Open Discussion – October 24, 2012

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 24, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 24, 2012

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  1. Good day ‘Ranters!

    Saw Hotel Transylvania last weekend and found it fun and pretty funny. Other than that it has been WAY TOO LONG since I have seen a movie in a theater. Going through some withdrawal.

    • I’m also suffering from a severe case of theater withdrawal. I haven’t seen Dredd yet, so I might go check that out this weekend.

      • I was in the same boat till I saw Looper, want to go see Dredd and a few other films but I dont think some of them are still in theater.

        • Until this past weekend the last movie I saw in the theaters was The Avengers.

          Saw Argo last Friday night and I thought it was pretty good and I was suprised about how many funny one liners it had in it.

          • Last movie I saw at the cinema was Resident Evil (latest one) and boy, did it suck. Without all the slow mo, it’d have a run time of 20 minutes. I’ll never join my brother and his brain dead gf for a movie again. At least not when she picks the movie.

            • to be fair, all the resident evil movies suck. But for some reason, I just can’t stop watching them. truly a guilty pleasure.

              • The first 3 are pretty good

            • Why in the name of god did you waste money? Please tell me you found a ticket on the ground…a free pass…Door was left open from all the people screaming out of it?

              • My last movie was seven psychopaths, and here comes the boom. loved 7 psycho and here comes the boom was fine. If I didn’t work at a theatre both of those movies would miss my budget.

              • Well, I was stoned and my brother wanted to watch Looper. But the theater didn’t show it that day. So his gf said “let’s watch RE instead”. She’s a stereotypical chick (Twilight fan, need I say more?) and isn’t very bright in the head, so we needed to pick a movie that she could understand without hours of explanation afterwards.
                And even though that movie had HORRIBLE acting and the annoying standard “things thrown at the camera” 3 D, it also had some nice choreographed fight scenes and a smoking hot housewife Milla Jovovich (at the beginning).

  2. Good to hear it’s still showing where you are, Avenger. I left it late myself and it’s pretty much disappeared from the UK now. Well worth it, 3D and all, and I usually avoid that if I can.

    • I just checked my local theater’s listings online and they’re not showing it anymore, damn.
      Now there’s nothing worth watching :(

      • yeah, i was planning 2 see it, but sadly its gone frm india now..

      • Downer. No, there’s not much else on at the moment. Killing Them Softly caught my eye, but that’d involve some travel.

  3. hey vic or any other writer. on another article The Avenger and i were discussing marvel’s deal with disney in that i remember reading something to the effect of disney wont allow marvel to make any film more restrictive than pg-13. i was sure i read it on here, but i can’t find it. does anyone have any knowledge of this, or am i seriously mistaken? i searched google and the only article i found was on where Louis D’Esposito “Talks about the possibility of doing smaller characters in smaller budget films that could be rated R. He says they discuss it, but to get through all the noise of all the other films that are released they have to spend a lot of money. If they’re spending that money, they’re gonna want to spend it on a tentpole film.”

    • You’re welcome…

  4. So I saw Looper last week, great movie – one of the best scifi films this past decade.

    I doubt anybody has because its a hard book to find, but has anybody read the Germanicus Trilogy by Kirk Mitchell? THe books are Procurator, New Barbarians, and Cry Republic. Great books that I think need movie adaptations.

  5. Back in one of the Capt.2 reports they mentioned Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, what was that about again?

  6. Watched John Carter (of Mars), which, I have to admit, I loved! A Princess of Mars, the book that film is based on, is in the public domain, so I searched and found a free, legal audiobook of it on and so far I’m enjoying it. Though I think the character as represented in the movie is more interesting then the average good-guy, macho-man presented in the book. The movie followed the book a lot better than I was expecting, but I’ll have to see how it ends though…

    • I unfortunately read the book first and was very angry when I watched the movie.

      Had a studio like Lionsgate done the film it could have stuck much closer to the book. With all the decapitations, disembowelment, and sexuality.

      I also felt like things were changed for no reason. I have not read any of the sequels yet. So possible they did it to make a more coherent flow for the franchise they were hoping to have.

      Some of the visual were good though.

  7. At this point,the role Nicolas is up for in Cap2 is unknown.

    • Is it 100% known that Marvel approached Waldau for a Cap2 role? or did Marvel approach him for a role?

      He looks like Peter Quill (Star-Lord).

      • Josh Holloway does too!

  8. I have mixed feelings about John Carter.
    It was a good film.
    But I felt it lacked that special something that could have made it great .

  9. What’s everyone’s thoughts on cloud atlas ? looks interesting.

    • I got interested and looked into it but once I found out what it was all about, knew who was directing it and after seeing some trailers Im not interested at all really.
      The most Ill do is listen to screenrant when they talk about it, but I would be listening to screenrant anyway.

    • When I first heard about the movie (on an episode of Screen Rant Underground) I was very interested, but after I found out who was directing (and after watching the Matrix trilogy for the first time) as well as having read some of the reviews (where the word “pretentious” gets used a lot to describe the movie), that interest dwindled pretty quickly.

      I’ll wait till I’ve read Screen Rant’s review, but at this point I don’t think it’s something I’d be interested in watching at the cinema.

  10. I head somewhere Community will return with a double episode on Nov. 2.

    Thoughts, opinions?

