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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 18, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 18, 2013

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  1. “Once Upon a Time” is horrible this season.

    • We use to watch that as a family and we watched all of season one. Half way through season 2 we all lost interest and haven’t seen it since. I’m not sure if the theme is growing tiresome or if they just have too many characters but something is wrong with the show.

      • *nods* We did as well. Once we got to half way through season two, we suddenly lost interest in the series. I watched the first few episodes of season three, and I felt like ‘the feeling’ had been lost. Something went wrong somewhere. “Once Upon a Time” started out on a nice note.

  2. So I watched Man of Steel for the second time last night (only saw it in theaters once), and I do have to say that I think all the negativity towards the movie is overblown. As a superhero origin story, I think it’s one of the better ones to have been made. There’s been so many critiques lobbed at this movie that I’m not even sure where to start, but I think ultimately it did a really good job of presenting Superman as someone trying to find his place in the world.

    Of course, these are my personal opinions. I’ve never had any huge attachment to Superman as a character and I think Man of Steel did a great job in updating the character to match our time.

    • Just one more week until I’ll see it for the first time. Can’t wait.

    • I hope you can understand that many others have a different point of view about the film. Although I felt Cavill did a good job as Superman, and the film looked authentic, I was not happy with the story at all. I would have preferred a more traditional origin story, a more cerebral, instead of completely enraged, villain, not nearly as much grandiose destruction, and not nearly as quick of an ending, or at least one that would have addressed all of the destruction that occurred. I actually agree with many of the critics on the movie…mediocre at best.

    • I’m not really a Superman fan either, but I completely agree with you. The movie was good (actually, imo it was great), and it accomplished what it was trying to achieve (giving modern audiences a new and updated take on the character).

      I honestly don’t understand why critics gave the movie such a bashing, but my best guess would be that they had certain expectations that weren’t met. A lot of the reviews give the impression that it wasn’t lighthearted enough, but if anyone’s seen a trailer, they should know lightheartedness isn’t what they were going for. The movie is like a biblical epic in the sense that there’s this incredibly powerful force among average people and the idea was to explore what would happen when this force is unleashed (hint: it’s not fun or playful stuff)

      Those who want a lighthearted Superman should go watch the Christopher Reeve movies (or wait for MOS2,which I predict will have a bit more humor) , but it’s not MOS’s fault that the critics got the wrong message.

      • Avenger, please read my brief critique above. It had nothing to do with it not being lighthearted enough. I actually liked the more serious tone. There were plenty of other problems with it, though.

      • I honestly don’t understand why critics gave the movie such a bashing, but my best guess would be that they had certain expectations that weren’t met.

        Well technically, you’re correct. Critics expected a story that wasn’t full of plot holes, a script that wasn’t choppy and disjointed, dialogue that wasn’t cheesy and action sequences that weren’t tedious and uninspired… so none of their expectations were met.

  3. Good Morrow Every one!! Happy Friday and have a splendid weekend. I get a hall pass this weekend so going to tear it up!!! Movie marathon! I know. I’m pretty crazy… :)

  4. If they make another Friday the 13th movie it will be the 13th (discounting the unrelated orphan).
    1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 (jason goes to hell), 10, 11(freddy vs. jason), 12 (the reboot).

    How could they not? Is there any news on another Jason Vorhees bloodfest? I wouldn’t mind a fresh return to camp crystal lake next halloween.

    • @ Pitt Man

      I read something about how the Friday The 13th franchise will be bought back by Paramount so further sequels will be made by them. Forget where I read it from as I was seeing if a sequel to the remake would be made.

  5. Happy Friday y’all!

    So, getting pretty excited for Thor in three weeks, but also that a Cap trailer will most certainly be tied to it. With all the Guardians news (which I’m incredibly stoked for) I haven’t really heard to much marketing for Cap…if at all.

    • Im sure it will be kicked into overdrive after thors release.

    • I’ve very excited for a trailer for Cap as well. Excitement level goes:
      #1 Thor TDW
      #2 Post Credits Scene
      #3 Cap Trailer

      I’m really hoping for something fantastic on the post credits scene after the lack luster IM3 scene.

      • My excitement level mirrors your list. I hope the mid/post credit scene really leads towards the guardians, honestly. Thor’s the only movie that takes us to other planets outside of our own so it will be a huge missed oppurtunity if they don’t do something like that.

