renting Prometheus and going from there: if you like it, buy it, if you didn’t, don’t.

      It’s definitely a movie worth watching IMO, but as a fan of the franchise, I didn’t really like it that much.

      • I agree with Avenger, I enjoyed Prometheus but I also recommend renting it first, then decide if you want to pick it up.

        • I actually don’t like the movie, it’s beyond stupid, but the 4 disk Bluray is fantastic, easy the bluray of the year. The 4 hour docu is one of the best there is, actually better than the movie.

          • so it’s worth spending $40-50 on a movie that’s “beyond stupid” for a making of a “beyond stupid” movie? how is that worth it?
            …a facepalm just isnt enough!

    • I would recommend that you rent it first. I was disappointed with the film, although it visually was great.

    • For me it’s definitely worth the buy and I can’t wait to see it again. Having said that: the movie might be problematic for your if you like things to get neatly wrapped up in the end. Without a doubt it leaves open questions that are either meant for the sequel or for you to figure out yourself. Also, you need to be able to explore and think about the reasoning and subjective mindsets of the characters to be able to accept what they do. If you take things at face value only and judge them by your omniscient perspective you might get into trouble.

      I also recommend renting it first. It’s a hate or love kind of thing. There is very little inbetween.

      • Thanks everyone!! Think ill rent it first just in case big fan of alien so I hope it doesn’t disapoint. Missed its theatrical run for some reason can’t remember.

        But a four hour doc sounds amazing! Lol

  2. Watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows last night and while it wasn’t as good as the first one, it was still good. The chase scene in the woods, Wow! One of the coolest action sequences I’ve seen in a while! I loved when Holmes and Moriarty were fighting at the end; that was very well done!

    • I thought it was almost as good as the first film, it was certainly one of the best sequels I’ve seen in a long time. I’m hoping there will be a third movie in the near future, but i want the action to be scaled down a bit, have some mystery.
      Maybe a quasi adaptation of Hound of the Baskevilles that ties into a grander story.

  3. I’ve never seen any of the Matrix movies, and decided to change that this weekend (lucky for me, there was a marathon showing all three on tv).

    I watched them and other than the first one (which was great), I don’t see the big deal. The second one was okay and the third one sucked (IMO) and the ending of the third one made no sense to me either: I can usually follow a movie’s story well and understand all (or most of) the aspects of it, but the ending of The Matrix Revolutions was just a huge “da hell was that?!” moment.

    Does anybody feel the same way about this trilogy?

    And what popular movie trilogy/saga have you never seen or never seen until very recently?

    • I saw the first two Back to the Future movies for the first time recently and the first one was a lot of fun; the second one…not so much. I still kinda want to see the third because everybody seems to love those films, but the second one kind of bummed me out.

      • My wife loves the third back to the future. Baffles me how she could. I thought it carbon copied the first two too much.

      • @ Helix

        I enjoyed the whole BTTF trilogy honestly. Even the 2nd film as it taught with a time machine how things could be altered,changed for better or worse. Well that was the trilogy i guess. I the third because i like western films aswell & it was a great conclusion to the trilogy. First film was of-course oon the edge of your seat thrill ride.

      • @ Hetflix
        I loved the 1st BTTF and still do. To this day it’s my favorite use and explanation of time travel.
        The 2nd was pretty good but I didn’t like how dark it was. The 1st was so much fun so I didn’t like the gloom and doom.
        The 3rd, I have to say I really don’t remember much of. The main reason I remember seeing it in the theater was because it was my 1st official “Movie Date”. :)
        Other than that I just remember it being a western.

      • Back to The Future part 2 is my favourite.

    • The first has and will always be my fav of the trilogy, the second and third were just meh and I didn’t like the ending of revolutions.

      • I actually just watched the matrix trilogy for the first time also. and i agree the 1st is the best, then the 2nd, then 3rd.

    • the third was crap, what more to say about it. and the first one is since 13 years a cult-movie. you were very late:)

    • @ The Avenger
      Like most everyone else I loved The Matrix but I’m not a fan of the sequels.
      As cliche as it sounds the 1st was a game changer. It’s also the 1st movie I ever bought on DVD and actually the reason I bought a DVD player in the 1st place ($300, and as big as a house!).
      But the sequels baffled me. Props to Kahless and Ignur for even trying to explain it. Seriously guys, I give you a lot of credit because to this day when somebody asks me what I think was happening with those movies my brain shuts down. :)
      Ok, enough of my rambling & back to my point…
      The Matrix = Classic and one of the best if the past 15 years.
      The sequels = A mess and a big let down.

