Open Discussion – October 14, 2013

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sr open discussion Open Discussion   October 14, 2013

As usual – talk about whatever you like as long as it’s related to movies, TV or Screen Rant itself – just remember to play nice. icon smile Open Discussion   October 14, 2013

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  1. First

  2. Welcome back Walking Dead. Surprisingly good episode. Last seasons finale had me worried but so far so good.

    • Not watched it yet – got it ready at home to watch later (UK Viewer).

      Hoping it gets off too a good start, the complete OPPOSITE of Homeland season 3

  3. So this Friday is going to be a crowded day, it’s been a while since I’ve seen anything like it: Carrie, Escape Plan, The Fifth Estate starring the ever popular Benedict Cumberbatch, and frontrunner for Best Picture, 12 Years A Slave are all opening, along with Gravity and its strong word of mouth and Captain Philips.
    Who flops, who wins the Box Office, it’ll be interesting to see. I predict:
    1.) Carrie – 42.5M
    2.) Escape Plan – 30M
    3.) Gravity – 24.5M
    4.) 12 Years a Slave – 18M
    5.) Captain Philips – 12.5 M
    6.) The Fifth Estate – 8 M

    • Sorry, but I think some of those predictions are really… off
      For starters, 12 Years a Slave is a limited release coming out in only 18 theatres. An 18 Million opening would mean an 1 Million per theatre average, which would… unprecedented to say the least. An opening in the 1-2 Million range would be more realistic.
      Your escape plan prediction is also way to high. Arnie’s and Sly’s last few solo movies have all done less than 10 Million. Even Expandables 2 only did 28 Million. So, no way Escape plan does 30. An opening in the teens is the best case Scenario for it.
      I don’t see Gravity or CP havinv those types of drops at this point. Both have great Word of Mouth, and Gravity still has no competition for its Imax/3-D Screens. Gravity still stays in the high 20s at least, maybe 30s, and CP should stay in the mid to high Teens.
      As for your last two predictions, I don’t see Carrie getting that high (I would predict an opening in the 20s) but I guess its not impossible, given its the only horror movie this October. And, you’re probably spot on with Fifth Estate. Given its poor reviews, wikileaks is not that big of a news topic these days, and Cumberbatch isn’t that big of a star, an 8 Million debut is pretty reasonable.

      • +1

  4. Why isn’t the mobile site working?

    • I was thinking the same thing this weekend. They maybe testing new templates? It makes it harder to navigate but whatev.

      • Yes it is, and it keeps crashing out. :(

        • Stark,

          I disabled the mobile site because I was running into issues where the mobile version was being shown on desktops. We have a completely new mobile version in the works which should be done soon.

          • Always improving. Such a blessing.

            • Well, some people may disagree with “always improving.” 8)


  5. The NYCC panels looked kinda disappointing based on what I’ve seen online.
    No Marvel Studios presence, a half-@$$ed AoS panel and hardly anything from DC (aside from JL:War which they were promoting).

    I was under the impression DC would be making some announcements and I was sure Marvel would at least have a panel to promote Thor:TDW :/

    • …also, hi everyone! ;)

    • I think I read 2 cool things off of DC’s twitter feed over the weekend. Not cool enough to remember and repeat though haha.

      I agree, you’d think they’d use this time to promote since they are paying for the space anyways.

    • With Thor right around the corner, I’m shocked it didn’t have a huge presence.

  6. I’m really looking forward to The Fifth Estate, I did just read a really bad review given by Adam Smith at Empire. I don’t take reviews as gospel anyway so it wont put me off seeing it but I really do hope he was wrong.
    Good header for the review though – Getting Wiki with it

  7. Movie 43 is available to stream on Netflix!! I’m not ever going to watch it, but it’s out there for someone.

    F’n Netflix…get a movie worth watching! Sheesh.

    • I watched Ghostbusters last night on Netflix…

      • :D I saw that on there a week or so ago. I got so excited until I thought about it and realized that I already own that movie.

        • haha, i do that a lot in stores, “Oh! Look! this movie is only 5 dollars! thats the cheapest its ever been! wait, i already own it… Darn it!”

          • Don’t you hate finding a good sale on something you own?! LOLOL!

            • Especially on Black Friday which is coming soon.

              • I hate Black Friday. I used to manage in retail. Worse time every.