        • I read over on CBM that there will be a mid credits and post credits… Hopefully one leads to Guardians and one leads to Captain America.

          • Idk. Sometimes they just say that when it hasn’t been stated otherwise. They’d claim there are four pre/mid/post credit button scenes if they thought they could get away with it.

            • I’ve been seeing it on twitter as well because there was the first screening of it yesterday.

              • First screening already? Man it really is getting close in a hurry.

                Well that does lead more credence to the idea. But have those people been referring to both as serous scenes leading to future movies?

                One of them could still be an Iron Man 3 type scene (you know, a small scene to round out the movie itself, like traditional button scenes always use to be about). I have this sense that one of them could be about Loki, sorta showing his situation after the movie ends to hold Loki fans over until the next Thor movie.

  6. So i guess Im seeing Carrie tonight. I would rather see Gravity or Escape Plan but my friend wants to see Carrie so you know. whatever, I hope Carrie’s good. I havent seen a horror film in theaters since 2006 (Final Destination 3). So i guess this will be something different than what i usually see.

    • I’m waiting for that to come out on redbox. Hopefully you enjoy it; I just see too much CGI in horror movies now and days and that kind of ruins it for me…

    • I’m interested cuz I’m a Chloe Grace Moretz (idk spelling) fan. But the movie doesnt look great. I understand your frustration I’d much rather watch Escape Plan (or see Gravity again) as well. I still gotta watch the original Carrie tho. Horror has never really been my genre either, I haven’t seen very many horror flicks.

    • @ Draagyn

      Hope you enjoy Carrie. Im still debating whether to see it or not. The original was great & im fan of Chloe Grace.

      • So i just got back. I thought it was good. The (spoiler???) pig’s blood scene onward was pretty intense. Julianne Moore did crazy really well. I also thought Chloe Grace did a good job. Ive only seen part of the original and from what i saw i dont think they really did anything new with the new one. I give it a 6.5/10 or 3.25/5.

        I wouldve rather spent my money on Gravity or Escape Plan. And what is funny is the two friends i went with didnt like it. and they chose Carrie to see! oh well.

        I didnt really notice a whole lot of CGI. or at least it wasnt to noticable. well, maybe in some scenes. haha.

  7. Did anyone else catch the apparent new jerseys from the upcoming Batman Vs Superman movie?

    • Saw that. Not sure how I feel about it. I didn’t think the football scene was that amazing continue it in another movie… But maybe it’ because they used Pittsburgh and not my Packers. :)

    • @ LC

      Yep, I saw that. I wonder how that scene figures into the movie. I really hope it doesn’t turn out the one in TDKR.

  8. Happy Friday, btw! Tomorrow is the AZ Taco Festival! Guess who is going?!?! This guy! And then Sunday, we are off to the science center.

    • *thumbs up pointing to self*

      They have taco festivals? Thats all kinds of awesome!!

      • Tacos and Nachos rule, they just rule.

  9. Just started watching the BBC show Luther (it’s excellent so far) and I noticed how much The Following ripped off that show. Not only is the setting very similar(officer returns to duty after breakdown, has trouble with his wife, goes after serial killers) but it also uses very similar cinematography.

    For example those shots when the face of a character is sitting in the corner of the frame rather smallish while being surrounded by lots of negative space, or those close ups with the face pointing to the edge of the frame that is closest to the face, with lots of free space behind the head. That’s a rather unique approach that I’ve only really seen in The Following and Luther so far, and Luther definitely existed first.

  10. Was watching Nightmare On Elm Street 5 & one of my favorite kills was Phantom Prowler vs. Freddy/Super Freddy. Most of all id love to get my hands on a copy of that Nightmares From Hell comic as seen in the film.

  11. Anybody know some scary horror movies I could check out? Recently I watched An American Werewolf in London and Let the Right One in. Both films were freakin fantastic but they weren’t scary at all.

    Horror’s never really been my genre. The horror flicks I wanna see this year (hopefully before halloween) are The Shining, Poltergeist, and the original Carrie. I don’t even know if those ones are that scary.

    • I really liked They and Mirrors.

