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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 19, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. simple smile Open Discussion   October 19, 2012

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  1. So yeah Justice League for 2015! Unfortunately probably going to fail, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • I’m sceptical about it to but it shouldn’t be too hard to make an entertaining and coherent movie that gives each character the development and screen time they need, granted not all the superheroes involved are as mainstream or popular as Batman and Superman but that didn’t harm Watchmen which was not really that well known and turned out to be awesome!

      • i do think WB is making a mistake releasing JL the same summer as A2. It just seems like over saturation to me. I am looking toward to the JL movie though, and to see how they do it. Problem is, WB is really only going to get one shot at this so they can’t rush it or blow it.

        • And if they blow it, it will also destroy any chances of further solo films. So if Justice League fails, which it might, then its over. I don’t want to sound like I don’t won’t a Justice League movie but without solo films its not going to work. Just like other studios, Warner Bros. is just rushing for competition. Just like Fox is with their X-Men/Fantastic Four shared universe.

        • Yeah I do also feel like its just a shameless cash in on the success that Marvel has had with the Avengers, I don’t think they need build up movies to explain each characters back story, I felt it was only really Iron Man that worked well with Marvel, was totally underwhelmed by Captain America

          I can see Warners turning to Zack Snyder for a JL movie if Man of Steel does well, which I think it will

        • @ Stark

          Id agree with ya. On WB/DC’s part, imo i think it’s a bad idea releasing Justice League the same year as Avengers 2. No matter how many months between films. I guess that’s their risk.

        • What was this summer? under saturation? TDKR, ASM and Avengers with a late Dredd?

        • If JL is released before TA2 than I feel like it will do well. People will go see it to get thier super hero team up fix before TA2.

      • Well, there HAVE been rumors about Warner Bros./DC making 3 or 4 individual Justice League member films in the years before 2015. One of which could be Man of Steel. Otherwise, both introducing these characters and having them team up is going to be an enormous challenge for Warner Bros./DC.

        • Even though it won’t happen wouldn’t it be something if WB released JL on the same opening day as avengers 2? Media would have a field day with that one.

          • I think with a good writer and director justice league could be great. I mean they are giving it 2+ years to make, that’s a really long time. Will it make avengers money? Nah, but major cash Will happen. but all I want is a good movie.

        • That would be something. WB would never do that. I believe competition is a good thing as it motives everybody to do there best, but I thing WB might be out matched and out gunned here. Man of steel is really going to have to be something to be able to set up the whole DC movie universe in one film. That is a tall order, even for Superman.

      • I hated Watchmen- it thought it was boring and colorless. It must be one of those “Loved it or hated it” deals.

        • Agreed. I couldn’t stand that movie. I hope JL does better than WM or else WB is going to lose a LOT of money and we’ll get nothing but Batman films for the next decade.

    • what i´m wondering is ,how will they make a very good script, searching for the right actors and will get all the rest in that less time of 2,5 years ? marvel has already began to shoot the avengers 2, i think ? there is just one thing it all belongs to – man of steel- if it will be successfull at the box-office. they should bring it 2016 to cinema and not at the same time with – avengers 2-.

  2. Has anybody heard anything about RDJ’s contract status with Marvel? Are they negotiating? Will there be an Iron Man 4 with RDJ? Will he be in A2? There must be an update somewhere.

    • There will be an Avengers 2 with or without RDJ. I’m willing to be anything that after Iron Man 3 he will sign another multi picture contract because RDJ loves being Iron Man and the face of the franchise. In a sense he is Iron Man. But if something were to happen then they would probably replace him with War Machine. But I’m positive RDJ will sign on for more.

      • RDJ respects the character, the studio, the fans and I’m guessing the money doesn’t hurt either 😉
        He’s said he’d love to do more movies if the script looks good and he’s also said on multiple occasions that he wants to keep doing these action movies for as long as he can.

        So if he still feels the same way after IM3, I can’t see why he wouldn’t return for a few more.

        • I cant imagine anyone else in the role?!

          Who else could be Iron Man? Doesn’t bare thinking about, please don’t leave RDJ we love you!

        • @ The Avenger

          I thought RDJ was contracted for Ironman 1-3 & 3 Avengers films, atleast 2. I dunno, i know he loves the character so it depends what all involves around the character i guess if he were to film a fourth Ironman film or still be involved in the Avengers films.

