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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 3, 2011It’s October already, can you believe it!? As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 3, 2011

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  1. I loved the Avengers character photos and bios. Is it just me or has it been a long time since we heard anything on the new Spider-Man? They have certainly done a good job of controlling information. I hope Spider-Man is good.

    • I believe it’s currently in post production. I think this fill will have lots of CGI so you won’t hear anything till Nov/Dec.

  2. Anything on transformers 4

    • Kevin,

      Sorry, no new news on Transformers 4.


  3. Yeah last I heard about it was the teaser trailer.

  4. Has anyone heard anything about the latest plot for red 2

  5. @ Kevin
    Haven’t heard anything on Transformers 4.

  6. I watched Thor on video this past weekend and I have to say I was thoroughly unimpressed with the film .. I liked it much better when I saw it in theaters but not the case for home video.. I honestly don’t know if I would watch it again..

    • I agree, it lost a lot of the grandeur on a home viewing. It’s still a good film but probably the weakest that Marvel has put out yet. I’m still surprised how good Captain America was.
      And looking forward to the blu ray cut of Green Lantern.

      • Looking forward to Green Lantern too Sam and Captain AMerica too although I hope Cap doesn’t disappoint like Thor does when I see it on BluRay..I liked it in the theater so we’ll see..

    • Lol it was the exact opposite for me, I liked it better when I watched it on Blu ray.

  7. So who thinks that this season of Supernatural is going to be the best one yet.

    • I don’t. I like it but I don’t think this season will be the best. This Leviathan thing, with them being liquid and eating people, is kind of lame.

    • To be honest I agree with Kahless. There are some good points to this season, maily the return of Lucifer, but the Leviathans are already a disappointment.

      Supernatural’s best days are behind it.

    • I think this season of Supernatural will be the best one since Kripke’s 5-year story arc ended.

    • I was kind of hoping the leviathans would stay in Cas’ body. What they did seemed kind of lame and uncreative. + they acted completely different in Cas’ body than in the others. I hope there are some other good plot points coming this seasons like the seven princes of hell perhaps. But I really don’t like the Sam story line. Since season 3 he’s been a wreck and the brothers relationship has stayed the same since they lost all trust that season (or season 4). I don’t think the season will be the best, but I hope that it will be at least alright.

  8. @ Kahless
    A villain doesn’t define a season. It the characters own personal stories and problems they have to face as well as the continual story arcs. IMO.

  9. So last night I took the wife on a date, and we went and saw Warrior. There was’nt too many other people in the theater and I have to say they were a sucky crowd. By time the fights came the people behind us were laughing at us because us getting completely absorbed into the movie, my wife would jump when someone would get hurt and I was doing fist pumps (and mild yelling, but good yelling) getting into it like I would watching a real fight. But with my lame crowd aside, the movie was awesome! One of my only complaints is that once the movie was over, I was left wanting to know what happened with a few key points in the movie that were just left hanging.

    • It’s sad sometimes that the crowd can ruin a movie viewing. Thor had a bunch of high school kids for me and they kept talking the whole movie. It ruins the element of the movie sometimes.

      Another one was Bad Teacher that the crowd actually helped the viewing. It isn’t that funny of a movie but the crowd loved it which made it more enjoyable.

      • Well the worse thing for me was this little kid behind me, he was slurping the bottom of his drink out of the straw, smackin on some kind of candy, and kicking the back of our chairs. Now i know what its like going to movies with kids, cause i have two, a 7 and a 3 year old. But i guess it was just agrivating since we got a babysitter and went to get a night to ourselves.

      • I just hate how people (mostly stuck up kids) ruin movies for people…
        Although a packed theater is always the nicest IMO (it gives off a sense that the movie is going to be good ;)), these days I much prefer an empty cinema so that me and the folks who actually WANT to watch the movie can get some peace and quiet.

        There’s always a group of high school b@%$^* (girls) at my local cinema who think the whole world revolves around them: why they even go to a theater is beyond me (since they never seem to be watching the actual movie: talking throughout the whole thing, texting on their blackberries, screaming and giggling for absolutely no reason, etc.)

        This happens all the time! When I went to watch Thor, Pirates 4 and Transformers 3 (I don’t even understand why those girls would even be interested in watching those films?). And it doesn’t stop at the cinema… ooohhh noooo! My sister insists on ALWAYS having some loud mouth kid at our house who’s sole purpose in life (it seems) is to ruin the viewing experience for others.

        I believe that this is the parents’ fault entirely… they don’t seem to be teaching kids how to respect others or how to behave themselves in public anymore. I pray that these stuck up little f@%&* will one day learn their lesson.
        And if there are any parents reading this: PLEASE, I beg you to just TRY and talk some sense into your children, and if that doesn’t work, just slap them upside the head (if you don’t, I’ll do it for you, the next time I’m TRYING to watch a movie at my local cinema.)

