Open Discussion – October 3, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 3, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 3, 2012

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  1. I’m noticing a trend..not sure if it’s new but i’m wondering why all these great underrated actors are starring in these meh/mediocre/run-of-the-mill horror films. Like
    Patrick Wilson & Rose Byrne in Insidious
    Guy Pearce in Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
    Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Possession
    Ethan Hawke in Sinister
    Now we have Jessica Chastain in Mama??

    Admittedly Insidious i enjoyed, and Sinister is getting like absurdly good reviews but you see my point? These actors, all of them, are well above this material. Patrick Wilson in Hard Candy??? Gimme a break, homeboy has chops. Guy Pearce too..just a shame. In all probability it’s for the paycheck, i understand this, i just like to believe all these actors (some of them my favorites) are above making decisions based solely on money

    • Hard candy was amazing, don’t see anything wrong in starring in that.

      also, like you said, these are actors who aren’t exactly A listers, so don’t you think that by doing movies like this, they’re branching out and getting new fans that will get them noticed and finally be popular?

      Also, didn’t Chastain film Mama before she became a critical darling? Either way, I think I want to see that one because she looks pretty in it.

      • Oh no no i didn’t mean to use Hard Candy as an example of a generic movie. That movies great, that’s just his best performance (from what i’ve seen). I guess that’s true about them branching out but then it goes back to the fact that most of these movies are terrible so it ends up being a little bit pointless or even counter-productive. And since the mainstream audiences usually won’t go out of their way to see anything specifically for an actor that ISN’T A-list it’s not like if the actors do well that audiences are likely to be like ‘WELL HE/SHE WAS GOOD’ Most people just chalk it up to’The movie sucked’

      • And yes while i complain i still plan to see Mama because i’m in love with Jessica Chastain..and the ‘creature’ looks unique.

    • I think in regards to Guy pearce, hes just trying to get back in the game.
      Lockout wasnt bad.

    • Patrick Wilson and guy Pearce are phenomemal

    • because of money ! they must pay their bills,too. and specially the ones you have named aren´t on the top of very good paid actors like cruise or clooney. they can´t choose every role.

      • and the comment above goes to -sacasha-. why my comment is ten persons under,and i have replied.

    • I saw the promos with Ethan Hawke in a horror movie and thought…what happened? He shouldn’t be involved in horror movies. Hasn’t he done enough damage to his career by working with Nicolas Cage in 2005′s Lord of War?

  2. Morning ranters. With October here and Halloween not 2 far away, might as well start this month with this question. What’s the scariest movie that you ever seen which 2 this day gives you the creeps no matter how many times you’ve seen it.

    For me its the original night of the living dead. There’s just something really spine tingling about that film every time I watch it. The whole atmosphere, the B&W picture, and just the whole overall mood of the film is a pretty freighting experience,especially the climatic ending when the zombies all break into the farm house.

    • The original Halloween still gives me the creeps, the part where he is stalking her through the neighborhood and popping up behind bushes freaks the heck outta me!

    • Not a horror movie but The Truman Show scared me the most.

      • Funny you say that because “American Beauty” is the scariest film I’ve ever seen…

    • Night of the Living Dead, the best of them all. Sad a movie that is over 40 years old is still the best of the Zombie movies.

      But the movie that scared the crap out of my 6’4 240 lb frame and made me sleep with a night light on and change positions with my wife because I was closer to the door…..The Exorcist…Yeah, hid under the covers, night light on, and scared crapless.

    • The Exorcist. Everything else pales in comparison, probably because I saw that when I was young and impressionable.

      Another Jeff W

    • The Exorcist, everything that i fear in life is in that movie. Just No……No. I get the chills just thinking about it.

      No No NO

      That movie will turn this 23 year old into a 5 year old girl in 5 seconds.

      Just…….No…….Hell no!!!!

      • Mr. Nuggets….I am right there with you.

    • Definitely have to say the Exorcist and the first poltergeist.Those two are the scariest and creepiest movies of all time imo…i can’t even watch them anymore unless with a group of people.

      • Poltergeist…yeah 3 months after that movie, dont you know dad gets transfered to California and we get put in a housing development that look like those houses..I was like…Parents I love ya, sisters I love ya, but HELL NO…I am going back to philly!

        • lol

    • The descent seen in 3 times it makes me wanna cry…. lol

    • for me the perfect halloween movie is -the fog- from j.carpenter.

    • Jaws. Still don’t like the ocean because of that movie.

  3. Picked up Dark Shadows yesterday on Blu-ray and really enjoyed it. Johnny Depp was awesome as Barnabus Collins great movie imo. The amazing spiderman releases Oct 9 I’m picking up the limited edition gift set that comes with the spidey and lizard statue. :)

    • No. The Amazing Spiderman release date is NOVEMBER 9th not OCT 9.