      • if i´m not dumb,and i am not dumb then it will get 14 years old next year at may and not 15. just to remember it came out may 99 and we have got 2012,it´s till now 13 years old.

        • He never said it was 15 years old. Just that it was one of the best of the past fifteen years.

          • Thanks Dr. Sam.
            I was just heading back to make that point.

    • This guy has a very interesting and entertaining (negative) take on the postmodern philosophical faffings-around of the sequels:-

    • “da hell was that?” one of the best posts in a minute young sir!
      i felt the same. the trilogy meter from the geek pics last week or so was dead on for that one.

  4. I don’t think anyone will disagree that the last two stunk.

    The ending I believe is supposed to be biblical. Neo sacrificing himself for everyone else to survive. Annoyed me that they went that route.

    • Sorry, mine was a reply to Avenger

    • That’s not what I got from it at all.

      ****** SPOILERS AHEAD ******

      Since there are obviously people who haven’t seen these, this is a major spoiler. For me, Neo was King Arthur and Smith was Modred (Neo being his father, in a since). The East Indian program asked if Neo would return, and the Oracle said she believed he would, just like the Arthur tale; and in the Arthur tale, the King was taken off on a barge, just like Neo. I first thought like most that it had some to do with Christ but I then thought maybe it was King Arthur. Of course, the King Arthur tale was probably a take on the biblical story.

      ***** END SPOILERS *****

      I enjoyed all 3 but the first was definitely, uh, the one? :-D

      • I actually saw it as the story of the Anti-Christ lol.

        Agents/Angels who can move through any vessel/person. Morpheus the false prohpet decieved by the Oracle.. Zion aka hell in the center of earth. The Nebuchadnezzar (name of the ship) had several satanic prophecies. The Oracle was the devil attempting to lure ppl away. The army of sentinels aka the great flood that comes every time a civilization has grown too decedent (cave orgy?).

        BTW I am not a religious zealot, I just love to read religion history.

        • why you guys are putting religious aspects into that crap ?

          • Because story writers are inspired by jesus, king arthur and other stories. Theres only a finite ways tales can be told and a heroes journey can play out whether it be victory, sacrifice or death.

            • king arthur is a myth a legend, not a leader of a religion.

          • Because Neo was possibly the most unsubtle metaphor for Jesus that has ever existed in a movie?

  5. Is there any trilogy anyone wished it could of turned out better?

    • The Spider-Man trilogy, X-Men trilogy, the Matrix trilogy (although, the first one should be kept exactly the same) …and of course, the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

      • Agreed, the X-Men trilogy should have been better, though I absolutely loved the Spiderman trilogy! I wish The Fantastic Four (trilogy wanna-be) had been better, especially the second one; I really like the Silver Surfer as a character.

        • so basically all late 90s-early millennium movies as that was not the best time for film.

    • Blade and Alien.

    • The Mummy remakes with Brendan Fraser could have been a lot better IMHO. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy duh. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy 1st one was okay 2nd one was great 3rd one was just plain awful. the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies the 1st one was okay and I just wish the 2nd & 3rd one never happened. Starship Troopers loved the 1st one 2nd & 3rd one not so much. The Librarian films the only thing I would change about these though would be that I wish that they were released in theaters.

      • I would add Terminator to that list. The first 2 were great (second being one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time), and the third one was garbage.

  6. Open Discussion? Okay I have a few questions and suggestions…

    Who is the supreme general of Screen Rant and who is in charge of the main news…
    The news is looking a bit dry these days nothing going on in Hollywood you can report? Maybe a slight suggestion to spruce the place, how about voice comments? You do not need to type a comment at all only with your voice magically clear and it will save many fingers. Oh and can you guys introduce a food section on Screen Rant, I am always constantly looking for new recipes and I don’t have time to search all over the web so it will be like a user submitted recipes section. Oh and how about a radio station for Screen Rant? Well there’s my open discussion ta-ta!

    • Wow. Just…wow. You’ve now confirmed how miserably negative and slow you are. Every post you on every thread you’re on is a downer, but THIS one goes beyond all the way to rude. Please, go away…PLEEEEASE…?