          • At comic con he said his (and Cheadle’s) contract expires after Iron Man 3 – maybe they’ve reworked it since then, but there haven’t been any further reports on the matter.

            • thanks for the update Avenger!

        • 50 Million + For Avengers, yeah. He doing pretty good.

          • haha, i would be good with it too, and would love the movies that would push my success forwards. :)

  3. Paranormal activity 4. I want my money and time back. And I enjoyed the first 3 so I went in ready to be entertained. Worst time I’ve ever had at the cinema

    • After accidentally clicking the blank left black area of this website twice and getting multiple (and tenaciously persistent)pop-ups for PA4, I can guarantee I won’t be seeing it…

    • Think. It is Paranormal 4, Which at any point a movie that has it third sequel compared to its overall production cost, is bound to be an epic failure.

      Name one Horror Movie/Scary Movie Franchise that was good at the third sequel?

      I usally look at the combined reviews of the previous films, and see how and if they went up or down in the reviews.

      • I can only think of one. Bride of Chucky. But that’s a stretch, so you are correct.

  4. I must say, this DC situation with their characters being developed for a possible Avengers showdown, is proof that money talks. DC has done nothing but throw us Batman and Superman for years, a campy Wonder Woman show, a solid Smallville run and now a really strong Arrow show. They are staying in their safe zone and thats a problem. DC has some of the best superheroes and characters in all of comics, and should be playing to their strengths. Not trying to match success with Marvel properties (ie. The Avengers) just to create profit over the sake of substance.

    Do I want to see the JLA film succeed? Hell yes. But the issue is that those characters deserve great direction, build up and a well written story that differs from Whedon’s Avengers, and Marvel movie universe. They need build up in a new way and they need a different tone.

    • And who said they won’t do that?
      So far everything I’ve read says that they’ll be doing something different (and darker) than what Marvel’s doing.

      My only concern is that they might be rushing production, but I guess we won’t know for sure until things develop a bit further.

      • @ The Avenger

        I hate how it seems like WB/DC are gonna have their shared universe be darker & more realistic like than Marvel’s. I mean Nolan & his wife are gonna be involved in the Batman reboot so read long ago so wouldn’t surprise me if WB/DC have every other hero solo films have Nolan/Snyder’s touch. I would of prefer Snyder’s Superman films be their own thing while a reboot Superman will lead the league in Justice League & in a different series of films. That way maybe he could meet his cousin Kara “Supergirl” down the road properly.

        • I like that they’re going a bit darker actually.
          There’s no doubt that JL wouldn’t work if it were done like a Nolan film (hyper realistic, dark and grounded), and they should definitely go more lighthearted than that with JL – but at the same time, I’ve always found DC’s characters to be a bit darker than most Marvel characters (Marvel’s Ultimate-universe not included)

          I think DC/WB would be wise in finding a balance between realism and fantasy (something which IMO, Marvel mastered with their movies), but also darkness and lightheartedness (where Marvel’s been leaning more towards the latter).

          • Yeah, and the type of superhero films Marvel makes are the type that pretty much all audiences enjoy. Nolans Batman films are great but they are certainly not for everyone. DC would be wise to use some of Maarvels formula but if they won’t to be more serious then thats okay.

          • @ The Avenger

            Yes. I would prefer Justice League to be more like how Marvel’s solo films & The Avengers turned out to be. Little realistic/fantasy for CBM should be like. That’s what i loved about what Marvel Studios has done during Phase One. It started off great & ended great on those terms. That’s what WB/DC should try to find a balance to make it easier on themselves to expand characters into the shared universe such as Supergirl making a cameo in a Superman film by example. Imo, it would be nice to have that happen & erase Helen Slater’s Supergirl from my mind despite she was great in the role.

    • DC does have great characters no doubt and they do have some good strong pieces and talent in place (their animation studio is second to none and Arrow is clearly a hit and is awesome) so they really shouldn’t feel the need to compete. And really, what’s the rush? The super hero genre isn’t going any where any time soon. WB needs to take their time and do it right.

    • WB’s problem is that they are cheap. I’m not sure they are willing to fork out the bucks to make a viable, good quality franchise, much less a single theater experience worthy movie.

      • @ A Girl Named Michael

        Agreed. Not to mention hesitating at taking big risks.