      • Im not a big horror fan. I guess im more of a “slasher” fan, but not even really that either. I like the Holloween series (Original, not Rob Zombie crap) The ones with Jamie Lee Curtis are the best. 1,2, H20 are really good. And i personally really enjoy Holloween Ressurection even though i know a lot of people hate it.

        I also like I know What You Did Last Summer, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, Wrong Turn (the first one).

        Those are all one I enjoy and can watch more than once. Might not be in your taste but I like them.

        Though none of them are too scary, at least for me, so if thats what youre going for they might not be the best choices.

    • @ movieDude

      Did you ever end up watching “The Road”?

      • @ Stark

        Yeah man. Pretty somber movie. Viggo Mortensen and that kid were really great together. But wow! There were some parts that hit you hard. Like that basement? Whoa!! Crazy stuff. I really enjoyed the movie though.

        I’d be more specific but I don’t wanna spoil anything for unsuspecting readers on the OD.

        Thanks for the recommendation by the way!

        • If you get the chance, read the book. There’s one part (not in the movie) that still gives me chills when I think about it.

          One scary film I enjoyed is The Changeling (1980) with George C. Scott. It’s been some time since I’ve seen it, but I do remember it as being really creepy.

          • Surprisingly enough I have actually seen that one! That movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. It might have been my first horror movie.

            To be honest I’m not much of a reader but I’ll have to look into that one. I’ll bet some parts from the book are MUCH more graphic than the movie. I feel like with literature there’s more room for description than a movie. It leaves more to the imagination.

            • @ movieDude

              $2 is right, read the book. Some things in the book make the movie look tame. I’m glad you enjoyed it, I did as well, it just takes a while to get some of those images out of your head.

              • I wish I was as strong as you, Stark. I try and try but can’t get that scene out of my head.

            • “I feel like with literature there’s more room for description than a movie. It leaves more to the imagination.”


              Glad to hear you’ve seen the creepy film. I challenged some girls in college to watch it on Halloween night. A buddy and I sneaked into the house and scared the heck out of them while they were watching it. Like in the film, we bounced a ball down the stairs at them. They were freaking out.

    • @ movieDude

      Another would be Stephen King’s IT. Id start from 80s horror films & work my way back first before going into films like Saw or Paranormal Activity films

      • BTW, Any horror film in black & white is a good one.

        • Duly noted. The box of IT always scared me as a kid but I never saw it haha.

          Good call on the B&W horror flicks. The movie that led me to watch zombie movies like 28 days later, Dawn of the Dead, and Walking Dead was that B&W flick Night of the Living Dead. I thought that movie was amazing when I saw it on TV several years ago.

      • It the book was scary. It the movie tried to be scary, but the acting, imho, was just baad [yes, 2 a's worth of bad] and the whole thing came of as cheesy. For me, King’s books rarely make good movies; the obvious exceptions being Carrie, Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption, Misery, and The Shining. so much of his writing is internal dialog and character thoughts that just don’t translate well into films.

    • Watch the Paranormal Activity movies alone, in the dark, and with surround sound.

      People might give them crap… but they will make you jump a few times per movie. Who cares if the stories are crap, I find it exciting to get spooked LOL.

      • You know.. I never even saw the first Paranormal Activity. I really need to watch that. I’ll try and make time for it before Halloween.

        • @movieDude

          Yeah i havent seen any of the Paranormal Activity films either. And I own the first one! I’m not much of a fan of New Horror. I think the most recent new horror film ive watched is The Woman in Black. and that film was kind of a throwback to older horror films anyways.

          New Holloween: Dumb. Freedy vs. Jason: Dumb. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): Mostly Dumb. There have only been a few horror films from the past 10 years that I have enjoyed.

          • @ Draagyn

            I can speak to that.

            Horror movies of the last 10 yrs…. I also enjoyed Woman in Black, I am told I need to see Insidious, I really liked Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland (does that count?), Shaun of the Dead (does that count too?), Let the Right One In is amazing, idk what else. I gotta expand my horror horizons.

            • Ok yeah, i enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and Cabin in the Woods. But those are not traditional horror film haha. I would say the scariest of those was maybe Cabin, then Shaun, then Zombieland.

    • @ MovieDude
      Check out the 3 you mentioned. While they may not seem all the scary today they’re classics of the genre.
      I’m also a fan of slasher films and would recommend A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 3. Part 3 ranks up there as one of my favorite horror films. Also Halloween is pretty fantastic.

