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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 21, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 21, 2011

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  1. Good mornning Screenrant

    I bought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S1V2 yesterday and am going to start watching it this weekend..anyone seen it yet..thoughts?

    • I´ve seen all the episodes on YouTube. Strangely they sell german dubbed DVD-Boxes in Germany, but the show isn´t on TV. BTW, if you still wanna join the “inner circle” of the Screenranters group on Facebook, click on my name.

      • Scape I tried but it didn’t work

        • Hm. Maybe because the group status is on secret. Then send me a friend request, I´ll add you to the group. Search for “Dirk Antosch”. I have the same profile pic that I have on here.

  2. I also bought the new DC animated film..Batman : Year One..looking forward to it despite the reviews..

  3. I finally finished watching the whole series on Netflix. Pretty decent. I dislike when they sell 3-4 episodes to a DVD. I always wait or dont buy if they dont have a full set.

    LMK what you think of Year One. I almost bought it also…..

  4. I bought year one and thought that it was pretty good. I just wish it could have been a little longer. It also makes me wish Mr. Miller would have wrote a year two.

  5. Will do Aknot..I’ll be sure to let you know what I think of B:YO..


  6. With all the talk mostly about The Avengers or next Batman movies…, Is the next Spider-Man movie going to get lost in amongst them ?!

    • I hope not, I´m really looking forward to it.

      • The costume really really turns me off to it. Some things really dont need to be changed or made “cool”. If anything I was hoping for a costume that actually looks homemade.

        I thought it be dope if he had the hoody Ben Reily look for a prototype until bestfriend MJ or Gwen Stacy sewed him a better looking (homemade) version.

        Also is he in college or HS. I like Garfield but he is way too old for a HS student.

        • In the trailer you can catch a brief glimpse of how makes the costume himself. We´ll see how it turns out. To me it looks more homemade than Maguire´s suit with all the webbing.

    • Spiderman has always been my favorite comic, so I am looking forward to another film. I wasn’t happy with 1st person footage from the trailer though. I hope that technique isn’t utilized in the feature film.

      • According to Webb, the 1st person thing is used about 5 or 6 times…

  7. Punisher TV series coming to ABC. I don’t like the pitch. Looks as if his will become the punisher with his family still alive. Sounds like Dexter/Daredevil hybrid.

    • I completely agree. It irks me that something as simple as, war hero returns from home see family slaughtered right before his eyes in a gang/drug/mob related incident, snaps and punishes EVERYONE responsible can be changed to

      “a rising star detective with the New York Police Department who moonlights as the vigilante Punisher, seeks justice for those the system has failed.”

      • Hollywood sure loves cliches, doesn’t it? Whether it’s on the big or small screens, it really knows how to take what could be original and cram it into a box of predictability. That description almost makes it sound corny.

    • I´ve read the article, and there´s no mention that his family is still alive. Where did you get that?

      • I sorta infered from the “rising star detective” line. It gives me the feeling that his family is still alive and he may lose his family after becoming The Punisher.

        I could be wrong but the pitch gives me a feeling that his family are still alive. Personally, I dont like the pitch at all.

        Would prefer to see maybe one episode with Frank as a retired Special Ops soldier working as a police SWAT trainer before his fam is killed. Then the rest of the season devoted to the creation of The Punisher and his modus operandi.

        • IMO Marvel is pushing things a bit too fast. The Hulk, A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Cloak & Dagger, and now The Punisher. This could be a commercial suicide.

    • Talk about a character not suited for network television, this would seem way more plausible on AMC or FX.

  8. @Scapegoat
    can we add Hayley Atwell to the shared hitlist of the International Network of Eskimo Brothers? Im going to England for a few weeks and I have goals. Michievious ones.

    • Eff yeah! Bring her on!

  9. Great game last night! Good defense.

    Go Rangers!

    /movies, tv, screen rant/

    See?! I mentioned all 3!

    • LOL

  10. Have you seen this series?

    A vampire story for the rest of us.

    Cast from The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Criminal Minds, The Simpsons & Parks and Recreation including Tony-award winner Rae Allen and Emmy-winner Marcia Wallace.

    Audience-funded, free and commercial-free – it’s like public TV that swears!

  11. Scape..

    I can’t join from work so I will wait until tonight when I get home and join

    Thanks Again!!

    • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! – < (Fresh fodder) :)

      • Fresh meat <——-zombie voice]

        • Nom nom nom!