  5. With Halloween almost upon us, I would like to ask all of you a question. Why do you think is it so damn hard to make a good scary movie.

    In my humble opinion 99.9% of scary movies are crap .1% are pure genius. Side note, I tend to like the more cerebral side of horror rather then the blood and guts stuff but gore and violence are fine if it serves the story.

    Just thought some of you might have some thoughts on what makes a good scary movie.

    • I think it’s tough because it’s all been done before. Hollywood really isn’t fertile ground any more for originality or new thought. Scary and horror just repeat themselves in diffrent packaging. Just my opinion.

    • I think people have become desensitised by the media and all the coverage of the madness that goes on in the world and so with horror movies it is difficult to come up with new scary images or scenarios,  what scared the hell out of people in 60s/70s just makes most people laugh now (people fainted and were sick after seeing the Exorcist so the legend goes) so directors have had to go for extreme scares with gore etc 
      people that enjoy horror movies will have seen all the classics and will always be expecting the shock when it comes (look in mirrored cabinet, open cabinet, close mirror cabinet, some thing shocking is visible behind you) the genre seems to go in cycles with found footage being the new trend, I did enjoy the scares of Wolf Creek and The Descent, The Hills Have Eyes when gorno was the trend

      I think it’s also difficult to come up with new scares when there are numerous movies out with the same concept (haunted house, spooky kid) so I dont think there is much originality left, hence the endless remakes!

      • @ Stark & DR. Kenn

        Those are some great points. I guess another factor might be that fear is so subjective and it’s tricky to find that universal thing that’s been embedded in all our DNA, that thing that will scare everyone equally.

        Kind of like Spilberg did with Jaws.

    • Aside from already having seen it all and being desensitized another problem of scary movies these days is that most of them go for cheap jump scares (loud sudden noises accompanied by obnoxious loud music) that you see coming from miles ahead instead of focusing on what’s really important: the overall atmosphere of a movie. That’s why The Descent worked so great. Being stuck in a dark and ancient cave system with heartstoppingly tight tunnels is unnerving all in by iself, even without man-eating monsters being thrown into the mix.

      That’s why trash like the Piranha 3D movies doesn’t work for me at all. Aside from the monster attacks they feel like a bright and happy college comedy that takes place in an absolutely uncreepy location. If you wanna turn something as cheerful as a sunny beach into a scary place you have to play it absolutely straight. Case in point: Jaws. That’s how you do it right.

      • I totally agree, I think Piranha and films like Slither are really more about ripping the horror genre and spoofing what scares people, the best movie I have seen recently to achieve this best was Tucker and Dale Vs Evil, awesome movie!

        • Yeah, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil is excellent. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while. “Oh hidy ho officer, we’ve had a doozy of a day…” 😀

          Slither was pretty good, too. But Piranha 3D to me is neither funny nor scary and all that it has going for itself are the nasty gore effects (propeller + hair = eeeew!) and some T&A, which really isn’t enough.

          • Yeah I was disappointed that he director Alexander Aja has gone down this route, his first movie Switchblade Romance (Haute Tension) is actually one of the best horror movies I’ve ever seen, if you haven’t seen that, check it out!

            World cinema does have quite a few treats come to think of it

          • the best fun-splatter-horror movies are the – hatchet- series. and the origin story of the monster-killer a´la -jason vorhees- is one of the best from that genre. go watch it, it´s worth if you liked -tucker and dave vs evil-.

            • Hatchet has been on my to watch list for a while, cheers!

              • yep ! :)

            • The first Hatchet is okay and has pretty well made gore scenes. The ending didn’t sit too well with many. Avoid Part II at all costs. It’s really crappy. I didn’t even bother with Part III, because these types of movies usually get worse and worse with each sequel.

              • no, now i´m sad that you think so : ) no, really i did found both parts,funny as hell with the best gore-fx. part 3 as i heard is getting better,but o.k. if you don´t like the movie then it´s not your stuff. and kane fodder(the best jason-actor) and the black actor who played in the iconic – candyman- series and he is the gravedigger(i think he was) in the -final destination- series.

                • the comment was not ended,so correction : ….final destination-series,they are playing the maine.roles in -hatchet-.

    • I believe the only tru scares are jump scares(startling) which is done well in sinister. Along with its music and making you like the character.

