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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 25, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 25, 2013

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  1. Whose playing arkham origins all day?

    Picked up my collectors editin last night at midnight scored a free shirt and poster from game stop.
    Don’t have work today and gonna play all day.

    So far I played about a hour and I’m loving it. Feels like arkham city.
    They really kept all the mechanics the same. And it’s visually stunning.

    • I’m getting it. Sometime next week I think. This weekend is busy.

      Glad to know its awesome. CinemaBlend posted this article yesterday (or the day before) talking about how there was this review embargo till after the games release and how that could portend crappy reviews.

      Your praise gets me more excited to go play it. :)

  2. This goes out primarily to the screenrant writers, but anyone can input.

    What is your best guess as to the Marvel Phase 3 film plan beyond Antman?

    • Well if the scads of SR articles on the subject are of any indication I would say Dr Strange, Thor 3 and perhaps Black Panther. But that last one might not come till later.

  3. Have you guys seen the 7 stills from Days Of Future Past? They´re on One of the pics solves a continuity error that First Class caused.

    • Okay, seriously… I’d like to hear what everyone thinks of this:

      • You already know how I feel, Doc, from another post.
        It plays like a fan-made Thor/Star Wars parody.
        And, of course, that is not a good thing.

        • …just when I started getting excited for Thor 2 I came across that clip Rock.

          I don’t get it. This is supposed to be Thor and Loki, not Han and Leia.

          • Same here, Doc.

            After that recent great clip you posted
            I was getting excited myself. Now this.

          • Actually, this clip reminded me of that speeder in the SW prequels, where Ben and Anakin are weaving crazily through and across Coruscant’s sky-ways chasing that reptilian wannabe Amidala assassin.

            This is not a compliment…sigh.

            • Hurm…that should be “that speeder CHASE”.

              • Just bad, truly awful…

                • Everything about it is just so, so wrong-

                  1. Thor should never be piloting anything. If for whatever reason they need that ship, then he should be outside the ship, soaring through the air with his hammer in one hand and towing the ship with his other.
                  2. Loki has the ability to not only cloak the ship, but teleport it where-ever it needs to be.
                  3. Loki seems concerned with laser fire from enemy ships which should have absolutely no effect on either of them.
                  4. Thor inaccurately proclaims that he can fly. No he can’t. Thor can ride his hammer. He cannot fly on his own.

                  ^^^ and none of that includes the cheesy Han/Leia dynamic that gets projected during that scene.

                  Seriously Marvel, WTF!?!?

      • I like that part in theory (there always was bit of banter between Thor and Loki) but the exterior and interior shots in this scene feel completely disjointed and they definitely overdid the “color commentary”. They really didn’t have to add a smartass line every single time they cut back to Thor and Loki.

    • Sorry Scapegoat wasn’t meant to be a reply to you. Thanks for that find though.

      • Im now trying to avoid any more clips for Thor. Will try to wait until its out in theaters.

    • and which pic would that be?

      Patrick Stewart gets more bad*ss looking with age!

      I hope the trailer doesnt spoil anything about wolverine, since i havent seen it yet. If it does, oh well, i guess its my fault i havent seen it yet. Hopefully December 3rd! if not, they ill have to wait for Christmas.

      • I don´t think it spoils something from The Wolverine, I´ve seen two minutes of the trailer already. And I haven´t seen The Wolverine either…

      • “and which pic would that be?”

        The one where young Xavier and Magneto are playing chess. People complained about them parting ways in First Class, but still be friends at the beginning of X-Men 3.

  4. Hey what do you guys think of Nic Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Nicky Whelan and Jordan Sparks being in the christian movie Left Behind about the rapture??

  5. Clive Barker writing remake of the first hellraiser for Dimension with Doug Bradley back as Pinhead. Bob Weinstein supposedly loved the pitch which has a heavy emphasis on practical make-up and effects. Who’s enthused?

    • I am, the Cenobites are terrifyingly awesome.

    • enthused Bradley is back and they want to use more practical effects, but just have to wait and see if they cant recapture everything that made the first 2 great.

  6. Hello all, anyone know about The Raid Redemption sequel? is that still being made, loved the first one so i hope so.

    • Yes! Be excited. At the London premier of VHS 2 Gareth Evans did a Q&A afterwards and surprised the crowd with a first look. Happily I was there and I can say the sequence was phenomenal. It was a new character called ‘hammer girl’ battling her way, 2 hammers in hands, through a subway coach full of gangsters. It’s everything you loved about the Raid ramped up to another level of awesome.

      • I think he said he had one week left of shooting. This was about mid-September so it should be in the can by now

        • Thats so good too hear! Sounds great, hope too see a trailer soon.

    what do you think is supernatural going on the right path?

  8. Some comic shops are participating in Halloween ComicFest this weekend, where free spooky comics may be available, especially for the little ones. Check out the link below to find a participating shop near you:

    • Thanks for the heads-up, 2$.
      Six shops in Manhattan playing.

      • You’re welcome, RP! I hope all is well with you up north.

        • Getting colder and I have a cold. A bad one.
          Both marking the official change of seasons.

          • Prescription from Dr. $2:
            Relax with some chicken soup, hot tea with honey, and watch Notorious. Symptoms should disappear quickly.

            • Thanks $2 :D All that and firing up Notorious
              will certainly put me on a healing path.
              I am about due to watch it again.

