Open Discussion – October 30, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 30, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 30, 2013

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  1. I’m #1 I’m #1

    • You too a risk there.
      One more “I’m #1″ and
      you would have been #2.

      • *took

  2. Are we ever going get to hear the green lantern podcast? I’d love to hear you guys rip that movie a new one! Hahaha

  3. Just watched The One, and Safe. I’m trying to make my way through the rest of Jason Statham’s filmography (the ones I haven’t seen yet).

    The One was better than I thought, it was pretty cheesy in some parts but still good. Not much to say about Safe, Average Jason Statham action film, so of course is was good, but nothing special.

    I plan on checking out The Mechanic either tonight or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow since I have Arrow and The Tomorrow People tonight. And I have to study for an exam for tomorrow.

    • The one with JLo was okay.

      I liked the Transporter ones too… although he went shark jumping (or building/plane jumping) in the 2nd one.

      Didn’t really care for Crank 1

      • Yeah Parker was one of his better smaller action films. And yeah the Transporter series is pretty good. I agree with you about the second one though. Its like they turned him into a driving superhero.

        I plan on checking out the Crank movies later.

    • I’ll have to get The One.
      Love Jason and that one is
      a curiosity being early Statham.

      • Its more of a Jet Li film. But Jason has hair…

        • Yeah, guess that’s why it never showed up on my radar.

  4. Waldo was a busy guy yesterday. Out in force.

    • hiding in a red white barber pole world?

      • Hehe, no. I’ll get you up to speed Jeffro-

        Waldo is what I’ve come to name a very special individual who posts under multiple names and profiles and thinks that he’s clever about it.

        “Multiple” being an understatement, actually.

        Give you a few hints about Waldo, without giving away too much because it will spoil the fun:
        -He is an unabashed Marvelite, who still watches DC stuff but ultimately stands atop of his favorite property to talk down about the other one.
        -Waldo is a big fan of using exclamation marks to drive linear points forward.

        No more hints, ’cause the other ones are glaring giveaways.

        • Marvel movies are the best!!!!!!

          I miss Bayard… I think the casting of Afleck was the nail in the coffin.

          • He was the net… he was the night…

  5. Apparently Batmans look will be they Grey Knight based on Lee Bermejo Batman: Noel.

    Black or Grey? you decide.. well actually you don’t but there you go!

    • Source?

  6. CBM and Total Film all speculation obviously but it would make sense that Snyder would want a different look than Nolan. I just wondered what everyone’s thoughts would be on a grey rather than black suit?

    • very very dark grey

    • Since the New 52 seems to want to incorporate at least some of the look of the DCCU, (based on Superman’s look) I would put my money on black cowl on grey suit.

      I hope that is how it turns out.

    • Time to go with the grey, I reckon. I’d also like to see white eyepieces, which could easily be made similarly to the ones on Spider-Man’s mask. We’ve had 24 years now of Batman actors having black makeup applied before the cowl went on; that short sequence where eyepieces were used in The Dark Knight showed what a difference they could make to the overall menacing appearance of the suit.

      • If Zach could find a way to make the white eye piece thing work, that would be killer.

        • White eye piece? Like Spider-Man’s?

      • Could be very cool if applied correctly.

        • Batman is quite “tired and weary” in the story as described by Snyder for the upcoming film as well. In addition Superman is trying to make Batman look beyond his enemy’s and take a closer look at the people of Gotham he is trying to protect. Might be a more interesting conflict between the two rather than “who would win in a fight”?

      • Agreed.

        Isn’t the big reason why the eyepieces are needed because the eyes are very telling in identifying your secret identity? Read that in some old Spider-man Encyclopedia comic ages ago.

        Although… that doesn’t explain Superman/Clark Kent. :)

        • Yeah, I think, ironically, that’s why they went with that approach to the mask in the first place: to give Keaton more room for expression when he was suited up. I always told myself those areas were actually latex extensions of the mask – that you’d put the cowl on and then mould those parts around your eyes.

          Another advantage of having a mask that conceals the eyes might be that, with the whole upper part of the face transformed, an actor might not feel they had to go too heavy on other identity-deflecting (and audience-dividing) tactics like “the voice”.

    • I’ve been pulling for a Batman Arkham Origins inspired design.
      Whatever Zack & Co. come up with expect the new
      Batsuit to say this is a different Batman.

  7. I watched a little movie called “Altered” from 2006 yesterday and enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a bit like a two part episode of The X-Files, minus Mulder and Scully of course. It’s about a few guys who capture an alien to get revenge after they had been abducted and experimented on 15 years earlier. It’s really well done. Good lighting, good camera work, shot on film and has very impressive practical effects. I recommend it.


    • I watched that one a few years ago and enjoyed it as well.

  8. Plan on watching Trick or Treat tonight after I visit the Eastern State Penn.

  9. Finally got around to watching ‘Captain Phillips’. Annoyingly it was supposed to be an opening day viewing but the regularity of life intrusion more and more forces a delay. Anyways, I playfully questioned the assertion of Mr Kendrick about it containing some of the best performing of the quite considerable career of one Mr Hanks. Got to say, I was not feeling it myself, but the scene towards the end…

    *spoiler alert*

    … where he is being attended to after being rescued may just be the pinnacle of his career. A staggeringly intuitive masterclass of the delayed reaction of shock where logic and reason cannot be applied. So, in this respect, I’ll give Mr Kendrick his due.