    • Because Hollywood and in general the audience have lost what is scary. I said it a couple of weeks ago. Once you have seen The Exorcist, is there really anything that can compare in the Scare the crap out of you. I have not met one Person who has seen The Exorcist, and not come away crying like a little baby, or with serious Psychological trauma for a brief moment. I am sure some people will say..”eh it did not scare me.” and they have that right, but it scared me and it worried me for awhile. I was an adult when I saw the Directors cut, and it scared the crap out of me and my wife, and the funny thing, we have this dehumidfier in our room, and it has these two red LED lights in the middle, imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that after Watching the Exorcist, and it rotates.

      But, today, you have “Found” footage as to say, the found part is real and could happen to you. It is the same thing over and over now days, when was the last truly scary film that made you cringe?

      • Not so much any more but when the American “Ring” came out I was expecting a run of the mill horror. I was pleasantly surprised with the creepy vibe. I had not seen a J-horror at that point so it was new to me.

        The final scene of [REC] creeped me out big time. When I saw [REC]2 I was very disappointed that it turned out to be demonic possession (a genre I am very tired of).

        Drag me to Hell made me jump a lot but was not that scary.

        Other than those examples I have been very disappointed in horror for all the great reason given so far.

        I want to see a really good ghost story. It seems like a dying genre. It’s all zombies, possession, demons, creepy kids, slasher guy in the woods now.

      • @Jeff W

        Ya, the Exorcist, that’s in the .1% If you are watching that film and you open up your mind to the possibility, even for just a second, that this could realy happen, then that film will mess you up.

        Aaron, you said you wanted to see a good ghost movie. I would recommend Ghost Story, a very underappreciated film, a classic ghost story, it’s a bit slow but well made.

        • @Stabber…Thanks Pal. I am going to need to find my night light now. We are due another showing at Halloween.

          Once again, I shall be scared.

    • I haven’t been scared watching a movie since I was very young, last film that really scared me was JAWS (it’s also the only movie except ALIEN that I’ve had a dream about).

      I was only 12 when I saw that, parents took me to see it, had to look away twice, Chrissie’s death at the beginning and Quint’s death scene.

      The trouble today is also all the behind the scene’s stuff they show, everyone always knew this stuff was fake, but now we know how they did it. So how can it be scary if you know it’s a guy in a rubber suit, or a mechanical monster, CG, fake blood. The mystery behind it was part of it, your mind knew it was fake but you didn’t know how.

      I think I don’t get scared by movie’s as the ‘making of’ stuff has just ruined it.

    • @ Stabber

      As others said everything pretty much been done with good horror films that it’s hard to raise the bar really imo. Of-course theres reboots to horror films like there is to films of other genres. I have to say i seen Friday The 13th & Nightmare On Elm Street in theaters & after first viewing of both of them, i wasn’t thrilled by neither of them. Rob Zombie’s i thought was good attempt because the first half started off different from the original. The second half i thought offered alittle new stuff that wasn’t original. It was too bad Zombie’s 2nd film was a awful follow up.

      I never seen Paranormal films. Mostly because i figure they would be like Blair Witch project which was a waste of time.

    • You know what is scary to me in the real world? Patroling a town just hours before a Cat 5 Hurricane is about to hit. I will patrol low over the towns to check for anyone who is still left, or looters and report their location, I would land if there was someone with car trouble trying to leave. As long as I have the clearance and area to land without preventing lift off.

      I knew what it felt like to be the last person on earth. There was a surreal sense of majestic terror in my mind, I Knew what was coming, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. So I got back in, Radio in that I was lifting off, and I lifted off, turned south east, and then I saw Katrina in all her Hellish glory coming at the city, she was still 100 miles out, but you saw it. You knew she had bad intentions and I was scared.

      A Day later, I am flying over New Orleans, in formation with three other Jayhawks, and I was looking at the Big Easy, I was looking at the evacuation center, the Superdome, I was looking at bodies in the water, I was looking at looters in the streets, I was in the middle of a horror story.

      That is what scares me, the human element. When humanity turns on itself.

  6. Question of the day at work:

    What is your favorite and least favorite Steven Spielberg film?

    • I think, I’m going to have to go with JAWS as my favorite, with Close Encounters as a close second or maybe Raiders, I don’t know, how could you ask me something like that.

      Least favorite, Crystal Skull.

