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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 5, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 5, 2011

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  1. Ok I have a topic that think will be interesting. Who here believes television and film actors make way to much money per film and episode? I mean we just or are on our way out of a recession and people are losing their homes and jobs. And actors getting paid a millions. Does that sound right to anyone else.

    • I think they are, when you look at they get paid a couple thousands or millions and gets hooked up with a bunch of other stuff its ridiculous.

    • Its sounds perfectly right. The only reason they get paid that much is because WE watch them/support them.

      If something is that good dont you think they should get paid?

      In order to correct this you would need something akin to a salary cap. However you wont see that coming any time soon or ever.

      For example…. the Oprah show will be charging 1 million dollars per commercial during the last show.

      Why is it so much? If last weeks was only half of that where do you think the other 500k is going?

      Sadly they will sell out.

      The only reason this happens is so many people watch and support Oprah.

      That is why I refuse to ‘support’ any one person. I like shows, movies, music etc because of the show, movie, music not who performs.

      There are to many …… lambs out there. Wannabes. Etc. I could go on and on especially when it comes to this reality TV poop to include Idol, survivor and Jersey Shore….. GAH!

    • Yes … down with capitalism!
      Communism is the way to go.
      Brandon, maybe someone where you work thinks you make too much money for what you do. Would you like there to be a law that says you can only make so much? What is the incentive to do better?

      I am so tired of this mind set from AMERICANS [assuming you are American Brandon] that it is making me sick.
      We are a FREE country. People are paid for a service. If that service is acting and their performance brings in a lot of money and they are compensated because their skills are needed, who are we to say they shouldn’t receive it?

      If there is a photographer in the workforce better than me [and there are] why shouldn’t he/she be paid more for their services than I am paid [ and the do]. I have no problem with that. It should be incentive for me to become better at my craft and find ways to do my job better.

      • I agree with INK. Competitiveness is in any trade. Our customers look for quality with guaranteed service while other customers look for something more budget friendly. People get what they pay for. The same goes with acting. If you want a character to be believable, hire a good actor/actress and pay him/her well. By not paying someone who will do a great job, they are taking a gamble. It may work out, and they found the next great actor/actress. More likely, it won’t work out, and they just made the next great flop. But if you want guaranteed quality, you pay for the best actor/actress available, and they are paid well because they are in demand.

      • Here’s my issue – when these very same actors (and directors) come out and rail against exorbitant pay for CEOs and people who own companies. And when they talk about “fairness” and “sharing the wealth.”

        Do they have accountants that try to maximize how much the keep? Or do they all fill out the IRS tax form 1040EZ? Do they write “extra” checks to the government in order to pay their “fair share” since they don’t feel “the wealthy” (from which they always seem to exclude themselves, even though they’re members) pay enough?

        They’re freaking hypocrites to the nth degree.

        And THAT is my issue when it comes to how much these guys and gals make.


        • Agrees with Vic.

        • I agree Vic.

        • While I agree Vic, my comment was strictly on the “they shouldn’t be paid all the money for acting” angle.

          • INK,

            Yes, I understand. I was just giving MY position on the issue.


        • Like how Susan Suranden made a visit to Occupy Wall Street then flew to Italy, probably to stay in some posh hotel…

          • Yes, thank you.


            • 100% agreed Vic.

              I have no problem with them getting paid the money we pay to watch them perform.

              I do have a problem with them being hypocrites, as most liberals tend to be.

              • See Phil…agreeing with someone and sharing their worldview is great. It’s understandable and often wise. Insulting a whole group of people for no reason, however, simply makes you look like an idiot.

                I am guessing that was NOT your intent…?

    • I think the only people who shouldn’t be getting paid are MTV’s Teen Moms and Jersey Shore (reality “stars”). Actual actors are fine I think because they worked to get to where they are for the most part and have talent. It’s a high paying job when you make it in acting. Taking out of actor’s paychecks would be like taking out of professional athletes’ paychecks right?

      • I don’t think professional athletes should get paid multiple millions of dollars either…the best ones A LOT perhaps, the rest substantially less.

          • Actually, by A LOT, I mean one hundred thousand…MAYBE two…then, decreasing accordingly. it’s just stupid that a professional athlete expects to make $600,000.00 or $1 million or $10 million…and yes, I think the same about actors…and CEOs.

