Open Discussion – October 4, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 4, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 4, 2013

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  1. Happy Friday!!

    • Good morning, Tony! And a happy Friday to you! All plans this weekend have been canceled since all National Parks are closed. Kind of sucks.

      Looks like its time to catch up on some shows this weekend.

      • @ LC

        That does suck.
        Go see Gravity. Pepper and I are and I cannot wait. Kofi gave it 5 stars, and he is usually just about spot on with his reviews.

        Have you heard at all from Jeff?

      • You should have said that in a Jarvis tone.

  2. 2nd place is first loser

    • Jerry Seinfeld?

  3. Just started season 2 of avengers earths mightiest heros. It’s kinda what I thought agents of shield would be. We shall see…

    • Too bad Avengers Assemble just doesn’t have that same feel

      • Yea I watched the first two episodes and figured it wasnt for me.

        • You can thank Jeph Loeb for that. Also for the second season of “Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes feat. various guest stars in every other episode” as I like to call it. The Galactus episode should have been a two parter at least (like the pilot).

      • It’s not the same but I still watch it. It doesn’t have the same feel but it’s still a little entertaining. I keep it on the DVR and watch the episodes when there is nothing else on, LOL. I just keep dreaming and hoping that the series will improve but deep down I know the series of old is gone

  4. Just got an email that my pre order of The Wolverine will arrive on 12.3.13. I guess that’s the release date! Still havent seen the film though. I am sure its good.

    • I really liked it, it was just the final fight scene in the film that I didn’t really enjoy. Also, I hear there’s an extended edition. I might wait to see how much more footage there is in that before I buy it.

      • I agree w/ColdSc, other than the ending its a pretty great movie. Waaaaaay better than Origins. And I would love to see the extended edition (which I’m pretty dang sure does exist or will be released after the fact), esp if theres more blood and more ninja fights.

        • I’m betting it’ll include the ninja fight that they they excluded from the theatrical version. I’m really annoyed they took that out, I was really excited for it lol. Though, all in all, great movie in my opinion.

        • Thanks guys for the comments. I have a habit to purchase all CBM’s on blu ray or dvd. Mostly blu ray. Lundgren’s Punisher movie isn’t on blu ray yet. :*(

          • @ LC

            movieDude & ColdSC are right, it was a good movie. The ending was ok, but over all it was pretty good, and it was better than Origins for sure. You’ll enjoy it. :)

            • Definitely better than Origins, I’d put it up as third best X-Men film. First Class, United then The Wolverine. I’m hoping Days of Future Past ends up blowing all these films away though lol.

  5. Wow open discussion is pretty dead today. Is it always like this on Fridays?

    • I’m trying to think of something to say hahaha

    • I actually had to do some work this morning. But, I’m here now. Rant away.

      I want to see the comedy Ass Backwards. It’s available on VOD before it’s in theaters. My wife laughed at the trailer, so I think we may purchase it this weekend.

      Who else likes that a lot of indie films are available on VOD before/while they are in theaters? A few weeks back, we rented Hell Baby. I enjoyed it. I’ve been thinking about getting Bad Milo but the wife won’t sign off on it.

  6. Happy Friday, Scranters! Carpe diem!

    Question: What movie/TV character would you punch?

    One of mine is Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby. I thought Joel Edgerton did a fantastic job portraying the spoiled, adulterous scumbag Tom Buchanan, making me want to strike him. Come at me, bro!

    • I would say Skyler from breaking bad but I changed my mind in later seasons. Maybe Marie from breaking bad. Definitely Bogdon..

    • Any character that Tarantino portrays.

    • I know it may sound immoral (cuz it is) but I would punch Laddy from The Lost Boys. That kid was nothing more than a hinderance to every character he encountered that entire movie. He contributed NOTHING, not one thing, not a hit of redemption. A complete and utter unnecessary character that should’ve been nothing more than a blood stain on Kiefer’s mullet.
      Right square in the face.

      • hint*

      • Tyler… I’d rather punch their mom for being so stupid and niave.

        It is one of my all time favorite movies though.

    • Where is the Professor? He would appreciate this week’s episode of Revolution. Aaron is telling a story to the kids about 4 guys in New York called… The Ghostbusters.

      • Oops… meant to post this as its own.

        Ended up as a punchyoface reply.

        I can’t think of anyone who would deserve my Fist O’ Anger.