  11. Arrow tonight! Deadshot!! I have to say I was glad Arrow/ Oliver didn’t beat or kill china white last week, because now he doesn’t look invincible. I like that.

  12. last movie i saw in theaters was The Expendables 2. That was over 2 months ago, this year has really been a slow movie for me as far as going to the theater. last summer i saw 8 movies in theaters, that was just during the summer. I think i only saw like 5 movies this summer. There are plenty of films i would like to see that are out now but i just dont have the time (or money).

    • Miscast… Great actress, but not right for the role of MJ IMO.

      • Agreed. Mary Jane needs to be lyndsy fonseca.

        • or emma stone… as a red head!!! the audience will never know…

      • I have to admit, I have no idea who she is. But she’s cute and (as you say) talented, so why not. A smashed broccoli would be better than Kirsten Dunst…

        • As much I love Emma stone she IS Gwen Stacey. I mean she nailed that role better then I thought.

          Mary Jane needs to be model hot and hotter then Gwen. Hence. Lyndsy fonseca should be in it. :)

      • Agree, no matter what happens in the movie I will think she is complaining about her baby daddy.

        Hopefully for TASM3 they recast her like in the TDK.

        • So it’s confirmed? I read te article on ign but idk it’s weird it’s not more widy announced. Hopefully her role is so small a recast in 3 won’t even noticeable.

  13. Just watched Valhalla Rising on DVD –

    on the cover is our main protagonist holding a huge sword, behind him a massive army with shields ready for war, it’s described as ‘kinetically exciting and thought provoking’ ‘breathtakingly beautiful and unbearably savage’

    Now having watched my fair share of movies, reading reviews, scouring websites like this for any snippet of information I’m fully aware of how misleading comments and photo shopped images for a movie can be, along with the age old phrase ‘never judge a DVD by its cover’

    I’ve been fully aware of Valhalla Rising since its release and been meaning to watch for ages, I knew it was a moody scenic movie (loved Bronson and Drive by the director)so today when I finally got round to it I looked at the run time and thought 88 minutes, no problemo!

    By 87 minutes I couldn’t believe how misrepresented and over sold the DVD cover had been, nothing occured, there was no army and no sword holding, he had an axe! I didn’t get Lord of the Rings epic battles, I got Lord of the Borings epic pondering! Some decent violence and Mads cool eye prosthetic didn’t make up for the snooze fest I endured!

    Viewers beware, just because critics praise a movie and the dvd case looks cool, doesn’t mean it’s actually any good, going to spend 88 minutes crying into by beer!

    • Hey man, I thought the movie was really great. I’ve seen it more than few times on Netflix. Yeah, the cover might be a little misleading but the cover represents what type of character Mads plays. The movie was sick! IMO

  14. So Ive heard that Warner Bros and DC are planning on having Ryan Reynolds play all the members of the Justice League a la “Nutty Professor” style.

    • lol

  15. The last film I saw was this past Sunday. “Frankenweenie” was funny, touching, nostalgic, clever (certain aspects were brilliant), and just plain fun. I got MUCH more than my money’s worth and, in fact, hope to see it again.

    Although I’m not desperate to see it, “Cloud Atlas” DOES look interesting and perhaps worth a watch.

    “Looper” is DEFINITELY

    • I do SO love technology…Sheesh.

      As I was saying…”Looper” was great to see BOTH times I watched it in the theater. I can’t wait to bring it home on Blu-ray.

      My most-anticipated films for the remainder of this year are “The Hobbit” and “Skyfall”, though I’m sure I’ll catch some others. Then, next year, on to “Man of Steel” (with some other films thrown in before it opens)…

    • @ Archeon

      Frankenweenie is that good?

      • I’ll admit that I quite enjoyed it.

      • Wally…

        Yes, I found it to be excellent. It had all of the qualities I listed above and gave me a solid movie-going experience sorely lacking in most tripe out nowadays…and did it without sex, innuendo, swearing, or blood-&-gore.

        Now, I HAVE heard that some people found it a bit too scary for very young children and that some people did not like the fact that it’s in black and white. I, however, am not a toddler, and I felt the black and white color palette FIT this film perfectly.

        So, yes, it IS that good (at least, to me). 😀

  16. Can’t wait for Flight. After all these years of mediocre animated movies Robert Zemeckis finally made what he does best: a live action movie, and with Denzel Washington in the lead, no less. This can only be good!

    • Yeah, I thought the trailer looked interesting. It’s something I’ll probably check out on DVD.

  17. What is everyone’s opinion on the greatest movie of all time? There is no wrong answers… well some. my vote is for the shawshank redemption and or vertigo. both fantastic films.

    • Uh. Forest Gump or Friday.

    • At one point I would have said Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, then it changed to Spiderman 2, and now it rests at The Dark Knight. TDK will probably be #1 for quite a while.

      • The dark knight is my favorite film but not the one I consider the best.

        • Big Trouble in Little China

    • I can’t wait till that movie comes out!!! LOL!!

  18. Deadline is reporting that Ming Na will portray SHEILD agent Melinda May in Joss Whedons Pilot for ABC .

  19. When it comes to a good villain which do you prefer?
    A good motive for what he is doing
    No motive/just likes being bad/evil
    A dumb/selfish motive that he admits is stupid/selfish
    Even he doesnt know

    • No motive just bad aka the joker.