Open Discussion – October 17, 2011

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about vic1 Open Discussion   October 17, 2011As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 17, 2011

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  1. Does anyone know if they are going to release the new Avengers Footage shown at the NYCC? The panel itself was awesome. I love how well the cast seems to get along.

    • I very well doubt they will, but I wish they would. Your best hope is that someone leaks it, but I wouldn’t count on that either.

      • Yeah, Ruffalo warned pirates to not make him “angry”, they wouldn’t like him when he’s angry ;)

  2. There was suppose to be a big announcement with marvel this weekend. Does anyone know what that was? Was it comic book related or movie/tv show related?

    • You mean this “It´s coming” thing? It seems it´s the return of Jean Grey/Phoenix. They showed a projection of the Phoenix Force.

      • I’m not sure if that was it or not… I just know Marvel and “Agent M” have been tweeting leading up to NYCC that there was this big announcement.

        I guess since the announcement that they were making Iron Man 2, Thor, Cap, leading into Avengers; any announcement is kind of a let down.

        • Probably that Iron Man 3 will lead to The Avengers 2.

          • Nope.
            The whole “it’s coming” thing was to announce the return of Phoenix.

            • That´s what I thought the whole time. Red flaming letters. Pretty obvious.

  3. Anyone else annoyed by that new pop up ad?

    • It’s killing me. It pops up every time I click onto a new page.

      • Hey guys,

        What pop up ad? I haven’t seen one and I’ve been looking for it.


    • Honestly, the first time it came up, I nearly peed my pants :(
      I can never get used to pop-up adds (especially kinda scary ones ;))…

      • It´s ok, buddy. It´s just pictures, they can´t hurt you. Now go to bed, I´ll bring you a cup of hot chocolate. :D

        • I know, I know, it’s just… the faces are so… UGLY :(

          • Don´t let Hopkins hear that. He´ll eat your brain.

            • With farva beans and a nice ciante lol

  4. Ok I’ve got a random question for everyone. I was just watching season two of Castle on DVD and I got to thinking, with detective shows they have such a limited number of suspects it’s pretty easy to make an educated guess at whom the killer is going to be. Then I got to thinking how hard it is for real police detectives to solve cases with all the suspects they have to go through. So my question is, what is the most realistic police procedural in television history?
    I personally would probably have to say the original Law&Order. So what do you guys think?

  5. Quantum leap although it was not a typical “who done it” it always left me guessing who done what, coupled with the sci fi elements (al) this my choice for best detective show. P.s Sherlock (bbc mini series) was a gem

  6. Gotta tell ya guys. Real Steel was better then your review. That was a fun family movie

    • It hasn’t been released here in SA, but I’m still on the fence anyways… some of the reviews are quite positive while others give the indication that it’s pretty boring.

  7. @Screenrant: will you guys be reviewing “Johnny English: Reborn”?

    • TheAvenger,

      We really weren’t planning to, no. Seriously? What’s the point?


      • I dunno Vic, I haven’t heard anything about the film so I have no idea of knowing if it’s good or not (and I usually agree with your reviews so I was hoping to see what you guys thought of this movie — if it’s worth seeing or not)

        I know the trailer was terrible, but I was really hoping this would be a fun, family film (and I know you guys do do reviews on family-comedies, albiet, not that many)

        Aw well, I’ll just go watch it and see for myself (guess you guys can’t review EVERY movie out there ;))…

  8. Not a fan of the display ads with audio that keep showing up between pages on the site. I realize it’s part of the revenue model but I’m getting them sometimes not just when i visit the first page, but also after I move between various pages on the site.

    • Edit: It’s not audio, just a floating ad, but it does keep popping up every time I switch pages within this site lol.

      • Update: The floating pop-ups stopped.

        • Vanguard,

          When we get ads like those, they’re SUPPOSED to show up only once per visit per day. If they appear more than that then there’s something wrong. I’ve contacted the ad network about it.


    • Yeah, a lot of times the concept art for movies is much cooler than the real thing. I like those pics, thanks for sharing.

    • Well, I don´t know what you see on those pics that I don´t, but Cap´s suit is the exact same one he wears in the movie. It might appear more armor-like because the pic is blurry and black & white.

      • Well allow to es’plain.

        Top to bottom.

        The kept the facepiece more in line with a helmet instead of a mask. You can tell its more solid but the ruffles/baggyness in the neck area.

        The chest piece is a solid armor piece instead of the cloth flap thing they have going on now. The. midsection is also has a more armored feel than The Avengers version.

        The gloves are pretty much the same except the concept art has it streamlined into the uniform. IMO looks better because the ones he wears now look goofy and cumbersome. His WWII were strapped tight to his hands.

        Finally,I like the baggier version of his pants. More of a combat feel especially with the built in knee pads. And how is boots are streamlined into the uniform. Less combersome looking. The wheadon version has supertight pants and bulky boots looks goofy IMO. And the zippers going up his thighs are kinda wierd. IMO!

        Overall, I feel that the concept art sticks much closer to the idea he is a soldier and this is a combat suit. Rather than the Wheadon version which looks more like a costume. I used as many “IMO” as I could cause I know alot of yall love the Wheadon version. no disrespect intended.

        • EDIT

          (They) kept the facepiece more in line with a helmet instead of a mask. You can tell its more solid (look because of) the ruffles/baggyness in the neck area.

          • Maybe that´s because this version is hand drawn in a comic book style heroic pose. But it´s more or less the same costume. It´s hard to translate something from the printed page to reality.

            • Yeah, I REALLY like the concept art, but you’re right, translating that into an ACTUAL costume (that’s supposed to move and act with fluidity) is a tricky thing to do…

              The main reason for the current costume is because they wanted something lightweight and make one able to move without hassles… the costume in the concept art would have been quite heavy and because of the armor chest-plate, it would have restricted movement.

              (IMO) ;)

  9. Finally saw Troll Hunter, and i really liked it. The actor who plays Hans(the Troll Hunter) was really good. What a nice little movie.

  10. I watched “Your Highness” this weekend. I wouldn’t recommend watching it if you want to laugh at jokes or are offended by coarse language. However, it is stupid fun, and the special effects were surprisingly good. I read Vic’s review on it a few minutes ago. I agree with the too much penis in the 3rd act. I think a 3 star review was quite generous. Any other DVD’s I should avoid?

  11. Chinatown in HD be veeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice