Open Discussion – October 21, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 21, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 21, 2013

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  1. Another Monday… Good day Scranters

    • Good day to you too!

    • Good morning all……..

      When the heck is the mobile site going to be fixed?!?!?!? :(

  2. Very jealous of you international folks who are getting Thor early. My excitement for this film is pretty high. Plus it sounds like the X-Men DOFP, Spider-Man 2, and CA:TWS trailers will be attached. Worth the price of admission right there.

    • Plus maybe the Godzilla trailer as well, which is what im most excited for.

      • Oh I didn’t hear about that… My guess is that would be attached to Hunger Games. Aren’t both of those Legendary? I could be wrong about Hunger Games.

        • I dont believe Hunger Games is Legendary, someone else can correct me if Im wrong as well. The rumor is the trailer will be released at the beginning of November. so it could be released with the Hunger Games anyways. Especially if all the other trailers are released with Thor im sure they wont want Godzilla to get lost amongst all those and decide to wait a couple weeks.

          • I’ve read on a couple of sites to expect the first trailer around December but it’s all rumors as of now

            • Yeah, ive heard everything from November 1st to the Superbowl. Im hoping for the former.

          • Hunger Games is Lionsgate

    • I will freak if it has all those trailers!

    • If you had to choose one trailer, which would it be aha?

      But yeah, I wasn’t much of a fan of the first Thor but this installment does look pretty damn good.

      • If I had to choose one, it would be Winter Soldier, then Spidey. I fear all of the trailers will pretty much be their comic-con footage so I’m hoping for something new.

        The early “tweets” on the first screening is that it’s a lot better than the first one.

        • True, Spidey’s comic con trailer was pretty long so I’m expecting them to use most of that footage. For that reason, my pick would have to be Godzilla.

          Nice, looking forward to it.

          • No question, Godzilla. Though i am really looking forward to those other films, Godzilla is at the top of my list for 2014 films.

      • @ ColdSC

        If I had to pick one, I would choose CA:WS. I think that will be quite a story. I think Thor A Dark World is going to be amazing as well. I’m very interested in the post credit’s scene and if it points to GotG.

        • I’m hoping it has a post credit scene for GOTG too. I checked out the leaked trailer for the movie and so far, it’s looking like it has a great blend of comedy and action. Of course it’s a leaked trailer lol so I can’t really form a full opinion on it but right now, I’m just hoping they achieve balance. Comedy scenes where it needs to be and drama where it needs to be.

          A Dark World just looks epic in scope, the aliens (don’t know what they’re called lol) look gritty and natural instead of looking completely out there. Alan Taylor definitely brought some of his experience from Game of Thrones into the mix and I’m happy for it.

  3. Our first Monday without Sleepy Hollow, sad. Well I guess I will continue to get caught up on Person of Interest. I finished season 2 last night. So I should get caught up right in time to watch tomorrow’s episode.

    I really like the show and wished i wouldve waited a little longer to start it. now im gonna have to wait week by week like with all my other shows.

    • Great show, but I’m very disappointed they moved it to a 10:00 slot. I’ve heard a lot of people complain about that. Don’t know why they did it, as I believe it was a very high rated show in its earlier slot on Thursday nights.

  4. I’ve started to watch on Netflix Justice League. Which one is better? Justice League or Justice League Unlimited?

    • Justice League hands down for me. I still enjoy Unlimited though.

    • Both are good, but Unlimited had the better stories imo. Also, since Unlimited is basically a continuation of Justice League, it kind of felt better executed – the creators knew what worked and what didn’t work with JL, and imo they used that to improve with JLU.

    • It’s the same show, just split into 2 series. I liked them a lot. I still watch them.

      • @ LC

        Yup, I did enjoy their vision of Cadmus story arc with Doomsday,etc.

    • Be sure to check out Young Justice as well. Excellent show. I wish they’d bring it back.

    • Oh okay, so I should watch Justice League before JLU to generally have it all fall in order?

      • Yup, Unlimited is a continuation of Justice League. They’re pretty much the same show.

  5. To whom it may concern: maybe ‘Gravity’ isn’t the best movie to take your 4-8 year old kids to see. Maybe you had no choice (although various animated flicks was being screened in the theaters right next door…so yeah), but to others you come across as kind of an a-hole for letting your loud kids ruin part of the experience.

    I can only speak for myself, but I think most people don’t appreciate it when something intense happens and in a subsequent moment of absolute silence (of which there are many in Gravity) your kid yells out “IS SHE DEAD??!!! WHAT HAPPENED?!!”. Not cool. It’s also not nice, I’m assuming for you as well, when your kids keep asking questions every 5 minutes. And why even try to explain it to them? I doubt the scientific effects of zero-G or space travel is something your 5 year-old-booger-eater will grasp.

