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halloween twitter avatar2 Open Discussion   October 31, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 31, 2011

Oh, and Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy Halloween!

    Okay what’s the best horror franchise of all time?

    I’ve always been partial to Childsplay but I love my EVIL DEAD!!!

    • For myself, Evil Dead, hands down.

      • “Give me some sugar baby!” “Hey Primitives, this is my BOOMSTICK!!!”

        ash is awesome.

    • Never been a Horror fan, but there was one franchise and only one that I actually liked and that actually got under my sking. Halloween with Micheal Myers. That just got me every time. The fact that he was just a man and that masks cold dead empty expression. Freddy, Chucky, Jason and all those other never frightened me not even as a kid. Halloween though that got me.

    • I am also a huge fan of the Evil Dead franchise. However, I watched Scream 4 this weekend. It really wasn’t scary, but its self-deprecating humor and pop culture commentary made me like that franchise a bit more. I’d also say the Alien franchise, but since it really blurs the genres of horror and sci-fi, I’ll stick with Evil Dead as my favorite.

    • Scream. The I love that they recognize other horror films and always have to “reveal” the killer. It makes it scarier knowing that the killer could be anyone.

    • It’s pretty subjective since most horror franchises seem to drop in quality like a roller coaster. My two favorites, up to a point, are the original Romero Dead movies and Nightmare on Elm Street.

  2. Happy All Hallows’ Eve, everyone. I finally got to see “Paranormal Activity 3″…I quite enjoyed it. It wasn’t a perfect film by any stretch, but it had a great slow-burn creepiness factor that entertained me while I was watching it. I much prefer creepy and/or psychological horror to the jump-scare gorefests (and/or “torture-porn”) so popular in the last few years.

    As for your question, Pitt Man, I really loved the original “Halloween” 1 & 2 movies…the only two of those ’80s horror flicks that I actually liked…and vastly superior to the crapbuckets that were the Rob Zombie remakes.

  3. Happy Halloween eve everyone!

  4. I recently bought Wrong Turn 4″ Bloody Beginnings. Sadly, it isn’t as enjoyable as the first three films imo. Didn’t even give much of a origin story as it’s intended at all.

    In response to your question Pitt Man, id have say the original Nightmare On Elm Street films are my favorite horror franchise with Friday The 13TH coming 2nd.

    • Wrong Turn lost me after they trapped those crazies in the cell, I pretty much stopped caring about those kids after that…..

      • I remember watching the first Wrong Turn in theaters when I was high on Extasy. I don´t recommend it! Other than that, I really like the movie and I watch it every time it´s on Tv.

      • @ Slayer

        I stopped caring for them aswell after that scene, partically that girl who convinced the guy not to kill them. I was like, c’mon just “Do It!” lol.

        Thing that ticked me off was where were the hillbillie’s dad that was seen in the first two films? We’re they taken away from him? Nothin was explained, they were just shown locked up since they were kids.

  5. I wished i knew how to put pictures by my name,lol.

      • @ Ink

        Thanks for info but im having problems doin it. For some reason it won’t accept any password i try putting in. And it said the username has already been taken. I don’t mind changing usernames on here but anyways i was wondering if im doin something wrong.

        • I don’t think the username matters … it is the e-mail that it links to.

  6. Haven’t been to the theater for a movie since “Cap.”

    I’m thinking “Immortals” is calling me.

    • Agreed.

      • Whats with this movie? Im only hearing about it in the last few weeks and it looks really bad but everyone says it looks awesome.

        Is there something i dont know?

        i’m excited for this weekends Harold And Kumar. but i’ll probably see that at matinee prices

        • I don’t know if overall ‘Immortals’ will be any good, but if there’s anything the director knows how to do it’s how to make a movie that is visually interesting and gorgeous to look at.


        • @Nowhereman136

          Can’t wait for Harold & Kumar. Will be the first movie I have gone to see in 3D since Avatar was released.

          • i feel like i have to see this one in 3D, half the jokes utilize it.

    • Yeah, me too (Cap was the last movie I’ve seen in theaters)… but I don’t think I’ll be seeing Immortals though: the only movies left, (this year) that seem interesting is MI4, Harold & Kumar and of course… Sherlock Holmes 2.

