Open Discussion – October 28, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 28, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 28, 2013

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  1. In the spirit of the season, I give my highest recommendation to a very well kept secret:

    Trick ‘R Treat

    ^^Possibly one of the best (if not THE best) Halloween movies you will ever see.

    • Thanks for the heads up, Doc. I’ll definitely order that one.

    • +1

      Love that movie, I can watch it countless times and never get bored of it. Instant classic for me.

    • This too is easily my favorite Halloween movie. I couldn’t understand why it didn’t do better at the time? Maybe not many people heard about it?

      I recently watched We Are What We Are and have to say it was fantastic film with some great performances and definitely recommend it as an alternative to scare based horrors.

    • totally watching that. I like movies like that, stuff that’s under the radar. It adds to the appeal for me.

  2. This weekend I watched RocknRolla, Killer Elite, Parker and Bullet to the Head.

    RocknRolla was different than what I was expecting, but i still thought it was good.

    Killer Elite and Parker were good. They were your average action thrillers. But Parker was slightly more entertaining to me.

    And Bullet to the Head was good as well. I don’t know why it has such a low rating on IMDB. i would give it at least a 6.5 (except IMDB doesn’t let you give half stars so i gave it a 6).

    Everybody ready for the X-Men trailer?

    • RocknRolla was fantastic. Still waiting for the Wild Bunch to return, as promised 5 years ago. Guy Ritchie claims it is still going to happen.

      Is the X-Men trailer today?

        • I would rather see another RocnRoller film than Sherlock, the first one was great but the second seemed to lack something? I know Ritchie was splitting from his ex wife and they had to do re-shoots but it wasn’t a great film IMO. Hardy would still do it after all hes just finished Locke which wasn’t big budget by any means, think Elba would do it too (after all he did say he would do a Luther movie?) and Butler well doesn’t have many good films around at the moment!

          • I personally would rather see SH3. but i agree, the second one was way worse than the first. The first took me by surprise in 2009.

  3. (emerges from the fog)

    • Creeper…. LOL

  4. I’ve been watchin the new show Atlantis, and Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon) as Hercules a darn funny! The show though, feels like a cheaper Xena or Merlin. It’s entertaining enough for me to keep watching, ep3 was good, they had to jump a charging bull!

  5. How did the play go?

    • @ACW

    • Doesn’t go on until November 7th – 9th

      Aaaaaaand some people can’t even get through the first act :(

      • People meaning actors or audience members?

        • Actors.

          We’ve been at this for 2 months and some of the key characters can’t even get through the first of 3 acts.

  6. Happy Monday Scranters!

    Hope everyone had a good weekend! Took my son to the AZ State Fair on Sunday. They had a Star Trek Exhibition thing. It was cool but they didn’t allow photos :(

    But I did get one cool photo. Ill post a link in a minute.

      • Arg! Ye be lookin’ scraggly!

        • Ha, thanks!

      • Instant classic, buddy. That is one for the time capsule.

        • Thanks Roc!

  7. So I’ve been thinking…

    …in the new DCCU we get the idea that even though Superman has super-senses, they are actually super-sensitive. Kal says himself that without the right focus and concentration, it hurts.

    So, to those that keep asking:

    “How the hell is Batman supposed to fight Superman?”

    I think there is a good chance Batman will implement a strategy that uses Superman’s hyper-senses against him.

    Couple that idea with my idea behind using “negative sun radiation” and viola:

    Batman can beat Superman, and without having to say the name of the green stuff. ( I don’t think the green stuff will exist in the DCCU )

    • +1
      Superman’s powers are a little too super.

    • I don’t see a physical fight happening between Batman and Superman. I see Bruce and Clark maybe going at it but in a teaser sense to where no one lands a blow.

      I think Bruce is going to hit Clark where it hurts. In Smallville.

        • Well… I actually thought more towards his mom. Of course there will be feud with Lois. But I think if Bruce goes after his farm… that’ll spark something.