    Luckily I wasn’t sitting too close to your kids, so most of the annoyance didn’t affect me, but I really feel sorry for all those people in the surrounding rows who paid good money to see a movie mainly intended for mature audiences.

    For shame, sir & madam. For shame.

    • +1

    • +100

      Well said Avenger.

    • +1

    • As a father, I have to say, that you’re being very insensitive to kids……………

      Just kidding. Do some dang parenting and see if a movie is kid friendly! :)

    • While I agree with your sentiment, it’s a public place and not just kids who cause disruptions. There are:

      1. Teenagers who are rowdy.
      2. People who laugh so loud you can’t hear the punchlines.
      3. People who talk to each other.
      4. Pranksters who use laser pointers on the screen (happened to me while watching Lone Ranger, and some guy kept standing up telling them to knock if off but they became an even bigger disruption).

      etc etc

      It happens. Sometimes not fun… other times it adds to the experience (a bunch of kids yelled out “Awesome!” in unison during a scene in The Avengers and it made almost the entire audience laugh).

      That’s why sometimes watching movies at home is better.

      But next time I’ll tell my kid not to be so loud. :)

    • +1 hahaha

      I can speak to this.

      This was a long time ago but I remember seeing King Kong twice in 2005. One time was the late show and my experience was great, the second time was a matinee and it was full of young kids. During the opening titles at the matinee all I could hear was candy being opened, crinkling wrappers, kids slurping drinks, and people scarfing down popcorn. There was also a teen girl in the bench behind me who seemed to be narrating the movie to a friend over the phone. Really annoying.

  6. Random but I watched the rest of Tron:Uprising this weekend. Its definetly got its issues but I can say that I think its cool what they did with the story and the semi-twist they put in the end kinda forces a second season for there to be any continuity within the storyline.

    Anyone know if they have any plans for a second season? It’d be cool to see beck in a movie if they move forward with it, but not sure elijah wood could be Beck however I’d love to see Emmanuelle Chriqui.

  7. Marvel makes their movies work by either sticking close to the source material or changing things in a good way (most of the time)

    The other studios always seem to have someone involved that;
    a) Must hate comic fans
    b) Thinks they know better

    It does not make sense to me why they couldn’t just make a couple of TINY changes to a film like The Wolverine, (virtually indestructable metal being destroyed by a hot piece of indestructible metal, that didn’t become weaker itself by being heated, or shaped into a bullet according to x-men origins)so that fans could enjoy it too.

    If studio’s like Fox changed these minor (but to most comics fans major) flaws, they may just end up having the some more people enjoy their films.

    • @ frank

      I agree with your post. Especially about the scene in The Wolverine.

  8. Well I’m done with Arrow season 1 and caught up on 2 and I have to say that it’s an impressive show with the potential to be more. I like that they steadily trimmed the fat that is melodrama as the series progressed… To the point that it’s become the butt of a joke in ‘Identity’ (hug territory LOL). The writers have finally found their tone and seem focused on maintaining it. Keep the commentary light, the action raw, and the drama appropriate and this could take CW’s top spot and even transcend it. Props to the folks making it happen including Blake Neely (Dat score!) and here’s to hoping Geoff Johns and the Flash can keep up the momentum (pun). I can now consider myself an Arrow fan.

  9. I seen Machete Kills over the weekend. It was awful. Im surprised after reading the review for it on here it got 2 stars when id only give it 1. It was like Star Wars, Austin Powers, Machete Mixed into one or something.

    • Oh dear, that really doesn’t sound good. Did you enjoy the first one?

      • @ Eddie

        Despite the first film’s political correctness theme,etc. it was a good action flick id give 2 stars for. 2nd film only had some good scenes here & there but overall imo it was bad.

    • Dude!! I’m sorry it sucked. Question: Is it worth a rental or should I just pass on it altogether?

      • @ movieDude

        Imo, if you didn’t enjoyed the first one even alittle, the 2nd id pass on. But if curious, id wait for the DVD at your own risk bud.

    • Oh my. I saw Machete Kills over the weekend too. Wow….it was just bad. I loved the first one but the second one was too cheesy. The humor made me think of AOS type of cheesy humor. The action wasn’t as good as the first so I couldn’t even enjoy the action as much. I would have given it 1/5 stars at most. This is one movie that should have gone straight to DVD

  10. That’s how bad it was. A straight to dvd type sequel it was.