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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 7, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 7, 2013

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  1. GOTG finishes principle next week! Anyone else excited to see some finished footage early next year?

    First BTW :)

    • @ Rock Star

      Personally, I cannot wait for a trailer for GotG. I really think that movie is going to be epic. Kudos to Marvel for taking a risk on that property!!!

    • I cant wait to see how there going to approach the source material. Good cast, The good Benicio del Toro, the bad Vin Diesel and the Ugly Bradley Cooper? (maybe not!) However I dread to think what the script and direction is going to be like? Gunn has a far from impressive C.V?

    • I’m very excited for Guardians. For Marvel to be producing such a big budget movie about such a relatively obscure and unknown (but awesome) superhero team, I feel like they’ve got to have something really good cooking up their sleeve. I had never read very much of the cosmic side of Marvel’s stories until I heard this movie was coming out, and I was amazed, particularly by the Guardians of the Galaxy. If Marvel ever gets the rights to Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer back, I would love to see the Guardians franchise eventually put out films based on Annihilation/The Thanos Imperative.

  2. So I finally got through that one season of Caprica. It was ok. Definitely not as good as BSG but ok. It started getting better in the second half. I am actually curious to see where thy wouldve taken season two. Watched Blood & Chrome next. I liked that one, it really felt like BSG. I wish that wouldve been picked up for at least a season. Was thinking on checking out the original Battlestar Galactica from 1978 but i decided to wait a while.

    I instead started watching Person of Interest. I originally wanted to wait until there was at least 3 full season aired so i could just watch it all at once instead of catching up and having to wait like everyone else, but i gave in. Watched the pilot last night and it was pretty good. The world created for the show seems interesting and entertaining enough.

    Also watched Drive and The Eagle with Channing Tatum this weekend. I actually thought Drive was ok. I know there were people that loved this movie and those who hated it because it was slow or whatever. I figured i would be in the group that hated it but i actually land somewhere in the middle. I thought it was pretty good, not great, not bad. And the Eagle was pretty entertaning as well.


    • Can’t wait for Arrow!!

  3. So how about that awesome leaked concept Godzilla trailer from comic con last year? anyone check it out? what did you think? I loved it. Ive seen it about a dozen times already.

    • I saw that and agree it looked really good but I really wish it had come out before Pacific Rim. Godzilla will more than likely be a better film however I feel that some of the impact has been lost after the overload of PR?

    • Watched it about a dozen times too. Awesome teaser and got me very hyped. Godzilla is massive! Hopefully there’s a full length teaser soon.

      • there is a rumor going around about the beginning of november for a teaser. but who knows. I personally think they should get the marketing machine going early for this. Have a teaser in november. and a full trailer in february and a final trailer in april. This is my most anticipated film for 2014.

        • I say whenever the marketing kicks in, it’s going to kill. I mean, it’s Godzilla aha, first in I think 15 years (In America that is). Either way, November or December would be a good time to start letting people know, they have some great posters as well.

    • I just tracked it down on YouTube.
      The first I’ve seen it and better than
      I expected and I’m looking forward to it.

  4. Does anyone else think that two of Marvel’s confirmed movies for 2016 will be the Thor and Cap threequels? I do. But what’s in that 2017 slot they reserved? A new Hulk movie maybe? Or is that Dr. Strange?

    I know Thor 3 will likely have surtur, but cap 3… ? Maybe the “Death” of Cap, and Zemo and Skull both.

    • @ Pitt Man

      I’m hoping for another Iron Man in there somewhere, but I’m doubtful. It could be an Ant-Man sequel, but I really want a Black Panther movie to be in there. Black Panther would be awesome.

      • Black Panther would be my first choice as well but I’ve lost faith in seeing T’Challa anytime soon. I think Ruffalo’s contract may dictate the film made.

      • @Tony — In terms of CBM quadrilogy history, the 4th film being “Batman and Robin” or “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace”. CBM’s are batting 0-2 in that area.

