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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 23, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 23, 2013

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    • HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Favorite Tv show GO! Name them!!!!

    • ahh! Such a hard question! But if I had to choose… Person of Interest.

      • Aww. just one? Doctor Who

        • Well, he said “show” then he said “name them” so I’m not sure if singular or plural…

      • Excellent choice. Right behind Justified for me.
        Not so sure of the new female additions this
        season but we’ll see how it all plays out.

        • Yeah, series 7 was kind of a let down for me, but most of the other seasons were so great that they make up for 7 and its still my favorite show.

          Justified is really good as well!

    • X-files

    • Breaking Bad. No brainer.

    • The shield

      • +1
        THANK YOU. Such a fantastic show completely underappreciated. I challenge any villain to match the likes of Vic Mackey.

    • Sons of Anarchy.

    • Game of Thrones

    • The Unit

      • @LC

        Maybe the first season, after that it fell apart…

        The first season of The Unit is probably some of the best tv episodes I’ve ever seen. AMAZING show in that season…

        • @Ken J

          I like all of the seasons. I wish it never stopped. Great cast and stories. The wives always pissed me off but that’s the point. Each to their own though.

          • @LC

            We probably liked the show for different reasons. I’m a military geek and the whole first season were based on supposed real-world missions as described in the novel Inside Delta Force if I’m not mistaken. So I liked how accurately they portrayed some of the tactics and things they did during those missions. The later seasons didn’t have this source material. They started coming up with their own stories and it started to get less and less realistic. Which for me, killed the show for me… But just a difference in opinion. I didn’t really like the whole background story, I liked when it was just individual missions…

    • Supernatural

    • Hard question but id say my favorite tv show would be Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Because Its one show I grew up with liking & liked pretty much every single episode

    • Magnum, P.I.

      Zeus! Apollo!

    • Either Buffy or Angel!

    • Justified

      • Boardwalk empire

        • I watch that too but it is somewhat inconstant.
          Some episodes this season were pretty boring.
          The first two seasons was the show’s peak.

          • It to me always felt like the show needed 4 episodes each season to get the s*** to hit the fan. But it always deliver for me atleast.

            • It does deliver in the end.
              It seems to need to develop rhythm
              in each new season before it comes on strong.

    • Married… with Children. I own eleven seasons of the best TV ever made.

    • You Can’t Do That On Television

    • Good morning all :)

      1. Arrow

      2. NFL football
      3. College football
      4. Agents of SHIELD
      5. Re-runs of Two and a half Men (w/Charlie Sheen)
      6. Big Bang Theory (old or new)
      7. Pawn Stars
      8. Others I forgot about…

      Except for number one, two, and three, this list is in constant flux.

    • Hard to pick just one, so I’ll go with your “Name them!!!!” part rather than the “show” part, lol.

      In no particular order:
      The Walking Dead
      Game of Thrones
      The Unit (first season)
      Stargate SG1
      Rome (HBO)
      Blue Bloods
      Batman: The Animated Series (first three seasons)
      Magnum PI
      V (2009)

      and there might be more, but that’s what I could think of off the top of my head…

    • Hmmm…I only really have 9 shows(Current) that I would consider must watch

      1. Game of Thrones
      2. The Walking Dead
      3. Arrow
      4. Hannibal
      5. Sleepy Hollow
      6. Big Bang Theory
      7. Boardwalk Empire
      8. NFL
      9. Grimm (I don’t know what it is about this show but it just keeps reeling me back in, LOL)
      10. The Originals

      • 1)Dexter
        2)Breaking Bad
        3)American Horror Story
        4)The Walking Dead
        5)South Park
        6)Parks & Recreation
        10)Hell’s Kitchen
        14)NHL/NBA (Playoffs only)
        15)Batman: The Animated Series
        16)Big Bang Theory
        17)reruns of COPS
        Glad more than one person made a list, gives me a chance too.

      • Oh my, I totally forgot about American Horror Story. Coven is turning out to be really good this year so far. I am also surprisingly liking The Originals on the CW. It has its issues but the overall storyline isn’t that bad. I actually like it better to a True Blood thus far but we shall see.
        Also, anyone excited for Almost Human? A couple of weeks away

    • All Time?