          • Shivy we are getting new members

  12. Some new Marvel-movie news:

    Dum Dum Dugan WILL indeed be in Cap2 (confirmed by Neal McDonough) — and we know Cap 2 will take place in WW2 and the present, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll only see Dugan in the past (in the comics, he has the infinity formula which makes him age really slowly)

    Also, Hiddleston gave a few minor spoilers away in an interview with MTV news: he was talking about Thor 2 and the new director (p.s. he seems positive about it) and said he will get a “serious hiding from Odin when he gets back to Asgard” (i.e. at the end of Avengers, he and Thor go back to Asgard — neither of them die, like some of you have been speculating).
    He also went on to say that the villains in The Avengers (Loki’s army) “will please the fans” — that means, whoever the army is, is very likely quite famous/fan-favorite characters from the MarvelU (at this point, I’m still not sure whether it’s the Skrulls, Kree, or even Atlanteans).

    Just click on my name if any of you guys want to read the articles for yourselves…


    • i dont see how they can go back to WW2 in Captain 2. Unless they do a mid-quel and those rarely ever work out

      • @The Avenger Hiddleston also mentioned of 8 avengers as far as i know there are 7 so do you think someone is kept under wraps who can it be?

        • My guess would be the introduction of Ms. Marvel. This movie needs some serious chic vibes … it’;s a sausage fest.

        • Yeah, at first I was like “8! Who is the eight member! Could it be the Black Panther, or Ms.Marvel or- or-” (I went completely crazy, but then did some recounting):

          1. Stark
          2. Cap
          3. Thor
          4. Banner
          5. Hawkeye
          6. Widow
          (and then the two who aren’t TECHNICALLY Avengers, but still probably helps to beat Loki)
          7. Nick Fury
          8. Agent Coulson (I think most people are forgetting him :()

          • Agent Coulson — the unsung hero of the Galactic Empire Rebellion.

      • According to Johnston, CA:TFA spans over three years. So there´s a lot of stuff we haven´t seen.

        • Cap 2 writers talk sequel outline and The Avengers. Interview.

          Personally didn’t like Captain America so I hope the sequel is more Saving Private Ryan, less Rocketman (which I like) feel. Im a fan of WWII history, so I want to see something closer to that instead of lasers.

          Iron Man had terrorists, genocide and Al-Queda refernces so I want my Cap with MG42′s, Nazi’s and concentration camps (atleast in references)

      • “i dont see how they can go back to WW2 in Captain 2″ — how can you not see it?
        They’ll obviously make use of flash-backs.
        I’m hoping that Cap 2 will be about the “Zemo family”: with Cap fighting Zemo Jr. in the present, and then flashing back to the past where he faced off with Zemo Sr.

        You are entitled to think what you want, but this has been confirmed MULTIPLE times: Cap2 will take place in the past and the present (this is a fact.)

  13. Happy Birthday Mary Blair

    one of the great 20th century american artists. Another person whose work i didn’t know i loved until someone pointed it out to me.

  14. Couple thing here Vic.

    1) last time I was on the desktop site I noticed the “yellow” button was gone. Thank you :)

    2) Would it be possible to implicate a facebook share button on the mobile site? Sometimes I wanna post articles on my page but copying and pasting the url doesn’t do it justice.


    • Whoops, hit the “go” button on my phone.

      3) How’s the mobile app coming along?

      • Sully,

        I have a couple of different developers working on an iPhone app for the site. Once that’s done I’ll get an Android version done.

        iPhone app will hopefully be done within a bit more than a month.


        • Woo-Hoo!

    • “Yellow” button? What´s that?

      • It makes you pee.

        • Hmm I got to pee and I can’t ind that dang button anywhere dangit

          • It´s probably in your pants.

            • Giggity

  15. I want some news on the Hobbit and Godzilla lol the wait is killing me on these two.

    • …and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot!!

      • Oh yeah!
        Man, I actually forgot about that.
        The TMNT were my favorite heroes while growing up: I hardly ever dressed as Superman or Batman — I was always wearing a Donetello costume — I remember me and my dad even went hiking in the woods to find a stick that I could use as a bo-staff :P (ahh, good times…)
        But I digress…
        I also want to know what’s up with the reboot… I know there’s a new TV show coming out next year (or 2013) and apparently, there’s a new comic book series out (?) but I haven’t heard anything about a new TMNT movie in QUITE a while.

        P.S. Any news on Men In Black 3? — I’m very excited to see that as well.

      • Yeah, man! Ninja Turtles! I loved them when I was a kid…

  16. Not sure exactly when it started but at some point in the past month or 2 I’ve not been able to watch any trailers embeded in a SR web page. The trailer will start with an advertisement and about 3- 5 seconds in the thing stops and I get the message

    “We are unable to connect to the network. We apologize for the inconvenience”

    Does this happen to anyone else?

