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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 17, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 17, 2012

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  1. One of the best things about sinister was the soundtrack, it made some scenes really intense such as this playing during the lawn mower scene.

  2. What’s up ranters. I’m going steer clear of super heroes today and bring up a different subject. With the lone ranger movie hitting theaters soon, I ask this question. Which TV western should Hollywood give the big screen treatment 2 next?

    For me I’ll say the riflemen. Used 2 watch it with my granny who would watch Westerns every Saturday religiously.I still watch the riflemen on amc whenever it comes on. So, does anyone have a favorite western they want 2 see on the big screen anytime soon?

    • the wild bunch, no doubt.

  3. I find this a shockingly unprofessional thing to say

    No one from the Marvel camp ever slags off TDK or TDKR, in fact they only ever say nice things.

    • I wonder if he even knows that The Avengers’ cinematography was greatly inspired by the comic books – some might call that the “wrong way to shoot” I guess, but some might also think of it as fresh and creative.

      Anyway, everyone’s entitled to their opinion and Pfister is great at what he does… I’m just a little shocked that he’s “appalled” by a film simply because of the cinematography.

      • Overall, it is simply a very unprofessional thing to say in such a public way.
        Can you imagine Nolan saying something like that? No, he has too much class.

        As you say The Avengers was done deliberately to seem more like a comic book, and Whedon has his own style of shooting a film. And did he fail to notice, the music, the great action, the special effects, the witty script or the huge roster of talented actors? Because it takes all of those ingredients and more, to make a film good or bad.

        • I think you fail to notice that Pfister wasn’t saying the whole film was bad. He was only referring to the camera angles as poor.

          “I thought The Avengers was an appalling film. They’d shoot from some odd angle and I’d think, why is the camera there?”

          No mentions of soundtrack. No mentions of acting. Just the camera angles. That’s all he was talking about. It’s easy for mainstream media to manipulate such a quote.
          The Avengers was far from the best movie of the year. Nevertheless, it was still decent. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.

      • It was one of my first complaints, and one shared with a several good reviews of The Avengers.. Especially the opening scene. The cinemotography could of have been much better. But Wally Pfister could have been much much more classier in his statement.

        • I’ll give you the opening scene, that’s true. But the rest of the film, no.

        • I think the opening scene had more to do with it being a “Built” Set on a grand scale and filmed at night.

          Where as the scope of Photography during the day was a combination of real world buildings and the ability to use wide angle lenses to convery the scope of the invasion and the fight scenes.

    • I’ve started watching ‘Revolution’ and it’s really boring.
      The leading lady is pretty much a rip-off of Katnis (The Hunger Games) and the rest of the cast reminds me a lot of some of the cast members from ‘Lost’. The story has all the elements of being interesting, but somehow it fails to do just that.
      I really wanted the like the show, but I think I’m gonna drop it.

      • Woops, this wasn’t meant to be a reply, sorry.

        But @DSB: I agree. His comment (while entitled to say whatever he wants) was in very poor taste.

      • 2 episodes was the most I could manage. It is incredibly dull. The ratings its getting are baffling.

      • I’ve been watching Revolution. I think it’s improving, but it is understandable why a lot of people aren’t enjoying it. Charlie (the leading lady) is annoying (and only resembles Katniss by being female and having arrows). Katniss grew up in that world and had a hardness about her…this girl seems sheltered to the way the world works…and that annoys me. But I have to say, only watching 2 episodes doesn’t really give you any character development…for Captain Neville, Monroe, and Miles…because those kids are dumb. Most shows like this (LOST, Terra Nova) start off with a 2 hour pilot, so that’s why I gave it more time to develop. Each week I keep tuning in because something intrigues me, so I’d give it a chance if I was you. Or wait until its on Netflix…or just give up on it. Who am I to tell you what to do? :)

        • You make a very good points there, sir… I think I’ll watch one or two more episodes (only seen three so far) and if it’s still disappointing, then I’ll drop the series.

          • Cool. Also, you have to forget about any explanation why their clothes are in pristine condition. Because thinking about that will drive you bonkers.