      The Wire
      Batman: The Animated Series
      Law & Order during the 90’s
      And for sitcoms Seinfeld and Martin.

      What can I say, I’m diverse.

  2. Anyone else seen Captain America’s new black suit? better or worse?

    • I’ve seen it. It’s not black though, it’s blue-ish gray.
      It’s obviously been inspired by the Steve Rogers: Super Soldier suit that Cap wore throughout his run as SHIELD director in the comics (when Bucky was Cap). Personally, I really like it. It’s more grounded/realistic looking and it just looks friggin bad@$$. I was never too hung up about cap’s costume in The Avengers (aside from the cowl looking a bit weird in some shots), but this one’s better on every level imo.

      The real question is, how will look in action?

      • The pic of him next to Nick Fury? it’s black and silver. I think it look good but then I don’t mind the suits changing for the right reason, such as Iron Man’s getting upgraded or Captain America’s changing through the ages.

            • I thought they were different suits? if it is the lighting then that’s a big difference.

              • I could be wrong, but to me they look the same (especially when comparing the shoulder emblems and straps)

                I guess we’ll find out tomorrow! :)

          • Since when does Cap need to look like Batman?

            • Since people complained that he looked too corny/cheesy in The Avengers.
              Like I said, I didn’t mind that suit, but since everybody complained and all those internet memes caught on, I’m guessing Marvel felt they had to change it up a bit.

              Everyone should also just keep in mind that maybe this new suit is related to the story: As far as I know, TWS will be more of an espionage movie and a bright red, white and blue costume doesn’t support stealth (whereas this new one, while still being patriotic, is something that could, in theory, actually be worn on a stealth mission).

              IMO Cap:TWS is looking all the more impressive. And while I’m skeptical of the Russo brothers’ not-so-stellar filmography, it’s actually my most anticipated Phase 2 movie (largely because of the awesome story arc they’re drawing from)

    • IMO the suit doesn´t look very good. Also, it´s not a “Captain America” suit. They could have called the movie Super Soldier: The Winter Soldier. I hope he gets to wear the WWII suit, as shown in the concept art.

      • There is another pic it’s top down so it’s harder to see but it looks a lot more like the World War 2 suit he wore so no need to panic just yet.

        • That´s the same suit.

    • I have little faith in this production
      and the first Cap is an all-time fav.

    • I kind of liked the black suit.

  3. Cap Trailer comes out tomorrow…who’s excited??? Just think, in another 4-5 months, we’ll get a real GOTG Trailer…I’m wondering how much Thor 2 will advance the story line to the next Avengers…or at the ver least the other films.

  4. Got caught up on Person of Interest last night. now i have to wait a week for every episode.

    Watched the pilot for Hawaii 5-0 last night. I thought it was pretty good. good action, good comedy. I think i will stick with it.

    Also FINALLY watched my first Alfred Hitchcock movie on monday: North by Northwest, thought it was really good.

    • Watch the birds it made me get rid of my parrot

      • haha, i was thinking on checking out Psycho next.

        • Last year a local movie theater played Psycho for Halloween. It was awesome! I haven’t watched The Birds since I was forced to watch it when I was seven. Flocks of birds still make me nervous to this day!

          • The Birds had amazing effects that still hold up even today.
            All without computers. Leave it to the master to master that.

        • Psycho’s really good. I’ve been meaning to watch North By Northwest. The only other hitchcock I’ve seen is the Birds which I also was forced to sit through as a 7 yr old (or somewhere around that age) like @ Huntress. Scary movie.

          • @movieDude Scarred for life am I right?

            • @Huntress totally. I can still see that old guy’s dead body with his eyes pecked out (O_O) didn’t get much sleep that night haha

    • Draagyn,

      Once you watch a few Hitchcock films, be sure to check out Mel Brooks’s High Anxiety, his comedic homage to Hitchcock (which you probably already know). The movie has some very funny parodies of famous Hitchcock scenes.

    • Rope is a great movie. Simple and suspensful.

      • Thanks for the recommendations everyone. I’ll have to check some of them out.

        • Put Notorious on that list.
          Vintage Grant, Bergman, Rains.
          Perhaps my favorite of the master.

          • Notorious +1
            I also really love To Catch a Thief and Dial M for Murder.