  9. “Star Wars: Episode VII” crashes and burns:

    Screenwriter Michael Arndt exits ‘Star Wars VII’

    • Screen Rant had this covered. It is not proof of any Star Wars “crash and burn”.

      • I wonder how much of Arndt’s material will end up in the movie. Kennedy’s statement led me to believe that they’ll be building off what he’s written thus far.

        • I think alot of it will remain.
          The reworking now is more to tie
          in what Arndt has done to future films.

          I imagine Arndt produced a solid screenplay
          that was more a standalone story and now
          that J.J. & Co. have a plan for the future
          installments that will be incorporated.

          • And alot is a common misspelling of a lot :D

            • Yes it is and I screw up the spelling for that alot ;)

              That makes sense. But if thats true why would the SR article say that its unknown whether Arndt will get a screenwriting credit? If the change is just to incorporate trilogy stuff then he should for sure be getting a screenwriting credit. Perhaps nobody really knows at this point tho. I only read the 2 articles that you guys posted links for. Perhaps there is more info on other websites.

              • I cannot imagine Arndt not getting a credit.
                Usually that occurs because a writer requests
                it and I don’t think there was any falling out here.

                Not sure if “articles that you guys posted” means you
                think I am affiliated with Screen Rant in any way.
                I am just a lowly poster on the totem pole.

                • yeah that sounds right.

                  oh no haha I just meant the links you guys posted. But you usually write good comments, good sentence structure and whatnot. you could’ve fooled me ;)

                  • Say, thanks movieDude :D
                    And thanks for the clarification.

  10. Harrison Ford signs on for Star Trek 3

  11. Random Question: Is there any movie (it could be 15 yrs old or 50 yrs old) that you saw recently and it totally blew your mind? Something that just holds up really well after the years or just one of those miracles of movie-making types of things.

    I have lots but this week mine is The Shining. I saw it this week and holy crap that movie is a masterpiece. The tension is built up so expertly throughout the film and the end payoff is freaking awesome. I gotta see more of Kubricks stuff.

    • I only recently got round to watching Room 237 so I watched The Shining pre/post and have to say it is still one of my favorite films of all time, for more reasons that I can go into on here (however not as much as the people in the documentary, interesting stuff but seriously you can pull a film apart a little to much if you ask me)

      2001 a space odyssey still blows my mind for when it was made, the film truly encapsulates the “stands the test of time” question!

      • Yeah 2001 is freaking incredible. I don’t get a lot of it tho. Especially that ending. I was totally lost during that.

        People had told me the Shining was amazing, being a movie-buff I knew it was awesome, and I pretty much knew most of the movie going in but it still surprised me! Thats pretty cool.

        About the making-of stuff I liked reading about filming in the hedge maze and how the crew would get lost in there and yell out “Stanley!” and they would just hear him laughing outside haha.. awesome.

        • I think it’s great that you come to a site like this and can admit “you didn’t get the ending of 2001″ The fact you watched and enjoyed it for yourself means more. Film, like any form of art, is there to be scrutinized and discussed by any and every audience.

          If you look at the majority of cult films they have speculative endings that made them cult eg Blade Runner, is Deckard a replicant? Inception, does Cobb’s totem keep spinning or fall, The Shining, (Jack Torrence’s picture dated July 4th, 1921) has he always been there? These endings have been strategically placed there to leave the viewer to question what you have just seen? is it real? did you miss something?

          The beauty of all this is to make you share and discuss your personal perception and experience with like minded people. You will always get people telling you “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED” let them get on with it in the knowledge that you will have a far greater reward from these films by having an open mind.

          In the words of the great man himself “You are free to speculate, as you wish, about the philosophical and allegorical meanings of ‘2001’”

          • the fact you didn’t get the ending** damn it!!

  12. is great* WTF is up with me

  13. Saw Carrie tonight. Wasn’t bad I thought it might of been honestly. Still prefer the original of-course but the remake had plenty that made it stand on it’s own unlike most remakes. It would be something if one day a remake I found I liked more than the original.

  14. Finally saw Man of Steel yesterday. Overall a good movie, but the action is way too over the top and repetitive to be engaging. Superman Returns did a whole lot better in that department.


  15. MOS had too much action is one act instead of throughout the film imo. I should refer to action done by Superman. Film started off great as Krypton looked different but after that the film seem like it shown whats been done already on film, television with regarding Clark’s upbringing etc. Of-course Superman’s first flight after he comes out of the ship was different. Some things I didn’t like changed nor were in the film as one reason im aware will be explained in the sequel.

    Id probly rate the film 3 stars.

    • I don’t so much mind the amount of action as the lack of variety. You can only watch a guy shooting through a building so many times before it gets old. But that’s pretty much all that happens in Man of Steel, apart from the occasional skipping along the ground. Only the action scene with Faora in Smallville showed a bit of effort to mix it up. Also, the final showdown between Superman and Zod was way too reminiscent of Neo and Mr. Smith in Matrix Revolutions, which was already a drag ten years ago.

  16. Has the mobile format of Screenrant changed in the last week or did I change something myself? My tablet only shows tiles requiring a swipe to view potions of the article. 90% of the time it does not work and I have viewed SR articles on my tablet 90% of the time. If it has changed, that sucks…if not…I my bad :)