  7. I’d have to say the Saw series is probably my favorite horror series. I mean they were original, kept moving the story forward, while also revealing information about the characters. Another big point in their favor is they didn’t keep recasting their reoccuring characters.

    But here is a tougher Halloween themed question. What is your favorite monster movie? Mine is Monster Squad. What’s your guys favorite.

    • John Carpenter’s The Thing.

      and the Saw franchise degraded 1 through 7, 7 being by far the worst, imo.

      • The first SAW was original, the second was ok and the rest… I tried to watch them but I fell asleep every time.

        • Pitch Black
          Jeepers Creepers freaked me out a lil.
          The Fly grossed me out.
          Monster, Inc
          The Mist
          and my favorite…. Predator

          • Oh yeah, The Mist was really good.

            • @Scapegoat

              Had the biggest slaps forehead ending I have ever seen.

              • Yeah, the ending was very depressing. But it was a nice idea. I mean King´s short story didn´t have an ending at all. They just stayed in the supermarket…

                • Favorite Monster movie? Godzilla
                  Favorite Horror movies?
                  The Thing
                  The Blob
                  Event Horrizon
                  The Mist
                  Dog Soldiers

                • Did we read the same story?
                  The one I read had the characters leaving the supermarket but it had an ambiguous ending because they found no signs of other survivors or hope, they didn’t stay at the supermarket.

                  • You might be right about that, it´s been more than 15 years since I read it. I remember them going through the mist into the drugstore (and getting a Spider-Man comic book for the kid), but didn´t they go back into the supermarket? Maybe I should read it again…

        • I thought VI was pretty excellent. I mean having to choose who lives and dies is a pretty scary thing to think about…

    • Favorite monster movie…I’d say Gremlins. It was so much fun to watch when I was a kid and so cheesy to watch as an adult.

      • I didn’t think of Gremlins as a horror movie,lol. I guess i should since Beetlejuice is horror-comedy film. I enjoyed the films as a kid, but not as much now but still watch them with my nieces & nephews. I loved how Gizmo poses as Rambo in Gremins 2,lol.

        • I said monster movie. Gizmo is a pet, and Gremlins are monsters. So, it is a horror-comedy pet movie with monsters (like Air Bud meets Ghoulies – the masterpiece I will be scripting). And it was my favorite monster movie as a kid, but I haven’t watched the movies in a few years. I’m assuming Hollywood will have a another 20+ year sequel or will be remaking or rebooting these films soon enough.

  8. Anyone have a favorite classic black & white horror film? Id have to say mine would be Frankenstein.

    • Hitchcock´s ‘Birds’ scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

      • @ Scapegoat

        Only film of his ive seen is Psycho which was great. Especially in black & white. Same goes for George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead.

        • Birds freaked me out for a while. I stopped looking in the sky outta fear that the birds were gonna pluck my eyes out.

          And the monkey’s from the lawnmower man use to scare me some serious. haha

    • Pyscho is my favorite black and white horror film, but Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein is my favorite black and white comedy-horror movie.

    • Mine would have to go to Carnival of Souls, that got under my skin. and has a creepy soundtrack to boot.

      Oh, and I know its not a horror film, but I found some stuff in The Seventh Seal that were creepy as hell.

  9. I really really hope Vic actually carves his face in to his pumpkins.

    • Heh, sorry, I’m not that good an artist/sculptor. But I’ll tell you that I did think about it last night when we did our carvings. :)


      • I think the picture from the top of this page would make a pretty good stencil. lol

  10. Has anyone seen 3 musketeers and is it worth seeing in 3d

    • I saw two horror movies this weekend. One was PA3.
      the other was The Three Musketeers…..

      Thing about was I believe the cast would have been perfect (with a little work) for a serious 3M.

      The over the top is what killed it. As soon as MJ did the slide it was over… then the ‘invisible’ razor lines……. that cut the ribbon her dress yet left no trace on the ground…. O.O

      Yeah pass this if you can. I have a 13yo so I had to.

  11. I kept refreshing the home page like crazy last night waiting for you guys to post something on that Walking Dead episode. It really left me with my hand over my mouth for a minute.

    • Yeah, sorry, we don’t do reviews/recaps of every episode of the TV shows we cover.


      • Yeah i know that, no need to apologize, just thought that the episode was going to get a mention because of what happened. Thanks for the reply.

