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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 26, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 26, 2011

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  1. Wassup, ranters?

    • Are you still taking members for the secret inner sanctum of the conclave of screen rant?

      • Sure. But there´s rules to follow.

        • Nautius you can add me on FB by clicking my name and I will add you to the group :D

  2. Not one for remakes usually, I watched Silent Rage (Chuck Norris) last night, which is part sci-fi, part scary, part action.

    There’s so many holes in the plot, cheesy science, and as much as I like Chuck – the action was slow and clunky. I know to some it’s sacrilege to speak ill of a Chuck Norris movie (the movie WAS cool when I was a kid), but this one really could be re-made so much better today.

  3. Hey I’ve got a question. Is it worth it to purchase old films in a new format? I mean how many times are we going to have to buy Star Wars? And is it really worth paying $50 for all three Jurassic Park movies on blue ray? I mean I still have all the films on VHS, and I could still buy them on DVD for $15-$20 altogether. So is blue ray really worth it? Or is it just another chance for Hollywood to line its pockets? What do you guys think?

    • Hollywood doesn’t really make anymore money based on it’s format. Also, a lot of blue rays go as cheap as $10, new box sets are going to be expensive for sure, but there’s no difference between 10 years ago and now, adjusted for inflation.

    • “how many times are we going to have to buy Star Wars?” — the answer is NONE. You don’t “have to buy it” if you don’t want to…

      I think DVD is just fine (there’s no need to “upgrade” an old movie if you already have it on DVD), but since I don’r own the saga on DVD, the blu-ray set is perfect for me: you get a brilliant HD picture, and over 2 days worth of special features (which, for a fanboy like me, is just plain great :D).

      The thing is, technology is evolving at such an incredible pace, at some point they have to slow down (and I think we are slowing down at Blu-Ray and digital copies — which is a good thing IMO)

      What I find really sad, is that fans feel angry that they’re being “forced” to buy these movies on the new format… but in reality, they aren’t actually forced at all (IMO, they’re angry because deep down, they actually WANT to buy it, but can’t due to the ridiculous prices being set.)

      That’s just my opinion… I would recommend that people do what I do and wait it out: see if there’s new formats coming soon, and if not, check to see when the prices are droping and THEN buy it (instead if blindly jumping to buy the movie as soon as it’s released)

  4. Could a story be made based on the Three Musketeers leading up to the death of D’Artagnan’s father?

    I mean the 3 were with D’Artagnans father and around when they are ‘disbanded’.

    Would that make a somewhat decent movie on the story?

    • Now that I’m thinking about it the one with York his father was not dead but the Disney one he was…..

      Time to research… :D

      • Ok nevermind…. :D

        “In Alexandre Dumas’ novel “The Three Musketeers,” d’Artagnan’s father is Monsieur d’Artagnan the elder, a poor Gascon nobleman who sends his son to Paris to join the king’s Musketeers. D’Artagnan the elder gives his son an old horse, a small amount of money and a letter of recommendation to the Musketeers’ leader, a childhood friend.”

        • I’d be down with a story that revolves around D’Artagnan in his prime as a captain of the Musketeers with the three Musketeers (cant remember their names) just recieving the honor as a Musketeer. Albiet this would be outside the work of Anderson. More The Last Samurai, less Pirates of the Carribean.

  5. Maybe it was just because of all the hype, but I didn’t think that Captain America was as great as people made it out to be. But, like I said, maybe I was just expecting alot.

    • I dont think it was either. It seemed…. just enough.

    • It was way better than I expected it to be. When they announced Evans, I wasn´t sure if he could portray a believable Cap, but to my surprise he pulled it off. After the first Iron Man movie, CA:TFA is my favorite Marvel movie so far.

    • Gonna re-watch it when one of my neighbors gets it. But as of now I hated it. Worst of all the MCU’s. I rank IM2 higher.

      I think the acting was good but the story was really weak (IMO) especially after the 1st act. My biggest complaint will always be the lack of Nazi’s/WW2 vibe, inclusion of lasers and the entire assault on Red Skull’s finale base to the bomber scene.

      I read up on the Ultimates and watched (ALOT OF) Avengers: EMH before the debut so my expectations were really high. I honestly feel like I did not see Captain America — the greatest soldier and hero of WW2.

