Open Discussion – October 5, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 5, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 5, 2012

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  1. So yeah, Iron Man 3 trailer, can’t wait! I don’t think it will top the Avengers but hopefully it will be better than Iron Man 2. From what I’ve heard it should be.

    • Yeah, I can’t wait for that either! It would have a very hard time topping the Avengers, but I’m not expecting it to.

    • Looking forward to it as well. The only thing that bothers me is the Iron Patriot and the fact that it cannot be Norman Osborn. But I am hopeful it is better than Iron Man 2.

  2. So I just watched the first Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes and, wow, it is so much fun!! I really liked it! It almost has a Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it where it is witty, and just a ton of fun!

    • Oh, and the score is wonderful!

    • I agree. It’s a great movie and the sequel isn’t too bad either.

      Downey’s/Ritchy’s SH gets a bad rap for being too action packed, but I still maintain that their take is the most faithful adaption of the books that I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen most Sherlock Holmes movies and shows.

    • Great movies the first is my fav.

    • I really like them but people wont stop saying cumberbatch is better or whatever. I prefer downeys to cum-batch or whatever his name is.

      I hope the third goes crazy and he has to go up against jack the ripper.

      • they are both playing -holmes- brilliantly.

    • I was pleasantly surprised by Downey’s Sherlock Holmes, sadly I found the sequel to be missing a lot of the fun and freshness the former had.

  3. I finally watched the commentary on the avengers BluRay and it was good. I was a little underwhelmed and was hoping for more geek out moments from Whedon.

    On another note I also watched cap te first avenger and damn I forgot what a great movie that is. Awesome origin story. After re watching I think it may be my favorite pre avenger film. It was Thor for a long time but I loved it when I watched. It.

    Iron man 3 trailer should not dissppoint.

  4. So I found by way of youtube a trailer for something called The Prototype and I havent seen or heard anything else about it. Looks like something that would play well in theaters…Anyone got anything on it?

    • Json,
      I’ve seen that trailer like a few months ago and ever since then I haven’t seen any movement on it anymore.

  5. There’s seems to be so much going on in Iron Man 3, the movie’s going to be 3 hours! If it is the actual finale of the IM trilogy, then fine. But if there’s going to be an IM 4, then they should avoid to much complication, a’la spidey 3, xmen 3… what is it with part 3′s? What’s so difficult with wrapping up the story? Nolan did it, peter jackson did it. fingers are crossed for Iron Man 3.

    • could be right witj the play time, because of so many new characters to introduce to.

    • Iron Man has been more of a stand alone episodes than over reaching arc. It goes with Feige theme of treating the heroes like Bond and any actor can take over.

  6. I won’t be buying the avengers blu ray DVD until next month the day after Thanksgiving (black Friday) and I also plan on purchasing a 70 inch flat screen.(finally I might say)

    I’m in the process of building a theater/game room in my home. So what would be the best brand flat screen 2 buy for a really sharp clear picture and sound? I’m very serious about this because I haven’t seen avengers since opening night and on black Friday night I plan on reliving that experience again. This time with my woman because she hasn’t seen avengers yet, And she’s not believing the hype.

    Anyone with some suggestions? I appreciate it fellow ranters.

    • Samsung’s got a great range of products out now and our Samsung has been working perfectly for many years… Sony’s also pretty good from what I’ve seen and heard… can’t go wrong with either one.

      • I have a 51″ Samsung 3D Plasma connected to a Samsung 3D Blu-Ray Player. TV only came with one pair of 3D glasses, so if you want more I’d suggest eBay.

        I bought 2 more pairs for about the same price as 1 from retail.

    • I just got a 55ibch Sanyo bout 6 months ago and it’s a great tv. Picture as sound. My next tv purchase next month is gonna be a Sony or Samsung though. I bought the Sanyo cuz te price was right but Black Friday has great tv deals. Gonna hit SAMs club for sure.

    • like the avenger, i also recommend samsung, and you should spend some x-tra bucks to get a smart tv that has wifi built in and netfix and the like already loaded. also (and i wish i had done more research, and i don’t know how good it is) get a bluray player that supports BD live. mine does not.

      • @Jeffro
        thanks bro.