    • The Walking Dead was insane last night.

      • Yeah, it’s going to be interesting having a monster among the survivors; and it isn’t Daryl….

  12. If the dark tower series is gonna be a TV show instead of a huge epic movie, is viggo and javier too big and famous for TV? if so, who should play roland? I think that the guy from STAKELAND would make a good roland…

    • Viggo is not a conventional actor, he is a writer, painter, poet, etc so I dont think being on TV would be a problem for him. Personally I want Viggo as Roland, when they casted Bardem I was this close to not watchin it if it had been made. I like Bardem but he doesnt fit the role of Roland to me.

      • IDK, if its a movie I think Viggo would be a good choice (Maybe even Thomas Jane?) but who for the TV? You say Viggo, but he might only go for it if its a movie since he is a big actor… IDK just my thoughts not calling you wrong at all, just asking who else would do it if it not him?

        • He´s a big actor? Name at least 3 movies he´s been in since LOTR.

          • Off the top of my head…

            Carlito’s Way
            A History of Violence.. awesome cmb btw
            Appaloosa.. cool western with Ed Norton
            The Road
            GI Jane… Ending SEAL was dope

            and he has an upcoming movie with Micheal Fassbender about Sigmund Freud that loks good.

            • Also was in Eastern Promises, and a Spanish historical film

  13. I don’t have a favorite horror film nor can i list some. So many to name. The older, the better imo. Even as alittle kid, it little hard for me to get scared unless my brothers were around. It because i always found the music always kinda gave away the scary moments sometimes & took away that surprise. That’s just me. I can’t remember how young i was when i started watching horror films. I missed out on all the best ones obviously thats all i know.

  14. The original TCM was great but i didn’t like the 2nd film & didn’t bother seeing the other sequels. I did enjoy the remake & TCM: The Beginning was good imo. I was kinda hoping they’d make one more film which involved that hitch-hiker girl seen in the remake film before she’s traumatized.

  15. Every year i pick a good size horror franchise to watch. This year it’s Child’s Play despite im not fond of Bride Of Chucky or Seed Of Chucky. But anyone would have to agree the original was considerly to be taken seriously scary for a film, right?

    • Same here, I like the first 3 movies, after that it’s more like a cartoon looney movies. And yeah I was obsess with Chucky, I even bought the comic books…!

  16. We don’t celebrate Halloween in South-Africa… :(
    It’s a shame really, cause me and my mates tried dressing up as a Jedi knights once, but for some weird reason (sarc-mark), people stared at us like we were nut-cases??? ;)

    • @ TheAvenger

      That’s too bad. I don’t go dress up for many parties. Sometimes i have i have to work those nights, like this year. Last week at Walmart i noticed a guy dressed as the Joker from TDK. Thing was my friends & mentioned to ourselves was he got his looks wrong because he put too much make-up on his face & too much green dye in his hair.

  17. So has anyone been watching Once Upon A Time? The new show on ABC? The first two episodes have been great. I’m surprised ScreenRant hasn’t done a review or anything on the show.

    • My wife and I have. I was very surprised how much we really enjoy it. When I heard about the concept, I thought it would be ridiculous, but it is done very well. I read that its pilot had the most viewers for a new fall show.

    • I like the show. I didn’t think I would. “Once Upon A Time” is very entertaining.

    • Yes, it gets his moments, but I’m just waiting that it gets better. We need more intrigues and better cliffhangers.

  18. HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone, how about that twist ending of last nights episode of the walking dead, shane using otis to slow down the walkers was a shocker it made me wonder if shane did it as a way to get back at otis for shooting Carl even though it was an accident, looks like things are gonna get interesting by the looks of it can’t wait for next weeks episode.

    • Dude! Spoiler Alert! Some of us haven´t seen it yet!

      • oops sorry about that meant to mark spoiler alert but was in a bit of a rush, edit button would definately be helpful my bad.

  19. Wow! Yes!! Tonight is horror movie night!


    My agenda:
    ~ Start with: “Two Buffy the Vampires Slayer Halloween Episodes”
    ~ Followed up with: “Interview with a Vampire”
    ~ Followed up with: “Queen of the Damned”
    ~ Topped off with: “Nightmare on Elm Street”

    • The only horror about ‘Interview With A Vampire’ is Tom Cruise. And the only thing about ‘Queen Of The Damned’ are Aalyiah´s acting skills.

