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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 15, 2012

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 15, 2012

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  1. Morning ranters. Saw Argo this weekend. Really enjoyed the movie. Afflecks movies are pretty darn awesome. I know it’s already debunked but I would be okay with him directed justice league.

  2. Found Footage. Ever since the Blair Witch Project, there has seem to be an endless glut of “found” footage flims. I know shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Investigations and the ilk are intresting to most people. But dang it! I am tired of of these movies thinking we are that dumb. (Granted people still go pay to see them). I went to one of the Paranormal movies because my wife thinks for some odd reason, this stuff is real. I fell asleep.

    Only movie to truly scared the living crap out of me, The Exorcist, so I am pretty much immune to any and all types of Horror movies, nothing really scares me, and there found footage makes me think, People are really lazy with their personal property.

    then that just me.

    • I’m not a big fan of horror movies seeing as I’m a coward ;) but I do like to watch a good horror flick every now and again.

      But yeah, I completely agree about found footage movies. I’m getting pretty sick of that “style”. Worst thing is, it’s moving into other genres (other than horror) – Chronicle and Project X being the most recent examples. I know a lot of people really like Chronicle, so I won’t get into that discussion, but the whole found footage thing is just really unrealistic – watch South Park’s ‘Pandemic’ and ‘Pandemic 2: The Startling’ episodes to see what I’m talking about.

      • Don’t forget about End of Watch with the cop walking around gun drawn and holding a camcorder…dumb.

        • that movie is one of the best of the year.

          • It may be alright story wise, but no cop would be allowed to carry a camcorder around like that. It would be the prosecution’s nightmare to have videos like that floating around. Just use a tripod and tell the damn story…stop with the whole found footage technique.

    • The problem is that they still try to cram some kind of conventional narrative structure and character development into these movies, which always feels forced and artificial. That defeats the whole purpose of going found footage in the first place. I think a found footage movie that strictly adhered to the nature of actual found footage with all its gaps and lack of character moments (instead of just being a regular movie with shoddy camera work) would be an interesting thing, but obviously not for the mainstream crowd.

    • I saw sinister this weekend and it has found footage but we are watching the guy watching the found footage which is way better than just seeing everything from a camera perspective.

      • But see, that actually makes sense- my big issue with the whole “plague of F’s” (Found Footage Fetish Fad) is that the shaky camera gives me a headache to beat the band. It’s why I can’t watch The Office. I wish this fad would just fade…it isn’t clever anymore, and it’s WAY overused.

      • What I meant by “That makes sense” is that the Sinister character is watching found footage, but the movie itself isn’t shot that way

  3. Skyfall has been getting crazy good reviews, it’s fair to say my excitement is reaching fever pitch for it now. Sounds like all the ingredients of a classic Bond in modern clothing.

    If it’s as good as the reviews claim, then Daniel Craig has earned himself a reprieve from me.

    • After watching him host SNL, I don’t think I’ll be able to look at the guy the same way again… the sketch with Craig and Fred Armisen was just plain disturbing… funny, but disturbing :(

      Hopefully I’ll still be able to enjoy Skyfall though.

      • I haven’t seen that.

        • Don’t… it might scar you for life ;)
          Him hosting wasn’t even that funny either. The episode with Seth MacFarlane has been the best of the season IMO.

    • How come a reprieve?

      Although QOS was very dissapointing I still thought Craig was good.

      And yes Skyfall looks very promising.

      Also if you have Sky Movies they have an HD Bond channel running at the moment for the anniversary.

      I’ve watched a lot of them again (lost count of the amount of times I have seen all the Bonds) and they also have some interviews etc running with various people. Very good.

    • Completely agree!! This is going to be the new Star Wars!! It should at least top Titanic in box office gross, maybe even Avatar! I’m predicting 98-100% on Rotten Tomatos. :-)

  4. I watched The Shining this weekend for the first and my god is it long. Its not that great of a movie and doesnt live up or hold up to the hype. But whats more interesting than the film is thought that Kubrick put a lot of symbolism and hidden meanings in it.

    • The book is better.

    • I have to respectfully disagree. The movie is dated, yes…but I think the style harkens back to a time when movie makers actually took the time to build the story, layer by layer. Kubrick did this masterfully in The Shining…it’s like riding a super tall roller coaster with that first huge drop- it takes awhile to get to the top, and when you do, the ride hesitates for a moment, then you plummet straight down, screaming. This movie, in my opinion, is the epitome of suspense. I showed it to my 14 year old daughter a month of so ago, and she liked it- her comment was “That was…intense”. =D

    • Contains some imagery I’ll take with me to my grave. Symbolism and hidden meanings: I think you have to pick and choose fairly carefully which sites/opinions you care to go with and what their agenda is. The internet has brought as much wilful madness out of the woodwork regarding Kubrick’s movies since his death as it has fresh insight.

      • That’s assuming you meant other than what you’d picked up on personally.

  5. Also saw Sinister in the theater, it started out great and then halfway through it reveals too much and then the ending is a bit of a let down.

    But it had to greta scenes.
    1. the kid in the box
    2. the lawn mower.

    • I thought the face on the screen, when it moved, was just plain creepy.