    • I’ve had a 46″ Panasonic plasma for 4 years and it’s a phenomenal TV. Avenger has the right idea with Samsung and Sony though, as they make great TVs too. Stay away from the off brand stuff like store brands.

      • Im actually not that far from the ocean,only takes 30 minutes 2 get there.(depending on traffic) and live in a city which everyone out here calls “party town “. Yes sir!

  7. Whose getting Prometheus?!

    • Me! I have not seen it yet, can’t wait.

    • I am…it wasn’t the greatest SF film…and it had some odd characterizations. I still found it entertaining and look forward to seeing how it’s wrapped up in the inevitable sequel.

    • I’m also picking up Prometheus.

    • Yeah even though I don’t rate it much , the promise of alternate opening and ending have peaked my curiosity ? Dam those FOX marketing geniuses don’t supply any answers in the film the promise them on the Blu Ray sounds like the perfect crime to me LOL

    • Me! :)

  8. I must say I found the 1st issue of the newest/current incarnation of “Legends of the Dark Knight” to be excellent. It, as in the past, had different writers and artists telling unrelated, not-necessarily-canon stories of Batman and his world. The first showed the special relationship Bruce and Alfred have (and one probable reason Batman warns his young proteges NEVER to get cocky). The other two simply tell great tales that show why one should NEVER. MESS. WITH. BATMAN. All in all, I was quite impressed and look forward to the next issue and new stories to absorb… :)

  9. I donated blood and picked up my copy of The Avengers…fair trade…

    • Paid for in blood. I like it.

      • D’OH,good one!

    • If it was the region B version you got, then you should try to go get your blood back.

  10. I read “Starship Troopers” lately and found that the “bug war” had very little to do with that book. It was much more a cultural commentary on what it meant to be a citizen. I usually am not the kind of person to like the fact that a movie was so different from the book it is based on. But had the film been like the book it would have been a snore fest. I am now reading “Do Android Dream of Electric Sheep” and am finding that it has very few things in common with “Blade Runner” and that it is a good thing as well.

    What are peoples favorite and most disliked book movies?

    • I LOVE I am Legend and i’Robot (both starring Will Smith.) I haven’t read the books yet, but the movies are great!

    • i can’t seem to get more than 2/3′rds through the 1st LOTR book, yet the movies are in my top 5 faves.

      • LOTR movies are great. I agree those books are hard to read. Took me about 3 years to read them all. Very discriptive books but at the same time very boring. If you have ever seen Clerks 2, Randal does a great bit about how boring the story can be some times.

        But I have to say they are my favorite book adaptation. My most hated is easily John Carter/A Princess of Mars.

      • Hmm, I absolutely loved the LOTR books (read all 3 of them in about 3 weeks). Wasn’t boring to me at all and I loved how the extended versions of the movies actually tied in more to the books.

      • Tolkien wrote those books to be a sort of “history of legend”. He felt that England didn’t have much in the way of mythologies, excepting, of course, King Arthur- I think that’s why they read a bit like a history book.

  11. So I was a SUPERNATRAL fan for 6 seasons but just felt like the well had run dry and stopped watching , but now I think I am going to pick up at the new season , can someone give me a brief overview off what I have missed ? cheers

    • The first episode is amazing and the rest pretty forgettable. I know because I forgot it. The leviathans become a joke.

  12. One word leviathans!

  13. Taken 2 was awesome as expected.
    Who would win a fight I wonder
    Liam Neesons Brian in Taken vs Robert Downey Jrs Sherlock Holmes?

  14. Its cartoon networks 20th birthday, whos (are) your favorite character(s)?

    • I am watching Courage the Cowardly Dog with my son, as we speak.

    • Powerpuff Girls, grimm Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Star wars: The Clone Wars, Samurai Jack and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

    • @ cody

      Justice League/JLU.

  15. So as a Joke, I told my wife before we left for our respective Jobs this morning, She drops me off at the Station, and goes to her Dr. Gig, Picks me up and there is a box…she tells me to open it…

    Inside was both parts of the male genitalia. “Honey, let this be a warning about a potential die hard movie date on valentines day..I love you, but I will hurt you.”

    She wins!

  16. I had my first date the other night. Went good id say & hope another date will follow.

    Anyone watch any of the old Nicklodeon shows? Like All That, Salute Your Shorts, Adventures Of Pete & Pete? etc.