Open Discussion – October 24, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 24, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 24, 2011

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  1. Goodmorning everyone. So what should our topic of the day be? I was thinking about the entertainment industry and the way they keep coming out with new technologies such as blue ray and how they’ll never be able to keep up with converting older films to the newer formats. So I guess my question is do you think that they should just take a break from new formats till they’re caught up, or should they not even bother to try and convert older films to newer formats?

    • Well the interesting thing is that, for the very first time, we have a technology that can fit everything you could ever want onto 1-2 discs.

      So unless people just have to have everything in IMAX 3D, I don’t think we need anything more for quite a while.

    • pffft who cares about old movies?

  2. What did you think about the once upon a time show? I thought it was amazing how they took stories from when I was young and put a much darker spin on them.

  3. @ Kevin
    Haven’t seen it yet but it looks interesting.

  4. Would anyone object to remakes of Waxwork or Killer Klowns From Outter Space with today’s young stars? I mean Hollywood is remaking/rebooting everything.

  5. Does anyone have any new info on Men In Black 3?
    I’m COMPLETELY out of the loop on that movie: I don’t even know if it’s still being released next year! (last I heard, they were having major problems with the script).

    • I have not heard anything about it since then either, I am still hoping for a release next year because I am looking forward to seeing it as well.

  6. SR community, I think I have become an addict. Every time RED is on, I can’t help myself, I have to watch it. I’ve tried not watching it, but for some reason, I start shaking and have to tune in. Are there any RA (RED Anonymous) meetings I can go to? 😀

    • Dude, you’re a Klingon GOD and thus should transcend such mortal trivialities.

      My faith that you are the true Kahless is been shaken considerably.

  7. After re-watching “Terminator II”, after taking a ten year hiatus, I concluded that “Terminator III” and “Terminator IV” should not have happened. If James Cameron and company took back the franchise, I think they would be justified in rebooting “Terminator II” and “Terminator IV”.

    “Terminator II’s” ending worked so perfectly, for it give you a sense that the future is not written. John Connor was taking his first steps into becoming a strong male figure. Once “Terminator III” turned him into a whinny young adult, I completely lost respect for the character. Another thing that didn’t help was including a radio screaming John Connor in “Terminator IV”.

    Now, “Sarah Connor Chronicles” failed big time. If you follow the flow of the second movie, young John Connor should have been hardened and filled of hope. Why weaken a strong male character, so you can make two movies and a TV-series? Epic fail!

    • Fixed:: “…I think they would be justified in rebooting “Terminator III” and “Terminator IV”.”

      It should have said “Terminator III & IV”.

    • @ Marcus

      There’s no doubt the first two Terminator films were great films. But i enjoyed T3 & T4 aswell. T4 little more was better than T3 imo anyways. Cameron stated he liked how SKYNET became self-aware & the machines rised up to exterminate most of humankind at the end of T3. He also stated he enjoyed T4 more than he thought he would. That the film needed more depth. So i read.

      I would say connor was whining in T3, he didn’t want his presume destiny to come to pass. After the events of T2, you’d have to put youself into the character being older & being more open-minded about how you’re told what your destiny to be & feeling the weight of the world on ya. In T2 he’s younger & still wasn’t really thinkin how important his role in saving the human race would be. He had his mother & a T-800 protecting him. Him screaming in the radio didn’t bother me in T4, he was simply makin his point of common sense to Gen. Ashdown.

      As for Terminator:TCC, never watched the series. I rather watched the films, especially since that series ended on a cliffhanger.

      To reboot & ingore T3 & T4 would just be pointless imo because there be no Arnold being the Terminator again. You have to admit, there won’t be another model Terminator that’s gonna top the T-1000 since T-X didn’t which i thought was a pretty good model. If they plan to ignore T3 & T4 and make the new films more like tv show, i won’t bother seeing them.

      Imo id want them to continue on from T4 or start over from the ending of T3 & begin from scratch post-judgement-day with the resistance vs. the machines. But no time-traveling sequel. Unless it involves the T-800 & Kyle Reese goin back to 1984 to where it all began or come close to that point.