      • @ Leather-Face

        Imo, I figured a live-action film wouldn’t be good with the two physically going at each other throats. Other than Batman having Green K or a robotic suit, to fight Superman with. I mean Batman would have to tick Superman off big time & Superman resist laying one on Batman cause he’s a mortal. Im curious how they will pull this off in the film however.

    • I said when the film announcement was made
      I think we will be seeing seeing the two heroes
      being adversaries (initially) and not combatants.
      By the end joining forces against a common foe.

      • Given the extent of Superman’s powers, as shown in Man of Steel, there is absolutely no way Batman could engage him in combat, unless, of course, he had kryptonite. Although I had my issues with Man of Steel, one thing that the movie did well was show exactly how far above and beyond Superman is to the Dark Knight. Really, no comparison.

        A long way of saying I agree with your assessment, RP.

    • I say at least one scuffle will go down, as an introduction to Batman.

      Then another one will happen a little later, this one being a taken bit more seriously.

      And the last will be against whoever the main villain is, with Superman teaming up with Batman. Kind of like the SM3 relationship with Peter and Harry handled better.

    • Don’t get me started on this! B vs S came up at a cook out at my cousin’s house yesterday. Imagine a bunch of drunken grown men arguing about who’s the strongest; Superman or Batman. LMAO, good times.

      • I’ve always looked at it as this:

        Pretty much any superhero can beat another superhero in one situation or many.

      • Sounds like a blast.

        The last fun drunk hero argument I had with several other drunk individuals was Batman vs. Hulk.

        • That sounds obvious, but Hulk is subjected to being powered by the gamma radiation within Banner’s body.

          Batman could easily find a way to absorb it out of him. In fact, that happened once in the 2003 Hulk game (based off of the Ang Lee movie). The Leader trapped the Hulk inside a Gamma Orb and Banner had to retrieve as a human.

          • Trust me, I came up with scenario after scenario after scenario for why Batman should win this confrontation no problem, but it was me vs about 8 other drunk “HULK SMASH” individuals.

        • Hulk vs Bats I would give it to Bats depending on the Hulk we’re talking about. If it’s a Hulk with Banner’s brains it’d be a toss up.

          But yeah **** got real yesterday. It was like 2 vs 9 in Batman’s favor. And saying that without the green rock Bats can’t take Supes even with ‘morals on’.

          • I recently watched an interview with Jackman and Bale for “The Prestige” they started talking about when there careers are over and they need the money they could do Batman Vs Wolverine!

  8. Final score for “Batman: Arkham Origins”:


    Well, maybe not final. The game screwed me over with it’s unexcusable amounts of freezing, one of which happened yesterday during an auto save and corrupted the file. Now I get to start all over again, even though I was SO CLOSE to doing everything. I even finished the campaign!

    Aside from that, I would recommend it to anyone who is a Batman fan. It’s writing is 1,000,000 times better than Asylum and City. Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker are phenomenal I might add, they delivered one of the best first encounters between Batman and The Joker I’ve ever seen, if not THE best. It also delves deep into Joker’s obsession with Batman excellently.

    • Done and done.

      Buying and playing now.

      You on XBox or a PS3?

      • Xbox

    • So while that’s downloading…

      …better writing than City huh? I loved how City ended, but I thought the pay-off with what “item 43″ or “order 66″ (or whatever it was called) turned out to be was kinda weak.

      • The writing in City wasn’t bad, but Origins makes you realize just how crippled the potential can be when it’s Batman trapped inside a prison by himself.

        Here, he is interacting with everyone in and out of Gotham. It’s more of a Batman story and less of a Batman fan service. Everything he does explains itself perfectly just by talking to someone. You venture more into his troubles, his demons, his struggle to convince everyone that the Batman persona will not let corruption destroy Gotham; no matter how human he is.

        • Cool you got me pumped for this I have the day off…
          … and only 141 minutes to go!

          I’m a big IGN fan, they gave it a lower rating than I expected. Still a decent rating though. Seems the reviewer preferred City over this one.

          • The controls are a little unresponsive compared to City. It’s definitely an unpolished game, lets put it that way.

            But other than that, I like it better than City. WB Montreal added a lot more variety than Rocksteady on their first try. I’m hoping that whenever the City sequel comes around, Rocksteady ventures beyond prison walls. This game allows you to, for once, actually feel like Batman.