      • I saw that! Great to know that in a dystopian future the tales of those brave men will live on.

        Also liked the Walker Texas Ranger joke…but I didn’t like what happened to Kickin’ Wing. Sad.

    • The kid from Real Steel – never have I wanted to punch someone in the face more than while I was watching that movie
      Anakin Skywalker (the kid- and the young adult version)
      Almost any character played by Shia Lewhatshisname
      Every character played by Jaden Smith (his face is just asking to be punched)
      Also, any character from a predictable, formulaic, cheesy romantic comedy movie (aside from the predictable, formulaic best friend of the leading man, since he’s usually very likable and funny…obviously).

      …there are probably more, but if I think about these types of characters too much, I’ll end up punching a wall.

      • +1 to the kid from Real Steel. His voice was worse then little Ani IMO.

        • haha +1 as well..

          That actually got me thinking of annoying child actors/characters in movies, which made me think of Jake Lloyd (which @ The Avenger mentioned), which made me think of Hayden Christensen, which made me think that the person I would most want to punch in the face would be Hayden Christensen in Attack of the Clones or Revenge of the Sith. Such a whiny annoying character.

          • Correction: @ The Avenger already mentioned Jake Lloyd AND Hayden Christensen… my bad. but my point still stands.

          • I think Lucas wanted that. He didn’t have the internal strength to be a Jedi. He was week and emotional, and chose the quick and easy route to his desires (dark side).
            Maybe a bit too whiny for some though.

    • @ $2

      I’m not a violent guy by nature, I’m more of a cerebral person. I would rather punch somebody intellectually, so to speak, but given the chance I would probably deck Kevin Bacon in any given role, and Walter Peck from Ghostbusters.
      I’ ve got your back Professor P! :)

      • No need to get violent, Stark…Holly Gennaro (McClane) decked him in Die Hard for you. ;)

        • And tased him. But don’t worry. That man has no… Ya know

    • Great question! Probably the entire cast of Spider-Man 3. Mainly Peter Parker for the dancing and crying, and Flint Marko just to wipe that look of perpetual constipated surprise off his face (and for the crying).

      • **gradually building up the sound of my hands connecting together AKA slow clap**

        Bravo my friend…Bravo!

        Why stop at the cast? Take out the crew. The producers. The writers. The studio executives.

        AMNESIA! WTF!?!?!?

        • Well, I certainly wish they’d all been fictitious for the duration of that one… :-)

      • I must be the only one who enjoyed that film the best of the trilogy.

    • clint howard. the man can not act to save his life, and ron puts him in EVERY one of his films! the worst of his performances is in Backdraft as a coroner. the only thing he ever did that i liked was his brief shot in an episode of Seinfeld when Kramer moved to Cali and clint plays a serial killer the gang accidentally lets loose from police custody.
      upon further reflection, he was ok in EdTV, but i still would like to give him a george foreman haymaker, or a chuck norris roundhouse

  7. So I’ve been checking out these new fall series lately and I have found some which I really like and some in which it’s just not for me. I think Sleepy Hollow has been my biggest surprise. I was actually not even going to watch it until I decided at the last minute to check it out and I am glad I did. I really like the direction the story is going and so far it’s been pretty good.
    I haven’t really been able to get into The Crazy Ones. I don’t know why but at some points of the show it just feels like RW takes over and everyone else fades. I kind of stopped watching it half way into last night’s episode.
    Anyone else think that the series Mom is going to be a new version of “Two and a Half Men”. It has that feel to it especially with the girls boyfriend. The guy reminds me of Jake on how dumb he is. Another Lorre series. We shall see how this series goes.
    I watched The Millers and I am glad Will Arnett is back. I hope this series ends up sticking around and working out for him. I liked the pilot so far and hope it gets better.
    The series that I am hearing good things about is Almost Human. I cannot wait for this to start. Based on early reactions a lot of people are comparing it to Dredd which is great because I loved Dredd. Another show I am hearing good things about is Once upon a time in Wonderland(I think that’s what it is called). Early reactions are saying the visual effects are storytelling are very good for a TV series.
    What are everyone’s thoughts on the new TV series so far?

  8. Anyone seen ‘Rush’ yet?
    I thought it was very well done. One of the best movies I’ve seen this year.

    • I’ll get to it.. Haven’t had much time since its release. I gotta see Gravity too.