      Not a bad film. Seen better, at least it wasn’t found footage, except in the plot.

  6. I saw a trailer, or footage from the entire season of Arrow from nycc, and wow, was it cool. This show is going to rock. This is how a super hero tv show should be done. Well done!

    • It does rock, the first episode was excellent, and that sizzle reel you talk of was brilliant, made the whole thing look like a movie trailer. The only thing that worries me, this being a network show, they will bloat it to 22 episodes a season and strangle the show over time.

      • It did remind me of a movie trailer, it was that good. I hear you with the bloating concern, but the guys that are writing and producing it seem smarter than that. It really seems that they ‘get it’ and I think they’ll take care of the show. I really think they know what their doing. I know they answer to network bigwigs, but, they know what fans like and are looking for, so hopefully they can relay that to the bigwigs.

        • I hope so, it is shaping up to be a very exciting show, much more so than when I heard it announced, I’m impressed so far with everything they’ve done. Apart from the guy who plays Merlyn, he’s the only weak link in the whole show.

      • if they could get away from the “bad-guy of the week” format and maybe stretch some stories out over 2 or 3 episodes. give the villains a good back story, plus all the mystery surrounding oliver. i hope it works out. i also think the show is great.

  7. Anyone think they should make a batman live action series, I think it could be a good way to feature more of batmans villians.

    • Yes, very much so. I think they should run a 7 year Batman live action series, then make a new movie after that.

      There’s so much potential for a great Batman show. Use each season to tell a huge story from the comics, Death In The Family, The Long Halloween etc, but pepper it with standalone episodes. Keep it grounded like Nolan’s but more gothic, let some of the other fantastic villains, like Clayface and Mr Freeze, take centre stage.

    • I would love that so much!

    • A Batman tv series would be the best thing ever, but it would have to be done right (which means having a high budget). The villains, gadgets, vehicles, sets/locations and action sequences are gonna be tough to get right on a restricted budget.

      I think if Arrow is successful, WB might start to consider the idea as a serious possibility.

      … but right now, they need to focus on their movies dammit! ;)
      We need a DCCU!

      • There’s a lot other DC character’s I rather see before Batman again. A Martian Manhunter set in the 50′s a classic crime noir is what I’m really hoping for. Or a Torchwood/Men in Black themed Martian Manhunter, with him as a secret force that polices alien activity on Earth.

        • That’s an awesome idea, but the Martian Man Hunter’s look and power set might end costing even more than a Batman series would (it would require lots of VFX work).

          • The focus would be on his human personality. Special effects would be minimal. One series would be very Detective Noir set in the 50s with MM in human appearance most the time. An old fashion Murder Mystery with a superhero twist that may be bigger in certain episodes.

            The modern day series would be practically be a low budget Men in Black with the Martian paired with a human partner. Investigating weird/alien crimes.

            The budget is very possible with some creativity. It would about as cost effective as Torchwood, Once Upon a Time or Warehouse 13.

      • @The Avenger,

        I totally agree!!!

  8. 666 Park Avenue…I’m enjoying it so far, largely because Terry O’Quinn is a part of it. Good acting otherwise, but I don’t know if I would feel the same without him.

    • to bad it will probably be cancelled based on ratings

      • And so by the release date being (Nov. 6th 2015) I guess this means Ant-Man want be playing a major role in The Avengers 2(if at all?)

    • Yeah I would agree with that. Some people do pass judgment a little to early (including myself). Next time I hear about reboot I will try to not be critically at look at it subjectively (as I usually try to do but fail at most times).

      • *and look* not at look my bad

    • I do not have a problem with Reboots, I just have a problem with the time frame of some of them. Spiderman was a good movie, but it came out in 2002. It had 2 Sequels and within 10 Years it is rebooted.

      Next up, Batman. Even with TDKR still fresh in most peoples mind, it has come to the point where they are thinking about rebooting it to keep it fresh, but the time frame of said reboots, 1 Either WB Thinks the vast majority of people have the attention span of a fish, 2 WB Thinks we shall welcome a New Batman with open arms. (Going to be hard since we saw three of the best Batman Movies ever.)3, The people will demand it! (Same people who forget their glasses are on their head and spend 3 hours looking for them.

      I am 44, I am wondering how many reboots of Batman will there be before I turn 70 (God Willing)

      • Heck if your 44 and your wondering how Batman reboots there will be by the time you are 70 then just think I am 19 how many could there be by the time I am 70 or 80?

      • Heck if your 44 and your wondering how many Batman reboots there will be by the time you are 70 then just think I am 19 how many could there be by the time I am 70 or 80?

      • ha, you are older then ,me. good that i´m not the only veteran here.:) now again to the reboots: there are franchises that will never be touched and can´t be touched(i pray to god) like star wars, l.o.t.r, indiana jones or a movie like – full metal jacket-. those movies and franchises are holy,and should never be rebooted. but there were so much movies from 40s till 80s which must be rebooted, alone for the fact to introduce it to the next generation. you can tell me what you want, but an 18 year old person would prefer for example -dawn of the dead- from zack snyder instead of the original(i like both) because of the slow story telling.