            THAT is what I was talking about.

            • But it’s the corporate owners of the teams who signed off on such exorbitant contracts.

              People are so quick to blame the athletes, but they stop there. They don’t move their eyes up the corporate ladder. They don’t blame the corporate executives… the team owners… for giving the greenlight for such bloated contracts.

              They made the choice to pay the athletes those millions, and now they’re thinking it’s too much? Well, the problem is to tell the owners they’re paying too much. Athletes can only get paid what the ownership agrees with. They’re not the ones with the power. The team owner just has to reject the contract request.

              That’s within their power.

              • The players and their agents can and should take SOME of the blame, however, because they do use the players’ popularity (the opinionated desires of the fans) to justify their asking prices.

                I do not, of course, say that they are the only ones at fault…just that they DO share some of that fault. The fans, the owners, the agents, the players, and any others who contribute to the exorbitant salaries should be held accountable.

            • I’ll tell you what, Archaeon, you spend your whole life practicing, working out, and becoming one of the best athletes in the world and see if you would complain about making the millions. Baseball for example, carries a 25 man roster. Multiply that by 30 teams and you have 750 guys playing baseball at the pro level. That is 750 of the BEST players in the WORLD entertaining MILLIONS of people and putting BILLIONS of dollars into the pockets of the owners. I have no beef with them making the money.

              • I never said I would complain; I just said it’s not right. If I were to win the lottery today and become a multi-millionaire, I would not refuse the winnings and decry the fact that thousands of others had NOT won.

                I do not have a beef with them making money…even a lot more money than I do, although I too worked hard to prepare for my career and work hard in my profession. I DO have a major beef with stupidly ridiculous AMOUNTS too many of them make.

              • Andy,

                (Note: I am a dyed-in-the-wool capitalist.)

                I don’t know what the answer is but the amount of money involved in the whole thing is the issue, yes. When you look at how much money is generated on the whole by sports, TV and movies, it is a very valid thing to say “why shouldn’t so and so get his cut.”

                However, the problem is that for WHAT the athlete/actor is actually DOING (batting a ball, playing pretend and dress up) that they are indeed grossly overpaid IMHO. I wish there was some system for say, teachers to be compensated better considering the incredible impact they have. Now that does NOT mean I’m for tenure or unions – but I think that it is sad that an excellent teacher makes a tiny fraction of what a Dennis Rodman makes.

                Of course on the flip side, as INK says – don’t anyone DARE try to tell me how much money I should make or I’m entitled to. 8)

                Just my two cents.


                • Totally agree.

    • “Ok I have a topic that think will be interesting. Who here believes television and film actors make way to much money per film and episode? I mean we just or are on our way out of a recession and people are losing their homes and jobs. And actors getting paid a millions. Does that sound right to anyone else.” ~ Brandon


      Yes it does. People go to college to become capitalists. As a professional graphic designer, I seek to use my skills and abilities to ‘become happy’. United States Declaration of Independence clearly says, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. If people went to college to become activists, they clearly miss the whole idea of pursuing a career. Regardless about what happens to other people, I must do everything in my power for myself and family. Everyone outside of my personal circle comes last. I don’t care if someone makes less than me, nor do I care if someone fails to their own devices. Another person’s inability to pay their bills, outside of my circle, is not my responsibility. Individual strength comes from battling psychological and physical obstacles.

      Many people fail in life for one reason.

      They cause their own demise.

    • Ditto to what INK and Marcus said.

      • I also agree with INK and Marcus, but i still think there are a LOT of actors who are seriously overpaid.

        Johnny Depp for instance: the guy owns his own island! Not even the queen of England has her own island (to my knowledge).
        Yes, he is a pretty good actor, but still overrated IMO and I doubt he deserves all that cash.

        So I guess it comes down to how good you are: a good actor gets paid butt-loads of money, a good chef gets paid a butt-load of money and good entrepreneurs gets paid a lot of money as well.
        The difference is that the chef and entrepreneur will most likely work a lot harder for their money, and at the end of the day, chances are, they still wouldn’t have as much as the actor (which isn’t right IMO).