      The big Blu Ray release this coming Tuesday is Prometheus.

      • Oops my bad I meant Nov 9 smh lol.

        • Yeah I’m pickibg up the same set vader. Looks awesome!! I loved that movie so in looking forward to the BluRay release.

          Does anyone watch Nikita? Pretty good show I started Watchibg it a few backs and got hooked. Almost done with season 2 and just in time for season 3 which is coming up. Good show solid acting and story. Good show.

          Lyndsy fonseca is a very talented actress. Super hot as well. I wouldn’t mind if she got more roles in things.

          • I love Nikita I watched it on Netflix about a year ago and I’ve been patiently waiting for the 3rd season. I agree Lindsy Fonseca really does it for me and needs more work. I have a question, is the Guillermo del Toro Hulk show still coming to fruition? And if so when? Because if I’m not gonna get a Hulk movie that’s the least they can do

            • I think lyndsy fonseca should be in a marvel film. I vote as Sharon carter or the wasp. Just my thoughts though agree?

              And idk about hulk tv show. I thought I read somewhere that is was strong possibility it was not happening.

  4. Supernatural premieres tonight so we can talk about that.
    Mainly I was wondering if it seemed like Dean has sorta become the main character over sam.

  5. also what your fav supernatural episode(from each season).?

    • Favorite supernatural ep is Lazarus rising. I believe the season 4 opener when dean breaks out of hell. Fantastic ep. That’s one ep I can go back to and watch over and over.

      • That is a great episode as well. Sam turns to the dark-side with his hunting methods. They flip the script by adding angels to the mix. I love it.

    • Devil’s Trap is my favorite episode. It’s the Season 1 finale. I remember it ended and I was pissed that I had to wait until fall to see what happened. Honestly, Supernatural has great season finales like All Hell Breaks Loose. The 2 part season finale for season 2 where…(insert title here). Swan Song was another great finale…actually it was an episode that built up so much anticipation that when Carry On My Wayward Son started, my heart was racing. Such a great show for 5 seasons and such a continuation of great characters in a mediocre show for the last two seasons, but still I can’t wait to see what happens this season…especially with Jeremy Carver as the show runner (he can’t do any worse than Sera Gamble).

  6. I’m still bummed that Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get canceled…:-( It is one of my favorite TV shows ever (animated or live-action.)

    • Thats how I felt about Spectacular Spiderman.

      • I didn’t see the Spectacular Spiderman until after it was canceled, but, spiderman being my favorite superhero, I would have to agree, that show was spot-on! Loved it!

    • It’s still running new episodes and they are pretty good,so hopefully it ends on a high note.

      • Yeah, hopefully since they have a bit of time they can bring it to a satisfying conclusion.

    • They had Avengers EMH at best buy for $9.99, sad that it got canceled though I really liked the series.

  7. I thought I should share this with all of you.
    First I am a Captain in the United States Coast Guard, I am assigned to the USCG AIR STATION IN North Carolina at Elizabeth City.I was requested to meet some gentlemen. They were from a movie studio….They wanted to take pictures of a MH/HH 60 Jayhawk Copter, and they wanted to fly in it and check the lay out..So they had these special 3d cameras and they took a picture of my copter. which is a

    HH 60T Jayhawk, which is actually only 3 weeks old, she is brand spanking new. So I asked……

    They said, “We cant discuss this with anyone due to the nature of the movie being worked on.” So I said, well let see, You are taking 3D Pictures of a Coast Guard Helicopter with full Rescue gear…Now, if I was a betting man, I would say…Transformers 4, Autobot, perhaps Protectobot “Blades”

    They just looked at me wide eyed and said nothing.

  8. My wife, I love her, all 4’10 105 lbs of her, she has given me 5 wonderful daughters…Half Irish, Half Italian…ZERO FEAR! She does not flinch, she does not scream, she does jump no reaction whatsoever…Haunted Hayride or House, nope nothing..Walking Dead…Nope..Exorcist..She giggled at some parts..we have the 25Th anniversary edition..She thinks the Spider Walk was awesome…Jaws..She called it a guppy…Alien she did not even squeeze my arm…she goes to horror movies to cheer up….She wished that Freddy Krueger was real and got into her dreams…he would regret it….Nothing scares this woman…Then one day…………….She saw Teletubbies and she screamed at them and said “There is something unatural about them.”

    Teletubbies..Yeah THAT DID IT!

    • Haha teletubbies. Unnatural indeed.

  9. Supernatural premiere was underwhelming.

  10. Who else than me thinks Amanda Roghetti should have the role for Sharon Carter on Captain sequel?

  11. I just watched conan the barbarian, man this movie is truely awesome, a timeless classic. I hadn’t seen it for as long as I can remember, the sequel was alright but the first is my fav. I was disappointed with the remake, Idk what Hollywood was thinking when they decided to try to remake it.

    • I liked the remake more.