            • Yes to both those too, Huntress.

              Cary Grant’s best work was with Hitchcock
              and deconstructing his performances proves that
              he was a great leading man who was also a great actor.

  5. Exactly one month until the Doctor Who 50th Special!!! I think now would be the perfect time to release a trailer. But i doubt we will get one for at LEAST a week. Especially after they just released that 50th tribute trailer.

  6. Am I the only one who’s Screen Rant mobile site isn’t working?

    • They disabled it last week. Vic says they are testing out new concepts.

      • Oh, okay. Thanks!

        • Yes they did, and it’s killing me. The mobile site is the only way I really access SR, and the full site repeatedly crashes on my mobile device. I hope they fix this soon! :(

          • MAYBE by Friday, but I wouldn’t bet on that date. Probably some time next week.

  7. “It’s like the old saying, Nope” ongoing problem they are working on it.

  8. Whelps, Rotten Tomatoes now has a rating for Thor A Dark World and it turns out it’s a turd! =/ Only joking, it’s at 82% and it’s based on 11 reviews, but whenever there’s so few reviews, I tend to look at the average rating on RT, which is 6.6 and just add like 0.5 to 1 to predict what the end tomatometer will be. It usually works so I’m guessing this film be like the other Marvel films, around 76 – 80.

    • *72 – 80%

    • Rt ain’t what it used too be and the
      initial ratings are the most unreliable.
      Thor could end up rotten and be good.

      • to be

      • For superhero films, I find Rotten Tomatoes isn’t very reliable. I tend to disagree with quite a lot of them but for non superhero films, I think they’re solid. Early reviews are pretty much up in the air. I remember when The Wolverine released and it was at about 78% but the average rating was about 6.8, which the tomatometer ended up dropping down to once every review was gathered. I use the average rating for early reviews as a heads up kinda thing.

        • Early reviews are suspect too as money can be behind them.
          It is not an accident the early ratings can come in higher in
          an attempt to set the table for later reviews creating buzz.

      • imho RT is fine, its just you cant trust the score till the film is really close to release or after its been released. Thats when there are enough reviews in there from enough credible people that it actually means something.

        Sometimes I disagree with the reviews on there, we all do from time to time. But I like using RT as a sort of reference point when choosing which movies to watch. I’ll still see a movie with a sucky score but my expectations are somewhat lowered at that point.

        If you want an example of an innacurate RT score a few weeks before the movies release I remember the last Twilight movie had a half decent score 2 weeks out, then it dipped dramatically to a score more in keeping with the franchise. I also remember years ago that Xmen Origins was at 100% for a few weeks before its release with 10 or so reviews. Closer to the films release the score dipped majorly to reflect the epic failure of a movie that it was.

        You just gotta wait for more reviews to come in.

        • Correction: totally not saying Thor 2 is gonna suck!!! Just defending RT is all. I like the using RT scores.

          I realized just after posting that my opinion on Thor 2 was unclear haha..

        • There are some credible reviewers there
          but now there are plenty of hacks too.
          Man Of Steel was rated rotten as a
          result of said hacks on the site.

    • The reviews for Thor2 are actually quite good so far, I’m excited to see it! :)

      • Yup, so far it’s sounding like Marvel will be having another solid entry to their catalog!

  9. Godzilla, Captain America, Spider-Man, X-Men: Which trailer are you hoping/most excited to see in the next couple of weeks?

    Mine is obviously Godzilla.

    • Cap, absolutely.

    • Godzilla and Cap for sure. The rest are meh.

    • Spider-Man 2 looks like it’s going to be very good, Godzilla for sure, still slightly worried that DOFP may end up being very messy (I really hope I’m wrong though) I think Cap will be solid and I’m looking forward to the more physical Villains that have been mentioned.

    • Spider-Man and X-Men. I´ve seen the 4 minute preview/trailer (although in very bad quality) and it looks pretty cool. Also, I´ve seen 2 minutes of DOFP footage. They guy who filmed it with his phone was obviously caught by some guard, because the video ended abruptly. But one line stuck in my head.


      Wolverine: “So I wake up in my younger body, then what?”
      Xavier: “Find me. I was a very different man back then, Logan. Lead me. Guide me.”