        • “The difference is that the chef and entrepreneur will most likely work a lot harder for their money, and at the end of the day, chances are, they still wouldn’t have as much as the actor (which isn’t right IMO).”
          This statement tells me you truly do not understand capitalism.

          BTW in a debate when someone makes a statement and then says, “but”, everything before it is usually BS.

          • yeah clearly our economy is still the strongest in the world while multiple countries in Europe are failing. Ya it clearly does not work. I admit it is not perfect, but there is none that works better. You may say China, but the fact is when the Chinese switched from a communist economy to a free market one is when their economy increase and still they have by far more poverty and unemployment then we do. Name me one system better then ours.

        • @TheAvenger,

          Be happy for those who succeed, and seek your own path toward success.

          Ask yourself, “How can I become that successful?”

          If you think someone is getting overpaid, I can only assume that you are a little envious. Its okay to be envious. Just don’t let your emotions get in the way of finding success for yourself.

          • Very good and productive response Marcus.

            • Yeah, unlike yours 😉 (which kinda hurt :()

              @marcus: I don’t really envy the “rich people” (to be honest, I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money. Buy comic books? 😉 I dunno…)
              I’m lucky enough to have parents that taught me what really matters in life…

              I just feel that there some people who are seriously overpaid for doing… not a lot to be honest…
              I believe that people should work hard for their money (yes, I know it’s naive of me to say so, but this is just my opinion).

              • Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Avenger but my comments do not seem very inflammatory towards you.

    • My issue whenever these complaints are raised is that people only focus on the employees and not the executives of the companies who pay out these “huge” salaries.

      While, yes, getting paid a couple million per episode (as was the case with Charlie Sheen) is a lot of money. More money than most of us will see in our lifetimes.

      BUT, how much is the show pulling in? How much is the parent company making off the show? I want to know how much the executives are making.

      If you think that Charlie Sheen was making a lot, you’ll be shocked to see the budget sheets for the managers and executives.

      You need to look at the bigger picture. Again, how much money does the show pull in? How much are they charging advertisers to run ads during their show’s broadcast? How much do they get from syndication? In other words, how is it that they could afford to pay Sheen that much money?

      Don’t limit your criticism to the employees.

      • I didn’t get to put all of what I wanted to say down this morning but here I go:

        If an actor works hard to get paid that couple of thousands or millions then they deserve it. My problem is the ones that complain towards not getting paid enough. A contract doesnt just give actors money, it gives them other incentives too so if they complain they are just being greedy a**holes. Also actors that cant act worth a crap like Channing Tatum getting paid alot for not acting is annoying also.

  2. Watched Take Me Home Tonight, and I think its a good movie. Say at least give it a rental if your unsure about the film.

    Say has anybody heard any news about the Phantom, Shadow, and Rocketeer remakes?

    • The real question on the Hulks figures would be worldwide. I believe that is the reason why they haven’t green lit those because Thor and Cap had good worldwide grosses.

      On the case of Van Helsing, I think the that’s on good ol’ Hugh Jackman and I don’t think he wanted to do a sequel.

      • Hulk is too valuable a property to Marvel to have him sit on the shelf or just appear in Avengers films. I’d be really surprised if we don’t have a new Hulk film in the next 5 years or so.

        • He´s getting his own live action TV show, so there´s no need for a sequel to TIH.

          • Well, it’s not as easy as “getting his own TV show”… first they need to get positive feedback from the pilot episode (at one point, the new Wonder Woman tv show was a “sure thing” – now it isn’t).

            And unfortunately, the tv show won’t be a part of the MCU (i.e. it won’t have ANYTHING to do with ANY of the movies :().

            • If it’s not gonna tie into the MCU then I don’t see the point in making it if Marvel is gonna produce it. They could easily tie it into the MCU during the 5 years Banner was on the run prior to his time in Brazil.

              • That´s (as far as I know) the exact thing they´re planning. Basicly a prequel series. I could be wrong though.

                • It makes SENSE to tie it in with the MCU (I also hoped it would), but marvel confirmed quite a few times that the new show will NOT tie in with the Marvel movies and that it would be a completely “newly envisioned Hulk”. (I guess that why they call it the Marvel CINEMATIC universe.)