  20. Has any one seen the “Pusher” trilogy, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn? Im thinking about watching it soon. I hear good things.

    • I watched the first one. It´s really violent and sexist (you can even see an uncensored cunilingus going on). Other than that, it´s not worth a purchase.

  21. I just finished watching “STAKE LAND” and I enjoyed it more then I thought that I would… I also liked the troll hunter too, although its not really scary, it certainly could be if they wanted it to be…

    Greatest halloween movie?
    1. Halloween (the original and Rob Zombie version are great)
    2. Dawn of the Dead
    3. Friday the 13th (all of them, minus Jason X)
    4. Night of the living dead
    5. Saw (only the first one, they butchered the series after that)
    6. Nightmare on Elms Street
    7. Psycho
    8. Behind the mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon(kinda funny at times too)
    9. Texas chainsaw massacuere
    10. Scream
    11. anything with vincent price, hes spooky by himself, I am convinced that if it there was a movie where he was just sitting in a chair reading the “Tell-Tale Heart” I would crap my pants…

  22. Hey TheAvenger, Kahless, and any body else on here, if yall want to join our group on Facebook comment to this thread.

    I’m not the leader of the group (this is a fan group) but I can add yall and Scapegoat, one of the leaders, can accept yall into the group if it is agreed upon.

    We have some rules:
    1. No stupid comments. I.E. Saying one word per post etc, basically no spamming.
    2. This is a group with a lot of different views on subjects. We all want to be friends so please dont let anything that is said change your opinion on others. If a topic like politics/religion/etc gets brought up be respectful.
    3. No insults.
    4. 3 strikes and your out. If you are deleted from the group you can join if it appears that you have change but if you hadnt you will be kicked out for good.
    5. Have fun, we will all become great friends like we who have been on here are.

    So if you want to join, I’ll tell you what to do, so just comment to this.

    • Response

    • Sorry, not on facebook.

    • Hey, Elmo… Maybe it would help to mention your real name, so the guys can actually add you. :)

    • 1. No stupid comments

      I think I would break that rule the first hour. :-P

      3. No insults

      Kahless, you hear that?!



      Sure. What do I do?

      • Add one of us on Facebook. My name´s Dirk Antosch, Epsilon´s name is Seth Barrett. I´ll add you to the group.

    • Would we be required to wear pants? That’s why I enjoy the anonymity of Screen Rant.

      • Since we dont do skype video just skype chat and facebook you would be ok, just dont tell us that your not wearing any lol

        • Sorry, but I believe proper Internet etiquette requires full disclosure of pantlessness.

        • I usually don’t wear pants, it’s awkward and distracting for my co-workers, but I’m comfortable and that’s what matters

      • Ok, access image and delete. :-)

  23. Did anyone watch the new family guy last night? It might just have been me but i thought that it was extrmely dark, especially for them. I mean, you can usually tell when they are trying to be funny but this time they didnt even bother pretending, it was just messed up and depressing. Again, just might have been me.

    • It wasn’t just you.

    • I was just about to post the exact same thing!
      Seriously, it was INCREDIBLY dark (and not in a funny way)… at first I couldn’t believe what I was watching… so I watched it again ;)

      The moral of the story was pretty good though: don’t ever hit/beat up a girl, or else that girl’s messed up, perverted brother will kill you with his car…

      Anywho… I’m really disappointed with this season of Family Guy so far (S10 E02 was also pretty dark — but at least that was still ~kinda~ funny).
      It looks like The Cleveland Show has a lot more humor than Family Guy these days…

  24. What’s the worst costume you ever wore? Mine is a monchichi when I was 4 or 5. Apparently, my mom didn’t know what an Ewok was.

    • I Can’t remember all my costumes that i wore. But one that comes to mind i would think is worst i would say a Californian Raisen,lol.

  25. Update regarding the pop-ups last week. The constant pop ups soon were fixed the morning I mentioned it, and since then been happening only on schedule – once a day. :)

    • Thanks. If there’s ever an issue on the site, just let us know and we’ll try to address it.


  26. Worst costume? Probably a bum. Best costume a werewolf.