      • He’s a troll and I’m getting really offended now that someone compared me to him in the Hobbit comments.

      • Look, I am very often unintelligent because I am suffering a deadly brain disease that changes my memory constantly and my thoughts on perception of reality. So please stop making fun of me because I am in a very serious life and death situation I am currently struggling in to keep my self together including my sanity

        • That explains everything ;)

    • Does this guy live in his mom’s basement and just dream up crap to say? Guess so. Well I guess there’s got to be one a**hole in every crowd. To bad.

      • i have said it last week about-jers.schi-,that he is just negative. but,what i don´t like here is the mob-mentality, you know -archaeon- said that -jers.sch- is talking bulls..t, isn´t that enough ? why are now -lost.winch- ,-stark- and -vader´s 501st- offense against -jers.sch-. are you always waiting that the first one throws the stone.

        • nope, just couldn’t reply fast enough.

        • Oh, you mean like you did when Kels said something about me? Why did you mob up with him? Wasn’t it enough that he said that I was being negative? Why did you have to chime in? Are you always waiting that the first one throws the stone?

          • you must remember me, i don´t know what it was ? but, your comments are often weird and negative,just like -jers.sch-´s ,there must have been some comments where i wasn´t on the same point with you,can´t remember. you can describe it, i don´t follow others ,it can be that my post was linked too slow.

    • @Jersey,

      I think your on the wrong site you must be looking for the food network site, just thought you’d like to know :)

  7. finally watched blade runner for the first time, sad to say, i didnt care much for it. Im not sure which version i watched, it was the one without the voice over narration and the “happy ending” as i kept reading on other sites. not sure if it was supposed to be one of the better versions or what.

  8. Halloween III the season of the witch is best sequel to Carpenters original. Very interesting concept and totally nuts. Who thinks they should go with Carpenter’s idea of a different halloween themed film every year? Just no more Micheal Myers.

  9. I never watched Halloween 3, because it didn’t have Micheal Myers in it. I liked Halloween 4 & 5. they weren’t perfect as no JLC in the films but still good imo. Curse of Michael Myers imo should of been alot better. I liked Halloween H20, even more if they stuck to the original script idea that kept parts 4-6 canon. But Halloween Resurrection was bad aswell. It was no wonder why JLC wanted them to kill her character off for real in the beginning.

    Rob Zombie’s first Halloween movie i thought was good, but the 2nd film was awful.

    • Halloween III now seems like an anomaly because its the only one without myers. But it’s a decent stand alone horror flick, if very much of it’s time. I just thought the idea of an anthology series of different Halloween themed films a really good idea and it’s a shame that the absence of big bad Michael caused III to fail at the box office. So, no need to see Rob Zombie’s Halloween II then? It just being October already has got me remembering the halloweens of my childhood and the films they let me watch!

    • Halloween III now seems like an anomaly because its the only one without myers. But it’s a decent stand alone horror flick, if very much of it’s time. I just thought the idea of an anthology series of different Halloween themed films a really good idea and it’s a shame that the absence of Michael caused III to fail at the box office. So, no need to see Rob Zombie’s Halloween II then? It just being October already has got me remembering the halloweens of my childhood and the films they let me watch!

      • Oops!

      • it had NOTHING to do with the other halloween films, i never did understand why it was called H3. there is not one mention of carpenter or is based off any of his characters. it’s like troll 2. nothing to do with the 1st (and one of the worst movies ever made)

        • Wrong! Carpenter produced it and co-composed the music.

          • Plus, taking the story away from michael myers for III was CARPENTER’S IDEA!

  10. I am going to share this neat little trick, for those that do not know. If you download firefox browser, and enter screen rant site, it will highlight any misspelled words….Would I have cut down on my typos….

    For those of you who use firefox…Well bully on all of you. :)

  11. @The Avenger,

    I’m taking your “Man Card” for a few days. Never saw the Matrix??? That’s like never seeing “Enter the Dragon”.

    Moving right along,
    Anyone see that “they’re” going to do a Punisher anime? Ugh! Wolverine sucks, X-men is horrible. Blade is beyond mind numbingly bad. Now they’re going to cut Frank Castle’s nutts off too. He’ll shoot someone and then talk about it for half an hour. The following 2 episodes will be about him feeling bad about it. His guns will probably be revolvers with magic powers and he’ll have a cat as a buddy to talk to about his angst.