                • @ LC

                  I know the feeling. Management always seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing or they were unprepared every year at my old job. Id shop online instead of going out that night.

                  • @Frank

                    We definitely knew what we were doing. It was a problem with customers not knowing what’s going on. (Limited amount of items; sale pricing only lasting for a few hours). So it was priority to handle irate people so they don’t start fights with other people/staff.

        • My son watched it for the first time. He didn’t pay much attention though lol. He spent most of his time in his box fort I made.

          • I think we might watch it with my daughter for a Halloween scary family movie. I just have to get the wife to sign off. Hopefully, she won’t remember the supernatural BJ scene.

            • Last year, my wife picked out Hocus Pocus for the family Halloween flick. But my little girl likes to get scared. I was thinking Ghostbusters might work.

              In case I can’t get the wife to let us watch that, does anyone have any suggestions that are family friendly and range in scariness somewhere between Hocus Pocus and Ghostbusters?

              • monster house is a good one, and paranorman was recommended by my daughter.

                • I’ll look into Monster House. We saw Paranorman on Netflix a while back. It was quite enjoyable.

            • After seeing the movie a billion times… I just noticed the supernatural BJ scene. I know why though… growing up I had a VHS recorded copy from network television.

      • @ LC

        Ever watched the animated series of Ghostbusters? I still do not own any of the DVD box sets yet,lol. I ask myself when im gonna get around to it.

          • @Cheerio – I read a bit of that link. Ernie Hudson auditioned for the voice of Winston and lost the role to Arsenio Hall? How do you lose the job of impersonating yourself?

            Also, Bill Murray complained that the original actor sounded like Garfield…and then later on he played the voice of Garfield.

            I loved that cartoon, but I had no clue about all of these tidbits learned from Wikipedia.

            • That’s hilarious to lose a role of impersonating yourself.

  8. What happened to the Mobile version???

    • Read above to Vic’s reply to Mr Stark.

      • Cheers!

  9. If they could bring back any character from the Walking Dead, which one would everyone would like to see return? Id like to see Michael Rooker as Meryl return. After the way he was changing his ways to redeem himself before his demise from the show. Made me wish he stayed on little longer.

  10. Lots of TV shows keeping me busy.

    Haven’t even seen Arrow yet on my DVR.

    I think The Escape Plan is going to be a better movie than the Expendables 1&2 (I’m biased because I didn’t really like either of them).

    Looking forward to Almost Human but that’s because I hope to see some Fringe references.

  11. I came up with a worse subtitle for TASM2 than the ones that were covered in the SR article.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electric Webaloo

    • You were so close:

      The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Electro Boogaloo

  12. My homie just got back from NY comic con. Think next yr, I’m making the SanDiego trip…

  13. i hear there might be a blade 4 in 2015.

    • Doesn’t Marvel own the rights to Blade? Are they shopping the rights around to other studios?

  14. You’re kidding, Blade 4?

    • Hey… I like the Blade movies.

      They should have Blade take out the Twilight vampires. :)

      • LOL @LargeGeek

        Ive seen that meme. Loved it.

        I like the Blade movies as well. I know Blade 3 was pretty silly but I like Ryan Reynolds and I overall liked the entire trilogy.

        I would like a 4th. But either with Wesley Snipes reviving his role. Or Michael Jai White rebooting the series.

        Blade is a serious martial artist and he deserves one playing him.

      • @ BigNerd

        Lol. Wouldn’t take much for Blade to waste those Twilight vampires.

  15. I only liked the first two Blade films. 3rd film didn’t satisfied me enough even if it did have Ryan Reynolds. Wesley Snipes was awesome as Blade & I could see Michael Jai White as a good replacement for a reboot.

  16. rented some blurays over the weekend.
    WWZ- that was way better than i expected. hope the sequel is even better
    the great gatsby- boring. it was visually impressive, but the story put me to sleep. it only got interesting(for me) towards the end.
    now you see me.- was pretty good. the twist caught me off guard.
    hansel & gretel witch hunters.- have not watched it yet. it’s due back by thursday.

    and if anyone hasn’t seen, season 1 of arrow is now on netflix.

  17. Paul Rudd for Hank Pym = WIN!

    • When I heard this idea, I was blown away. That would be great casting.

      • I think so too. Its very “Disney” of them but it fits. RDJ was an off choice, look how well that turned out.