    • Every october there is a month long horror movie marathon at my house. I would recommend you watch Triangle, don’t think you’ll be disappointed. “They” was a pretty solid horror flick as well, the Evil Dead remake that recently came out is worth a watch. Of course, there are classics you can’t go wrong with; Pet Sematary, Halloween, Hellraiser, Child’s Play. The original Saw gets alot of hate I think because of all the putrid excrement sequels that followed it but I think remains a good horror movie.
      If you’re looking to get genuinely scared, that’s a tough one to do. Movies like The Strangers or The Conjuring might just work, both supposedly based on true events.
      Hope I helped.

    • If you haven’t seen the Exorcist yet…that one is the scariest of all. Perhaps it was because I was young and impressionable when I saw it, but still…

  12. just started catching up on The League they finally began playing it in Canada onto season 3 for me

  13. RIP Ed Lauter.
    I’m planning on watching The Longest Yard (’74) this weekend. He was awesome as Captain Knauer.

  14. Okay, so I’ve seen Gravity, but I really don’t get all the hype.


    It’s a good movie, and the visuals are stunning, but the story is completely absurd and the characters unrealistic. Since it’s pretty clear where the movie’s pro’s lie, I’m gonna rant a bit about the stuff I didn’t like:

    Maybe I got this wrong, but a Russian missile causes debris which then sets of a chain reaction destroying seemingly almost all satellites orbiting earth?….. Yeah, okay.
    Sandra Bullock’s character is a rookie and therefor makes mistakes, which is fine but some of the stuff she does just doesn’t make sense (when one’s against the clock and debris is about to come crashing down on you, maybe it’s not a good idea to constantly stop and take in the view), and George Clooney plays George Clooney in this flick (which is tough, because he’s good, but it feels like I’m watching him, not the character)

    Another thing that really bugs me is the endless amount of grief the poor woman finds herself in. I realise it’s a thriller and suspense is a huge part of the movie, but they overdid it. By the time she lands the pod and nearly drowns, people in the theater actually started giggling. I mean, the way it was going I was thinking she’d ALSO get caught in that seaweed and ALSO get attacked by some sharks. Luckily that never happened, but it was just too much. Instead of writing so many crazy situations, maybe they could have just extended some of them.

    Also, some of the themes and ideas feel very reminiscent of 2001:ASO, but for the life of me I can’t figure out if they were ripping the movie off, or paying homage to it (imo, poorly executed).

    I’ll give it a generous 8/10, but imo a movie should be about more than just awesome looking visual effects.

    • I don’t understand much of the hype either. No doubt the visuals and technical aspects of the film are amazing and deserve praise, but the story and writing (which is kind of important, right?) present a very standard space thriller movie that isn’t really remarkable in any way. I also think people may be viewing the movie through rose tinted glasses (almost literally) with the 3D/IMAX versions of the film. Shouldn’t a movie be able to stand on its own without those enhancements? But anyways, it’s still a good solid movie. I just don’t feel it’s the grand masterpiece people make it out to be.

    • ***SPOILERS*****

      I’m partly with you TA. I thought visually it was tremendous. story wise i think it was ok. it was a straight forward action film. the near drowning was too much for me also. i also thought “shenanigans” to myself when he gets to the russian ship with her. covering your eyes keeps you from exploding/imploding when he opens the door? then it was just a hallucination/dream thing.
      i think Kofi was a bit to generous with that 5 star rating. i think a 5 star film would be perfect visually as well as story/acting, and this was lacking in the latter, in mine, and a few others i’ve read, opinion/s.

  15. I want Bill Hader to play Ant-man.

  16. I saw Machete Kills tonight. It was awful compared to the first film even. At first I was like wtf, then the film I thought was gonna be good but as it progressed became a pile of you know what. What was RR making? Star Wars,Austin Powers & Machete rolled into one film I thought. I won’t be seeing it again or buying it, I doubt i’ll see the next sequel. I missed the reviews on here. Won’t happen again.

    • I haven’t seen it, or the original for that matter, but wasn’t it supposed to be an over-the-top, campy, B movie? The clips that preceeded it made it apparent that it was not made with any seriousness at all.