      • I pretty much agree.

        Least favorite would be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (and he’s been a producer for some pretty crappy movies too), but he’s made so many great films, that it would be impossible to pick just one favorite.

        Although if I absolutely HAD to 😉 I guess Raiders would be my choice.

      • Jaws hands down!

    • Raiders of the lost ark for me, hands down.

      • Shindlers list and e.t as my least favorite. I’m not a Spielberg fan.

      • I do also love Saving Private Ryan to, on blu ray in surround sound oooooosh!

    • Favourite: Jaws
      Least Favourite: Munich. That movie is just depressing.

      • Aww I quite liked Munich, felt like a proper grown up movie that my dad would watch, like The Good Shepherd or Tinker Tailor, I think my least favourite would be that ghost one with Richard Dreyfuss, Always

        • I love Always. I’m an aviation nut, so the movie had already won me over right from the first scene (the PBY picking up water with the fishing boat sitting in front of it). I also like the characters, the humor and the whole firebomber setting. I think there should be much more movies about that kind of (bush) flying.

          • hmm maybe I should watch it again with that in mind, I do try and revisit movies that I dont always get or didn’t think much of a the time

            One movie I will never understand is Revolver by Guy Ritchie

            • Revolver was a huge disappointment to me as well. That was a pretty bad movie. I also like to give movies a second chance, but I don’t think I will do that with Revolver.

    • Favorite- Last Crusade or Jaws…but Hook, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, and Raiders all rank up there.
      Least Favorite – A.I. Artificial Intelligence

      Picking a favorite is so hard because he has made so many decent films throughout my life…but I know I’ll never ever watch A.I. ever again. What a bore-fest!

    • 1941 Favorite

      Crystal Skull, least favorite.

      And surprise surprise surprise, I have never ever seen ET.

      • Have to say 1941 is my least favourite, Jeff – to each his own! AI a close second.

        Favourite: toss-up between Duel and Close Encounters.

        Most visually stunning but ill thought-out: Minority Report (precog Agatha’s mother Ann Lively actually being dead despite PreCrime having intervened to prevent her murder being the most glaring of several logic-free episodes in that film).

        • True. I do like 1941.

          Duel, How that was one of the most supensful movies I have ever seen.

    • What are yours, $2?

      • I would have to say ROTLA is my favorite (but Jaws and CEOTTK are right up there with it). I remember when Jaws came out, and my family visited the beach that summer. Nobody around would get in the ocean. Also, when Close Encounters was released, my mother would snap at me for carving Devil’s Tower into my mashed potatoes.

        My least favorite is A.I. I tried, but I just couldn’t get into the story.

    • Favorite: Jurrasic Park

      Absolutely love that movie!!

      Didn’t really care much for Jaws or Close Encounters.

  7. indy-trilogy and least terminal. and i have to say about -michael bays- comment about weaving and other overpaid actors, he speaks the truth, i thought the same thing before about the comment from -paul bettany-. long live bay :)

    • He (Bay) may not like their comments but they are entitled to an opinion, even if it doesn’t coincide with Bay’s.

      I remember seeing an interview with Colm Feore about his role on The Chronicle’s of Riddick, he was rather scathing of that, pretty much saying that it was all rubbish but it paid the mortgage.

      As actors they do things to see how they might like the work, even Dustin Hoffman was unhappy with the voice over work he did on Kung-Fu Panda, primarily that he was in a sound studio on his own simply doing his dialogue, he didn’t get to work with any of the other actors. He assumed that he would be in a room with all the other cast and could bounce stuff off each other.

      But hey, if Bay doesn’t like their opinion’s I guess he can do what he did with Megan Fox, just don’t hire him again and get someone else.

      • yes,agreed!

  8. Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter releases on Blu-ray Tuesday, is it worth the purchase ? I didn’t get a chance to watch it in theaters so I’m wondering if I should pick it up.

    • for a d.v.d night,yes. some scenes are really fun to watch,i haven´t expected more from the movie.

    • but my tipp is rent it first,before you buy it.

      • It is my guilty. pleasure haha, it to me is awesomely bad, ill be picking up the blu Ray eventually.