                  I also hoped the new “Ultimate Spider-Man” series would tie in with the MCU, but Marvel said it will have nothing to do with the MCU (even though Clark Gregg plays the same character…)

                  • J. K. Simmons will reprise his role as Jameson as well.

  3. @greenknight333
    Marvel said Hulk wouldn’t get a sequel til after the Avengers. Although I think he should have had one in 2010 if they weren’t going to release Thor or Captain America that year. I mean they could have at least given him a cameo in Ironman 2. But hey Ghost Rider is getting a sequel so why not Hulk.

    As for Van Helsing I liked that movie too. But since he fought Dracula, vampires, werewolves, and Frankenstein’s monster oh yeah and Mr. Hyde in the first movie who or what would he fight in the sequel? Dorian Grey, the mummy, witches…? On the other hand if they can make another Underworld sequel why not another Van Helsing, right? I even think Jackman is still under contract.

  4. Man I hope dexter doesn’t get cancelled

    • Oh and to keep this in the vien of movies, My favorite film is “The Count of Monte Cristo”..I hear the book is a lot better, just havent got around to reading it yet.

    • I’m from the UK,, I live in London.

      What’s Alaska like? I haven’t been but have always wanted to visit. I like cold places.

      • If you like the outdoors, its incredible… I mean I go hunting, fishing, hiking, whitewater rafting, and its all with in 2 hours from my house…The only problem is I live in Fairbanks and once you drive 30 mins in any direction your in the middle of nowhere, the closet town is 2 hours away, outside of that is anchorage which is 6 hours away. So when you have kids theres not much to do in the winter when its 40 degrees below 0.

        • Sounds cool. I’ve been to quite a few place in the USA, and Alaska is on my list to go to next.

          • Yea I definatly recomend it, its beautiful. My folks from Texas come up at least once a year just to be in the wilderness. You see wild life everywhere, i mean last winter I had two moose in my yard and thats normal.

          • So wheres your favorite place that you’ve been so far in the U.S.?

            • New York. By far, loved every second that I spent there. It is one of those places you see so often in movies that you think it can’t live up to that expectation in your mind. But it totally did.

              I’ve been to Boston, LA, San Fransisco, Washington DC, Miami and Las Vegas too.

              • You know my wife is a city girl and has been to New York and absolutley loved it… me on the other hand I’m a country boy from Texas and never had an inkling to go, But Ive been to Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming, I love the mountains. We went on a family vacation a few years ago, to disney land in Cali, and I wasnt really comfortable driving around LA. But on a side note my wife and I have been happily married 7 years now, and got 2 boys… we got married in Vegas.

        • I love Ice Road Truckers! Those truckers are CRAZY!!

          • I had dreams of being a trucker on route 66 (and a race car drive and a ghostbuster). I digress. I love the Ice Road Truckers show. I want Lisa or Maya or both at the same time.. giggady..

    • I’m originally from Alabama but I have lived in Maryland since 1990.

      • Got tired of the South? lol, I dont mind Alabama, I got family there somewhere.

      • I just moved back to Maryland/DC area after finishing school. Most bi-polar mentally unstable weather ever. Hot, cold, rainy, windy breezy, chilly all on the same day. I

        • Well, it is run by Liberals, so what do you expect? 😀

        • Hey, neighbor! Kahless and you live just north of me. I’m in Virginia.

          • Holy lot of us DC/Metro…. Va-Woodbridge

            • I do not retalitate because Virginia is for lovers.

              (yeah I threw up a little as I typed that)

    • Well, like you said, I’m from Cape Town (in South-Africa),

      And I’m pretty sure “Scapegoat” is from Germany…

      • Correct.

    • Born ins West Virginia, USA for me.

      Grew up in southwest Pennsylvania and currently live in West VIrginia again.

    • Mission, Texas. Half an hour away from Mexico which is great whenever an international film is playing.

    • I live in Upstate NY, about 1/2 hr north of Albany. Great place to live, except for the ridiculous taxes and winters that are about a month or 2 too long. LOL.

      • I live in Tyler, Texas just moved here a year and a half ago. But I have lived in east texas my whole life.

    • I’m originally from Nebraska, and I went to college in Iowa…where I used to comment under the name of Y2Jesse or Spawnacus. But, I’ve lived in the Minneapolis-metro area for the past 3 years. I recently starting using the BPE name because I just thought it sounded hilarious.

