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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 2, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 2, 2013

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  1. My fault guys and gals. I accidentally renamed, then republished the Sep 30 post for today. It’s all been corrected now.

    Paul Young

    • “guys and gals” … okay, that’s just creepy. I was busy typing my comment before yours was posted :o

      • They’re watching you.

          • *discreetly stops picking nose*

            • *paranoid, looks around the room*


              *runs away*

          • Let’s not forget the NSA.

  2. Howdy guys and gals.

    Anyone catch the newest episode of SHIELD?
    The pilot was very rocky for me (and super cheesy), but this new one blew all the things they did wrong with the first one out the water! And that cameo at the end was amazing! I’m definitely hooked on the show now.

    • Awesome I will have to check out episode 2! I didn’t rush to watch it yesterday cuz I wasn’t very impressed with the pilot.

    • It’s an improvement. I feel like all of the actors (Clark Gregg included) are just very raw in acting ability. When they were running through Peru, how Coulson was holding his guy just looked amateur. I want some new regulars with some actual acting chops. Get rid of the scientists. They are horrible.

      Regardless, I’ll tune in every week because I love all of the small references to the MCU.

      • i’m assuming that you mean gun, not guy…lol!

    • Bailed-out. Not flying for me.

    • I thought ep2 was better than the pilot. The cameo was very cool. This show will continue to get better as it goes. I’m looking forward to more special guest star appearances. It’s like having a mini Marvel movie every week, and I love that!

      • I thought the second episode was also an improvement. Im liking the characters a little better. But i dont really care for Fitz, or is it Simmons? whoever the girl one is i find a little annoying.

        • The girl is Simmons… and I love that character! ^_^
          Easily my second favorite of the team (Coulson is #1 of course)

  3. Hey guys and gals!

    • Hey LC.

      And Leather C.
      And Leather Cheerio.
      And Leather -O-
      And Leather whatever :D

      • Yeah… today I just filled in something quick… like LC lol.

        • LC’s good. They’re all good. And cool.

  4. I’ve watched 3 episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine. I’ve decided that I like it, but that’s not surprising since I liked the Office. The pitch meeting: imagine the Office, now imagine it with guns.

    Captain = Stanley & Creed
    Amy = Pam
    Rosa = hot Latina version of Creed
    Terry = Darryl & Jim combo
    Scully = Meredith
    Charles = Kelly
    Gina = Angela
    Hitchcock = Kevin
    Charles = Michael Scott

    • Oops…Stanley and Oscar.

    • I really don’t like BNN so far. Given your comparison it makes sense to why I don’t like it. I despised The Office about as much as I despise Larry the Cable Guy.

    • I like the comparison. I also thought the pilot had a “The Office” vibe to it when I watched it. I will have to keep watching.

      • The more I watch it, the more it feels like The Office. I just haven’t figured out who’s Dwight.

        I’m waiting for a gun in jello ;)

        • I could see Sambergs character doing that to the hot rival chick.

          Sry I haven’t learned their names yet :/ haha

          • I wrote this right after watching the latest episode so their names were fresh in my head. I’ll forget them by tomorrow ;)

    • Definitely looking forward to it! The animation looks great and it’ll be nice to see classic Pokemon be the focus. I wish it wasn’t just a mini-series though.

  5. Shows on tv Im watching right now
    Legend of Korra
    Shark Tank
    Sleepy Hollow

    • anyone else seeing these and whatcha think of them so far?

      • Sleepy Hollow is fun so far. I am excited to see where it goes. I hope it doesn’t end up being a one seasoner. But with a story that has an obvious ending… it almost has to stop somewhere?

    • My siblings and friends keep chewing me out for not watching Korra. I just haven’t gotten around to it. From what I’ve heard its supposed to be really great.

      • I think you can watch it on nick, the new ones anyway and season 1′s on dvd.

        • I have access to Season 1. I’ll prbly start this weekend :)

          PS: regarding your previous post is Pokemon Origins the one where the trainer is just Red and it has the classic 150 pokemon? Cuz yeah I’d be down to see that. Looks pretty cool. Cant load the youtube link at work..

      Person Of Interest (best network TV show)
      Sleepy Hollow (favorite new show)
      Boardwalk Empire (love all things vintage/retro)
      Homeland (consistently dramatic)
      Hawaii Five–O (I may move to Hawaii)
      Blue Bloods (I live in Manhattan)
      Revolution (may bail-out soon — not very well, actually)
      Low Winter Sun (hanging in since it’s ending and should — it’s bad)

      Justified (best show on television — my favorite)
      Longmire (what’s not to like?)
      Ray Donovan (best new show on television — the next Sopranos)
      Hannibal (wow good)
      Bates Motel (ditto)
      MAD MEN (see Boardwalk Empire)
      Downton Abbey (see Boardwalk Empire)
      The Hour (a great BBC show — plus stars Romola Garai)
      Ripper Street (another great BBC show)
      Game Of Thrones (just because I have been)
      The Walking Dead (well, it works)
      Sherlock (catching up, actually)

      Mob City
      Almost Human
      True Detective
      Penny Dreadful
      24: Live Another Day (24 my former favorite show)
      Black Sails
      Jamaica Inn
      Burton & Taylor (mini-series — has Dominic West as Richard Burton)

      • That’s a lot of TV show watching.