            • … if you hadn’t brought it up, I probably would never even have noticed that :I

          • i agree on the boring aspect. i tried watching ep 3 last nite, and i fell asleep. it was late, but not that late. i may give it a shot again this weekend, (cant tonight. person of interest and elementary)but i just dont like the way it’s shot. it seems to bright, and the cgi to make a city look rundown looks cheap, like bad videogame cheap.

    • You would think someone who followed Nolan his whole career wouldn’t say something like that, very classless.

      • yet I think only a cinematographer would be completely taken out by camera angles. the only shots that bugged me was the beginning and the upsidedown staff shot. it may not be the most beautifully filmed but far from the worst of the year.

    • Sour grapes.

    • Personally, I think it’s just another case of jealousy.

  4. With the new Marvel NOW! Guardians of the Galaxy issue #1 set to release in February, What if they model the cast for the movie off of the new imagery?


    Who would you like to play Star-Lord now?

  5. Who’s tuning in to ARROW tonight ? I’ll be watching.

    • Aye!

    • I sure am. Green Arrow taking on China White!

    • I’m gonna start watching this Friday. Can’t wait!

    • Well, won’t be watching, but will downloading in the morning.

    • I can’t wait. Iook forward to it every week now.

  6. When the Star Trek Into Darkness Facebook page gets 500,000 likes, they will release the first teaser trailer!

    So get liking people!!!!!!!!!

    • Nope.

      • Your support is appreciated.

        • I’m not gonna let them make me jump through hoops like a little dog in order to get a commercial for a product that they want to sell me.

          Besides, I don’t have a Facebook account, and I will keep it that way as long as I possibly can. So, there is that.

          • It’s just a marketing tool, no need to take it quite so seriously.

          • +1, But I do have a facebook.

    • Some people are now saying it’s fake, but still, like, just in case it isn’t!

      • If it’s fake, then it is most likely a virus, so NOT liking would be the best bet

        • Pretty sure you can’t get a virus by liking something on facebook.
          Just ‘sayin.

          • Actually you can get a virus from “Liking” on facebook. There are ways to do it inside of an app on facebook. So I would stay clear of it.

            • I don’t have facebook myself, but that’s very interesting.
              You’d think the most popular social app on the planet would have better security.

    • I’m so not interested in this movie…

  7. With Prometheus having been released in Blu-ray for a week now, what does everyone think of it? Any opinions change?

    • I gave it 7.5 on cinema viewing and I still give it 7.5 after Blu ray.

      It is a beautifully shot film, stunning in fact, And Fassbender gives a fantastic performance. But it was a film constantly at odds without itself, unable to forge any meaningful identity of its own.
      It should have been a direct alien prequel or a new sci fi film about the creation of mankind. It could not be both.

      • I know and I agree with what you say, but I hope that in the next film they begin to connect-the-dots. I was thinking more about where they could go with it and I think it is possible to tie it all in together. For instance, if Shaw and David end up at the home planet of the engineers we might find that Shaw and/or David release the black goo on the planet thereby infecting the population of the engineers with their own creation. The engineers could flee the planet to escape the death and one of the ships crash lands on LV-426 because the alien made it on the ship before they escaped which explains the crashed ship in the beginning of Alien. For me, that would be completely believable. It would take a much larger story (man finding its creators) and then narrow in on a smaller story within that resulting in LV-426 and Ripley. Imagine if Ripley was to explore the origins of the Xenomorph and was able to explore that ship from the first alien. What if she was to find one of those hologram recordings showing what had happened? It would be a neat twist to find that our retaliation against our creators actually created some pretty horrific creatures which Ripley encountered on LV-426.

        I know we have all talked and debated this stuff to death; we are Alien geeks after all. I just thought Prometheus was fantastic and with the deleted scenes I think it fills some of the holes.

      • @ Dr.SamBeckett

        I haven’t seen Prometheus yet. But between that film & AVP, would it matter which film really in a small way is a prequel to Alien? I mean the AVP films were only intended as spin-off films in their own franchise & not direct sequels to the Predator franchise and/or prequel to the Alien franchise. Atleast imo that’s what Paul W.S. Anderson attempted while the directors of AVP-R had their films focused right after the events of it’s successer. I hope i enjoy it somewhat as my friends didn’t enjoyed it as they hoped.