        • you, talkin to me, to me (angry face), or what ? no,i´m just joking :) you see it in every comment from me is a smiley. but,really i don´t understand your comment, because i don´t get if you replied my comment or another. if you mean the -a.l.v.hunter-, i´ve just said that it´s watchable. and, what i do find curious is. why do you buy a movie if you find the movie bad. it= something,he-she-it, but not a person…heeeeehhhh

          • Trey is definitely responding to your comment, but basically he’s saying that he knows it’s bad but he likes it anyway.

            Everyone pretty much has a ‘guilty pleasure’, that is a movie that most people will say is really bad, but it just hits a spot, whether it’s your sense of humour, or something else.

            Don’t know if you’ve heard of a movie called ‘Howard The Duck’, well to be honest I’ve never actually sat through it because quite frankly I thought it was crap from the first few minutes, however I did used to know someone, friends of the family, who actually loved that film. You could tell how much they loved it when they’d tell you all about it, myself I couldn’t help thinking that it sounded like crap just from their description, but none-the-less they loved it.

            So, that’s what Trey means (ALVH is probably not on a par as far as the badness of Howard The Duck is but…), yes, it’s bad, but it has something that just hits the spot for him.


            • alright ! :)

  9. If you could hang out with one comic book character for 24 hours, who would it be and why?

    • Booster Gold’s robot sidekick, Skeets. I’d use it to learn about future sport events and stock market trends to benefit myself Biff Tannen~Back to the Future style.

      • I’d wanna play baseball with Charlie Brown and the gang. cause I’d feel inferior and odd around a superhero.

      • Somebody has been watching Back tothe Future Part II lol

        • yes it was in the 80s ha,ha :)

        • Ignur – I haven’t watched Back to the Future (any of them) in years. I’m just an 80s child. But I thought about Scapegoats question and thought who would benefit ME the most…I could hang out with a billionaire or try to seduce a hot female character (but then I’d feel guilty around my wife and kids afterwards) so then I thought about maybe I’d go hang out with a villain and gain some riches…but I’m not a sociopath and I’d have the guilt of robbery (or whatever we did to gain the money) hanging over me. But pulling a Biff with Skeets, I could benefit my family by getting rich and taking care of my wife and kids. I could send them to college and fund my dream without doing anything too morally wrong (other than cheating the system with a bookie). I could even take some of those winnings to donate to charity. And of course, I’d give a donation to Vic for Screenrant. Now, I wouldn’t go as far as Biff did and create my own kingdom. I’d only win enough for my family to live without worry. Because I know with great power comes great responsibility…and I’m lazy and don’t won’t any responsibility.

    • The Flaming Carrot. Anyone who’s defeated flying dead dogs is cool with me. And hopefully he’d let me ride on his nuclear-powered pogo stick.

    • My choice would be Batman, and hopefully he’d train me to take over when that time came. Lots of awesome and really cool gadgets and the awesome batmobile.

      • In 24 Hours?


    • Tony Stark for me. I’d just want to pick his brain about a lot of diffrent stuff, plus he’s just a riot.

    • one night with poison ivy, she´s the hottest female comic villain.

    • Mystique. She can be any woman, so do I really have to explain that. 😛

      Dr. Strange would be cool; he could conjure up just about anything you’d want.

      • Kahless becomes the Regrettable when at the wrong instant…While having relations with Mystique, the phone rings and he looks at the caller ID and picks up the Phone, and says ” What do you want Mom?” Which Mystique mistakes for “I want my Mom!” and ::Poof:: Mystique becomes Kahless Mom…..Now are’nt you disturbed now???

      • hey, i want -mystique- :) how could i forget her.

    • Tony Stark, hands down: the money, the parties, the women, the highly evolved artificial intelligence… and maybe he’d let me take his armor out for a spin too.

      • As The Avenger returns the MK VII to Stark. Stark Replies: Dude! At least clean it out when you crap yourself doing Mach 2!

        ::POOF:: Ninja Vanish before The Avenger hunts me down for that remark.

    • Ant-Man (Eric O’Grady) we both have low morals.

    • Hang out with Barry Allen at the Crime Lab, just before the explosion. Tell him I am thinking about all aspects of Police…

      And just wait for that lightening bolt…WOOO FRACKING WOOO!

    • The Hulk, then I could get him to tenderize my steaks for the BBQ!


      Ooh, on second thought’s Thor would be a much better choice to do the tenderizing, and less volatile.


      • Um…24 Hours with Hulk or Thor and you want them to Beat Meat???