      So those are the ones I´m really looking forward to.

    • All 4 to be honest. But X-Men most of all with Godzilla in close 2nd.

  10. Has anyone else seen that Cartoon Network pulled Beware the Batman from their schedule? Oh my gosh it’s like Young Justice all over again…

    • +1

  11. Hi im currently enjoying in no particular order
    HAven, Supernatural, Homeland, American horror story coven, Walking dead……
    and on a lighter note loving 2 broke girls

  12. I saw Pacific Rim a few days ago. I HATED IT!!! My Dad wanted some family bonding so we rented it on demand for $7. Worst movie I’ve ever seen. My Mom, my dad, my best friend, and my dad’s best friend, his wife, and his son all thought it was terrible. Charlie Hunan has to be one of the worst actors ever, with a terrible fake accent. And that girl spoke almost unintelligibly. The CGI was crappy, the plot was ridiculously stupid, the actors (excluding Idris Elba) weren’t even attempting to act. And even then it wasn’t a good performance by Elba by any means. I laughed hysterically at “For my family” and “It’s pregnant.” It was the single dumbest movie I’ve ever seen. It’s apparently supposed to excite your inner child, but my inner child was receding in horror. At first, he was like “I can never get in a robot again,” and without any explanation, gets in a robot. And why did Elba adopt the girl? That made no sense. Screenjunkies’ Honest Trailer got one thing right, it was super dumb. Del Toro’s worst by far.

    • You forgot the sword!! Make fun of them not using the sword till half way thru the movie!

      In all seriousness I enjoyed PR a lot. I get the issues, I really do, I just cant help but enjoy the movie though. so awesome. Prbly my #1 of the year thus far (if not into darkness or gravity)

      • +1, definately needed to use the sword sooner! We watched our brand-new PR Blu-Ray today and I still loved every second of it!

        • I still need to pick that up! I kinda wanna get the collectors edition but its only available online for like $50 bucks. I’ll prbly end up getting just the normal bluray for $20-25.

      • Whats great about Gravity? Haven’t seen it.

        • @ Frank Castle

          Gravity is pretty stinkin great. I assume you’ve heard of it so I won’t describe the details to you. I would just say that the portrayal of zeroG is done extremely well and that puts you in the experience right off the bat, the fluid cinematography that Cuaron is known for (remember Children of Men? he did a lot of long shots in that movie too) makes the film really immersive, and Clooney and Bullock are stinkin great in the movie. But seriously you feel like you’re in space when you’re watching the movie, its incredible. Definitely check it out man.

          PS: the 3D is great too! I saw it in IMAX3D and it was epic!

  13. Name 3 movies you can watch anytime- Go!

    • Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters

      • lol prof. you sure that’s your 3 favorites?

        • Ok….I’ll throw Die Hard and Strange Brew in there :)

          • Die Hard I thought about.

          • How do you get a picture in your avatar prof? I been trying to do it.

              • Die Hard and Con Air I have watched about 15 times each or something.

                I also find Cellular to be pretty watchable as well. Pre-Captain America Chris Evans and Jason Statham in a villian role!

                • I used to love Con Air. That was the first movie that my ex-wife and I saw on a date. It used to be a favorite of mine, now if I watch it, I’m reminded of that cheatin’ bit……

                  I’ll restrain from my profanity laced rant. 😉

                  On a positive note, the first movie that I saw with my current wife, I disliked. And she got motion sickness. It was a miserable experience. Thank you Cloverfield for bringing us together!

                  You can tell by my first date movie choices that I’m a romantic 😀

    • incredibles, spiderman2, and…. speed racer. gotta put my fave guilty pleasure movie in there :)

      I’m sure there are others but those 3 came to mind.

    • Enter the Dragon, Serenity, Paid In Full

    • die hard, dazed and confused, remember the titans

    • Frankie & Johnny
      Iron Man
      God Bless Ozzy Osbourne (a documentary)

  14. Me,

    The Avengers, Batman(89), The Terminator

  15. favorite movie studio/studios- Go!

  16. anyone around?

  17. anyone thoughts on Carl from Walking Dead this season?

  18. and the drunkest Scranter award for a midweek Open Discussion goes to…