        Correct me if I am wrong but Fox with X-Men: First Class wasn’t meant to be #4, it was meant to be a stand alone, right?

        And TMNT I barely consider to be a 4th film since they went 100% animation, and RARELY is an animated movie, bad.

        • @ LC

          Would you consider Ninja Turtles: TNM a continuation of the TMNT trilogy over TMNT?

          • Wasn’t that a TV show?

            • yup but loosely followed the films as the turtles still lived in the subway station.

        • @ LC

          Good points all around LC, and I think you’re right about X-Men First Class. All I would say is if they made IM4 with RDJ I think it would be a hit, given his star power and MARVEL”s brand right now. IMO, anything that guy touches right now turns to gold. NO more Shane Black though he is NOT a CBM director, IMO. I would really love for RDJ to pop up on AoS for one episode. The ratings would explode.

      • @ Stark

        I have my doubts RDJ will be back as Ironman in a 4th film. But opened there could be more without him. Maybe after Avengers 3 perhaps still stays on that long. Then I could see him being replaced for sure.

        • @ Frank Castle

          I agree with you, I don’t think he’ll be back for IM4. I still would like to see an IM4 though. I would like to see maybe Colin Farrell as a new me. :)

          • @ Stark

            Id like to see a IM4 myself. As far I as I heard Marvel I think plans to do more IM solo outings. The question is whether or not RDJ will reprise the role. I think he’s already contracted to do both Avengers 2 & 3 but went on to say he may expand his contract depending on where they take the character because there’s still stories he’d like to see done with the character.

    • Me. Want. Hulk. Movie!

      • +1

    • It probably is a minority view but
      I think Thor 2 and Cap 2 will be
      the last standalone for each.

      Like Iron Man, future Avengers
      is where we will be seeing them.

    • I hope they bring back the Red Skull if not in some small way for Cap 2, then definitely for Cap 3. I refuse to believe that he died at the end of the first film. He’s Cap’s archenemy. That would be like Loki dying in the first Thor movie.

      • Unfortunately, with the direction Marvel is headed
        I do not think we will be seeing Red Skull again.
        Red Skull was fantastic in Cap 1 to be sure.

  5. How do I get rid of these pop up ads on here?

    • Frank,

      We don’t have pop up ads. There was a problem with our site template overnight that caused the comments to go full width so the side ad covered them partially. It’s been fixed.

      • Thanks Vic

  6. Pepper and I saw Gravity over the weekend. It was very good. I recommend it for sure.
    4 stars

  7. Is anybody else not impressed with the MARVEL Agents of Shield? I know I am not a big fan of MARVEL but these episodes are way too cheesy for my liking and every other sentence is basically a remark about the Avengers or something like it. I just don’t know about the show and I was wondering if anybdy else was?

    • I only am not a fan cause I believe it can be so much better. The pilot didnt have me aanticipatng the next episode,I just wondered what a ’0-8-4′was. Being set in the Marvel world the show could be doing easter eggs left and right and open the general public to lesser known comic book characters.

    • @Writer — I am in the same boat with you about AoS. But I expected nothing more than what is currently being shown. Their take on their universe is light-hearted and full of cheese. Its kid friendly. Has very little draw to the adult crowd who likes a more mature tone of things.

    • Bad, really bad I actually found it to be unwatchable. The script and characters are dull and cliched to the point you know what everyone is going to say or do before they do it. The action sequences are cheesy and poorly directed, even fan favorite (never understood that anyway) Agent Coulson just comes across like an arrogant di**head and don’t even get me started about his flying car called Tallola, or something equally obvious and pathetic, that no is allowed to touch (why did the guy go to touch it anyway?)

      I would say that the series isn’t aimed at me but I watch the Marvel films and enjoy them (for the most part) so I cant see who it is aimed at? kids I’m guessing from the overall quality?