        Rather have Black Widow to Beat Meat……………….


        • You just had to get down in the gutter didn’t you.

          For shame, for shame.


          • hahaha:)

  10. I hope that DC dosen’t make The Avengers. I love the Avengers but I hope they make a completely different kind of movie. Making a clone of a movie like that would be pointless. They need to do their team up in a unique way. And I think DC should go darker than Marvel… maybe not Dark Knight dark though.

  11. Anybody have any thoughts on how Oliver Queen learned how to fight on that island like a ninja (on Arrow)? I mean the guy can grow down! He seems like such a wimp in the lift raft scenes, yet now he seems unstoppable.

    • I believe in the last ep it showed he wasnt so alone on that island.

    • he was there for 5 years, and if you saw the 2nd episode, you saw he got shot w/an arrow, most likely the person who trained him.
      i have to say i am liking this show so far, and hope it continues to do well

  12. 30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With The Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    Is probably the worst thing Ive seen ever and I only watched a trailer.

  13. I JUST watched the first episode of ‘Arrow’ and holy crap, that was awesome!

    I had high hopes for the show, but I didn’t expect it to blow my expectations out of the water like that.

    My only complaint would be the corny voice over from Queen, but one might argue that that’s them trying to be faithful to the comic books (where there’s usually a narration from the hero) – other than that, I can’t find any faults: The story is enticing, interesting and mysterious right from the bat and the fight-choreography alone is something you’d expect to see in a high budget movie. IMO it’s too early to really criticize the characters/cast, but so far so good.

    Definitely hooked now. Can’t wait till next week!

  14. Watched Hellboy. It was a lot of fun, not by any means an amazing or thought-provoking masterpiece, but just plain monster fun! Judging by just the first film I’d say go ahead and make Hellboy 3 Del Torro, I’m looking forward to it!

    • I loved the first one; it’s in my top 5 comic book adaptations. I think possibly because I was actually quite a dark film with comedic elements, whereas II was kind of the opposite: a comedy with dark elements. The tone just felt off to me.

    • Hellboy II was a totally different beast- a lot more humor and lighter in tone. Don’t watch it expecting the same gritty, dark tone as the first.

  15. In terms of the Spielberg Question,
    Best,Schindlers List.
    Worst, A.I.

    • No no, I’d have to say his worst was 1941, now that really was crap.

      His best, well obviously (like his worst) it’s subjective, but I have a soft spot for 3 of his WWII flicks:

      Saving Private Ryan
      Schindler’s List
      The Empire of The Sun

      I’d have a hard time trying to decide which is better as they all do a good job of hitting you in the two places that matter, your heart and your mind.

  16. “Sinister” was the most disturbing movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. Especially “Lawn Work”. I just wish the ending wasn’t so rushed as to tie up loose ends. Spielberg movie? How about Duel, his first film. Suspiria, Horror Hotel…anybody seen these?

  17. Black swan is the best horror movie of the last 10 years. Also France has been putting out some great stuff, martyrs, inside, frontiers, livid and high tension to name a few

    Spielberg: best Jurassic park
    Worst: Munich
    I love A.I no matter what anyone else says

    • Black Swan? Seriously? Just proves opinions are indeed like a–holes, in that we all have one.

      • @Jeff. Do you think black swan is a bad movie? Do you think it doesn’t qualify as a horror? Do you believe there are a bunch of better horror movies in recent years? Or is it all of the above? If so I’m still curious to know what your choice is.
        I stand by mine 100%. IMO It’s the only movie of the last decade that taps into the spirit of Polanski, Cronenburg and Argento whilst simultaneously being completely original and rewarding of multiple viewings. It has zero cheap scares and doesn’t need mountains of gore to get it’s point across. I think it’s astonishing, but that’s my a**-hole opinion I guess.
        I need another opinion on this from somebody. Firstly, am I wrong for thinking black swan is a horror movie? Secondly, What is the best horror film of the last 10 years?

      • I can see where Mark is coming from. Black Swan has the usual components for a horror story. evil persona, Talking paintings, blood and all that it would entail.

        But, with that said. It is more a psychological thriller than a horror movie. Because of the horrors, it was all in her mind, she became self obsessed with her own shortcomings, she became blinded by the belief that her true self is…The Black Swan.

        • What he said.