      • Still two weeks before Gravity is released over here, so next up on my watchlist is Prisoners and This Is The End (which, if you can believe it, is only now being released in South Africa :|)

        • wtf?? thats weird.. I saw This is the End months ago. I think the dvd release is this week actually.

          Prisoners sounds good. To be honest the trailer gave a feeling that it would be cliched and derivative, but what I’ve heard is totally different.

    • I caught it last weekend. Hemsworth is entertaining. Story was interesting. Action could have been better. Overall ok. Would have liked it to have been an adrenaline rush but oh well. More of a slow documentary. Good story overall.

  9. Just read SR’s review of Gravity… I’m still in shock they gave it 5 stars.

    Now I have to see it.


    Has anyone watched/heard the commentary on the Iron Man 3 blu ray?
    Half the time Shane and company are not even talking about what is on the screen and when they do they often mention how we “couldn’t really get this scene to work”. At other times they mention that the concern comic geeks voiced disenchantment over their changes to canon and Shane seems to somewhat dismiss it.
    Overall its a pretty pathetic IMO treatment of source material and I have to blame Marvel/Feige as much as anyone for giving this much freedom. After all there wouldn’t be a movie unless the geeks got it to this level of popularity in the first place. We clearly like certain characters and dislike others and it shows in sales of comics. To then disgrace and not respect that character in the MCU is truly sad.

    • Sorry for the poor grammar.

    • At other times they mention that the comic geeks voiced concern over their changes to canon and Shane seems to somewhat dismiss it. (better version of sentence)

    • I don’t have the time to listen to these anymore but I appreciate you filling us in. It doesn’t surprise me how ignorant and rude they can be towards fans and their audience. They see $ and they call it success. That’s all that will ever matter to Hollywood.

  11. Any updates on AMC’s movie adaption for Dan Simmons’ book, “The Terror” (an excellent horror read)? I think it is coming in 2014.

  12. Anyone out there want to see T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents turned from a comic into a series or movie like I do? How about someone buying the rights to Dark Shadows or Green Hornet and doing a SERIOUS movie or series rebooting them, in the spirit of the old DS TV show or GH TV show? How about a Legion of Super-heroes series or movie, and a Doctor Fate and Hourman team-up movie? These are a few of my fantasies. Anyone share them out there?

    • I’m the rare person who enjoyed both reboots (Dark Shadows and the Green Hornet)…however, I did not know the source material very well.

      • Reboots were horrible and had very little to do with the characters (who were seriously done in the originals). The original series for both were great in their day, classics in their field (so considered then, and so considered now). If only someone with nostalgic vision and the money and knowlage to do these again wee out there!! Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Seth Rogan should be banned from movies for the insults done to the original and respected memories of these shows, in my opinion. Bet a few share it, as well!

  13. Any updates on the Doc Savage movie? How is it coming, and when will it be released? Hope Shane Black does not mess it up the way he did IM#3.

    • Ironman 3 wasn’t a bad movie.

      • I enjoyed some parts, but overall found it had alot of very rough edges, chief among them the Mandarin debacle.

  14. I posted this on an article about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. earlier this week. Sorry for rehashing, but I like the comparison to Firefly.

    The show seems like most of Whedon’s other TV series (young actresses) combined with a whole lot of Firefly set pieces. In the current episode, they are flying and the new girl is given her own bunk…reminds me of the Serenity. They land and get into a scuffle with the locals and Captain Mal is the last one to escape back onto the ship….I mean Agent Coulson is the last on the plane.

    I was late to Firefly, but I really liked it from day one. I want to like AoS, but something is rubbing me the wrong way. I can’t quite figure it out. Next week is the third episode and then I will decide if it is a keeper or not.

    Another show that I watch that I have issues with is Revolution. However, season 2 seems to be improving to me. Maybe it’s the addition of Ben Edlund as a writer. I’m not sure. I’m in a love/hate relationship with that show. At times, it’s an intriguing sci-fi show with swashbuckling action and other times I’m stuck with gut-wrenching groans of teenage angst. Can Monroe just kill Charlie? What’s with the rats? Dammit…now I have to tune in next week.

    • Ha. Revolution lost me after the 3rd episode. Haven’t continued it since. Serenity was poor to me. And I own it as well. $5. Couldn’t pass it up. AoS is good for the Marvel love. I only tune in for the references now.

  15. What happened to the Revolution revue this week, did the reviewer stop watching it already?

    • They only review selected episodes even if they keep following the shows.