      • I’d never make the A-list. I make Bucky Larson look like Dirk Diggler.

    • I’m in London.

    • Don’t have a favorite, but here’s some I love: Star Wars OT (before Lucas butchered them), 90s Gamera Trilogy, Lord of the Rings.

    • Star Wars.
      Back To The Future
      Lord Of The Rings
      Indiana Jones

      • I love Godfather but im not really a fan of the third.

        Original Star Wars but I have always dislike Return of the Jedi.

        Lord of the Rings but I cant watch it repeatedly.

        But these I ones Love all three:
        The Dollars Trilogy (The Man With No Name) with Clint Eastwood
        Toy Story
        The Marachi Trilogy by Robert Rodriguez
        The Mighty Ducks
        Austin Powers
        Idiana Jones 
        The Bourne 
        Naked Gun

        • Return Of The Jedi is my favourite Star Wars film

          • I don’t know man. As a kid I couldn’t get into it. Maybe a flaw that comes with homeviewings and a wandering mind. I rewatching through older pair of eyes I sorta like it though no where near as much as New Hope or Empire Strikes Back. But I have always been disturbed by the mini chewbacca’s, even as a child. My favorite thing about ESB is that it ends on a somber note. More realistic to me. Way of the universe. I have always liked films that are not so cut and dry happy endings.

          • I’m with you DSB, Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite Star Wars film. I get in arguments all the time with my friends over Empire Strikes Back vs Return of the Jedi.

            • Empire is the BEST Star Wars film ever made. The Ewoks killed ROTJ.

        • My mind went right to Star Wars, but I forgot about the Naked Gun. That would be my favorite.

      • The only one I would add to this is the Jurassic Park trilogy. The first is definitely the best, but I found the other 2 enjoyable as well. I mean it’s DINOS on the big screen eating people!!!

        • If you put Jurassic Park on the list, then Transformers should be on there. Because the first was ok, the second sucked, and the third wasn’t too bad…its alien robots. Finding the best trilogy is hard because one movie can be so awesome that it leaves you craving for more (the Matrix) and then the other ones suck (the Matrix sequels). Every trilogy on this list has at least one disappointing movie…except the Naked Gun. All three were classic cheesy comedy stolen from the files of Police Squad.

          • Another reason why I think Sergio Leon’s Dollar’s Trilogy with Clint Eastwood is the best trilogy because all three films were great.

            • Agreed. I had a struggle thinking of a trilogy where all three films were equally good.

              • That and LOTR.

              • Th’s why I put LOTR and Toy Story, all of the films in the series were amazing. Can’t comment on the dollar’s Trilogy though since I’ve only seen 2 of them.

          • Jurassic Park 2 was WAYYYYY better than Transformers 2.

            • Agree with Andy on this, Jurassic Park 2 was a lot better than Transformers 2. Yes it didnt follow the book at all but it is good.

            • I agree. Transformers 2 was a big pile of steamy…but Jurassic Park 3 was also a big pile…you get my point. Trilogies are hard to like all three. I’ll agree with Toy Story…except #2 starts to annoy me at times (my daughter watches all three consistently). LOTR wasn’t for me, so I can’t comment on it. There are so many trilogies with two good movies out there that could be added to this list…Beverly Hills Cop, Evil Dead, Robocop, Predator (if Predators counts), Blade, the Bad News Bears, Major League, Spiderman, Jackass, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rush Hour, and everyone’s guilty pleasure…Crocodile Dundee. BTW, I was kidding about most of these having 2 good movies…some don’t even have one (I’m looking at you Rush Hour). But the trilogy that we can all agree is the best out there is…THE SANTA CLAUSE!

    • I think Star Wars, Godfather, Back to the Future, and Lord of the Rings go without saying… But the guilty pleasures would be The Mad Max trilogy, Mission Impossible, and the Mariachi trilogy, what about the Turtle trilogy and the Mighty Ducks …But then there is the Jack Ryan and the Bourne Trilogies which are both pretty good.

      • Jack Ryan was in four movies (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears). But I like that you mentioned the Ducks. QUACK QUACK QUACK

    • Star Wars
      Indiana Jones
      Lord of the Rings
      Spidey 1&2 ,3 was ok could of been better

    • “What is THE BEST movie trilogy of all time?”