      SideNote: If Red Skull cld get the blue cube to work in under a year, why has SHIELD been unable to in the 70+ years. Never understood that. Figured the cube was gonna power the hellicarrier

      • “If Red Skull cld get the blue cube to work in under a year, why has SHIELD been unable to in the 70+ years?”

        Good question. Maybe because Dr. Zola was a genius. Maybe this issue is explained in the Avengers movie.

        • ^I agree…
          Most (if not all) of these “plot holes” in Cap 1 can/will easily be explained in The Avengers.

    • I think (from most of the reviews I’ve read) that Cap was described as a “solid” movie: and that’s exactly what it was.

      When I go watch a movie, I usually watch it with “normal people” (i.e. not comic book fans or hard core movie fans — just “the general audience”), so after watching the movie, I can see what a group of “average people” thought of it: and when I went to watch Cap, the reaction it received from my party of friends and family was mostly positive… it appealed to the general audience and that’s why it is described as “good”.

      Because I’m a comic-book fan and a fan of Marvel, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT, but as a regular movie watcher (and the type of guy that usually cross examines EVERYTHING), I can see why there are people who didn’t like it though…

      So… it got all the hype because most comic-book fans, most hard-core movie goers and most regular movie goers(general audience) thought it was a good movie: it was “solid” in the sense that it had good actors, good dialogue, good action, good plot, etc.

  6. I was looking at the trailer for 11-11-11.

    I recall (dont know if it was here) about an alien type movie where a scientist (Russian?) was working on something and aliens/creatures etc based on energy or some sort were coming over…..

    Did that ever come out and or what was it? I remember also seeing a clip about energy aliens but I don’t think it was that one…

    Or are they both the same?

    • Are you talking about The Darkest Hour? If you are then no, its not out. I don’t recall seeing any scientists working on anything in its trailer though. But I think it takes place in Russia.

      • It was a tagline or write up about a scientist finding a ‘portal’ (based on sound/light/energy) or some such. They can only be seen at a certain angle or some such and I think they are body snatcher types…. damn my old age and remembering things…

        He disappeared.

        I saw the Darkest Hour trailer and don’t believe that is it… I relate it 11-11-11 as it speaks about a portal.

  7. I didn’t realize how bad I wanted that band of Brothers/The Pacific box set. November first feels like it’s an eternity away!

  8. Sooooooooooo…

    Is anyone dressing up this week or Monday? If so, as what?

    I got some latex devil horns and a t-shirt that says “hello, i’m h0rny”.

    Should get me written up at work, I think! :D

    • Hilarious! I was going to dress up. We got costumes (Greek god and goddesses) for my daughters birthday party in APril and we were going to wear them but I can’t find them anywhere *Insert head slamming against a wall emoticon here*. Now we’re out a hundred bucks *Insert head slamming against a wall emoticon here* again.

      • Niiiiiice. Say bout 3 years ago in Atlanta, Georgia (in my prime 19 year old youth), me & this chick I was seeing dressed up as Dr Manhattan & The yellow Spandex chick from The Watchmen. Had the all white contacts in, shaved head with atomn symbol, black boxer briefs (cldn’t do the speedos) and taped the bottom of flip flops to my feet so I looked like I was barefoot. As the night progress I got more into character and even closer in appearance to my comic book counterpart.

        • I think I may dress up as Wilfred complete with a gatorade bottle bong (like the show) and say inappropriate things to chicks complete with nonsensicle philosophical banter on K Street in Washington, DC this year.

    • I’m dressing up as a fat Database Administrator with an affinity for the Dallas Cowboys and Star Trek. :-D

      • WTF??? You’re dressing as me???

        • You’re a DBA?

    • Yea I saw that earlier. Looks dope. Hopevthe black guy doesn’t die. We do have such short cinematic life spans.

      • Yeah, but I think his telekinesis is bigger than the other two.


        • And he can make things run faster and jump higher. :-P

          • Cocaine can do that as well.

            • What do you know about cocaine?

              **Diego from Blow voice**

              • Well:

                “I´m a golden god!” (<- Russel from Almost Famous voice)

      • Hahaha, I watched Evolution a few days ago.

        Duchovny: “You go first, I follow.”
        Black guy: “Yeah right, I´ve seen that movie. The black dude dies first.”

        • My favorite line is said a few scenes later:

          “Can I have some ice cream?”
          “Yes, what flavor?”
          “I dont care…its for my a$$.”

