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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 16, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 16, 2013

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  1. Mike Mike Mike Mike…. GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS!?!??!

    • Woop woop!

  2. Saw AoS last night. The show is definitely improving. Seemed to me that it was less on the MCU connections and more on making a decent story. It wasn’t must watch by any means but I did find it enjoyable.

    • I thought it was SLIGHTLY worse than last weeks. but still good, and i hope it continues to get better. Because im gonna keep watching it no matter what and eventually buy it on DVD to add to my MCU collection.

      • I’m in the same boat. I get that it’s not the greatest show and can see where people are coming from when they knock it. But it’s part of the MCU and it belongs in my collection. :)

  3. Finally saw Pacific Rim.

    I have to say that I wish I saw in a theater because it was a great movie.

    I’m glad it did so well globally because I do think it got a bit shorted here in the US.

    There were a few plot holes (like why didn’t the Striker crew use the same contingency that Gypsy did but I get it).

    Of the summer movies, I actually have to rate it higher than MoS and IM3, but maybe because it was something a bit different.

    • Yeah i enjoyed Pacific Rim and hope for a sequel. I also hope this isnt any indication of how Godzilla will do next summer. I hope it does way better, at least in the US. like you said, PR’s global take was pretty good but not its US take.

    • Still haven’t seen it. Probably will be a rental for me at some time.

    • Yeah I enjoyed PR waaaay more than anything else this summer. I saw it 3 times, twice in just 2D and the 3rd time in IMAX3D which was EPIC by the way (even tho I dislike 3D).

      @ BigNerd You totally should have seen it in theaters. It was an experience to be had on the big screen.

      and yeah @ Draagyn I hope Godzilla does better (in the US) next year.

  4. Does anyone watch the new Hawaiian 5-0? is it worth watching?

    Im catching up on Person of Interest now and I just started season 2. So i will be caught up with that by next weekend and I need a new show to check out afterwards.

    • I watched every episode of season one of Hawaii 5-0. I enjoy it and try to catch it whenever I can. When season 2 hit, I was watching two many shows and that one got cut but it’s still enjoyable. I’m a little biased since I’ve been two Hawaii twice and it reminds me of some fun memories.

    • Hawaii Five-0 is worth watching in my opinion – all of the main players are excellent in their roles and it balances serious and funny moments extremely well. Plus, the visuals are high quality and the Hawaiian setting makes it feel very different from a lot of other cop dramas.

      • Hey thanks guys, im not really into cop procedurals unless they have some kind of twist, whether its scifi or whatever. But ill probably check out H50 now once i catch up on PoI.

  5. Yoo anyone seen Paul Rudd has been officially cast by James gunn to play the main lead..

    Official insider magizine..

    Ant Man is gona be sick

    • Good, good I was hoping he would get it, nice piece of curve ball casting.

    • Wait what? Why is james gunn casting paul rudd? Gunn is doing guardians of the galaxy not ant-man thats edgar wright

      • I didn’t want to say anything…

        • Wait it’s officially confirmed?

      • Just googled it, don’t think it’s true. He wasn’t confirmed from what I’m seeing.

      • Yeah I didn’t read that properly, probably false

    • You almost had me there ;)

  6. OK so before you start I know there are many inconsistencies with X-Men/X-Men First Class (and Marvel in general) but is McAvoy going to be walking or wheeling in DOFP?

    Also I can’t believe Ben Wheatley is going to be directing Doctor Who? Have the bbc seen any of his movies?

    • All set pics so far show McAvoy in a wheelchair.

      • Oh OK I haven’t seen any so far, I guess there going to ignore the fact he is walking in X-Men The Last Stand along with the rest of the continuity errors.

  7. watched gravity monday night. i missed out on imax, but the reald 3d was pretty good. it was a pretty decent flick.
    watched hansel & gretal witch hunters. i see what they were trying to do. it was almost like watching a live action spin-off of shreck with the fairy-tale world with a modern spin. it was ok, but i cant help but think why the 2 leads agreed to do this film. it was only a buck to rent the blu-ray.

    • I turned off Hansel and Gretal less than half way through. Too many heads exploding and the story didn’t catch me. It was pretty bad IMO.

  8. Finally saw the blacklist yesterday
    I went in expecting to see the pilot, then I stayed for four episodes
    It’s a great show
    It’s an addictive, well-made show
    James spader is great in the main role but I’m still not feeling the lead girl
    I liked the husband subplot too

    • I’m still waiting to see that. I need to find the time!

  9. So my opinion of AoS is growing weaker and weaker. And that’s only because I feel that nothing in the show is taken seriously. From squeamish surgeries, to untrained agents, all leading to an organization that is meant to be feared and taken seriously but is left with Johnny Quest and his team.