  17. How come no one watched 50/50? I saw it the day before and it was the best movie I’ve seen in months! It’ll probably be gone from most theaters next week, so a bunch of people missed out on it.

  18. Hey all, this is a rough outline for a screenplay I’m thinking about writing. It’s an idea I’ve been batting around in my head for a while now. Its nothing official but I think the idea is solid.
    “Apollo 19”
    Tageline: We should have learned the first time.
    “Officially, Apollo 17 was the last mission to the moon, unofficially so was Apollo 18…UNTIL NOW.Months after the unveiling of the recovered footage from the classified mission the Government sent another crew to the moon. The crew was told that they were looking for how footage could have survived a catastrophic collision but they weren’t given the truth and what they uncovered was more horrifyinger than the events of Apollo way more horrifyinger.”
    Plot outline:
    The story begins with Apollo 19 landing on the moon, the crew( Dan, Andrew)believe they are running experiments on how film footage could survive a collision between two vessels. They are told to record everything. After a few days of what seemed like routine work things took a mysterious turn. Dan is startled when inside a crater he sees a man sleeping with rocks (the same infection on his face from Apollo 18) the man tells them about mysterious sightings of an entity known as “the Lunar witch” Andrew is skeptical at first.the crew explores some areas of the moon but runs short on oxygen and return to their lander. That night they are visited by a hostile force. The next day they are shocked to find mysterious piles of rocks outside their lander. They go out to the far side of the moon to explore but upon running short of air yet again they decide to turn around. The crew ends up lost and Andrew reveals that he kicked the map off the moon. Believing him to be possessed by a spider rock, dan performs an improvised exorcism on Andrew and releases the spider rock which runs into a crater, they follow it and end up lost in an underground tunnel system stalked by an unknown force( I haven’t seen the tunnel yet so I cant make fun of it too much) after a few close calls and jump scares they make their way out through a manhole. Outside the manhole they see a large fire and people in red cloaks standing around in a circle with a man laying in the middle. The crew realizes the man is Captain Nate Walker from Apollo 18, he gives birth to a large spider rock and it is thrown into the fire by the same sleeping man that told the crew about the lunar witch originally. In fear for their lives they run back to the shuttle and are greeted by Captain walker.they attempt take off again but are unable to. Dan and Captain walker suspect a flat tire and exit the ship to change it, Dan is heard screaming and is thrown into the window of the shuttle startling Andrew. Andrew takes off in Apollo 19. He makes it back to earth and goes home and hugs and embraces his wife. shortly after his home is quarantined by the government. After some time Ashton Kutcher pops out with HIS camera crew and admits it was a prank for Andrew and his wife’s anniversary. Andrew, his wife and their guests all party until a massive earthquake hits and the power goes out, followed by the kitchen being picked up and dropped on them. They go outside to check the damage and the statue of liberty is thrown down their street(Which is especially odd since they live in Houston). Andrew was followed back to earth by the moon cult and their , now fully grown, 400 foot spider rock terrorizing the city with Dan(now fully possessed) giving orders. They flee, ashton Kutcher is dragged away like the end of quarantine. Their car is stopped and eventually robbed by some national guards (or whatever they were in diary of the dead). Alone and doomed, Andrew and his wife make one last video confession to whomever finds the tape, Andrew struggles to find the right words and a rock lands on the hood of their car. The final moments of the film are Andrew and his wife unsure if the rock is a monster and the battery of the camera runs out as Andrew is about to inspect it.

  19. Dont do a sequel to a crappy movie.
    Hollywood does enough of that.

    • how far exactly did you get into my screenplay?

  20. Just what was posted.

  21. Jose,
    I didnt see 50/50, but I think it is just because of the box office slump
    But, if Dealines predictions hold up and Paranormal Activity 3 really does make over 50 million dollars this weekend,
    That slump MIGHT be over.
    We shall see.
    Anybody else see anything recently they want to talk about?

  22. I meant Deadlines predictions .
    Darn Typos.
    Sorry about that

    So, anybody see PA3 today?
    What was the audience reaction like?

    • It was ok (the film), everyone in the audience were complaining how nothing in the ads was in the movie, but hey they at least jumped and laughed in the right moments (the film had more comedy than the first 2)

  23. Yeah,I heard about that.
    The theory is they are saving it all for 4.
    normally,I would say that is a bad idea.
    But this Series is so ridiculously popular,
    They may have thought they were safe in not including everything that was in the trailer.

  24. I watched Green Lantern last night on demand. Really wasn’t as horrible as I remember, but still wasn’t that good. I felt there could have been a lot more shown and explored. There was still a lot of cool things in it, though.