    As for the film itself, I cannot but follow the masses on their verdict. I thought it was excellent and I hope come awards season due recognition is afforded not to just Mr Hanks himself but also Barkhad Abdi (and indeed, all four of the principals playing the pirates). The shift in the film midway through towards desperation of locality, identity and perceived empirical injustice took it towards so much more than standard search and rescue. Greengrass was also very astute in primarily casting names unfamiliar to the majority in all supporting roles (no Kathryn Bigelow stunt cameos here) which itself enhanced the immersion significantly.

    That final shot though… oof. On so many levels, with so many meanings tying thematically to subject matter both upfront and subtle… just… oof.

  10. Agents of Shield had a rerun last night. Already? It’s only 5 eps in!

    • Maybe they should run it backwards.
      Rewind the whole thing and start over.

      • nice ha ha!

  11. Watched the documentary Blackfish the other day. I really didn’t have any expectations towards it. I must say it is one of the most gripping documentaries i have ever seen.
    It’s about the orcas (especially one of them) living in those seaworld amusementparks and the “accidents,” they are involved in. Worth a watch.

    • Seaworld is fish/mammal prison pass it on

  12. Good morning gents (and ladies)…

    What a whirlwind past week it’s been and I apparently missed a bunch of stuff on here. I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Man, Screenrant just pumps out the articles. The mobile site is still not fixed, just an FYI. :(

    Everybody ready for Halloween tomorrow?

    • Yes sir i’m going as david bowie from the labryrinth

      • Don’t forget the rolled up socks to stick down your tights.


  13. Been binge-watching different TV shows and I prefer the style that opens with a scene, then goes to a title scene, but then continues the show with the actors listed at the bottom rather than a long title sequence with the list of actors.

    Example are Breaking Bad and Arrow. The Walking Dead and Homeland still uses the extended title sequence which I dislike (although Homeland puts some story into it).

    • Personally, I find the opening titles to be the best element of the show each week (the strings breaking into the scene before cutting is effective). I concede though this may have more to do with my overall opinion about the quality of what is on offer.

      Although, to be fair, S4 has so far been far superior to the laughable dredge that was S3.

  14. Is anyone else a fan of prolific underground comic artist Kim Deitch? He does a lot of intricate historical(?) and autobiographical (?) stories about a spirit/cartoon/stuffed animal/demon/prankster named “Waldo.” Some of the stories have been assembled into nice hardback collections, available at your local public library. The most famous probably is “Boulevard of broken dreams” which originally appeared in RAW back in the early 90′s.

    Dr. Mindbender’s latest paranoid delusion about some alleged “Waldo” feller got me thinking about it.

    • oh shush. don’t worry, you aren’t Waldo…cause even if you do post under multiple names I haven’t noticed.

      Still, thanks for the endorsement. Your much better at this than he is.

      • That’s a relief. I thought I might be. I’m teasing about the “paranoid delusion.” KIND OF! (Figured you see it though). But maybe I’ll be wrong. I could even be wrong that Hulk won’t be in Antman. I just don’t think so at this time.

      • I was Waldo for a halloween party on Monday! By about the 80th “I found you!” comment I was wishing I had dressed up as something else.. Anywho I dont think I’m the Waldo you’re looking for either.

  15. I’ve binge watched several horror/halloween flicks in the past two weeks leading up to Halloween. Here are some of my faves that I watched:

    The Shining: you guys know this movie rocks.
    Trick ‘R Treat: great movie, a lot of surprises and fun moments. thanks for the recommendation @ Dr Mindbender
    Insidious: pretty effective horror flick, I’ll have to check out the Conjuring now (same director)
    Carrie (the original): it still holds up pretty well.

    These 3 are more horror comedies but I loved them nonetheless:
    Attack The Block: its like Shaun of the Dead meets Hot Fuzz meets the Goonies. I highly recommend it.
    Tucker and Dale vs Evil: its like Zombieland with a dash of Duck Dynasty. Alan Tudyk and the dude that plays Dale are very funny together. Check that one out for sure you’ll be laughing pretty hard at times.
    Scream (the first one): I don’t know how I have lived this long without seeing this movie. It was totally awesome.

    • Watch martyrs

      • Just looked it up. Looks like the gore is up in the Evil Dead levels. Could be cool.

  16. If that gray Batman suit rumor is true, that would be very cool. Black bat over gray suit is what I was hoping for.

    FYI, still can’t reply to other comments on the mobile site. :(
    This needs to get fixed please.

    • Is it “Grey” or “Gray” ? I can never decide. I suppose it is both. I think “GRAY” is classier.

      • I think its a regional thing. like color and colour.

        • centre and center

      • Gray is a variant spelling of grey.

        The distinction between British grey and
        the U.S. gray developed in the 20th century.

    • You should fix it iron man

  17. I heard that they will be showing a full 5 minute Cap 2 trailer at all North American IMAX 3D theaters!!!!!!

    This will encourage many to see Thor in 3D Imax format. Smart business on Marvels part.

    Mo money, Mo money, Mo money.

    • CinemaBlend reported that all 3D showings will feature the extended trailer, not only IMAX.

  18. Is it just me or does anyone else find it impossible to write a comment on this site using an iPad? Especially on the Chrome browser.

  19. @ Ezee-T

    You are exactly right, it is. With the iPhone too. The whole site is kind of goofed up right now.

  20. I finally got around to watching Lady in the Water, to see what all the negative fuzz is about. What a weird movie. It was kinda interesting, had its funny moment and somehow I couldn’t stop watching, but I’ll be damned if I know what the hell it was about and what was accomplished in the end after lots of threading water (pun intended).

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