      • Its bad.Kind of like the A team witg cgi.

    • @Writer,

      you are not alone.

      • I agree with everyone saying agents of shield is cheesy. but its only been two episodes. and i thought the second episode was better than the first. I still enjoy it and cant wait to see the next episode.

    • @ Writer

      I like the show for what and where it is right now. I do believe it will get better. I keep going back to Arrow early in season one. That was bad, but steadily improved. I feel the same will happen with AoS. I’m going to stick with it. Although, the show could use a little more me!! Ha! :)

  8. whats I about Stark?

  9. Anyone know how I can get rid of these pop up ads?

    • @Punishing Flash — I think it’s a problem with the layout of the site right now. Not the ads. I am also seeing something similar.

      • Me too, I’m guessing it will be sorted soon.

        • I have an adblocker installed into my FireFox browser. (I know, Vic, I am a jerk for doing it.) And the floating ad is there, but not there. It hovers over the reply buttons on the posts LOL.

  10. @ Paul Young

    Do you know how to get rid of this pop up ad?

  11. I saw Don Jon over the weekend. A romance comedy made for guys. I thought it was worth the ticket price.

  12. @ LC

    I hope it’s for a little while, nothing perminate.

  13. @Frank Castle “formally WallyWest”
    I just sent Vic an email with some screencaps, so hopefully they’ll take notice of the problem.
    …It is pretty annoying though :/
    Don’t know if it’s the same on your side, but on my pc parts of the comments get blocked and I can’t get to the reply button.

    • Ha, just posted the same thing. I think the ad is already gone. Now its just the layout. Expect Vic or Paul to chime in any time now.

      • @ LC

        Can you read my comment now?

        • Yeah, I can see all your posts, Wally.

          • Good, thanks for your help.

    • Looking forward to seeing Gravity partly because I used to have a recurring nightmare as a kid that I was an astronaut and would float off helplessly into space, so to me this is going to be a much more frightening film than anything Wan and co can come up with.

  14. It’s a drag, can’t reply to anyone.

  15. @ The Avenger

    Thanks. All I know is theres a pop up ad & I can’t reply directly to anyone.

  16. Yeah, this is pretty bad. The pop up stays locked over all the reply buttons.

  17. I guess I can’t read whole comments neither unless they’re short ones.

  18. Glad im not the only one with this problem on here.

    • Seems to have been addressed already.

      • Yeah, all fixed.

        • It would seem so…
          Thank you magic-internet-pixies! Y’all always fix things up with your special moonshine dust and unicorn tears!

  19. I access SR through a proxy because my phone won’t let me post… don’t see any ads but a big huge blank area before the comments.

    • Same here about the big huge blank area before the comments. only I use cell phone, not a home phone.

  20. Anyone know how many episodes of the Walking Dead Cerina Vincent will be in?

    • So far it’s a couple from what I am hearing

  21. And is anyone plan on buying Curse Of Chucky? From what I read about it, can’t be any worse than Seed Of Chucky/Bride Of Chucky were.

    What’s everyone’s Halloween horror fest of films to watch this month?

    • FC,

      Happy Monday! Some I’ve already picked out are:
      Motel Hell
      The Wolf Man (anything with Claude Rains)
      Return of the Living Dead
      The Thing (’82) – “If he tries to make it back here and we’re not with him…burn him.”

      • My favorite film with Claude Rains is Notorious.
        And is Casablanca Casablanca without Claude? No.
        One of the greatest old Hollywood character actors.

        I’ll have to fire up The Wolf Man too and also
        the original The Thing From Another World.
        Yes, I do love the older horror movies.

      • @ $2

        Happy Monday to you. Some films I chosen are


        Friday The 13th/Nightmare On Elm Street films in order.


        Pet Sematary

        Child’s Play


        The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)

    • The Shining is my annual ritual on Halloween night.

      Before that I’ll be digging out The Horror Of
      Dracula and The Curse Of Frankenstein.