      The original Star Wars of course 😉

      I also liked the Star Wars prequel-trilogy, Indiana Jones, LOTR, Austin Powers and Toy Story (never liked Back to the Future).

      I’m also hoping the two Iron Man, Batman and Men In Black movies will become great trilogies by the time they’re released…

      • Woah! How could I forget Harry Potter!
        Although… 7 movies probably doesn’t count as a trilogy… 😉

    • Toy Story and Lord of the Rings.

      • Best Trilogies

        The Lord of the Rings
        Star Wars (Original Trilogy)
        The Matrix
        Gamera (1990s)
        Jurassic Park
        Back to the Future
        Sinbad (Ray Harryhausen)

        If we did quadrilogies
        and I would say Pirates of the Caribean but the 4th one sucks.

        • As for POTC, except for the first one, they all stink. The 2nd and 3rd ones are barely watchable; I haven’t seen the 4th yet so I can’t comment on that one. The first one is an incredibly fun movie to watch. It is definitely a movie that is rewatchable.

          • My thing is, 2 and 3 by themselves arent that great but if you watch them back to back, or back to back to back with they first one they are great. Same problem the Matrix trilogy has.

  5. Star Wars
    Back to the Future

  6. Toy story, bourne trilogy, (hopefully ill be putting nolans batmans on this list)

  7. Anyone else in hopes of another Hellboy movie ,I enjoyed both 1&2 and was hoping there would be a third at some point.

    • I second this. Enjoyed both of the them and would hit the theater if a new one came out.

    • I third it.
      Or co-sign, whatever.

  8. I saw that the Hollywood Reporter did a TV death pool and then I heard about “The Playboy Club” being cancelled. So I wonder what other shows everyone else thinks will be cancelled soon. I think “2 Broke Girls” and “Free Agents”

    • 2 Broke Girls won’t get cancelled. It’s the #1 new comedy and scored higher than How i Met your mother on Monday.

      • It should get cancelled. The writing is horrific.

        • Personanally I don’t mind the show, I watch it when i have nothing else to do but I can live without it. But I’m annoyed at how inconsistent the writing is, and how a lot of Denning’s line delivery is flat.

          • You watch the show for the writing Jose? Me, I watch in hopes Kats boobs pop out of her shirt.

            • It’s a comedy show, I watch it to laugh.

            • Well, she had some leaked pictures a few months ago. And after seeing those, I can understand why you wait for her boobs to pop out… 😀

        • That show is horrible, which means it’ll be around for a while.

          I couldn’t even make it through the premiere. Charlie’s Angels needs to get axed. That show is worse than The Bionic Woman was.

          • I didn’t watch Charlie’s Angels…because I thought it looked horrible. I did watch 2 Broke Girls until midway through the second episode. I believe Kat Denning’s character said something like “if I was lesbian, this isn’t the lez I’d be in.” I picked up the remote and deleted my series recording off the DVR. I won’t be tuning in to it again.

    • 2 Broke Girls got picked up for a second season and the latest episode got 11.5 million viewers with almost 5 million of them in the target 18-49 demo, its definitely not going away anytimew soon.

      Free agents is a given considering how the ratings are low, even for an NBC show, and I think Charlie’s Angels will get the axe since it keeps turning dissapointing ratings.

      Remember though, a show will get cancelled when the ratings suck, not the writing.

  9. Lord of the Rings
    Star Wars
    Back to the Future
    Indiana Jones
    Toy Story

      • I enjoyed Batman Beyond. My family and I would walk around and playfully call each a twip all the time.

        • I loved Batman Beyond: Yet another awesome show that ties into the DC Animated Universe…

    • The only CGI cartoon that look good is “The Penguins of Madagascar”.
      It still amazes me at the quality of the cgi animation in that cartoon.

      • And it´s pretty funny as well. I didn´t like Madagascar, but I love the Penguin show.

        • I agree Scape … Penguins is much funnier than the Madagascar movies.

  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about what the ratings were for Two and A Half men the last two episodes. I know they couldn’t wait to tell everyone how good they did for the first episode, but I haven’t heard anything since then. I strongly disliked the first episode, but gave the show another chance last week and was dissapointed once again. I won’t be supporting the show any more and will just stick with watching the reruns.