    • I think it’s an awesome movie. It has its problems but they bothered me a lot less the second time around than on my first viewing. I think Prometheus is one of those movies that gets better with repeated viewings.

      That the Blu-ray’s picture and audio quality is absolutely top notch doesn’t hurt either.I’m not a big fan of digital cinematography, but Prometheus proved to me that digital FOOTAGE (sorry, Kofi :D ) can look almost as fantastic as actual film stock. It’s a far cry from the terrible and blurry consumer cam look that Michael Mann seems to be so fond of ever since Collateral, for example.

    • the weird scientist who was petting with the alien-snake did destroyed the whole movie.

      • I keep reading that people get totally hung up about that scene, even though it’s very similar to Kane’s behavior in Alien, when he stuck his head right over the opening egg. I never saw anybody claim that this scene destroyed Alien.

        • Kane wasn’t a biologist though was he?

          • No, a biologist would show even more excitement and interest in a strange creature that he should be protected from in a suit. But I don’t wanna go through all that again. I already had a lengthy and heated discussion about that scene somewhere else on this site.An experience I don’t care to repealt. Let’s just agree to disagree. ;)

            • Fair enough.

              • In the theater , or on blu ray, either way still disappointing, still dumb.

                • Look the guy clearly had a thing for snakes and this one looked like a vagina, he couldnt help himself.

                  • Who could?

                  • @cody – I haven’t seen Prometheus yet, but that description of that creature has me even more intrigued.

                  • lol!

            • I’m not sure if you all saw one of the deleted scenes so I don’t want to spoil it for you, but it explains why he wasn’t fearful or cautious of the black goo snake. I will explain the scene below so don’t read the next paragraph if you want to avoid a spoiler.

              In the deleted scene the biologist see’s a new species of something, similar to a large slug or leech, that he picks up and holds in his hands. The “leech” was, at the time, harmless and he was handling it and placing it in a tin as a specimen. He was very excited that it was a brand new species. This all was prior to the black goo snake appearing, so it shows that his eagerness and willingness to get down close to the black goo snake was because he did not anticipate it being harmful.

              If anything, the editing in this movie is what should be attacked. My God (or engineer?), keep David Lindelof out of the editing room and away from the script…PLEASE!

              • could you tell me about the other deleted scenes such as the alternate opening/ending or send me to a place where theyre summarized.

    • i watched it tuesday night. i thought it was wonderfully shot, but man, the story just couldn’t seem to gel. the characters made some pretty bold jumps in their conclusions. i think i understand the logic of the story, and i get how it plays into the alien-verse. i will probably buy the blu-ray at some point at a used store. i do hope the sequel id better.

      ************** SPOILER ALERT************

      that was the crane game from hell!

  8. I watched seven psychopaths yesterday and I absolutely loved it. one of my favorite films of the year. also watched there Will be blood and sin city. I really enjoy sin city. but on the fence about there Will be blood. its masterful in parts but has a score the felt like it should be in a different film. I feel PTA is a voiceless director with nothing to say. but man was DDL something special in that.

  9. if i make a comment and write something failse in english, then it would be fair to help me to correct it,but some here just make a joke with it that my english knowings are bad. never met people like here in real life,thank god.

    • They probably don’t even realize that visitors from other countries frequent this site as well. Just ask them how many languages they speak. ;)

      • well, i´ve began that discussion ,because 2 persons did it yesterday and last week,again. to end this discussion and to answer your question: if i ask them if they can speak another language,then they are hiding from that question. normal smart people wouldn´t make jokes about my grammar, they are most themselfs analphabets which can´t write their own language correctly.

        • That is unfortunate. One if reasons I like this site so much is for surprising lack of trolling that occurs. Many times when I try to geek out on other forums, my sexuality is questioned.

          Try not to take it to hard. English is my first and only language and I still need to remind myself to spell check my messages before I post them.