      • Spiderman needed a reboot, it didnt need to tell its origin over again though.
        Batman also needs a reboot due to change and the upcoming project, hopefully we dont here his origin again.

    • I’m not against reboots, but it really depends on WHAT is getting rebooted.
      If it’s a bad movie, then sure! Maybe the reboot can be better, but rebooting timeless classics like Star Wars? – Not sure how I’d feel about that. On the one hand, I’d still have the originals to watch (it’s not like they’d be erased from history), but at the same time, there would still be this feeling that the originals are being replaced or forgotten – and as a fan, that would hurt.

      Any-which-way, I’m glad they rebooted Spider-Man for example: It gave my generation the Spider-Man we wanted and the Spider-Man/Peter Parker that we can relate to. And of course, I’m glad Batman got rebooted as well… but I’m also looking forward to seeing the new reboot in a few years.

      It all depends on the quality of the movie I guess.

      That’s just my 2 cents.

      • that´s what i´m saying , i think they would never come to the idea to reboot those special movies like star wars or indy, either they get every 5th year a refreshing trough new technology, but i can´t imagine that someone would ever do a reboot. it was hard enough that they rebooted -robocop-, but otherways he is not a big franchise like -terminator-. but the movie has a good cast and i hope that the director do a good job. i´ve seen again new pics of the new -robocop- ,and it looks 10 times better then the first pics.

  9. I have been enjoying “The Neighbors”. It’s so nice to have a show that I can sit and watch with the whole family. It’s been much funnier than I expected. The episode where Dominique Wilkins(the awesome Doug Jones) wants to take over as Supreme Overlord was great.

    • We get it, your old and grew up in a time without internet and knowledge of tropes and twists weren’t prevalent.

      • Yup

    • Jeff, I am also 44, and you are both making me relish yesteryear and making us sound like old men! We used to talk about these kinds of things until the conversation got old, but now, these kids with their internet, they always have an audience, and thus, the endless discussions about Batman this, Batman that.

      Another Jeff W.

      • Just threw it out there. Because of certain topics. But I would not trade yesteryear for today, or vice versa. It is just growing with the times.

        But come on, we did have some fun times with 10 dollars back in the day.

      • i am also a jeff, 45, and that just brings back so many good memories. i remember my dad saying he had read an article in the paper (see kids, back in dinosaur time, we used to read our news on large folded up sheets of paper, called newspapers…:) ) about how george lucas was planning on a 9 movie franchise for star wars. and it was supposed to be episodes 4,5,6, then 1,2,3, then 7,8,9. well, that was soon after ESB came out that he had told me that. maybe it was a rumor, maybe not, but he was 2/3 correct.

    • woow man, what a wonderfull time that was,i mean i was in germany and very young but it was a nice time here too, late 70s and early 80s.

    • back in time ,as i remember(i´m 37) we´ve waited sometimes till a year or 2 untill the movie was released to v.h.s. i´ve watched after i was outside playin´with friends nearly every evening movies like -star wars 1 and 2-, -gremlins-, -ghostbusters-. and my two older brothers were without mercy :) ,i´ve watched all horror movies between age 12 -15 with them, during our parents were working. yeah, good old times. no handys, no internet, or your favourite series like -a-team- or -star trek- were just saturdays on t.v., here in germanland.

      • Yeah Movies released to VHS was like party night at our house. But remember, back in the day you use to read this.


        Popular Movies use to be in theaters for a year?

        • Well, Avatar is still being shown once a week in my theater ever since its release day. That’s a run of three years in December. And there is another movie that was filmed in this region that is being shown every week for 13 years now (Bang Boom Bang).

          • No, difference. Star Wars was shown every day, not just one day a week, which if you calculate comes to half a year. And really, who needs to still see Avatar?

            • Obviously still enough people to keep showing it. After all it was the killer application for the 3D format and the majority of its audience loved it (including me). In my opinion it’s one of only two movies that actually made 3D worthwhile. The other one was Prometheus.

      • Two of my sisters were born in Germany, when my mother was assigned to the US Embassy there.

  10. Anyone know anything about the recent cancellation of Cartoon Networks Saturday block, DC Nation?? I cant find any real news on it. CN pulled the block at the last segment and a lot of people are upset because of it.

    Thanks in advance, Cheers!!

    • I heard somewhere that it should return in January 2013. I don’t remember where I saw that though. My hopeful guess is maybe the will have Teen Titans Go and Beware The Batman ready by then and make a two hour block? But this is just wishful thinking on my part. I really want me some Young Justice! I love that show.

      • Though I am not really looking forward to those two shows I just mentioned I just hope they are the reasoning and that they didn’t do it for something super stupid. But the silence around it all is a little weird.

        • My thoughts exactly. I was really disappointed Saturday because I woke up early to watch Green Lantern:TAS but it wasn’t on. It’s really sad that they won’t give anyone including the creators and the writers of the shows a reason for the sudden disappearance of the segment.

          • It’s CartoonNetworks 20th Anniversary. They brought back abunch of retro shows. YJ & Green Lantern will be back in January.

            • I understand that. I just don’t know why they would cancel DC Nation for now apparent reason and not give any explanation.