    Has anyone else given up on it as well and how much longer do you think this show will last?

  11. Disney has unveiled the list of films that will be getting a 3D re-release within the next 2 years. they are:

    Beauty and the Beast on January 13, 2012, despite the fact that its already out in 3D Blu-Ray and that it played in LA last month. I’m surpried that they’re not releasing it around Valentine’s Day since it sounds like a good date movie.

    Finding Nemo on September 14 2012, which would be awesome in 3D.

    Monsters Inc. on Jan. 18 2013 to remind people of the prequel coming up in the same year I assume.

    and The little Mermaid on Sept. 13.

    Which one of those 4 are you excited for for me its Finding Nemo since that’s the only one I’ll see in 3D and the Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid since I loved those as a kid. And are there any other films you would’ve rather seen get the 3d re-release treatment? Or do you think that disney is pushing it with the re-releases?

    • Ah… so many movies to keep my nieces and nephews off my back for a while…

      Personally, of all these movies, I only liked Monsters Inc.

    • Cool. I’ll take my daughter to Nemo or Monsters Inc. Her mother can go with her to Beauty and the Beast & the Little Mermaid. Oh wait…I’m boycotting 3D. Quite the dilemma Disney has created for me.

    • I would love to take my daughter to see all of these in the theater but only at a $2 theater in 2D. However, Nemo in 3D intrigues me. Still the most beautiful Pixar movie to date, IMO.

    • I too think Nemo in 3D would be cool.

      I really don’t care for Monsters Inc., and I would love to see Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid on the big screen, in 2D. When they released Lion King 3D they also had a 2D option in my theater so I would love to see those get the same options.

  12. on the pay thing,
    I have a problem with Anthony Michael Hall,trying to get somewhere between 20-24 million dollar for two seasons of 13 episodes a year.
    Aside from the fact that its excessive , its going to kill the show because they are going to have slash the budget just to afford AMH.

  13. You guys know that star wars and Indiana Jones are series and sagas right? Not trilogies. LORT is actually it’s own little galaxy with a lot of other books written by Tolkien.

    • Nope, there was the -original Star Wars trilogy- and then there was the -prequel trilogy- (if you talk about Star Wars as a whole, then yes, you refer to it as a saga/series)

    • I stopped watching the Simpsons 2 years ago (ever since I discovered the joy of FAMILY GUY and it’s spin-off The Cleveland Show)

      • Personally I find nothing joyful in Family Guy or Cleveland show, but hey whatever floats your boat.

  14. @TheAvenger
    Family Guy is pretty funny, but I haven’t gotten to watch much of the Cleaveland Show. So I’m still on the fence about it.

    As for Star Wars being two trilogies…? Yes you could break it down that way but I’m pretty sure Mr. Lucas always intended it to be a saga. Wait actually I recall reading something about him wanting to make it like a opera with three parts. Episodes I,II,III being act one; episodes IV,V,VI being act two; and VII,VIII,IX act three. But unfortunately he never got around too or hasn’t gotten around to it yet.

    PS Does anyone know what the difference between a saga and a series is? I’m just curious. I know James Bond is a series as is Indiana Jones, but what constitues something from being a saga to something being a series? Is it just a numerical difference, like once it hits 10 it’s not a saga anymore. Or are series and saga just interchangeable words?

    • Series is usually things that are connected by a character or event or are all related but on a small scale. Saga is where everything is connected on a large scale. I think that’s right, that’s how I have always known it.

  15. Yeah, there are a lot of people don’t like the show (it’s not the type of humor that appeals to everyone), but hey, after more than 10 seasons of success on TV, it’s pretty safe to say they’ll be around for a while 😉

    • Err… this comment was meant to be a reply to Jose’s comment about Family Guy (don’t know why it ended up here)…

  16. So apprently The Avengers trailer debuts on Oct. 11. Thats only 5 days from now, anyone else hear this? I cant wait!

    • I’m pretty sure the trailer will either debut at the end of October (to accompany Cap on Blu-Ray) or otherwise, it’ll probably be near Christmas (6 months before the movie is released would be my guess…)

      • Disregard EVERYTHING I’ve just said 😉 I read the news JUST now. You’re right.