            • Thanks for informing me about the game, ACW. I’m hoping to get a 360 for Christmas and hope Santa/the wife will buy me all three Batman games. (Due to low video-gaming funds (all my fun money goes to comics), I’m always a system behind the current one, and I’ve been saving up for a 360. I’m excited about all the “new” games I’ll be able to play!) My son and I have played Halo and Halo 2, so we’re looking forward to the rest of the franchise. If you know of any specific games I shouldn’t miss, please let me know!

              • Anytime!

                I warn anyone about the insane amount game freezing, but this issue should be resolved by Christmas and the amount of freezing varies for everyone (from a rare no freeze to about 20+ at unpredictable times). I’ll be shocked if it isn’t, but it has been merely 4 days for anyone to play it.

                For other 360 games, I would recommend:

                “Sonic Generations”
                “Alan Wake”
                “Portal 2″
                “Fallout 3″
                “GoldenEye 007: Reloaded”
                “Marvel: Ultimate Alliance”

                Those are some off the top of my head and they all are in their own respective genres and styles, adds a lot of variety for gaming.

              • If you like super heroes then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2 are must haves. They have been out long enough that you should be able to find them for cheap. If you can, find the gold edition of M: UA because you will get extra characters (Hulk, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, etc) that are all worth it.

                If you like role playing games then I recommend the Elder Scrolls Series. Oblivion is a little rough visually compared to todays stories, but still really immersive with a lot of content. Of course, Skyrim is IMO a great game that offers hours and hours of fun.

                Finally, I’m also a fan of the Assassin Creed Series. It offers different gameplay from those above and has a good overarching story. The older games have been out for a long time and should be cheap pick-ups.

                These are just a few in my library. I don’t really go for the fps (although I do like Halo) so there aren’t any on my list. The great thing about just getting a console now is that all of the original good games are fairly cheap. I’m not planning on upgrading to the new generation yet because there are still so many games from the current generation that I haven’t gotten to that will offer hours and hours of fun.

              • I recommend the Ghostbusters game 😉

  9. So, caught King of New York on Netflix for the first time as an adult and I’m still asking myself ‘how can such a terrible movie be so good?’ Christopher Walken, the benevolent drug czar, makes too much sense.

  10. So what do you guys think of KT dropping out of the Mortal Kombat hot seat?

    Do you think its because WB isn’t giving him enough creative control over the series? I wanted a movie based off of Rebirth. I like the Legacy series because it was cool to see a different take on all the characters.

    • Yeah. KT probably wanted it to be a hard R and the execs want that PG-13 $$. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that he dropped out though. Film making is a lot more than just story telling. I do like where he took the characters especially Liu Kang and Ultimate Tho…I mean Raiden.

      • I know there are directors who are just as good that can take the helm but he had such passion in the beginning and introduced the world a much darker side of a video game that I loved as a kid. I remember the first time I saw Rebirth. I was sold.

    • Fatality.

      Fun fact: Mortal Kombat for the SEGA Genesis is what prompted video games to have ratings.

      (the SEGA version came with the ‘blood code’)

  11. question: are any of you guys dressing up for Halloween?

    • yep: going to Ybor City as Black Adam.

      • Ybor? What? Aww man, I grew up in WT.

    • I am not this year. Next year though…

      I am dressing up my boy as Thor

    • I dress up as Robin and hand out comic books to the kids. I even get some parents who request a comic. :)

      • I saw you post something about that in a previous OD. Kudos dude that’s awesome!

        PS: idk if I ever told you this but your screen-name/avatar is great! love better off dead.

    • I realize now that I should have put mine in the original post but I did Doc Ock this year. Idk if I’ll do anything with it thursday but I’ve used for a couple parties and its been great. It turned out pretty cool.

  12. I just finished watching my DVD of “Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics.

    Very cool…a great documentary.

    • Errrgh…There should, of course, be closing quotation marks after the title.

  13. Errrgh…There should, of course, be closing quotation marks after the title.

    • Ignore this double post.