    On another note, remember when EVERYONE and their Mother was saying that DC should follow Marvel in regards to establishing their own universe… Look who is following who’s lead? 4 new shows and a mini series? I for one am excited to see more Marvel shows… but PLEASE stop dumbing down the characters to fit into Disney’s style of tragedy.

    Any thoughts?

    • I agree… The characters have been turned corny and cheesy so much that I can’t take them seriously. I feel like this show should be on Disney channel or something. I hope that one of those shows or mini series is not Doctor Strange because he is one of the few characters I truly like among MARVEL.

      Everything about the just repels me and trust me I can withstand cheesy because I have watched all the Star Trek shows. To me even the Arrow show has cheesy moments but it doesn’t overwhelm the audience like AOS.

    • I agree with you

      The whole idea of nothing being taken seriously has been a problem with everything marvel has done since Avengers IMO (hoping Thor 2 will change that a bit)
      Shall be looking forward to more tv shows and movies from marvel though but I would like some improvement please

      One thought I’ve had about the show as well is that I can’t really see any big climatic plot event to build towards – anything big enough for a series finale would probably warrant at least an appearance from Cap rather than this team of rookies that we have so far
      The show seems to be all about small scale issues (like a diamond thief) being used as a reason to have a load of Whedon-esque dialogue (I do like most of Whedons stuff but this show is not in the same league)

  10. Alright, so I have recently caught up on Arrow and I know the second episode will air tonight but I have a few questions for everybody.

    First, why did Felicity revamp the “hood’s” man cave? I mean if Queen Consolidated was being bought out by other companies than why waste what little money Oliver had left on better toys?

    Second, what do you all think of Laurel’s character? To me she is really just plain useless and I hope she dies in this season because the only thing she does is create issues for Oliver.

    Third, well… I don’t really have anything for the third… But YAY Black Canary!

    • I’d think that’s what Felicity does I guess, she gets over stress by building tech aha. Though to be honest, I think using whatever money that was left to build Oliver’s cave was a bit of a better idea than using it on anything else. Get crime equipment before it’s too late and they lose all their money.

      Laurel needs to die. There’s always that one character who just screws things up for no reason other than to contribute to fake romance.

      • While I’m interested in Canary being in Arrow, I thought her cameo was a bit funny. Her beating the crap out of the goons was cool but when she stood there with her blowing in the wind, I felt like I was watching an 80s superhero film lol.

    • little “plot holes” like that i dont really worry about. its a tv show.

      as for laurel. yeah i dont really care for her. I liked it better when she was with tommy and out of olivers hair. she is just kind of … there. Her dad is more interesting, olivers sister is even more interesting. They should just keep the romance to the sister and roy and leave oliver to do more serious stuff.

    • I am so glad there is more Felicity… she is “smoakin”! :)

      So is this how Clark Kent is going to be in the BvS… regret over killing so he “finds another way”?

      I like how The Hood Gang adopted Oliver’s “You have failed this city” motto.

      So is Laurel Black Canary?

      And what do you think Ollie calls himself? Arrow? Green Arrow? Arrowhead?

  11. Tomorrow People looks like it could be okay.

    It’s kind of like Push, Jumper, Alphas, heroes, X-men and Mutant-X.

    I like how that although they have superpowers (the three Ts: Teleportation, Telepathy and Telekinesis), their “evolution” does not let them kill.

  12. Is anyone else confused by the lack of Thor marketing? I don’t know, I haven’t really been hearing much about it. I’m aware it’s coming out in 3 weeks but I still find it kind of odd.

    • I thought that as well however I’m looking forward to seeing the movie without knowing too much about it. Saying that everyone (who’s interested) knows the majority of story anyway

  13. This mobile site being down really sucks!!
    But, there is a new Arrow tonight!!!! AoS was good last night, not great but getting better each week do far.
    You guys need to get this mobile site thing fixed, the full site just keeps crashing.
    Happy hump day to all!! :)

  14. Hi Screenrant employees. I love the site, but the new huge tiles format is a major downgrade. I don’t want to see stories five at a time, and swipe through 20 pages, all of which must be swiped again if the site crashes. This is really inconvenient and unintuitive and time wasting. I like to see all the stories with a single finger drag. This format makes the site much less appealing and user friendly. It wastes time and effort, and will drive people away. I hope you change it back. Losing the convenience of SR would be very frustrating. Thanks for the good work.

  15. Last I checked the site is still frustratingly busted. Gamerant still operates normally, but the tiled screen of Screenrant is awful. Hope it goes back soon. I miss visiting the site!