  8. Actually,I concluded that very same thing after watching Terminator III!

    • Its crazy man. If someone told me that a terminator was sent back to kill my generals (and Judgement days is happening tomorrow), my mindset would shift to:

      (1) Who are the targeted generals?
      (2) How can we contact these generals, so they can seek shelter from the storm?
      (3) What time does Judgement Day arrive?
      (4) Where will the machines rise?
      (5) Where can I get a crap load of equipment and gear?
      (5)..and, how can I turn myself into the target, so that my generals can make it to safety?

      I wouldn’t be whinnying about how fate put me in this position.

      “Terminator III” should have been more humanistic with a strong John Connor fighting to keep his people alive.

  9. another disappointing Walking Dead…….the dialog…. Why this, Why that, maybe I shouda, couda, wow I cant believe we have not found any anti-bio around here ect… BOORING…..please let me know when/if it gets good again….now I’m watching American Horror Story! a surprise around every corner!

    • Ya know, if they were doing 20+ episodes a season I would be alright with the somewhat glacial pace (similar to LOST) but that was ANOTHER hour where the plot barely moved forward. At this rate we aren’t gonna get back on the road till episode 5.

      I want top know WTF Earl is doing! I want Morgan and son to join the group (although based on cast lists it seems he will not show up again), I want PLOT progress!

      • I think its great so far. as far as getting back on the road goes, they were only on the road for the last episode in season one. and in the comics its a while before morgan sees rick again, and his son gets zombified before that happens so the kid never sees rick again.

    • it just got good again! I promise!

  10. Has anyone seen paranormal activity 3 ? If you have was it better than 1&2.

  11. Anyone who is knowledgeable about IMAX, please help!

    I just read a story about how TDKR prologue will only be shown on Real IMAX screens. The local IMAX theater in my area is OMNIMAX, meaning it is a dome screen. Is this Real IMAX or LIEMAX?

  12. Just watched Thor again and I noticed something: The score sucked!
    Throughout the whole film, they basically played the same, repetitive song (and it wasn’t even that good ;)).

    To this day, my favorite movie score was Iron Man 1’s (composed by Ramin Djwadi) — there was just something amazing about it (maybe the combination of hard rock with a symphony orchestra — I dunno). I also quite like most of Hans Zimmer’s work (although, most of his latest compositions were… lackluster, boring, just plain bad, etc.)

    So… questionare time! 😉
    Which movie do you guys think has the best score/is your favorite score?

    • @ TheAvenger

      Hmmmm, that’s a tough one for me. Im a AC/DC fan for one thing,lol. Loved the songs played in both Ironman films. Imo, Ironman’s & Captain America’s were the best along w/ TIH with Thor’s score coming in last probly. Maybe because the music fitted with scenes of Asgard to me as it did with the characters from there.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if The Avenger’s might have a better score than TDKR since the score for both Batman Begins & TDK almost sounded the same. But i doubt nothin will beat my all time favorite scores from Superman: The Movie & Batman(89).

      • A fellow AC/DC fan! 😀 (It was awesome that IM2 featured their music…)
        Anyway, I get what you’re saying about BB and TDK’s score: it was in fact composed by Zimmer if I’m not mistaken, and like I said, lately his compositions has been a bit lackluster/uninspiring. (If you watch BB, TDK, Inception and Sherlock Holmes back-to-back, I’m sure you’ll notice that there are A LOT of similarities in the scores.)

        • The BB and TDK scores are identical, hardly any changes at all. TDK completely failed to build on the themes created in BB. A sequel score should always maintain elements of the original but have its own theme and sensibility. The six Star Wars films are a prime example of how to score sequels (because of the genius that is John Williams) each has a different central main theme but also uses music from the other films.

          Sherlock Holmes has a great soundtrack, as does Inception.

    • The original Planet Of The Apes. One of the most bizarre, atonal scene-setters ever attached to a mainstream movie – a Jerry Goldsmith masterpiece.

    • Star Wars and Superman have always been my favorite scores. I know, I’m a Trekker but I have to give props to Williams. I also love the Terminator 2 track.

  13. do percy jackson and the sea of monsters movie will out next year?:)