        • Well, eight current with one ending.
          The list is longer than I thought myself.

          • Thats like a part time job!

            • Oh my bad.. I didn’t understand that some of them aren’t airing currently.

              • It is a daunting list if all were on simultaneously.
                In any season it averages one show a night and
                I force that by recording shows to manage time.

        • Thanks for the tip, len.
          I’ll check it out for sure.

        • len, I just checked it out and it looks
          like my kind of show, as you could tell,
          and I definitely will watch season 1 and
          add this show to my watching list for sure.


      • I see no supernatural or arrow in that returning list which makes me a sad panda.

        • Well, Arrow I think I would like.
          It’s kind of too late to catch up.
          My heart is with you on that one.

      • TV viewing is strange for me. I do not have cable/satellite and rely solely on Hulu Plus and Netflix. So, I either see a show a day late, or I’m binge watching an entire season.

        Shows I watch next day (or close to it): Supernatural, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, New Girl, Parks and Rec, Quick Draw, Revolution, and Community

        Shows I just wrapped up on Netflix: The League, Alphas, and Breaking Bad

        Shows I am currently watching on Netflix: Burn Notice (almost finished), Doctor Who (almost to Matt Smith), HIMYM, 30Rock, The Walking Dead, and SOA.

        It looks like a lot. Usually, my wife and I watch one episode per night (two if sitcoms) after the kids are sleeping, and we split an episode of the Doctor (my little girl loves that show) as a family show. And I only work 4 days a week (10 hour shifts). So, I’m home with my baby boy on Wed. That’s when I watch some shows that are just for me (SOA, Walking Dead, Burn Notice, & Alphas)…the boy shows ;)

        • NEW shows that I’m giving the 3 episode shot: Blacklist, Shield, Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Dads

          Shows on that list that I think will stick around…Blacklist

          Sleepy Hollow and Brooklyn Nine-nine have passed on to the next round of eliminations…Mid-season

    • Shows I currently watch are
      Family Guy
      American Dad
      Sleepy Hollow
      and X-Factor with the wife.

      • Hey, that’s seven current like me(eighth ending shortly).
        The television is off for me save the shows I am watching.

        • Current Shows:
          Agents of SHIELD
          Sleepy Hollow
          Revolution (why am I still watching this?)

          Doctor Who
          Falling Skies
          Defiance (might not stick through season 2)

          Upcoming New:
          The Tomorrow People
          Almost Human

          Plus Im currently making my way through Caprica. BSG was way better IMO.

          • Edit: By upcoming I meant Returning.

          • Elementary and especially Arrow are two shows I would
            probably like but catching up now seems like too much work.
            And yeah, Revolution, why are we still watching this show is right.

        • Yeah its quite a bit. I catch them mostly after their airing. Usually the day after actually now that I think about it. Monday we watched Family Guy and American Dad. Last night we watched Sleepy Hollow. Tonight, we will probably watch X Factor though…

          • I do the same thing. I still have to watch Hawaii Five–O and Blue Bloods.
            X Factor I think you would have to watch real-time and the “gals” do love it.

      • Correction:

        Add Arrow into the mix. How could I forget that!?

    • I don’t really watch much TV, currently just
      Sleepy Hollow
      Vampire Diaries (And soon the spinoff, The Originals)

      Hmm more than I thought aha.

  6. Has anyone ever heard of the comic book character the Spectre? If so then I think it would be an awesome movie. It could be a thriller/comic book movie and it would help DC/WB make money.

    What do all of you guys think? Plus you could throw in the Phantom Stranger as a cameo.

    • I only know of the Spectre because of reading infinite crisis, but it could be an interesting character in film.

    • I have the DC short film. It came with one of the other films. I liked it. I knew nothing of the comic before that but it would make an interesting film. Very small budget and see what it can deliver.

      • I watched that too and all I could think was, wow he takes no prisoners.

        Id really like a shazam movie though, which was also on the dvd.

        • Was it the Superman/Shazam movie? I liked that as well. Short but good. I would love to see a live action Shazam movie.

  7. Anybody gonna see Gravity this weekend?

    I’m interested. Especially after watching Children of Men this weekend (same director). That movie was an absolute masterpiece. And Azkaban was my fave HP film (also same director). Gravity has some great reviews coming in so I’m betting it’ll be pretty awesome.

    • *last weekend

      I saw Children of Men last weekend. my bad :P

    • @ movieDude

      I am and I can’t wait. The reviews are very good. I’m excited to see how it plays out.
      Has anybody seen Rush? I read good reviews, but haven’t heard much since.

      • My cousin thought Rush was awesome and my choice youtube reviewer gave it similar praise. I’ll definitely see it. Not sure between Rush and Gravity… Which to see first?

        PS @ Stark if you haven’t seen Children of Men I HIGHLY recommend it. Great movie.

        • @ movieDude

          Thanks for the recommendation for Children of Men, I will check it out! I think this weekend though it will be Gravity first, that movie has really piqued my interest. :)

  8. Still no return of Jeff W.?

    • No sign but I am sure I can find him lol.

  9. Total film is saying Day-lewis is rumoured for Star wars.

  10. Sleepy Hollow was already renewed for a 2nd seasond. Yay!

    • Very cool. And they are doing the cable-type seasons of 13 episodes. Less filler ones! I like that.