        – This coming from a 16 year old who’s parents actually did some effort into teaching him (and by him, I mean me) some manners –

        • @TheAvenger, I know! Last year, me and my family saw Inception, and my dad got into this big, heated argument (cursing and stuff) with some blonde bimbo who wouldn’t stop texting in front of him! He even asked her nicely to stop like 4 times and even got a woman who worked at the theater to tell her! I almost wanted to leave and it ruined the movie for me.

          • Dude, I feel for you…

            With a movie like Pirates 4, you don’t really have to pay that much attention, but if THAT had to happen to me while I was watching Inception! :( I would cry…

            I reckon these people should get banned from theaters… who’s with me? ;)

      • When I saw Transformers 3, I went with the singer of my band. Throughout the whole movie he would text with his girlfriend and the light coming from his phone display was annoying. So I said “can´t you do that later?” I almost got in a huge argument during the movie. And can you believe he got out 20 minutes before showdown to call her?! That was the first and the last time I went to the movies with him. And afterwards he´d complain about the movie…

  10. How can Marvel be planning a GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY movie BEFORE a BLACK PANTHER movie? BP would be less expensive and more interesting. Not a good idea imo.

    • I don´t either movie will get an audience big enough to be a success.

      • * I don´t THINK

        We really need an edit button.

    • just like with the Russians…. Space Race. :D

      It (IMO) would be a better sell to a much broader range of viewers. The GotG movie would/should appeal to sf people, comic people and people in between.

      Especially being a group that no one has heard of. However traditionaly well done ‘space’ scifi type movies do very well. I think they can pull it off.

    • I don’t get it either man…
      The Black Panther is an amazing character and I’ve been looking forward to a movie ever since that little tease at the end of IM2 (sadly, nothing seems to be moving forward though…)

      I’ve read a few GotG comics and never found it interesting.

      BP could EASILY appeal to a large audience just as much as GotG (if done correctly of course). Why would BP NOT appeal to a large audience? (this question is directed at Scapegoat)

      I dunno… I hope Marvel gets their priorities right ;) (For example: a Black Widow movie? Seriously?!)

      • I think the whole 2nd tier 3rd tier excuse not to make a movie complete BS. IMO a comic book character’s popularity does not really affect its overall success rate. Granted you will easier fill up seats b/c people recognize them but in the end of the day people want a good story. Iron Man did awesome because the story, actors and director involved were all great. Jonah Hex ( which I have not seen) had a horrible story and so failed. It had the makings of something awesome with Brolin involved but otherwise failed.

        My point being any character can sell if the story is good. The key is to think outside the superhero box and liken the film to another genre. Black Panther, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Moon Knight have amazing writing potential if they are written a little more mature and convey a solid stody. Real Steel honestly looks lie a second tier character from some comic but I hear it is doing quite awesome.

        • So Ignur, I’m curious to know:
          Would you rather see a Black Panther movie, or a Guardians of the Galaxy movie?

          • @TheAvenger

            I don’t know anything about Guardians of the Galaxy. Quick wikipedia read and I see they are a proactive intergalactic peace keeping team. But I would have to say Black Panther on default b/c I know that character more.

            On the intergalactic comic tip I would like to see a Silver Surfer movie but I really don’t know how you would film it or at what stage in his life (pre-surfer, as herald or post-therald)

            • I’d say Black Panther because he’s easy to tie into the Avengers. Would love to see him get his own movie and come back for an Avengers sequel.

      • @ TheAvenger

        Because non comic fans are already a bit annoyed by CBMs. If BP gets his own movie, people will say “What movie is this? Oh, it´s another Marvel guy. Yawn.” Also, he´s a less known character, and we all know what happened to Green Lantern.

        • But wouldn’t people say the exact same thing about GotG?
          “Who are these guys?”
          “They’re a team of Marvel superheroes”
          “Oh… like those Avengers guys we just saw?”
          “soo… the difference is that these are space alien guys?”

          The Black Panther is a very different character than IM, Thor, Hulk and Cap: He is the prince of an African nation much more advanced than any other country in the world. His father gets killed in battle and now he finds himself in the position of ruling this great nation. He takes up the title as the Black Panther and goes on a quest to avenge his father… (IMO, a movie like that would be much more interesting than GotG). IMO GotG would turn out to be a sloppy mess if the individual characters aren’t going to be established before hand.

          I guess, my argument is that we already have the Avengers… do we really need the GotG? Or do we need a super-awesome-ninja-panther-guy who joins up with the (already established) Avengers?
          I would say we need the Black Panther…

          Also… IM and Thor were also kinda lesser known characters before the movies, so (IF DONE CORRECTLY) the Black Panther could easily be turned into an awesome movie.

          • ““Who are these guys?”
            “They’re a team of Marvel superheroes”
            “Oh… like those Avengers guys we just saw?”
            “soo… the difference is that these are space alien guys?”