    • “if i make a comment and write something failse in english,”

      Irony … you’re living it.

      But don’t let it bother you too much. Most people correct grammar on here just for a laugh, not because they are trying to be mean.

      • thank you for doing it again. so -failse- is not the right word, is it then …something wrong in english…the right writing ? i don´t know ,maybe i´m getting too overheated if i can´t write everything perfect and if someone makes a bad joke about it, i think no one would like it.

        • Merdan –

          There is no “i” in “false”
          And I’m not intending to be mean. Like I said it’s only to have a little fun so try not to take it as a personal attack or anything. Your English is better than a lot of Americans I know. :)

          • my – thank you for doing it again- was meant as sarcasm. my fault :) and thanks for correcting the word, that helps me more,next time i´ll write it correctly.

  10. with people like here i mean just 4-5 persons. no need to say the names.

    • You keep on writing your comments the best that you can. Everybody I’ve encountered on this site is cool and not mean spirited. Write, comment and enjoy. Relax, u are among fellow geeks here. :)

      • yes,thank you for keepin´notice . : )

        • i have no problems figuring out what you are talking about. how did you learn english? was it just from the internet, or did you use some program like rossetta stone or something? just curious.

          • no, i´ve learned it at school ( english is maine-language at german schools), and i try to learn the grammar better. and i did have learned a lot by my self without a program from internet or something in that form. what helps me a lot are the conversations and comments here, where i learn better grammar. the only thing that i have is an 30 year old english-german translate-book. my english at school was always a+ notes. but to learn at school and to conversate here and try to keep some right grammar in the brain,are two different things.

  11. I must share my disappointment that Skyfall doesn’t open with the trademark Bond walking across the gun barrel. Obviously not a deal breaker, the film still looks great, just thought at it was the 50th anniversary, it might have been prudent to include something as iconic as that.

    • where did you get that info ? i did read yesterday also a great and very positive review, but that wasn´t mentioned in the review. i like that -bond walkin´ trough the gun barrel openings. but, so far it sounds everything perfect.

      • I got it from two reviews and a friend who went to a screening.

    • That seems very strange. It’s not like it’s that hard of shot to get.

      • I assume it is on the end of the film, because it was definitely filmed, you can see it on the short Secrets Of Skyfall documentary on Youtube. Craig wearing a grey suit and doing the shot.

    • I really enjoy seeing that at the beginning of the Bond films. I’ve always wished I could film myself doing it and splice it into the beginning of a real Bond film for kicks, but I’m not that talented when it comes to that sort of thing.

      Silly question. Which actor performs your favorite “gun barrel” scene?

      • Oddly, I would say Brosnan, he had a good walk. He’s nowhere near my favourite Bond, but he did well with that. And that’s not a silly question, certainly not to a fan.

        • Thanks, DSB. Here’s a YouTube video collection of Bond openings. I do agree about Brosnan. He appears quite confident. One of my favorites is Lazenby’s. That kneel is very cool.

          • I was going to mention Lazenby’s actually, he was very cool, made it his own I think.

  12. I was reading the EW reunion issue from last week and noticed that two actors/actresses from Arrested Development had new projects with NBC. Then, I’ve read on here that those two projects were canceled before airing. The unemployed are Jeffrey Tambor who was on that Dane Cook show and Portia De Rossi on Mockingbird lane. I just thought it was nice that NBC freed them up to do that movie that Mitchell Hurwitz wants to still do.

  13. Has anyone seen that shark movie Bait?

  14. I watched Arrow and Supernatural.
    Think I liked Arrow more than supernatural, supernatural really needs to stop being procedural and bring back the scary.

    • Supernatural stopped being scary a long time ago, it lost its way after season 5 ended, so far season 8 hasn’t been awful like 6-7 but I’m watching it for the sake of it these days, not because I really want to.

      Arrow has been excellent so far, very impressed, was a huge Smallville fan, but I’m loving this new version. Even if the Queens are living in the Luthor mansion.

  15. Animal Practice was cancelled. No more monkey veterinarian! :( I guess it’s back to YouTube for my monkey fix.