  9. Anyone read any of the New 52 comics? Just read Batman 1 + 2 and they are awesome :D

  10. @The Avenger
    Maybe you’re right about me and everyone else being upset that we want blueray but we can’t really afford it at the moment. However Hollywood or whoever is responsible for creating the new formats in a way kind of makes us have to keep upgrading are entertaiment technology because they quit making things in the older formats. Which is just good business sense, I’m not disagreeing with it. I just wish they would stick to a format for long enough to get all films/t.v. shows on one format.
    Also I liked CA:TFA it was a good story and overall good movie. IMO I think hydra shouldn’t of had technology that we don’t even have today, but they could have had the technology we do have today or even the tech from the 60′s or 70′s would have made it a better movie all around IMO.

  11. Could someone explain why it is so hard for me to get the DVDs I have purchased into something that will play on my iPod? It’s not illegal, but I will still have to pay for Software programs to rip and convert. So my question to Screen Rant is: After we have purchased a movie, do we not own the right to watch it on our choice of device?

    • There are free programs out there that work quite well. Also a lot of the BluRay packages come with the BR/DVD and a digital copy. (Never tried it so I dont know how they works)

      I picked up CA BR/DVD/Digital for 19.99.

      The learning curve is not steep on some of these programs you just need to take your time with them.

      I was for a bit transferring movies (that we own) to my sons PSP. I cant remember if you needed one prog for ripping and one for converting or it it was an all in one…

      • I’m currently trying the free software “MACtheRipper” but bits of the movie gets left out, which is really frustrating. I’m considering purchasing a “Ripper and Converter”, but the market is so extensive and varied in price. The internet is little help as almost every review site has different products listed as the best one.

        This time consuming work have led me to the point where all the Copy-protection is just plain stupid, it only creates obstacles for the Law-abiding citizens, which the “criminals” doesn’t even have to worry about. Frankly I think it would be easier for me to Download my Purchased content through Pirate Bay, rather than extract it from my DVDs. No wonder movie studios earn less money from the DVD/Blu-ray sales, when it’s so much easier to do it illegally. Why can’t iTunes have the same feature as they have with albums, where it gets transferred?

        • Oh you are on a MAC? Sorry I do not have experience with ‘i/Apple/MAC’ products so I will not be able to help.

          I was speaking solely from a PC stand point.

        • “it only creates obstacles for the Law-abiding citizens, which the “criminals” doesn’t even have to worry about.”

          Not trying to be a PITA but that is the point. It’s suppose to be a deterrent to law abiding citizens so that they won’t be tempted to break the law.

          Additionally there are scenarios that the owners are trying to prevent. Keeping a law abiding citizen from making an unintentional mistake of breaking the law.

          Maybe this is something that should stir dialog among consumers and manufacturers about adding another tier to the market that licenses to consumers the freedom to have wider usage of the property. After all that too is for sale its just not considered accessible to the general public…

    • You can download a free video converter that has multiple choices you can format to as far as a program to rip dvds don’t know any but I’m sure there is one, just do a search on the net for free video converter that should bring up several choices.

      • Do you know any good ones? I’ve done the search and found a few, but they all have their flaws. Currently I’m using Handbrake, but I can’t crop the screen, so the film becomes very tiny.

        • Wondershare ultimate video converter is the one Im using its a premium version but you can try the free version to see if you like it and go from there it has multiple video formats to choose from as well, just search for wonderdhare video converter.

  12. Beavis and Butt-head return to MTV tonight (Thursday, October 27 at 10 PM / 9 PM). I’m excited to see these little rejects again, but I’m also pretty sure that I’ve out-grown them since they were huge during my teenager years. I’ll tune in tonight to find out how mature I’ve become.

    • Can’t wait I’m definately watching it tonight.

  13. Hey Vic, what about updating the “Upcoming movies” section on the start page? Some of the movies are either released already or canceled…

    • Scape,

      Ah, thanks for the kick in the pants – that’s a site feature I tend to forget about and not update very often.


      • Vic, if I may kindly request: can you please include a ‘Men In Black 3′ thread on the “upcoming movies” section the next time you update it?
        (I can’t find a thread to MIB3 and thus, I have no idea what’s going on with the flick — most other sites don’t have much info on the movie either)

        • On the top of the page there´s a ‘enter topic to look up’ field. Maybe you should try that…

        • I’ve updated the list of home page links. I’m open to suggestions on further additions.


          • Thanks Vic! :D
            That’s why this is my favorite movie site: you guys actually pay attention to the readers.