            Exactly. I´ve read the name before, but I have no idea who these Guardians are. After googling some pics of them, I can already say that it´s very hard (if not impossible) to adapt it into a movie without being more ridiculous than Batman & Robin…

        • I think its all about how your present and promote the story. If you advertise it as a cbm you only make it harder to sell it to tge general audienxe who have pre concieved notions of what to expect. However if you advertise it as a cultural revenge film I think a lot of people will be interested.

  11. Did anyone pick up TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON ,I heard that there is no special features and that there is another release coming up with all the extras just like AVATAR, any info on that Vic.

    • Yeah, that’s just Bay’s way of profiting on stUpid people ;)
      Selling a movie to idiots, and then selling a better version of the movie to smart/patient people. THEN, in a few weeks, the stupid people get jealous and wish that they could have all those special features, at which time they go out and buy the same movie (but with the extras) again.

      What a good idea Bay, I wonder why no one else hasn’t done this before- ooohhh… waaaiiit a minute!

      • I thought it was called double dipping and not “profiting on stupid people” …

        • Same thing ;)

  12. Im buying The Lion King tomorrow at best buy. Well actually I preordered it to get that steelbook case. IM EXCITED@!!!!

  13. Yup no special features in the Transformers 3 Blu-Ray, what a rip off.

    I agree that Thor was kinda lacking in the home, but its better that he was extablished

  14. I am Sooooooooooo happy about “Arrested Development” getting a Season 4 and a movie. I could only wish that it does so well they greenlight it for future seasons.

    I know there are just so many big names on that show now. Kinda hard to get them all to commit. Bateman and Cera are both Movie stars now.

    And… I wonder where the story will go with George Michael and Maebe… now that 7 years have passed and they know they aren’t related. lol

  15. So I just saw a trailer for an upcoming movie called In Time starring Timberlake. I was surprisd, it actually looked like a pretty good movie. Comes out on Oct 28. I think I might go see this in theaters. Has anyone else heard of this movie?

  16. I would like to see a Defenders film before Guardians of the Galaxy film..Black Panther SHOULD have been a well established franchise by now..Marvel should be making this movie..I am sure it could be done for less than 100 million…

  17. Something that I’ve always wondered about The Dark Knight, if Nolan loves practical effects then how come he used CG for the burnt half of Two-Face? I’ve always found that it sticks out with the rest of the movie.

    • They used CGI because it would be a little too much to rip off half the face of an actor.

      • Lmao

  18. Does anyone else picture the SCREENRANT staff’s work space to be just like Entertainment 720′s? Is Vic more like Jean Ralphio or Tom Haverford? Does Detlef Schrempf just hang around the SCREENRANT office? These questions may never be answered.

    • I hate to break it to you – but despite the fact that we function like a well-oiled machine, the only person in the central office is me. :)

      The rest of us are spread out all over the country (plus Canada and the UK).


      • So, how do you do the podcast?

  19. Anybody seen anything new on Paranormal Activity 3 other than the trailer online? Really looking forward to this one.

  20. Vic,
    I was wondering if yall had ever thought about having a section with reviews for older movies. Yall’s reviews for upcoming movies (especially Ben’s) I usually tend to see eye to eye, so i know when to stay away from a movie or not. But when it comes to older movies that i havn’t seen, I ussualy try to see if was any good by comparing IMDB or Rottentomatoes. So it was just a thought.

    • Shiver,

      Yes, as a matter of fact that’s come up more than once. Just have to figure out how to classify them within the site hierarchy – movie reviews? A completely different category? Not sure. Plus have to decide who will write the reviews. :)


      • It could be a different category or in te same one. Just depends on how many older movies y’all review.

  21. So when will we know who the DVD and poster winners are? Hopefully this week…

    I got a few movies over the weekend and I must say, 2001 A SPace Odyssey is the most boring movie i have ever seen. On the other hand The Shining is a great film.

    WOuld anybody like to see Ray Harryhausen come back and work with people to continuce his Sinbad films or any other ideas?

    • I loved the novel (2001) but I was underwhelmed by the movie, there’s nothing I find boring about it though.

      The Shining though, I found to be a snoozefest.

    • I’m lagging on choosing winners, need to get that done. As to the poster, I’m still waiting for it to be delivered to me – I’m reticent about announcing a winner before I have it in hand to ship.


      • @Vic, alright I was just checkin, please pick me for the poster lol :)

        @David Jones, I understood it, it was just boring as hell.

        @Jose, have to disagree on the Shining, I didn’t find it boring at all.

  22. Wow just found out that ILM and WETA are the effects studios for the Avengers. Wow I really hope WETA is doing the Hulk and the (hopefully) Skrulls. A WETA Hulk will be mind blowing!

    • Wth I put “Wow” twice?

  23. I with you, the movie was great. I’m a Christian but I’m also an action movie junkie, so the violence and language didn’t bother me. Washington’s character didn’t use any foul language but he was violent when needed to be. And that little twist at the end threw me for a loop. A highly recommended film.