      • RED RUM

        • Quite the scene:

          • Sure is. Still got my VHS copy of that movie.

            • Loved the scene of the twins & elevator of blood.

              • Another great one, Frank.

                • I think i’ll add that movie to my list now Robert.

                • @ Robert

                  Would you stay at that same hotel?

                  • Yes I would, Frank. The hotel is the Timberline Lodge
                    in Mount Hood, Oregon and it’s safe to stay in because
                    it was only used for exterior shots and the hotel interior
                    was created in studios in England and if that were not
                    the case I do not think would stay there because of the
                    truly haunting images burned in memory from the movie.


                    • I read how film makers had to use walkie talkies because it was easy to get lost in that place. I heard they done away with that maze.

                      If I had someone with me, id stay if it were haunted. Im a skeptic when it comes to ghosts, haunted places,etc. Loved how the film was mocked on The Simpsons,lol. Bart coming out of the maze the way he did.

                    • There is a famous old hotel a few blocks
                      from where I live, The Ansonia, with a storied
                      history that included the residence of Babe Ruth.

                      Whenever I am inside it, I am reminded
                      every time of the hotel scenes film.
                      These shots will give you an idea:


                    • I see what you mean by the pictures. Looks like a nice place to stay. Where I live there used to be a house that resembled the condemned version of the Elm Street house only it was painted green. But far enough distance on the other side of the street, the yard,windows and fence on side of the house makes it almost a look a like.

                      I been to one supposely haunted location. Russurection Cemetery. Maybe you heard of Russurection Mary hauntings of the place? Drove around the place, nothing.

                    • I had never heard of the Resurrection Mary legend.
                      I just checked it and it would be a fine movie concept.
                      Like all the “haunting” legends there really is nothing there.

                      The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall is an English legendary
                      haunting whom a few even claim to have photographed.
                      It’s centuries old and still has its devout followers.

                      The Shining was particularly successful is making the
                      haunting of the hotel seem real and therefore frightening.

  22. Anyone catch the Godzilla teaser that was leaked over the weekend?

    • It’s discussed earlier in the thread. I said I thought it was good but I wish it had been released before Pacific Rim as it would have had more impact.

      • Sorry, I didn’t have time to check the earlier comments. But anywho, I love it! Though Godzilla’s roar was odd. As well as his design. Yeah it was all smiley but I could kinda make it out and it just looked weird to me..I hope they’ve fixed it since that teaser is old.

        • smokey* not sure why my auto correct thinks that looks like smiley .-.

          • this was just the concept trailer, meaning godzillas final design (and roar) hadnt been finalized. that being said. I loved it!

            I hope they go with a roar similar to that because it sounded enormous and powerful. It sounded like something you would be able to hear from miles and miles away.

  23. @Stark — Hey, do me a favor. Follow me on twitter (if you have one) or email me at

    I need to let you know something. Don’t want to post it on a public forum.

    My twitter link is in my name.

    • Say Leather, are you about to embark in the movie review business?

      • Haha… I went on a branding spree using the term “useless”. I’m selling a few. This one I want to keep.

        One day I would like to be a reviewer. But Ill have to wait til my son is older. Ive been told Im an @s$ — Hence the name “leathercheerio”.

        • Uselessfilms is one to keep. Maybe you can develop
          the site a bit with random thoughts on films for now.

          I am not sure exactly of the origin of leather cheerio.
          Is that cheerio as in the cereal or maybe as in goodbye?
          Just how does the leather fit in although it is great name.

  24. Just watched Curse Of Chucky. Have to say it was darker than the previous last two films were. The setting was great, kind of had the Bates Motel look outside & inside. It was much better than Seed Of Chucky was by far. Alex Vincent’s cameo scene is one of the best parts.

    At first I thought they were ignoring the events of the last two films but apparently not. It’s worth a watch as one of the best straight to DVD sequels I’ve seen in awhile.